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  1. DukeNinja

    House prices going up??

    My ex landlord who's also a REA has said there has been a number of sight unseen purchases, mainly from interstate.
  2. DukeNinja

    Stamp Duty

    We just bought, and had to pay the full stamp duty rate as we previously owned property in the UK.
  3. DukeNinja

    Modular Homes

    We looked at them. The issue we found that some banks won’t lend for certain modular types. We went to see the showroom for Hoek homes. They looked ok, but the flimsiness put us off. If we had to build in the future, we would look at container type builds: https://www.containerbuildgroup.com.au/ However they would make sense on a sloping plot at you may not need the usual level of excavation and could use steel stumps. Let us know how you get on.
  4. DukeNinja

    Totally overwhelmed !! Advice appreciated

    I second this. We live in bayside too, and the villagey atmosphere is homely.
  5. DukeNinja

    Replacing gas water boiler

    Thanks for the reply mate. We're in bayside Brisbane. We've decided to got for a Bosch Freestanding induction oven and a Sanden heat pump hot water system.
  6. DukeNinja

    Electrical Appliances

    We brought over: Washer/drier, tv, smart speaker, pc, laptop, hair dryer, blender, and have had no trips.
  7. Hi peeps, So we're purchasing this property that currently has an on-demand gas boiler (with gas tanks), which also fuels the gas cooker. We want to get a solar system, and so we will be looking into an electric shower option as well as an induction oven. What options would you guys go for, if you were in our situation? Thanks.
  8. DukeNinja

    Stamp duty

    As Marissa said, brokers are not always the best option. One can only get the first home stamp duty benefit if one has never owned any property anywhere in the world. Evidently there may be some flexibility with the 20% deposit requirement - a colleague of mine advised they were able to purchase with less than the above because they worked in the medical field. IIRC, it was with Bank of Queensland.
  9. It's almost always the higher fees one. I've had a quick look, and the one for $289 that you're referring to, is for rads who have done an ASMIRT accredited diagnostic imaging course. At the time of writing, there's only one course that meets the criteria, and its the NZ course. It appears that the application form you need to complete may be this one: www.asmirt.org › 2338 › 2338PDF Web results OQAP assessment - Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy And the associated fee is $946 Migrating to Australia does not come cheap. We spent at least $30k just to land here. I feel that you may well benefit from an initial consultation with a migration agent.
  10. DukeNinja


    There are many registered migration agents on this forum, who are full of experience. Many of them would be prepared to offer a free initial consultation. This might be the way forward if you are unsure of your specific pathway. Good luck!
  11. DukeNinja

    Federal budget -190 visa

    Who knows mate. You'd hope that those who'd already submitted their application would still get through.
  12. DukeNinja

    Raising a Queenslander

    Thanks TPQ, that's really helpful. We found a cheap 2 bed, that fits the bill for now, but also has potential.
  13. DukeNinja

    Raising a Queenslander

    So we've seen a high-set house, with the ceiling height on the ground floor being only 2.1m (so not legal height). Has anyone raised and built underneath, and is willing to share their experiences? The alternative will be to build at the back, and knock down the old house. The only issue is the the block falls by 3m over 40m. Thanks.