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  1. They are so cute- it must be very hard to part with them.
  2. I'n a PIO tragic too- watching Jack Reacher on tv at the same time., even though Tom Cruise gives me the irrits.
  3. Depends which part of Queensland I think- it is very big. Massive in fact,
  4. Most people I know who travel all the time wouldn't go through Flight Centre though. When you are retired you have to make the most of the time you have left so you do travel a lot. We go overseas 2 or 3 times a year ( mainly to Asia). Many of our friends seem to be going round Russia and Scandinavia just now- but certainly not through Flight Centre!
  5. It is still quite hard to get a good rental apparently which is hard to understand. Cost doesn't seem to be an issue. Weird.
  6. No- I don't think that is a deterrent because of the other advantages ( best private schools, near the Yarra Valley, pretty area, very middle class etc)
  7. Lucky lot- in Melbourne it is getting more difficult because of our population issues. When we first arrived it was absolutely fantastic here but I can't say the same now. I used to be on a committee dealing with hospital errors and I could see the deterioration over the years- even the head of one of our busy hospitals said his hospital was not a good place to be now( infection, work pressure, violence towards staff)
  8. No one can really tell you what to do but I do have a strong sense that you will miss Australia terribly when you leave,especially going into a British winter. Hard to keep two lives going though and in the long run I think you must choose. As you get older it becomes harder to shuttle between one country and another- the old body and mind will let you know! Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  9. Definitely worse here, no question. You have to wait longer, it costs more and the docs are much busier. There seems to be a lot more mis- diagnoses too. Another worsening problem is the infection rate in hospitals these days. So many friends have developed infections during their hospital stays and so few medical people wash their hands between patients these days- partly because they seem to be rushed off their feet. I would never criticise the wonderful medical staff who have to put up with abuse from patients on a daily basis- but this very abuse often makes our hospitals really nasty places to be. Thinking of the surgeon who was murdered recently because he told a hospital visitor to put out his cigarette. Maybe one way to deal with this is to refuse treatment to those who abuse the medical staff- or at least send them to the back of the queue instead of fast tracking them as happens at the moment?
  10. The ones they should be deporting are the criminals, not people who work hard and contribute to the economy. Having said that it does seem there are a few things that seem rather odd about this case.Guess you would need to know all the facts from both sides.
  11. It is something the government needs to deal with. You only have to look at the increased number of beggars round the CBD of Melbourne to realise that things are crook . Overseas non- residents are part of the problem and so is negative gearing but the government hasn't got the will or fortitude to do anything at all. It will only get worse.
  12. There should be no appeals allowed- especially considering they are no doubt paid for by taxpayers here and often with free legal aid.
  13. To be brutally honest I think the employment situation is not too good in either of those cities but if you can land jobs, go for it. I would personally prefer Adelaide of the two ( not as isolated)
  14. Join a Probus Club or U3A. Many Probus clubs have sporting activities for members and just about all of them have dine outs. Check out a few clubs first because some are better than others as regards the amount of activities! You can go to their main meetings free up to 3 times usually
  15. I'd do it sooner rather than later given his age. If charges were dropped hopefully nothing will show up on police record checks.