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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all I am looking for advice on where to do my PADI Divemaster course for 2 months in late September this year. For context I am a qualified PADI Rescue Diver and have all the requirements needed to do my Divemaster course. I am also a Marine Biologist, so any advice on dive organisations that have a science/conservation focus would be a huge bonus! I am looking for advice on: 1. Location and 2. Dive Course 1. Location - all my previous dive experiences have been actually on the reef, rather than in cities which take out dive boats to the reef every day. I would like to find a location in Aus that is an island-diving community, rather than that city-living feel (such as in Cairns or Brisbane) which take a boat out to the reef every day which can take ages. 2. Dive Course - once I know of a good location, I can find dive shops myself. However I would love some recommendations on specific diveshops/courses that also match my location requirements above. I am looking for a 6-8 week course which combines me working for free, full time in the diveshop with a cheaper dive course package. Rather than a 3 week intensive course which has a $$$$ price tag to match. I dont want to go over the 2 months as I will be moving to Melbourne mid/late November At this stage any advice or help on my request will be helpful Many thanks Meg
  2. AaronS

    Diving anyone?

    Anybody into diving here? I've got a Nitrox certification and done hundreds of dives but not so much as of late. Looking forward to getting back into it in Oz. I shipped my gear (had it all cleaned before packing) and hopefully it makes it through customs. Anyone dive in the Sydney area? If so how is it?
  3. Hi Everyone My partner has been offered a good job in Esperance, but I am not sure how easily I will find work there. Can anyone shed any light please? I'm not sure what employment is like in the town. I have a strong admin background, as well as hospitality and being a scuba diving instructor. I am pretty easy going about work and just want something to pay the bills. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks (my first time here, so hope I did everything right! :confused:)
  4. Hi Everyone My partner has been offered a good job in Esperance, but I am not sure how easily I will find work there. Can anyone shed any light please? I'm not sure what employment is like in the town. I have a strong admin background, as well as hospitality and being a scuba diving instructor. I am pretty easy going about work and just want something to pay the bills. Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks (my first time here, so hope I did everything right! :confused:) ps. If anyone has noticed, I have also posted this in the 'looking for work' section, as I'm not sure if it would automatically show up, but need advice enough that i thought i'd try. Hope that's not annoying folks. Sorry if it is.
  5. As some of you know I love wildlife and particularly the wildlife in Australia, I have had a long standing love affair with all things flora and fauna, and particularly sea life. Sharks to me are the epitome of 'nature', graceful, powerful and wholly misunderstood by some. So with this said, I have to admit that I would truly love to see a Great White up personal and close, I have seen just about every other shark Australia has to offer, bering an avid fisherman you can't but help come into contact with a lot of species, they still fascinate me to this day. But, over recent years the 'cage' diving experience has taken off in many parts of the world, South Africa, USA, and indeed Australia. So do these experiences do more harm than good. I am a firm believer that sharks are one of the most intelligent creatures there are on earth, they are NOT the frenzied killers that some make out. I also know that a lot of cage diving operators have strict rules in place, how far away from land they can operate, what they can use as an attractant etc, BUT. Does cage diving to some extent 'educate' the sharks into thinking that humans are 'possible' food items. The more times they see people they 'may' get used to them and in some way become accustomed to seeing us as a food stuff. And when/if some of these same sharks show up in coastal areas of Australia are they paying the price for our need to see these wonderful creatures in the wild. I realise that some shark species are protected, and in particularly the White, but this does not stop many people screaming for the death of a 'rogue' shark when it has attacked a bather whilst in the ocean. Sharks as I said are very intelligent, are we not giving them enough credit when it comes to our ideals about how we perceive these magnificent creatures. As I said, I would dearly love to get up close and personal, but I still have at the back of my mind that in doing so I am in a small way contributing to the possible damage of some poor hapless shark that decides to take a bite out of the next unfortunate. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. firebladebally

    Scuba Diving Thread

    HI all, anything to do with scuba diving and is worth while sharing........Where to dive, what people have seen, special offers on trips, reviews on gear.......anything at all. :jiggy:
  7. If anyone wants to see some fabulous platform and springboard divers in action - head to the pool at Albert Park in Melbourne this week. All the Commonwealth and Olympic athletes will be in action, along with the rest of the top Australian divers. My daughter is competing in the Platform competition on Saturday, so please come down and cheer her on! Failing that, please send her some good karma vibes :cute: Love Rudi x
  8. firebladebally

    Diving companies

    Calling all divers, can anyone recommend a good dive operator to do an advanced open water course at the barrier reef, location does not really matter as i will be traveling so i can basically go anywhere. I would like to do a three day live aboard, i have read reviews on the net for lots of places but the reviews are all really varied, any advice appreciated,cheers :biggrin:
  9. Hi, My boyfriend and I have been living in Brisbane for a few months and now it's warming up we're looking for some people to go scuba diving with. We're fairly experienced and don't really want to go out with a dive shop as most of the time you'll end up diving with open water students, which limits where you can go. Does anyone know of any clubs that fit the bill? Also, if anyone is planning a PIO meet in or around Brisbane, would be good to meet some new people and have a few beers. I'm 31, he's 35, no kids, easygoing, laid back people loving our new life in Oz.:smile: Kate & Patrick
  10. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST BEFORE LOOKING AT THE PICTURE. Family on holiday in Australia for a week and a half when husband, wife and their 15 year old son decided to go scuba diving. The husband is in the navy and has had some scuba experience. His son wanted a picture of his mum and dad in all their gear so he got the under water camera ready to go. When it came to taking the picture the dad realized that the son looked like he was panicking as he took it and gave the 'OK' hand sign to see if he was all right. The son took the picture and swam to the surface and back to the boat as quick as he could so the mum and dad followed to see if he was OK. When they got back to him he was scrambling onto the boat and absolutely panicking. When the parents asked why he said 'there was a shark behind you.' The dad thought he was joking but the skipper of the boat said it was true but they wouldn't believe him. As soon as they got back to the hotel they loaded the picture onto the laptop and this is what they saw. (Try and tell me you wouldn't have emptied your entire digestive system right at the point you saw it) Would you have stayed to take the picture? Maybe what saved them was that the shark wasn't hungry, they were in the water not on the surface, and there was no fear coming from them - only because they were not aware. Probably better that the kid didn't point for them to look behind them.
  11. Guest

    shark cage diving

    due to all the great reports about go matilda we have decided to use them. but the only problem is that the first thing my partner mark wants to do when we get to oz is go shark cage diving .. he must have a screw loose :wacko: cant wait to go on my honeymoon to brisbane in january ESTELLE
  12. please can any one tell me if there are any childrens sub aqua clubs any where near brisbane? cos im 12 allthe clubs near me wont let me join(you have to be 14) please help because i've all ways wanted to see the great barrier reef but im still in the uk . thanks please reply :spinny:
  13. :cry:Hi folks, Im a PADI diving instuctor hoping to move out to Queensland, but the whole visa thing is driving me nuts! It seems as tho my chosen career is not on the skilled worker thingy, my other half has a cousin in Perth who will sponser us, but with no proffessional qulifications, it seems we dont cut the grade! seems daft, as I would have thought I could get work anywhere along the coast. can it really be that diving instructors are not as needed as I thought? Im glad there doesnt seem to be an easy way in as thats our problem here but.........someone please help is there a good company out there that will help us apply without costing an arm and a leg?
  14. Guest

    Scuba Diving Clubs

    For any of you that are in the sydney. After all my moaning about finding it hard and so on. Lisa and myself like to get out and do some scuba diving from time to time. In the Uk we were members of the Sub Aqua Association, which is prety much a voluntary organisation. You pay a small anual fee and just a couple of quid for fuel for the boat. I have been looking for something similar in and around sydney since we have been here, but to no evale. All i can find are dive shops and other companies which are all money hungry. They want at least fifty bucks every time you dive which obviously gets a bit expensive, especialy when money is not exactly free flowing. Does anyone have any info about a similar club or organisation that could be of use to us. Or even any of you that may do some diving yourselves and could give us some local knowledge:notworthy: or wouldnt mind a couple of air pigs flapping along with you. Any info from anyony would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt.
  15. peggy


    Hi again everyone, is there any people in bris at the moment who scuba dive. Just trying to find a new buddy out in bris Cheers Piers