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  1. DukeNinja

    Immi account error

    Hi friends. I'm having the following issue: payment has been made, application says ready to submit, but when "submit" is pressed, this message comes up: Payment has previously been accepted for the selected application. Any thoughts? Ta.
  2. DukeNinja

    Visa advice for Radiographer (251211)

    That depends on how important those extra 5 points are to you. It could be the difference between getting invited tomorrow, and never getting invited. Why not do both? I've documented the radiographer pathway comprehensively, have a search.
  3. DukeNinja

    190 Visa - Victoria

    I'm assuming your last comment refers to a 190 visa. You submit your EOI for 190 through SkillSelect. The relevant state may then send you an 'invite' to ask you to substantiate your 190 EOI through an additional process. If they are satisfied with your application for state sponsorship, they will advise immigration, who will then send you the real deal invite to lodge your visa application.
  4. DukeNinja

    Moving on a skilled visa

    What do you mean that you 'completed the overall skills assessment'? From what I've read thus far of your comments, it appears that you do not seem to have a realistic grasp of the pathway you need to take to end up in Oz. Do have a search on this forum, there are quite a few social workers who have made the journey and documented their processes - this might give you an idea. For me it was: 0. If I moved over, will I earn enough to enjoy a similar or better quality of life than I currently enjoy? 1. Is my qualification and job in the skills shortage list? 2. Is my occupation pro-rata? 3. I have enough years of experience as required by the visa conditions? 4. What is the current minimum points required to apply for the visa that I am interested in? 5. What is the current invite points threshold above which people are being invited? 6. Will I need to do the language test to get additional points? 7. Are there any funds requirements, and do I meet them? 8. Can I actually financially pay for the move (cost us approx $30k for a family of 3) Note that 4 and 5 are not the same thing.
  5. DukeNinja

    Moving on a skilled visa

    If you have a straightforward application, IE, no criminal convictions, no significant health issues etc, then there's no harm in applying yourself, provided you are meticulous about the process. If you're needing a high language test score to give you the required total points, I would look into preparing and doing that first. Good luck.
  6. DukeNinja

    Form 80

    I had pre-filled form 80 and 1221.
  7. Thanks for the reply mate. How long was it from when you lodged the requested nomination paperwork to when you got invited to apply for your visa?
  8. I would have thought that as long as the years of experience acknowledged by ASMIRT equals to the number of points you're claiming, it should not make a difference. From a common sense point of view, let's say you're a radiographer, who after 5 years on the frontline, is now a superintendent. Your job title is superintendent, but you're claiming points as a radiographer. That's just my personal view though; I'm not a migration agent.
  9. DukeNinja

    moving to the UK - Place to live

    Gumtree, surprisingly.
  10. Hi all, Would any of you know how long the wait is from submission of a 190 Qld nomination to the nomination being approved? Thanks muchly.
  11. DukeNinja

    Info on Moving to Australia

    Remember that the grass is never really greener. Just a different type. Food is actually not cheap, and not really healthier. It is generally cheaper to buy fast food, if you're so inclined. The atmosphere is not always laid-back. I work in as a highly strung environment here as I did in most of my UK jobs. If you're not generally an active person there, then you may not be one here. Now on to the positives. The climate. Depending on where you move to, you're almost guaranteed to have more sun than you've ever had in a country like the UK. However, this can also be a bad thing. I'm in Brissie, and today it was 31, but felt like 39 due to the humidity. Evidently, some Poms find it hard to make friends with the locals. There are gorgeous beaches just over an hour's drive away. Lovely bushwalking and forest trails. Pay can be better for some occupations. New cars are much cheaper than in the UK, eg, VW Golf for $23k HTH
  12. DukeNinja


    This too.
  13. DukeNinja


    You need to get your qualifications and skills assessed. Some people do AHPRA, then modified ANMAC skills assessment. Some do it the other way around. AHPRA use a different police clearance than the UK's ACRO. Its through ICHC and called fit2work. Remember that if its through sponsorship, you're stuck with that employer, and if they terminate your contract, it could mean bye bye. HTH
  14. DukeNinja

    Child Visa 101

    If you have a date by which you need to be in Oz by, then they are more likely to expedite the processing.
  15. DukeNinja

    BSMQ Commitment statement

    Thanks mate, appreciate your help.