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  1. Cherries

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    Just checked the status of our 887 Visa. Its now changed again from 10-11 months to now 12-15 months ! Anybody else received theirs recently ?
  2. Cherries

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    mine states “INITIAL ASSESSMENT” and that was on the 23 July. it asked me to upload more evidence of my working hours, they had looked at the unit rate I am on which was $35 an hour and taken it that I was working 35 hours a week, so they deemed I had not worked full time hours for the first year. My agent also thought this was my working hours per week...... Since this date and after submitting further evidence all within 7 days I am still waiting, it’s been approx 12 weeks since the first contact from them.... So frustrating, we just want to go ahead and buy a house and make our home. Still days 10-11 months, so I just hope that we are almost on the home stretch, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they change the processing times again.
  3. Cherries

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    I hope it wont take that long ! When we originally lodged it was upto approx 7 months, but then its changed. So i dont know if we are now in the 9-12 month bracket !!!! who knows !!
  4. Cherries

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    We automatically set up a bridging visa at the time of lodging the 887 visa through our agent, but didnt ask for it at the time.
  5. Hi all, We lodged for permanent residency from the 489 to a Subclass 887 visa on the 9th Jan. Status for the processing times keeps changing and has extended no to 9-12 months. From experience does this mean we would still be within 9-12 months or would we go from the original time quoted of about 4-6 months??? so frustrating with the timeline keep changing. Interested to hear from anyone else still waiting on this visa
  6. Thanks, I see what you mean about keeping your options open. I think that I may just let it lapse. We have envisaged to give Australia at least 2 years minimum for settling etc so better in my pocket and all that, I think that if we did choose to come back I would know in advance so I can start the ball rolling again from Australia. I just wandered how everyone could possibly keep it valid when we shall be soon having to complete the reflections etc in order to maintain our PINS, we wouldn't be practicing in this company so it wouldn't surely be valid?? Just a thought....
  7. Cherries

    Car boot sales in oz???

    I'm heading towards Coffs Harbour, NSW......
  8. Cherries

    Car boot sales in oz???

    As the question States, will I be able to do a car boot sale over there ???
  9. Hi, Any nurses who could advise on the following?.... My nursing registration is up for renewal on the 15 Sept, I have my AHPRA registration for when we make the move in Oct/Nov, quite a few of my colleagues at work have said that I would still need to keep my UK registration even though when I'm in Australia I would have my AHPRA. Is this true ? I didn't think I would need it but thought I would ask the question.. thanks
  10. Cherries

    Options for my 17 year old daughter

    I've approached the Senior College for advice on her doing HSC quals, the admin assistant was lovely and the college we are looking to complete the 2 years is adjacent to the Tafe and the University. She can start year 11 in January 2016 so this is what we shall be doing. The college has really good reviews and my daughter is looking fwd to making the move and starting school. Thanks Again all who took the time to reply. debbie x
  11. I now have 3 quotes, all different prices, all good salesmen. Crown so far are coming out best but has anyone else managed to haggle the price down a little more?? I've asked the question and said that if we can reach some compromise then they will get the job. I await their reply....
  12. Cherries

    Options for my 17 year old daughter

    Thank you everyone for your opinions. We are not making this decision lightly, we have looked at many avenues to let both my children get the best start in there young lives. My eldest at 19 is staying and completing her HND and will come over next year. We have thrashed out the best route for my youngest of 17, she's very mature and she feels strongly about making a new start and we totally respect both her and her older sisters decisions, we can only advise as best as we can. I know for sure that when I was 17 I didn't really know what I wanted to do, she does however feel passionate about her future and we have researched the possibilities of pursuing this when we move and things look positive. we we can only support her now and be there for her 100% all the way, I truly believe we are a pretty level headed family and we will get through this smiling (fingers crossed !!) i shall get in touch with local education authorities and see what they have to say but thanks again everyone
  13. Cherries

    Options for my 17 year old daughter

    Thanks for the replies, the problem is is that she doesn't want to stay here in the UK, she's found it difficult with certain things which I won't go into but she wants to make a new start and so we are happy as a family to go ahead with this. My other daughter is staying in the UK till next year as she is completing her HND course, so we aren't ignoring the good education they have here and understand the importance of letting them complete courses etc etc. I think I shall approach the high schools out there and see what my options are. Thanks
  14. has anyone else arrived with there 17 year old and they have gone straight back into education? My daughter has done year 1 at College and completed her AS levels in the UK. We hope to arrive in Oz November now. Due to her age would she be able to complete year 12 and then go to TAFE ?? Thanks if anyone can offer and advice,,
  15. Cherries

    489 visa

    I got up at 6.00 and phoned the office again, got through first time and a lovely man said that 'hey, looks like I can finalise this for you now' and hey presto, 15 minutes later we had our visa. He didn't sound agitated by my phone call, I was very grateful and he said no problem, have a lovely day. I cAnt tell you how happy I am at this moment in time. It's taken me 7 years to get to this point. So maybe don't bother waiting up till the office opens over in Adelaide, just get up at 6.00am