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  1. He will be with his mates up in Ararat
  2. Peter Allen, Germs Greer?
  3. So he should be- in Britain. Not here.
  4. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    After 400 years there is a danger that the “United Kingdom” will no longer exist. Doesn’t this worry the people? It would me.
  5. If this man was a poor person it would have been end of story after conviction. Who is paying for all these expensive appeals? I feel so sorry for the victims ( and you can be sure there are more than just the one man) having to relive all this sickening stuff.
  6. starlight7

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Sorry, can't resist-
  7. starlight7

    Manchester Airport

    Well what's wrong with them? Why are they like this? Perhaps it is the Darwin syndrome- that is the worst airport in Australia for bossy and unhelpful staff. Ah well, guess we will just have to smile and put up with it . We are going business class, maybe that might help? Probably not, though.
  8. Certainly not Churchill - he is a British hero, definitely not an Australian hero. Can't think of any, offhand, except Cook and maybe Mawson who was from a Yorkshire family.
  9. starlight7

    Hong Kong

    I don't think there is any comparison between the way China treats dissidents (who are also Chinese residents and citizens) and the way Australia treats Australian residents and citizens of its country. Ridiculous and quite an offensive remark.
  10. starlight7

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Now Prince Andrew is definitely one of those royals who should not be supported in any way by the public purse. Then he could do whatever he wanted.
  11. starlight7

    Household income plunging and poverty rising!

    Hope the United Kingdom doesn't become disunited and back to the dark ages when Scotland was independent. Some how DK doesn't sound so good.
  12. starlight7

    Manchester Airport

    So you have to put makeup etc in plastic bags then? I don't usually do that, must remember to take some. Not come across it on trips to the rest of Europe.
  13. starlight7

    Manchester Airport

    We are landing in Manchester on our next o/seas trip and I am getting increasingly alarmed by comments from people who have been there lately and say how awful the airport is and that they will never, ever go there again. I have heard this from a number of different sources. Are they right? Is it that bad? I thought I would also check it out on trip advisor- comments there were even worse.
  14. starlight7


    My husband has recently but we stopped all the credit cards in time luckily. They pretended to be the ATO and he gave them details of accounts etc. I got scammed through paypal once when I paid some money out to a computer virus protection company ( British one, too). I realised after some time they were taking payment over and over again. The bank paid it all back but is was a few thousand dollars. Again, I changed all my bankcards.
  15. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Do you reckon it will really happen in October or will they delay again?