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  1. weather in Melbourne

    Nearly every time I've been to Sydney it has rained- they get a lot more than Melbourne which is a very dry place in Summer- so you have to water your garden a lot or is just dies. When we first emigrated many years ago now I didn't wear a coat for 2 years in winter because it was so mild compared with the UK. In those days it was colder than now, too. As for not being able to plan, never heard such rubbish in my life. It is very rare indeed to have to cancel because of bad weather , except maybe in the middle of Winter, June July.
  2. Look a some of the comparison sites e.g.www.iselect.com.au/health-funds/comparison There are many and they vary and cover different things.
  3. Moving back to UK at age of 75 and single!

    Oh Dell- are you sure you are doing the right thing going back? It has changed over there and you will have, too. Sorry if this offends you, not meant in any way!
  4. Raising kids

    Definitely subjective and depending on the individual child I think. There are some scary schools discipline- wise in the UK but that may be more to do with a large population. My impression is that kids tend to be more respectful to their teachers in Australia but I am sure this is just my observations and experiences and others would totally disagree.
  5. Greetings from the UK

    I wouldn't worry too much if your husband's family don't want to babysit. Many people think they have done their bit bringing up their own kids so why should they spend time doing it all over again. Not my view but common amongst a few of my friends and I would respect that. They may not be comfortable looking after young ones and fair enough.
  6. Greetings from the UK

    Thanks for writing that gummygirl- nice to hear something good about the UK for once! The press here tend to mention the dire effects of Brexit ( but it hasn't even happened yet!!)
  7. I was thinking about the couple who find Melbourne very expensive ( you're not wrong!)- would you look at other capitals like Adelaide or Brisbane? I think they are cheaper, especially on the housing front.
  8. Torn on Tassie

    We lived in Tassie for a while, in the North West. It is the most beautiful place , quite stunning and the weather is ok though a bit cool at times. It is slow paced living though, more like country living than city- not a huge number of things to do if you like a bit of nightlife, concerts etc. I also think its a bit of a man's world which is a little hard to explain, just my feeling. What used to annoy me is that the Big Island seems to get the best of everything- all the good local fruit and vegs gets shipped up there and we used to be left with the 2nd rate stuff.
  9. I guess the reason people say they couldn't live there is because they couldn't. Doesn't mean it is a bad place. I couldn't live in Mildura, either but some love it. I enjoy the differences of opinion- don't do 'bland' I'm afraid.
  10. Primary Schools (Public/ Govt) in/around Glen/Mount Waverley

    My daughter lives there. The schools are great- my grandchildren used to go to Syndal Primary School which was a small school with a good standard. Then they went to Glen Waverley Sec College which has one of the best reputations in the state. Glen Waverley has a large Chinese population and fantastic restaurants as well as The Glen shopping centre. Heaps of things to do in the area, just contact the local council. It is a nice area and there are some very nice houses( quite expensive too!)
  11. Maybe it depends on what you were brought up with. I was a Londoner and find Perth is just not a place I could settle in. Too different maybe? Not to say Melbourne is like London, it isn't but I found more of what I feel comfortable with here.
  12. I think it is high time a few towns between SA and Perth were developed- some very pretty areas round the coast could be extended and if we had an ounce of get up and go some of the desert areas could be developed. Perhaps we should ship in a few people from Dubai?
  13. It is hours and hours on a plane to the next large city- that classes as isolated for me. Not like UK to Europe at all- more like UK to Siberia if you like. It takes a week to drive over to Melbourne if you can be bothered. I think it is closer to Bali ( less than 4 hours).
  14. Move to victoria

    You'd be pushing it to get something cheap 10 mins from the coast in the city. I was thinking maybe Edithvale or Mordialloc might be a bit cheaper and both beach suburbs.
  15. Australia ranked 5th for Quality of Life

    Probably all those damn guns and the shocking health service ( lack of)