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  1. Wouldn’t guarantee you would find them there when you got to Australia. Some rough old types down at the docks ..
  2. starlight7

    Kerryn Phelps victory in NSW

    She really socked it to the Libs- took Malcolm Turnbull's seat as an Independent. Have to say it really serves them right for deposing a sitting PM without asking the electorate. I think the Libs are finished and, unfortunately, the Labor Party is really bad as well. We will see many more Independents coming up in the future because people are sick of the negativity and political backstabbing in the major parties. Very dangerous in the long run. We are an 'unstable democracy'.
  3. starlight7

    help needed

    I think JB and the Goodguys might be one and the same these days. We often use them for whitegoods- also Costco and even Aldi but not sure if they are in SA? http://www.techguide.com.au/news/jb-hi-fi-acquires-the-good-guys-so-what-does-this-mean-for-customers/
  4. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Maybe there will be an Asian and European Union or AEU- wouldn't that be a thing? Australia could join, too. Have to be a few wage cuts though!
  5. Mental health issues cut across all sections of the community . I would hazard a guess that there are actually more from what you call the 'middle' and 'upper' classes than the rest.
  6. starlight7

    North Wales

    It was going back to the 19th century- they were from Pentreffelin Wrexham Abbot- the old man was a slater. 3x great grandad and his daughter was my 2x great grandma who also lived there. After that she moved to Durham and married a man from there. Bit of Welsh blood in my veins.
  7. starlight7

    Don't feed the wild life!

    We have a currawong we rescued and although he lives out in the wild he comes to see us most days and waits for raisins. He has a friend who also comes now and hovers nearby but isn't as tame. We also feed seeds to the king parrots who squawk chronically until we give up and throw a few sunflower seeds out for them. Pussy just watches as he is much too old to chase them now (21) and they know it. We go away a fair bit but they still come back when we return. I find a great deal of pleasure in that. We used to get wallabies but they are gone now because the builders a few streets away blocked off all their runs a few years back.
  8. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Once Brexit has happened the UK will be a step closer to trade wars with Europe or, god forbid, even more sinister conflicts. I think it will be the worst thing they have done in years.
  9. starlight7

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Have to say most of us babyboomers grew up when there were very few expensive gadgets around. Not even microwave ovens and no colour tvs. People spent money on food and rent/mortgage . We didn't have washing machines, dryers or even, in our case , phones or fridges. When you moved into a house you had no furniture and no wardrobes etc. We survived. Funny that.
  10. starlight7

    A baby for Harry and Meghan

    "not much of a rack " Haven't heard that phrase since I left London
  11. starlight7

    How long before you feel settled/Happy ?

    Oh Cairns is such a lovely place. We have had some of our very best holidays up there, I would go there in a heartbeat.
  12. starlight7

    A baby for Harry and Meghan

    Good for them. Will be a good looking kid with their looks
  13. starlight7

    North Wales

    Yes we have been thinking Chester- last visited the place in 1969 so it will be a bit of nostalgia for us. Will check out Hoole. After that we plan to go up to the Lake District and then to Barcelona. Will be our last trip ever to Europe I think so we want to get the most out of it!
  14. starlight7

    North Wales

    Some of my ancestors came from North Wales , near Wrexham so I would like to visit there some time next year but we have been warned off staying actually in Wrexham. Are there any nice unspoilt small towns nearby where we could stay ?
  15. My Dad was also in the RAF and saw most of his mates killed when he was flying. He was shot down twice but survived by some miracle. He never wanted to talk about or remember his experiences until he was very old - and then he talked of it all the time. Horrific. I don't think these young kids have any right at all to say whether or not Remembrance Day should be kept. I find it sad that they are so alien and wrapped up in themselves as a matter of fact.