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  1. DukeNinja


    I think KangaKit was referring to the visa application status changing from 'received'.
  2. DukeNinja

    Any offshore 190 been granted recently?

    Has your application moved from "received"? Good luck, hopefully now that the new financial year has started, things will get moving.
  3. DukeNinja

    491 Visa rights

    Or to secure an interview from overseas.
  4. Just curious if offshore 190s are still being processed, since the "processing time" has been dropping considerably...
  5. DukeNinja

    subclass 190/491 visa

    My friend has just had their AHPRA in-principle. It has taken 21 weeks. They are being flexible with the timeframe within which you can present to verify your ID - used to be 12 weeks, now is around 6 months.
  6. DukeNinja

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    Well a friend of mine applied at the end of Jan, and it still says "application received", so not sure if that's the case most of the time.
  7. DukeNinja

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    Surely if the processing times are now 5-7 months, one is entitled to ask for an update if your application has exceeded that time frame?
  8. DukeNinja

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    How do you access this section of immitracker? I'm registered, but haven't seen that part. Thanks.
  9. This is in contrast to the 189, which is at around 1 year.
  10. DukeNinja

    House prices going up??

    The COVID prick that pops the bubble.
  11. DukeNinja

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    Have you had a proper look at what ANZSCO code most closely describes your work, and what visas that may be available to you?
  12. DukeNinja

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    Evidently, IELTS general is easier than the academic version. DIBP only requires the former, whereas many professional assessing bodies require the latter. It might be a case of doing the academic version, and then deciding whether a second test is required for points purposes. As people have said before, most native English speakers tend to overestimate their abilities, and end up frustrated and/or feel aggrieved that they did not ace the test. There are people who have done double digit language tests, unsuccessfully. Finally, if this test give me the points required to be given the privilege of being invited to apply for a visa, that could give my family a subjectively better quality of life, then "splurging" £200 would be the least of my concerns.
  13. DukeNinja

    190 Visa Skills Assessment (Victoria)

    Hi mate, Think of it this way: What's $360 "wasted", if it turns out to be THE deciding factor?
  14. DukeNinja

    190 Visa Skills Assessment (Victoria)

    Have you had a look here: https://www.anzscosearch.com/search/ Go through the descriptors. You should be able to prove that what you've been doing for the past five years meets and exceeds those listed above. That could be through Employer letters. As an example, when I did my skills assessment, I made sure my employer's letters covered what was required by the professional body and the ANZSCO code descriptors.