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  1. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Can't wait for Brexit day- maybe the press will shut up and move on then. Even get it on our news now.
  2. starlight7

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Depends whether you believe all the rubbish written in the British press . Who really knows? They have a bad track record with Diana, Fergie and the long list of people they bad mouth.
  3. starlight7


    Yes I think most of us understand it is not a competition and what suits one is definitely not what suits another.
  4. starlight7

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    She might be good if used as a deterrent for others and tells it as it really is .
  5. starlight7


    I did that test and came out as a very left libertarian. Shows just how inaccurate it is, doesn’t it ? Load of cods ....
  6. starlight7

    Have you ever had a bad insect bite?

    March flies? They look the same. I think some call them cleggs
  7. starlight7

    Have you ever had a bad insect bite?

    That is one thing that I like about the UK- you can sit out without being bitten in the evening and you don't need sprays, insect repellants or anything. We can't, not in our yard. Fine during the day but after 6 pm, forget it. We have a lot of trees and climbing plants though. Funny enough when we had fish in the pond there were no problems because they ate the mossies. The kookas nicked the fish though- cycle of life I guess.
  8. I was listening to the radio about various people who had been bitten by mossies and March flies and got what they call a Bairnsdale ulcer. One woman almost lost her leg and various others rang in and said they were still having problems more than 12 months after the original bite. I mean rotting flesh not responsive to antibiotics similar to white tailed spider bites. I have experienced bad bites, too- not to that degree but things that took 3-4 weeks to heal. I am wondering if it is becoming a real problem here. Mornington peninsula is said to be a bad area as well as Gippsland. You hear about these things in the tropics but in Victoria? I will be taking the old bushmans spray with me when we go down to the beach this weekend!
  9. starlight7

    Will the far right triumph in Europe in 2019?

    Unsettling times we live in. Mad right wingers and mad left wingers and not too much in between.
  10. starlight7

    Is Labour Finished?

    Apologies. I was talking about oz and we left the uk early 70s. I always voted Labor in the uk as a young person, much to the disgust of the rest of my family. It would be good if the royal family finished after the death of the queen but it won’t happen, too much vested interest.
  11. starlight7

    Liam Neeson row

    What a doofus- should have kept his trap shut. Confirms the suspicion that many actors are as dumb as the proverbial from dogs.
  12. starlight7

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    Yes the Mornington Peninsula is lovely. Does require a bit of travelling but better than being cooped up near the city I think. Agree the people are very nice and easy to chat to but then I am biased because I have lived here most of my life.
  13. starlight7

    Is Labour Finished?

    Labour will win because the person we elected was dumped by the Libs and replaced by someone else. They are not a democratic party plus they have a huge problem with females. All true- old or not. Older people do have brains you know- often much better educated too .
  14. starlight7

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    Look at the Eastern suburbs- good schools, leafy environment and good transport, too.
  15. I don't think you can be a citizen unless you have actually lived here for a few years with permanent residence. At least I hope not.