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  1. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    I use that scenario to evaluate what I want. If in your shoes, I’d have a flight booked and be selling up here as soon as possible. Partner and I have agreed, 12 months in UK (and see how it goes) in approximately a years time.
  2. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    Your experience resonates with me hugely. I instantly feel a sense of belonging when I arrive home. I would imaging NZ has a more of a community feel too. And I agree, we talk about other parts of the country, bigger houses, smaller houses, city, rural, blah blah. But it’s English countryside I really want. You were probably wise to change your mind.
  3. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    That’s one of the worst parts. I cannot think of any other sport where people deemed professional would be so bad at the game. Can you think of any sport with a goal of unlimited height with no goalkeeper where they would miss so often. Then add another goal either side, still with no keeper, and they still put it wide of all 3 of them.
  4. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    I think a mutual dislike of Melbourne is an essential criteria for any new friend at this point. Maybe there’s a club for that. Jokes aside it is something I need to work on. May I ask what prompts the hate?
  5. Dan Not Dale

    Movie to area outside of Melbourne… from Canada

    I know nothing about west of Canada, but you won’t find Geelong cold. However, when we first moved here we had no heating in our first place. I found winter here harder than England because inside wasn’t warm. Heating and double glazing is still not compulsory in a new build here. I had to build a house to ensure I had double glazing throughout. With double glazing and heating winter is a doddle here. VIC gets below 0. Make sure you get a place with heating. Internet/Wifi - again, don’t know Canada, Aus has improved with the NBN rollout, but I believe this is still being rolled out. We have it and it’s good. If you don’t, your internet will be poor by worldwide standards. TV - Free to air Australian TV is appalling. Some good stuff can be found on SBS and ABC, (mainly British stuff) they do their best for somewhat impartial news coverage too. Your channel 7, 9, 10’s news coverage neglect that a world exists outside the capital city you happen to be watching it in. Foxtel is the paid service, it’s not bad, potentially essential if you want certain sports. I would guess you will revert to streaming services most days! Spiders - barely seen any in 8 years. Geelong is nice - but your questions make me think you are not outdoorsy? Could be wrong? Beyond a beach and a shopping centre, not a lot to do. You may likely find yourself going to Melbourne to find something other than walking, eating or drinking coffee . I have considered living there, we stay at partners uncles some weekends and it’s lovely. But potentially boring long term.
  6. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    Yes the odd bbq in the garden works wonders
  7. Dan Not Dale

    Moving to Melbourne 2021/22

    Will happily answer any questions on Melbourne if you’re still keen to learn more. I will be honest, good and bad!
  8. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    Thought would check in here (been nearly 6 months). Feeling better about Melbourne (likely summer playing a role in that). Not had chance to visit Perth yet (covid and lockdowns), also we are now pregnant. Melbourne it will be till he is over 12 months old.
  9. Dan Not Dale

    Ping Pongers

    I’m sure there are many amazing villages in Yorkshire. Very different from London though.
  10. Dan Not Dale

    I am immigrating to Australia and it makes me sad

    It’s tough for many for sure, especially at the moment as people can’t do visits easily. I know of someone in NZ who desperately wants to get home for a visit to Scotland. I would hazard a guess many who have emigrated, predominantly for their other half are struggling without their annual fix of home right now. I know I am.
  11. Dan Not Dale

    I am immigrating to Australia and it makes me sad

    Yes, it may take that person being away from England to realise how English/set in their ways they are. Did I say I felt it before coming? No. As I said in my first post, I was 100% in on Australia and positive about it. Didn’t realise until I was here it was an issue. It’s taken being here to see it. The original poster is already doubting things before coming.
  12. Dan Not Dale

    I am immigrating to Australia and it makes me sad

    That came across like a dig mate. People can only try and help based on their own experiences. More than happy, in fact, would actively like to hear opinions on how much life could differ out of Melbourne, but the majority of my post was applicable to being anywhere in the country and general challenges with the distance from Europe. As said, I’ll happily have a Melbourne bash and hear ideas on elsewhere, but also, i’m sure many feel acutely English (British) when being here and know it’s not for them instantly regardless of location.
  13. Dan Not Dale

    I am immigrating to Australia and it makes me sad

    Melbourne. Partner from there. Have considered Perth recently.
  14. Dan Not Dale

    I am immigrating to Australia and it makes me sad

    Here’s some experiences I’ve had that relate to what you raised. I used to keep my phone on loud every night when I first arrived in Australia in case something happened back home and someone needed to contact me. That definitely changes. I don’t worry about it anymore. But I did lose 2 grandparents within a year of coming here and you certainly feel the distance with things like that. Getting the call they only have 24/48 hours in them, and racing back. But how long do you book for?? And can your work allow you to do that at short notice? I’d say standard of life here is better, despite this, I’d like to move home. If you think one trip home a year will keep you ok then give it a try. I always feel a million times better when at least I know I’ll get 3 weeks at home ‘soon’. I’d say Australia was one of the luckiest places to be in the first 12 months of covid. But bare in mind, with Australia having a huge lack of vaccination you are effectively coming in to a country which is still in lockdown. You won’t get a trip home in your first 12 months as it stands. I’m not even convinced enough of the population here wants vaccination enough to reach the 80% it’s outlined to open borders. Although that sentiment might change if the lockdowns keep coming. I thought Australia would be amazing but I soon realised it wasn’t for me. My mental health has been shit for the last 5 years. If you’re already thinking it won’t be good. Don’t commit to anything more than a trial.
  15. Dan Not Dale

    Full English Fry Up

    Yeah I had a quick Google after asking the question. As soon as lockdown is over I’m there with a big budget! nice to hear it confirmed that’s it’s good!