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  1. starlight7

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Never say never PB
  2. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    We did a new build down at the beach 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier. The site boss was a Saffa and wouldn’t let his workers in the house unless they took their shoes off when they were putting the floors down. A couple of months after completion the boss came round and asked if there were any problems and there was just one of the doors which stuck a bit. He fixed it immediately. Six months later another contact but no faults at all this time. This house was an ‘ off the shelf ‘ home with a couple of extra windows and a large decking added.
  3. starlight7

    Hitch hiking Perth to Melbourne

    Cancer is so many different things and different types of disease so I am not sure how anyone can claim a cure. There are many, many different causes just as there are many, many different manifestations,
  4. starlight7

    Australia and Climate Change

    One of the big, big problems is the short time we have measured the climate. The world is old- but our science is new and we really shouldn't draw conclusions in our short lifetimes. We are conceited and arrogant to think that we can. Just trends and popular ideas- like the hole in the ozone layer was. I often think the Aboriginals have more clues than we do because their history is a lot longer than ours.
  5. starlight7

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Nooo- we don't want them in Australia . We've got enough of our own prima donnas. Canada is gorgeous- hope they stay there forever.
  6. starlight7

    Social Media - Pack Mentality

    I don’t go on social media except here and a few Facebook friends and I can’t even be stuffed going there these days. Life is for living not arguing and having pretend indignation about people you have never even met. These people need to get a life.
  7. starlight7

    White Privilege?

    What really annoys me is when the race card is brought out when some person fails to get a job because they are not as well suited as another candidate who just happens to be better than them. I’ve seen this happen on several occasions when I was working. It tends to go one way all the time. Pathetic and quite bad for anyone else of the same race because people generalise.
  8. starlight7

    Bushfire season

    Only Victoria is on the map hehe. Rest is foreign.
  9. starlight7

    Sometimes the cheap brands are better

    My youngest went to a very posh school ( half scholarship) and she started a trend for grungy clothes which lots of those rich kids cottoned on to and they all started checking out the op shops. Boy was I happy ! She is now a successful artist and still likes her grunge though it is posher grunge now. I told my granddaughter you could rip your own jeans, why pay for it? It was like I’d made a great discovery. Mad kids.
  10. starlight7

    Sometimes the cheap brands are better

    The thing with some of the expensive brands in clothes is they last too long! I like to change stuff a lot according to event and mood- don't care if it only lasts 12 months. Think its a 'girl' thing as husband hangs on to his clothes. That's why men can't get stuff in op shops I think- the guys hang on to things until they are worn out. I rarely do that, get sick of things and keep people in jobs,too. My excuse and I'm sticking to it... Completely different with household goods, though- quality pays off here in the long run and you get what you pay for.
  11. starlight7

    White Privilege?

    I guess it is natural to be suspicious of 'outsiders' - probably some ancient self preservation/survival thing like the rest of the mammals in the world. I don't think it is colour so much as different habits and norms that can cause problems. For example, after spending 3 weeks solely amongst 'white' Americans I was ready to scream-seriously- because they are so different in attitude, speech patterns and, to me, so loud. They quite likely were sick to death of me,too.
  12. starlight7

    White Privilege?

    Yes but you keep it to yourself or face the wrath..
  13. starlight7

    Bushfire season

    Just look at the way they treat possums over there. Not suitable.
  14. starlight7

    White Privilege?

    Can you have racism when it is white people being discriminated against though? I thought it only went one way.
  15. starlight7

    White Privilege?

    The other side of it here is you have to be Chinese to get a job in most of the shops, restaurants etc in many areas here. Mainly because the owners of the shopping centres are Chinese. Look at Glen Waverley, Box Hill, and most of the other large shopping malls. My hairdresser only employs Vietnamese people. She is quite open about it because she says they work better. Fair enough.