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    Bulk billing??

    Hi, Can someone please explain to me what bulk billing is and why it's better to find a gp that bulk bills? Cheets

    Any expats living in Cairns?

    Hi all, We moved to Cairns 4 weeks ago, looking to make some friends, any expats or locals want to meet up with for a chat, BBQ etc, we have 3 children aged 8, 12 (boy) and 13. Pm me.

    Any expats living in Cairns?

    No one?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if you should send your documents to the po box address or direct to the street address? Thank you

    VISA 482 - Received Form 884: Opinion of MOC

    Yes 8yrs after diagnosis and pacemaker insertion, we got approved within 8mths

    VISA 482 - Received Form 884: Opinion of MOC

    I have a heart condition controlled by a pacemaker but ive had it controlled for 9yrs now and stable for 8yrs, the key is that your condition is stable I believe and that it won't cost the government over a certain amount of $, there is a specific figure I'm not sure on the exact amount I think it's around $40k over 3 yrs or something.

    Mackay honest opinions

    My wife may be offered a job in Mackay hospital we currently live in cairns, what's Mackay like?

    PTE Practice vs Real Test

    I think the practice Q's are just old Q's?

    Quick 489 Visa question

    Hi, Myself, wife and 3 children are in Australia on our 489, my daughter who is 18 stayed in the UK but will be over in November for holiday to activate her visa, when we apply for the 887 1 of us can apply as the main and all the others are under the lead name, if my daughter has activated her visa but not living in Australia can I include her in the 887 application??

    Quick 489 Visa question

    She already has a 489 visa

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    How difficult is the 887 Visa to do yourself?

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    It's a massive pain and with the weather in Cairns I thought it would be too hot as I'm not in to riding in tshirt and shorts, but would love to get another at some point.

    Divemaster Scuba Diving Course - Advice

    Isn't Cairns the dive capital of Australia

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    I love biking, sold my 2014 z1000 before moving to Cairns 5 weeks ago

    Couples in Cairns?

    Hi, Just moved to Cairns and hoping to meet new friends, we have 3 children aged 8, 11 & 13. If your in the Cairns area and wanting to meet up pm me.

    How long before you feel settled/Happy ?

    We've been in Cairns for 5 weeks now, we made a friend on pomsinoz here before moving but other than him and his family, we haven't met anyone yet, once I start work in a few days I'll meet more people.

    Once a day Suncream, where to buy?

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy once a day suncream in Australia?

    Once a day Suncream, where to buy?

    Well we used calypso factor and 30 on use and the kids and have been for years including Australia and never been burnt and never reapplied, the one time we use bannaboat factor 50 and burn even with reapplying with at least 2 tablespoons each every 2 hours, so once a day or at least calypso once a day works, also factor 50 protects you from 97% of the sun's radiation and factor 50 protects you from 98%.

    Once a day Suncream, where to buy?

    Thats great but I requested once a day.

    Once a day Suncream, where to buy?

    We find calypso is excellent

    489 to perm conditions?

    Hi all, Does the main applicant have to work full-time for 12 MTHS or can it be any other applicant? And as far as I'm aware it can be in any occupation not just the nominated occupation, correct? Cheers
  22. Hi guys, Anyone get slapped with a condition due to the continuity of care? Have you managed to find a hospital to help? My wife has spoken to 2 hospitals in cairns neither are willing to help.

    TFN how long?

    Hi, How long does it normally take to receive your TFN?

    AHPRA help

    Ahpra keep asking for Professional experience requirements You will need to provide evidence that demonstrate that you meet the professional experience requirements. Generally, this can be a letter from your education provider outlining what you have completed under supervised midwifery practice experience for each of the following. - Antenatal care - Labour and birth care - Complex care - Postnatal care - Neonatal care E.g. The number of attendance of antenatal episodes of care. Please review the Qualification criteria: internationally qualified midwives page of our website for more information on what must be demonstrated. But everything the uni send them doesn't seem to be good enough, when speaking to the case officer all she says is refer back toy email, which isn't helpful at all, could someone on here please help?????
  25. Hi all, So in 3-4 weeks time I will be buying my Australian car, in the UK it's easy to avoid dodgy cars, with history checks, free mot history checks, aa/rac inspection etc I know in Australia you should always seek a seller willing to get a road Worthy certificate but how can I confirm the mileage? Are there companies that will do an independent inspection like the aa/rac? What are my rights if I buy a lemon? And what do I need to do when I've bought said car? Here we obviously tax and insure it then drive off, in Australia I would insure it but is rego transferable? Any other tips to help me not fall in to a pit would much appreciated. Cheers