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  1. starlight7

    How many ?

    How many computers/ laptops/ internet devices do you have apart from phones? I was shocked to add ours up and realise we have 3 computers, 2 laptops and 3 tablets. Only the two of us at home so I guess if you have kids at school you probably have heaps more. Then there are TVs- we have 4 of those. Twenty years ago we only had 1 tv and 1 very slow computer. Have you ever been tempted to ditch the lot? We have another house at the beach where we can’t use the internet, sometimes it is sheer bliss.
  2. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I guess we are used to wearing the masks in Victoria and it also protects you from colds and flu- virtually no flu this year which is a big plus. I will continue to wear one in shopping centres at least as do my fellow Victorians. i don't wear one out walking, they are annoying and too hot but if instructed to do so I would. They don't tell you to wear one for fun, there is medical evidence that they do help. Even in 1918 they realised that ..
  3. starlight7

    Sales - did you bother ?

    Did you get anything this year or not bother? I bought the usual towels , a cheese parer and a couple of birthday presents because we have 5 family birthdays in January. Didn’t seem to be much though because everyone is buying online.
  4. starlight7

    Independent Scotland?

    If I were a Scot I think I would go 'yes' but having only 30% Scottish blood I don't know- probably best for the UK if they stay united. You could get France and Scotland uniting against the rest as in days of yore. Then there is Ireland.
  5. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I believe they don’t wear them in New South either. I think they are silly because it is a small price to pay. We learnt our lesson the hard way down here and hope no other state has to go through it . It wasn’t pretty. They don’t cure anything but there is a measure of prevention.
  6. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    Must be different for you. Everyone wears them here and if you forget you get 'the look'. Half the people even wear them outside as well.
  7. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I haven't used a lift since the start of this covid virus but if you live high up there isn't much choice I guess ( heart attack or Covid??). I notice that at Costco they advised you not to use the lifts unless you absolutely had to but they have taken that notice down now. I just wish it was all over now and that they would hurry up and get their fingers out with the vaccines. Until then we are all living under a cloud.
  8. starlight7

    Goodbye and Good Riddance

    To 2020. One of the very worst years in history. Bush fires, floods and then Covid. Not a good year for our family personally ,either , except for a couple of bright sparks- new baby in the family in October and grandson got accepted into a medical degree. Other than that, forget it, move on!
  9. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I apologise if people thought I meant Aussies are unwelcoming to people overseas. Not the case and never has been. What I meant was AT THIS TIME whilst the virus is spreading overseas. Hope you can comprehend this and that this doesn’t degenerate into an Aussie v the rest as can happen and seems to happen all to often.
  10. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I guess if I met someone who had recently arrived I would run a mile and so would most here. That is just an honest comment because I/we know from hard experience what can happen. Nothing to do with who they are, most Aussies welcome strangers and always have and always will do. Can be confusing ,I know but you have to separate the people from where they have travelled from. That is all I will say on this so any snide comments please keep them to yourselves.
  11. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    What a lovely Covid free Christmas we have had with all our vast extended family. I feel so blessed and so glad that we have managed to deal with the virus so far. We all think we are hanging on a thread but just now-- whoopee. Long may it last.
  12. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    I own everything of course but it gets you talking dunnit?
  13. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    Personally I rarely meet people who have just arrived from overseas( I can’t actually remember the last time ) so it doesn’t apply to me but I know what others have told me and respect that they just want us to be safe and not at risk from imported diseases. Most are in the at risk category and almost all think all airports should be closed to overseas except for New Zealand. Singapore is doing the right thing.
  14. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    Clearly not a Victorian then?
  15. starlight7

    Worst Nightmare....

    It would be lovely if the thing would just go away and we can all be happy wouldn't it? Those of us in Victoria do not want another 6 months of purgatory ,though and so the avast majority of us are not keen on overseas people coming in. Sorry, but that's a fact. Other states are likely different but I would say please stay away from Victoria, we have had enough. Unless you have lived through it you just wouldn't understand. Easy to judge when you don't have the experience of the mental health problems occurring now.