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  1. starlight7

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    People come and go but these old buildings stand for history and so I would support fixing this one up. Maybe not some of the minor stately homes but Notre Dame goes back centuries even before Christianity and it is part of the French national identity. If I was rich and French I'd pay to have it restored.
  2. starlight7

    Not going down to well in UK

    I guess if legal aid was available freely for all those needing it there would be no problem. I think people object to this particular case because others who, on the surface, seem more deserving, are missing out.
  3. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You can get them all more or less anywhere in the world and the local brews too these days. Last week we bought 2 doz mixed just from Aldi- German, French, Mexican, Belgian, Thai, Singapore for a very cheap price. Still can't stand a warm beer though- foul.
  4. starlight7


    Thought you were referring to the UK at first!
  5. starlight7

    Please delete - posted in error

    Guess wherever you are there are a few a.hs- just avoid them, there are plenty of nice people around as well. The private schools don't have the monopoly on them, either. I remember some absolutely horrid people at the local state school, too. Especially nasty about our youngest who won a scholarship to one of the 'posh ' schools. I just said. 'jealousy is a curse'.
  6. starlight7


    Found the above just on google but you would need to check!
  7. starlight7


    If it's one of the skilled migration visas like the subclass 189 or 190, which are forAustralian permanent residency than 50 is the age limit. ... If the Australiangovernment pursued that approach no one in their 30s or beyond would have any chance of emigrating to Australia so, fortunately, the age limit is what it is. Emigrate to Australia - Are you to old? - The Immigration Agency https://theimmigrationagency.com/too-old-to-emigrate-to-australia/
  8. starlight7

    Flu Shots

    Had our flu shots today. Must say I have been having them for the past 5 years and not had the flu since. I used to get it every single year before, it was awful. I am going to have my shingles vac soon ( after the flu one has settled). I hesitate with this one because hub had a really bad reaction to it but having seen a few friends get shingles probably better to risk side effects.
  9. starlight7

    This Saga will soon be over

    Good . It bores me to sobs.
  10. starlight7

    Do you sleep in separate beds ?

    Oh - too much information ??
  11. starlight7

    Before Brexit

    Too far in both instances. We hear more about Indonesia, New Zealand and other Asian countries. Which I guess makes sense. When we first came we were shocked that the UK didn’t figure but the USA very much did. That guy who does the railway program also brings some publicity to the old country .
  12. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Just seen that Nigel Barrage on tv- pass the sick bucket. Hope the British people have the sense not to vote for someone of his ilk.
  13. starlight7

    Julian Assange arrested

    He looks like a complete nutjob now- he has been punished enough. The US should just show a bit of charity and forget him.
  14. starlight7

    Before Brexit

    Here in Australia we heard very, very little about the UK unless there was some extraordinary weather event and even then, only a couple of minutes. The place was not on the radar at all. Interesting that now it is mentioned at least once a day complete with tv coverage.
  15. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    What's the position with the Scots? Will they leave if England leaves or stand their ground and try to stay?