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  1. Rawkus

    Tightening character test

    People will fail character test from convictions such as Common Assault. Would they actually start deporting people with such convictions? https://www.sbs.com.au/news/plans-to-tighten-character-test-wins-senate-committee-approval-despite-deportation-concerns
  2. Rawkus

    Police checks for PR

    Yes they sent me a copy of this recently after I asked. They didn't list the convictions in detail on the form. I've no idea if they sent the Australia police check.
  3. Rawkus

    Police checks for PR

    Yes, rammygirl your right that's my concern. Because it said yes to the convictions question and it tells the dates I was in Australia which was exactly a year I suppose I'm just asking if anyone knows if the Case Officer would ask for the police check.
  4. Rawkus

    Police checks for PR

    In the application where it asks for details only a vague answer was given, not going into details about the convictions. I've asked the agent and they say everything was declared and they go by the police checks. Just the thought of the police check not being submitted worries me. Because I was there a year you'd hope they got it?
  5. Rawkus

    Police checks for PR

    I have PR. I think my immigration agent may have left out information on the application even though I provided all details. I'm wondering, if they left some things out, could they have not sent in my aus PCC as Well? I know on the application the dates I lived there was submitted so the Case Officer would have known I was in Australia for a year and that there was a conviction of some kind.
  6. Rawkus

    Police checks for PR

    When applying for a 189 PR visa , do you need to give a police check for a country you have lived in for exactly a year. I've read it is 12 months or more and I've also read over 12 months? Would it be manditory for exactly a year ( Oct 4th to Oct 3rd the following year) Also, this period was while I was on a working holiday visa. Does a police check need provided for Australia regardless of the time spent?
  7. Rawkus

    Freedom of information

    Thanks for the info.
  8. Rawkus

    Freedom of information

    Hi everyone If I apply for the freedom of information, what details are shown? Would it show everything that I have submitted and declared for previous visa applications like driving offences etc?
  9. Rawkus

    Shipping companies

    Can anyone recommend shipping companies they have used? I'd be looking into shipping household items from Melbourne to UK.
  10. Rawkus


    Thanks a lot .
  11. Rawkus


    Thanks for the quick reply Paul. If I do that,will it still be 5 years from January or will it start from when i get it?
  12. Rawkus


    Hi all I am a PR and after January I will need to apply for a RRV.i have been here 3.5 years so should get the 5 year RRV. If I need to leave Australia and will be out the country still in January, can I apply for a RRV way in advance so i have it sorted before I leave or is there a rule on how in advance i can do it. I can't find this information anywhere.
  13. Rawkus

    Migration agent in Melbourne

  14. Rawkus

    Migration agent in Melbourne

    Can anyone recommend a migration agent in Melbourne please?