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  1. DukeNinja

    House Purchase - Broadband, Gas, Water, TV etc

    Although I'm not currently with them, I have used them in the past, and I concur that their NBN is decent. We brought over a 2013 Samsung smart TV in 2017, with no issues. The thing to bear in mind is that the tuner will be different to the Oz market TVs, so even though you will get some TV channels, you won't get all of them. Also, the channel numbering will start with 800. So you only need a set-top box if your TV hasn't got a built in tuner. I called my preferred provider a couple of weeks before moving in. You might have to wait for a technician visit on certain occasions.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have first hand experience with schools in the above areas? Which would be the recommended ones? Thanks.
  3. DukeNinja

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Singapore Airlines have got a few spaces left for travel in April (certainly for Brisbane). IIRC, they are around the £850 per adult one-way.
  4. One way to look at it is: your parents have already lived a full life. They're probably retired. Your husband and you are still in your prime working years, and you're trying to better your lives and give your child the opportunity to grow by living in a different country. They'll then have a choice of two countries for when the time comes for them to choose their future.
  5. DukeNinja

    The right way of doing things child 101

    If you are a couple and one of you really needs to travel to Oz to start work, then maybe the other parent can stay put until the 101 is granted? It's gonna cost in quarantine fees, but at least that'll relieve some of the worries. That is something we had considered when we submitted our 101.
  6. DukeNinja

    Moving States on 190 Visa

    Cancelled visa = no work offer anymore
  7. DukeNinja

    Flights to Oz

    That was from Cathay Pacific. LHR - HK - BNE However, Singapore airline have got odd days in March and April on the LHR - SIN - ACK - BNE
  8. DukeNinja

    Moving States on 190 Visa

    Surely then the via should be called 'skilled independent' rather than 'state sponsored? Why don't you defer your move for 1 month? I would imagine this would be the safest play, rather than risk having a visa cancellation.
  9. DukeNinja

    Flights to Oz

    Fyi, the waiting list for UK-BNE is now 14 weeks.
  10. DukeNinja

    Midwife 491/190

    Which unfortunately means that she's not a practising midwife. This may prove to be a massive hurdle, both for the skills assessment, and for the professional registration part in Oz. You might want to sift through the information on the ANMAC website to see what their requirements are. Good luck.
  11. DukeNinja

    190 visa

    No, that's the next step. But I can imagine competition is fierce due to an increase in the local talent pool. I can also imagine it must be hard to secure a position from offshore.
  12. DukeNinja

    190 visa

    Might be worth calling DIBP and advising them of the AHPRA requirement to present in person or risk losing the approval in principle. This is what they did.
  13. This is different to the skills assessment, in case this wasn't clear.
  14. If your partner is a nurse, then they'll need ANMAC for their skills assessment. Once ANMAC issues their Letter of Determination, the latter is valid for a period of 2 years from then: ANMAC FAQs If they choose IELTS as their preferred language testing method, the results are valid for 3 years: English language requirements My personal opinion would be that I would rather have everything ready to submit for when the time comes.
  15. DukeNinja

    190 visa

    I think they're still digesting the news tbh. They had both 80 and 1221, as well as medicals and pcc front-loaded. They found it unnerving that the status didn't change from 'received' since submission date. Makes people wonder whether their application has actually been received.