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  1. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Reckon she's gone? Thought we in Australia were the absolute worst for leader shuffles. Madness. Especially when you look at your alternatives- like us . We are about to get Sneaky Shorten next year. Swapsies?
  2. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If they were going to have this stupid Brexit they should have completed it in 6 months and then adjusted accordingly and then there wouldn't have been all this stupid toing and froing and mucking about. Typical toffs- no guts, no big picture view. Nothing changes.
  3. starlight7

    Christmas songs

    I like O Holy Night ,love it.
  4. starlight7

    Move home? :-0

    I have been in the Melbourne eastern subs for many years now. I believe the price of houses is finally dropping a bit, depending on the area and the same goes for Sydney so it might pay to wait a little while. Just a thought.
  5. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Those passport chips are supposed to make things quicker but in fact they don't- lots of boring queues in Melbourne with officious little people wandering around.
  6. starlight7

    Move home? :-0

    I know it sounds flippant but after a couple of weeks in Perth I couldn't leave fast enough. I hated it there and would never, ever even contemplate living there. It made me feel quite oppressed. Nothing wrong with it but not right for me at all. Some parts of WA I could live in though- Esperance comes to mind. I have been to all the Australian capitals, , including Darwin, and I think I could live in just about any of them- except Perth. The Eastern states are as different as chalk and cheese in attitude, lifestyle, just about everything. If you decide to stay in Australia please try another state- we are all different and you might be very pleasantly surprised at the difference.
  7. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Not many countries need visas these days except a few Asian countries- mostly you can stay up to 90 days as a tourist in the majority of countries. Maybe Australia still asks for one, not sure.
  8. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Well I hope it all works out . There are so many things that could go wrong, let's hope they don't. In the minds of Europeans I think the British have already gone and I am sure they really don't care, other things to worry about.
  9. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    $3.50 in Aldi for white wine. Pretty rank though. You can get a good bottle for $8 here- and I mean good- pinot grigio, pinot gris etc.
  10. starlight7

    How does the UK compete?

    Is the United Kingdom different from Great Britain then ? One comes 4th and one comes 11th. Too weird.
  11. starlight7

    Clean joke needed- please, pretty please

    I like the chook joke but I think a lot will have heard it. Found a surgeon joke about politicians being the easiest to operate on because they have no brains, guts, balls etc and interchangeable head and bum. Might go for that one and adapt it to our local scene. Some of the audience wouldn't know what powerpoint is- not very technologically advanced.
  12. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Will this Brexit thingo mean you will have to get a visa to visit European countries?
  13. starlight7

    How does the UK compete?

    They nick Australian coaches is how the British win!
  14. starlight7

    Clean joke needed- please, pretty please

    These days maybe substitute Chinese for Japanese. The Japanese people have all gone. Have to be careful in Australia though because people are very sensitive and there are people of Chinese origin in Probus .
  15. starlight7

    Christmas Cards

    I've bought the overseas stamps., got the cards and now I have to get round to it. Too many things on at this time of year! Maybe this arvo?