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  1. Leighbee98

    Reluctant partner

    I would ask her what made her change her mind, you would have to be very open to what she says and listen, she may feel under pressure knowing that you want to go. If it were me I wouldn't try to convince her, just listen and ask questions to understand her point of view. Leave it for a while then see if you can discuss further. I wish you and your wife the best..
  2. Leighbee98

    A month in Oz Where would you go?

    She is very keen to migrate, but we love holidays and after the January Tax deadline in the UK we need one!!
  3. Leighbee98

    A month in Oz Where would you go?

    Well it's booked We fly to singapore, two nights there visiting friends and showing Sarah the sights (ive spent some time in singapore working in the past). After that we are off to Sydney for 4 nights, a few day trips from there and see what the city is like. We fly up to the Goldcoast after that, we did contemplate driving but with a two year old we decided it would be better to fly this time. Couple of nights there then on to Brisbane. After a week in Brissy we are off to the sunshine coast noosa Heads, then Hamilton island in the Whit Sundays. Id like to Scuba Dive a bit as I have my PADI open water certificate but not dived in a while, Im not sure if thats becase i saw my self with a wet suit on.... think michilin man!!! We come back to Brisbane staying in an air bnb in Tenerife for a few more days before heading back to Singapore, another couple of days there to break the flight up. All in all id say this is more a holiday than a reccie, we can come back later on and bring some help in way of super Nannie for the propper reccie (although if/when we move im sure we will really learn what its like) We choose a big holiday because January is mad for accountants whilst we try to encourange customers to get thier books in to us beforehand there are always a few that leave it to the last minute, then we have new customers who have been let down. January is a month of long days and nights working...come Febuary chill.
  4. Leighbee98

    190 granted this morning

    Massive congratulations, we will raise a glass to you tonight (bit early to start swigging now) May I ask how long the 190 took and what occupation?
  5. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    Thats a good point re dirt roads... ill have to consider that depending where we end up.
  6. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    Near Hitchin Hertfordshire I need to get another bike (don't we all say that) as the MT09 is a little harsh on long rides, no wind deflection as I describe the seat as "a bit of ply wrapped in duct tape" I tested some BMWs a while back S1000R (not bad bit the same as what i have) S1000RR (OMG i could hardly see, legs round ears but wow) S1000XR (sensible, reliable and lots of other words ending in ible!) Where are you (ish)
  7. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    Nice to meet you Pete. I played about with off road bikes as a kid (we had a farm) then didn't ride road bikes until 2014, took my test and picked up my Yammy that afternoon (confident huh). I wonder what the biking was like in Oz. I wont get on the bike without full leather as im a wimp and cant stand pain!!! (might be a little warm and sticky!!) Leigh
  8. Leighbee98

    Job offer?

    Can you claim an extra 5 points by going for a 190 state nominated visa? You could look into an RPL Recognition of prior learning as an avenue, this could help you become the lead applicant or add another 5 points for partner skills to your wifes application. My Wife is an accountant in a similar position, she is a real fully qualified and experienced accountant with a recognised qualification, but no Aus study or experience. We have a migration agent helping us, invaluable....
  9. Leighbee98

    Advice on Aus Visit

    Id love to know how you get on... We are going for a holiday in Feb and if our visa application is successful we will probably do the same as you. What do you do for a living? what type of jobs are you looking for? Wish you all the best
  10. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    Wow... I need this ear visa to happen!!! Thank you for the info
  11. Good morning all, any bikers out there? Im still in the UK hoping to be successful with our visa. I currently ride a Yamaha MT09 here in the UK.(although id like more bikes to suit every style!!) Whats biking like in Oz? did anyone take their bike with them? (picture is the missus as she looks better than me)
  12. Leighbee98

    Introduction - Where to start

    I came to this forum a couple of months ago to try and find the answers for myself, I read post after post and as Marisa rightlty points out above checked to see if our skills were listed on the "wanted list" We decided to employ the help of a registered migration agent as my wife is an accountant and that profession is very very competitive so we needed the best possible points score. I soon learned that whilst you need 65 points to qualify, that's only any good if all your competition has only 65 points too. And that's not the case. (accountants require 80 points at the moment) We have completed the English test and gained the full 20 points on that for superior English and we are now going through the skills assessment with CA ANZ (Certified Accountants Australia and New Zealand). This was not that straight forward for us as we have our own business so we needed to prove the work we carry out (I say we but really its all my wife as she is the qualified one). Its a very interesting journey and we are prepared to switch strategy if needed, but its business as usual still until something solid occurs (like we receive the invitation to apply) We also learnt about cost from this forum, whilst the cost of the visa is right there in front of you on the website there are little things to add all along the way, and if we do manage to emigrate then there will be more. Pet shipping and tests. selling property, shipping personal belongings etc etc. Living with an accountant has taught me... plan and be prepared as surprises send accountants wild! But all in all... enjoy it, and if you want to go for it. Its your life and future so make it the best you possibly can. Good luck
  13. Leighbee98

    Meet ups in Airlie Beach

    Not there yet... but will be visiting soon. What a lovely place to live.. (from what I see on google at the moment)
  14. Leighbee98

    Invite for 189 received / joiner (331213)

    Delighted for you. Celebrating tonight?
  15. Leighbee98

    A month in Oz Where would you go?

    Thanks Bobj Ill go though all this info asap. Very very helpful thank you