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  1. Leighbee98

    Agents in Melbourne

    Alan from go matilda (mentioned above) is based in Melbourne. @Alan Collett Go Matilda are helping up with our visa very happy with the service.
  2. Leighbee98

    Waiting time between EOI and ITA on a 190 NSW

    We applied at the end of August with 75 points nothing yet (didn't expect anything this year) critical information... accountant. Have you looked at a 489 visa? I hear there may be more scope for the 489 to be granted over the 190.
  3. Leighbee98

    A month in Oz Where would you go?

    As I sit here looking out on a cold, wet grey day in the UK... the urge to migrate is stirred up again. We are waiting patiently. We will be there in Feb to see for ourselves... bring it on!!!!
  4. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    It's a massive pain and with the weather in Cairns I thought it would be too hot as I'm not in to riding in tshirt and shorts, but would love to get another at some point. I understand that, I will only ride with full leather... It was 32 degrees here on my last ride!!! it was one sweaty stinky experience!!
  5. Leighbee98

    Any Bikers (nod) (motorcycle)

    Oh no... did you look into taking it with you (shipping)? Id love to take mine but im not sure it will be worth it.
  6. Leighbee98

    Mobile Phones on Planes

    I signed up to use the wifi on a Singapore airlines flight to Singapore... rubbish! It was so slow and unreliable I gave up. Im currently controlling a server in Chicago from the UK, in the same way i would be more concerned if there was connectivity via the internet to a flying aircraft. After all all these big companies cant seem to keep the hackers out despite assuring us they can!
  7. We run our own Accountancy practice in the uk and that counted towards experience. We provided customer statements of services we provide them along with copies of corporation tax bills from HMRC (to prove its a real bona fide company). You would have to check with the relevant assessing body for that occupation/skill
  8. Leighbee98

    The UK house selling system

    Your absolutely right, it's utter nonsense here in the UK. You can easily end up with considerable legal costs and no guaranteed sale at the end of it. Until you Exchange contracts anyone can do what they like. Im dreading selling up here, so it would be nice to do it once and for all... Wishing you the best of luck (luck as that's what it boils down to!)
  9. Leighbee98

    Shark Attack Whitsundays

    We are staying on Hamilton island in some “palm bungalows” just for 5 days (35 day overall trip)
  10. Leighbee98

    Shark Attack Whitsundays

    Especially in Luton (Bedfordshire England)
  11. Leighbee98

    Shark Attack Whitsundays

    eeeek. Ill have to bear this in mind when we visit in Feb.
  12. Leighbee98

    Visa Medicals....

    I’m a bit under tall and overly wide. Anyone else the same and got through ok? Other than that measurement I’m fit as a fiddle
  13. Leighbee98

    Only on a Sunday

    Sunday roast...without fail. Ideally rib of beef, golden crispy potatoes, brocoli, carrots and home made yorkshire puddings. And a home made gravy (not flippin granuals).
  14. Leighbee98

    Three things

    I would take my Daughter, Wife and Dog thats all i need in life.