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  1. starlight7

    Corona Virus

    You are joking aren't you? Things must have changed a lot over there- they were never a 'compliant' people in my day. Everyone did their own thing. Started in 60s and went down from there..
  2. starlight7

    45 Days to Go.....

    Hope the borders are open by the time you come and you are not up for the $3,000 isolation fee! I would keep a close watch on this if it were me because we probably won't be getting a vaccination here until at least March next year.
  3. starlight7

    Stop the boats!

    The missionary family gave a presentation to our church just before lockdown. There had been some publicity but they do not seek it because it doesn't help. They are a young couple and now live in a Uighur community in Australia because they cannot return to China at this stage. They don't want any future return to be compromised, understandably.There is a lot of missionary activity in China but it is not easy, especially now. https://www.reachavillage.org/locations/china/
  4. starlight7

    Stop the boats!

    Someone at our church has been trying to help them but the Chinese government imprisoned that person for weeks and then deported them back to Australia. They are still in touch with some but it is not easy. A distinction needs to be made between Chinese people who are mostly not at all like the Chinese government. They just have to give total obedience or suffer the consequences. We are not used to that in our protected lives and I hope it never happens.
  5. starlight7

    Stop the boats!

    Of course they are Moslems. What difference does that make? They are human beings for goodness sake!
  6. starlight7

    Corona Virus

    Not sure about New Zealand, they never seem to do that well and that is why so many come here (when they can). It is a very, very small country of under 5 million people in the whole place. About the same population as Melbourne, just one city in Australia. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54186359
  7. starlight7

    Stop the boats!

    What about the Uyghurs? It makes me sick everytime I think of their ill treatment and no one seems to care.
  8. starlight7

    Corona Virus

    I wonder how they actually choose who goes where. Some of the places are really first class hotels. Is it random or is it someone making judgement calls somewhere? Why don’t they use Christmas Island or Darwin more ? Why quarantine in the middle of a large city which puts more at risk when people disobey,as they have tended to?
  9. starlight7

    # Is it OK (TV Show: Adam Hills The Last Leg)

    It’s the only social commentary show worth watching here on the ABC. The others are dire.
  10. starlight7

    Corona Virus

    You know what? I don't trust them anymore after the last debacle. Trouble is it will hit right on Christmas/New Year.
  11. starlight7

    Corona Virus

    Watch this space- infections will re-start in Australia from Monday because they are opening to international travellers
  12. starlight7

    Stop the boats!

    Muslims are not the ones being disliked and discriminated against these days- we have moved on to the Chinese government( with some reason, I have to admit)
  13. starlight7

    Would you go on a cruise now?

    I love the South Pacific cruises, watching the flying fish over the side of the ship and just generally having a great time. Total relaxation and we have never got sick even though we have done many cruises with many different cruise lines. We find the Princess cruises are probably a bit more fun than the more upmarket Viking ones and seem to have more activities ( and cost a fair bit less)
  14. starlight7

    Would you go on a cruise now?

    I’m fighting it hard but I can feel a cruise coming on- shouldn’t talk about it. Last night I watched something about the QE2 didn’t help
  15. starlight7

    Relocating to Perth

    Also maybe because I was born,bred and brought up near the centre of London?