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  1. Small city to start in Australia. Which?

    I wouldn't want to live in Bendigo either but it is a nice town. I was brought up in London and it would be too big a contrast for me but if you were a country kid it might be ideal. Better than Ballarat to my mind. Better than Geelong,too.
  2. Dole Capital of Australia to get Cashless Card

    I tend to agree- it should be everyone or no-one. I know one or two lazy bs who have never worked in their lives and get full pensions. If you work hard in this country you get nothing at pension time, not even help with medical expenses. Pretty disgusting.
  3. Which city Is a mix of suburban and urban lifestyle

    Funny- the only place I have ever come across a 'gang' is Dandenong- and they weren't Australians.
  4. Which city Is a mix of suburban and urban lifestyle

    I don't think Ballarat is as nice as Bendigo though- and it is cooold Maybe Bendigo services the country areas north of there with IT?
  5. Which city Is a mix of suburban and urban lifestyle

    A lot of people like Bendigo. Worth a look probably- it has a nice feel about it. Very country.
  6. Possible move back to UK

    Some people always call their country of origin home. Guess it depends where the heart is. I know people who have been here 50 years and still refer to 'back home' though my Welsh friend has finally decided she will never return because things are 'too different' . She came at the same time as us in the early 1970s.
  7. Melbournes Richest and Poorest Suburbs

    Morwell is baaaad. Taken over from Moe.
  8. Which city Is a mix of suburban and urban lifestyle

    I think they all are here except perhaps Sydney. With Melbourne you have the wineries in the Yarra Valley on the doorstep plus the Dandenongs where housing is a bit cheaper. With Brisbane you have a lot of suburbs, it isn't a very big city and neither is Adelaide. As for Canberra, well it is right on the edge of the bush. Hobart is pretty rural, couldn't get a traffic jam there. Perth is similar, very suburban but not for everyone. Really only Sydney at the moment is more of a real city though Melbourne is catching up and will overtake soon because so many are making their home there.Bad luck for us, it is ruining things.
  9. Melbournes Richest and Poorest Suburbs

    Portsea would be 'second homes', or holiday houses I think. My daughter's parents have a place there(holiday house) and bought it cheaply over 10 years ago- now worth well over a mill. Funny how things go. One of my daughters bought a place in Mt Waverley which is now worth 2.5 mill - ridiculous but v.nice for them.
  10. Faced with difficult choice re move or not

    It's damned if you do and damned if you don't isn't it? Very,very hard. Do you have children yourselves? I ask because this is where your first loyalty lies really and whether it is a good thing ( or not) from their point of view.
  11. Into The Unknown in Melbourne

    Thought St Kilda had been cleaned up many years ago now- it used to be the red light district for Melbourne but not especially so these days.
  12. Has anybody moved to the Gold Coast & regretted it?

    So long as you avoid Surfers the GC looks lovely, it has a good vibe. Plenty of places there I'd live , the people up there seem pretty friendly but I guess the touristy areas could be annoying and possibly difficult to get to know people in those particular suburbs.
  13. Brexit

    Still don't get this Brexit thing- no one I know over here does, either. Sheer madness. Why didn't they just negotiate better terms for the UK?
  14. How long to get a place of our own (rent)

    Bear in mind 5th January is right in the middle of the school holidays- could make a bit of a difference for short term places. Also- some real estate agents pack up and disappear until towards the end of the month so I would get on to it as soon as you can.
  15. Sydney vs London? (Mid 20s)

    Nah- Melbourne's ten times better than Sydney.