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  1. The weather 😁

    Perfect weather over in Melbourne just now- warm days and cooler nights and lots of sunshine. We still need more rain though, very dry this year.
  2. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Does the rest of the EU really care about the UK? I wouldn't think so. Europe has always been separate from the UK ( exception being parts of France pre Henry V11) so what would they worry about when everything returns to the historical norm? Most Europeans wouldn't give a toss.
  3. Once you have migrated where do you go on holiday?

    Bali is lovely. It has bad publicity because of some of those awful tv shows but all you have to do, basically, is avoid Kuta.
  4. Everyday Sexism

    I always wondered why women wanted to fight on the front line during wartime. Are they completely stupid?
  5. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Like she needs more money...
  6. We certainly need good IT people and also people able to help fix the mess the NBN is creating!
  7. Once you have migrated where do you go on holiday?

    A lot seem to go to Canada and even the Antarctic these days! We go to Europe, most of Asia over the years and recently within Australia. For a short break you can't beat FNQ but maybe not in Summer.
  8. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Do you think oil is finite? I have heard there is a lot of it kept in reserve to keep prices high- especially by the Saudis. Wouldn't be surprised at all.
  9. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Back to the horse and cart?
  10. Do it if you feel the urge to- I would have thought being financially secure would be a help for you. See whether you prefer the Perth lifestyle or Melbourne and maybe even check out Brisbane whilst you are at ti. All quite different in feel. Read some of the old posts on here about these different cities.
  11. I am not a scientist but I wonder what will happen to all those countries like Norway, Saudi Arabia indeed the USA if oil is really phased out in favour of some sort of renewable energy? Just how much do countries actually rely on oil based revenue? Could mean a different world?
  12. Outside dogs

    A border collie is a working dog though- so long as it has a dry area I wouldn't worry about it except maybe in the depths of Winter. I would worry more if it was one of those little dogs with a thin coat. We used to have a beagle and it wanted to be outside most of the time. We did keep it in at night because we were afraid it would wander off and get into trouble. It was a very naughty boy ( stealing things from various neighbours and bringing them back to us) and eventually left us to live on a farm with another beagle. Everyone was happy.
  13. Outside dogs

    Never see roaming dogs round here but there are a few round the Dandenongs apparently ( feral ones)
  14. More Aussie Cheats!! 🤬👎

    Guess most teams in most parts of the world would have one or two in them who take drugs/have taken drugs. What's the biggie?
  15. Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Alleluija we got a bit of rain- only a bit but better than nothing! Check out house prices on realestate.com.au- they do vary and tend to be more the closer you are to the city.