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Found 14 results

  1. Good morning all, any bikers out there? Im still in the UK hoping to be successful with our visa. I currently ride a Yamaha MT09 here in the UK.(although id like more bikes to suit every style!!) Whats biking like in Oz? did anyone take their bike with them? (picture is the missus as she looks better than me)
  2. Guest

    Mountain bikers

    Hi arrived here about a year ago. I use to enjoy mountain biking in the UK but its at a whole new level here in Canberra. It has some of the worlds best tracks... I've got around most of them and have also discovered a few less known through exploration... I've also done the Capital Punishment (100KM) and the Mont 24hr race... and I'm down to do the Scott 24hr and the highland fling in November. I'm on the Southside (Bonython) so would be interested to chat to anyone who is local to me and wants to do some training, but if you are just interested and want to know more, also happy to offer advice and would like to chat to anyone interested :-)
  3. Ive just set up Poms in Oz Bikers as a group on facebook. Im not fully up to speed on how these groups work, but I assume if you send a request I can get you added. PM me for Facebook details Anybody that wants to join is welcome either in Australia or headed this way. We can organize meet ups in the various states, maybe interstatate trips, but also offer tips & advice on bringing bikes over, buying them, and what to buy etc hope to see plenty of you guys & gals on there. Paul.
  4. Guest

    Any bikers out there.

    Hope this is the right place to post this.:eek: I am an avid biker and rode a Honda 750NR in Oz (god I miss that bike) :dull: Now riding a Kawasaki z750 which is pants compared to my beloved Honda. Any bikers in Oz? which is the best place in the world for riding a bike.
  5. Guest

    Hairy Bikers

    Anyone watch this food enthusiast duo? They go on a mission to rediscover Britain's most popular cuisine according to it's region and tradition on their motorbikes. I love cooking so I've enjoyed watching their series not to mention how they resurrect some regional foods like Melton Mowbray pork pies and Lancashire hot pot. Hairy Bikers :: Home
  6. Ratchet

    Bikers in vic

    My hornet has just failed the road worthy and I'm wondering if I can import the parts from the uk. Mainly as it's a fraction of the cost. I need front left and right brake discs and rear wheel barings:mad: I've been quoted over $800 for the lot. :huh: I was told today that imported parts might not fit and might not meet the aus standard. Is this right?
  7. tonyman

    Bush Fires and Bikers

    Ive been told by an x biker that the bush fires are started by them when the cops wont meet their demands ....its just to pee them off and waiste money ..........is this right ,the other guy with the coffin cheaters didnt have anything to say about the issue.........both guys very shady and wouldnt open up too much..........i useto thik it was all childish and men that havnt grown up ......how wrong was i........its big game:yes:...........
  8. Im set to arrive in Melbourne in October, and having waved off my beloved bike to today to its new home I am considering my biking options down under. I keep reading that speed restrictions are enforced with gusto, so sportsbikes are a bit pointless :arghh: So my query is.... In the UK you can have a track bike with an MOT but there are restrictions when you can ride on the road, ie no lights so daytime only. Are you able to ride a track bike on the road there? I really want to build a track focused bike but would like to be able to have a pootle on the public highway occasionally?
  9. Hi Can anyone help me understand the process and costs involved in learning to ride and passing the motorcycle test in Oz. It is something I have been meaning to do over here in the UK for ages but now it seems with only 6 weeks left here I may need to wait til I'm in OZ before I start learning. I would like to know if anyone has been through the process of learning to ride in OZ and offer any advice before I get started. Any advice on doing the test, buying bikes and general tips on the subject of being a biker in OZ will be appreciated. :eek: Chris
  10. The Cheshire Cat

    Any bikers in Perth?

    Hi, Recently learnt to ride a motorbike (250cc for the first year, its the rules!!!) just wondering are there ant fellow bikers on here intersted in a ride/cruise somewhere?:biggrin: Thanks Andy
  11. furkew

    any bikers out there?

    I've posted up on the socializing forum to see if any fellow riders out there fancy going on a ride on Easter Sunday, and returning on the Monday. I havent had much response, so I thought I would try here :biggrin: Anybody interested? Looks like I will be heading for Echuca. I live in the Dandenongs, so either meet here, and take the scenic route through the hills & the Yarra Valley, or can meet somewhere midway like Nagambie? So far just a possible from a Polish expat and a couple of Aussie mates, but will be meeting another expat couple that are spending the weekend in Echuca. anybody?
  12. touch107fm

    bikers Sydney

    Hi all I am going to be heading to Sydney in about 2 months. I am wondering about safety gear, Jackets boots and pants etc Of course the heat is a big factor over there but what safety gear are most of you wearing out there, any recommendations. I propably going to buy some new gear before I head out ot OZ as it cheaper. Any ideas.

    For the bikers in Oz

    Hi, not at all about emigrating but thought this would good for the bikers in oz that want protection but not the overheating. Esquad E-Strong Jeans - FREE UK DELIVERY
  14. hi am moving over to rockingham next week with my with ,i will be buying a new motorbike soon had bike here in aberdeen uk is there any bikers in this site that meet up go trackdays etc gary