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Found 31 results

  1. Hi All, I'm looking to move back to Brisbane shortly, after having a few years in England. I'd like to ship my motorbike over, but I'm a bit confused by the whole process. I've read loads about what to do, but I have no real concrete informaton which is what concerns me. The bike is 27 years old and I will be applying for a personal import permit soon (I've almost owned the bike a year). I'll need to get a crated, door-to-door service. Could anyone give me some advice on what happens when it gets to Oz? The model of bike is available there, so it's my understanding that it will just need a personal import plate as it should already be compliant? Would it need to be inspected by an engineer for $1000's or would it just need a basic inspection to get the purple import plate and then a rwc? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks, Ross
  2. Good morning all, any bikers out there? Im still in the UK hoping to be successful with our visa. I currently ride a Yamaha MT09 here in the UK.(although id like more bikes to suit every style!!) Whats biking like in Oz? did anyone take their bike with them? (picture is the missus as she looks better than me)
  3. Hi Everyone, My husband and I are moving back to Australia in September and are planning shipping now. Sorry for all the questions, I am getting lost in information online and struggling to find real answers. Shipping companies havent been overly useful either and don’t really want to give much advice. We will be taking two sportsbikes (sv650 and a 600 ninja) back with us and about 10-20 medium size boxes (not sure how much stuff yet) and no furniture (but considering taking our new 50 inch tv as we got it extemely cheap here due to an argos mess up ha) I’ve never had to ship anything before aside from a few boxes when we moved here from aus so wanted to get some advice. So far we’ve had one quote from White and Co who work with a firm in Townsville, Queensland (where we are moving back to) I was interested in them as we want door to door shipping and the local company in Townsville recommened them. As I havent had quotes from anyone else yet not sure how competitive they are. I also cant see much mention of them on this forum. I wanted to ask a few questions: Has anyone used White and co before and how did they find their service? (Im going to get quotes from other companies recommeneded on here as well) I think im going to grab spare boxes from work and roughly pack the majority of the stuff up and stack against a wall so we can get very specific quotes without speculative over estimating on the salesmans behalf. I will still get the shipping company to pack everything in their own boxes for the move. Which brings me onto my next question, is it definately better in terms of passing customs quickly if the boxes are marked as packed by the shipping company? Because we are shipping motorcycles I’m concerned that not all companies specialise in this and I need to be careful with who we choose? white and co for example say they take our bikes away and fully crate them individually before going into the container. Slightly concerned I don’t get to see the bikes being packed and crated, especially since all insurance terms ive been reading state they dont cover vehicle scratches/dents etc. Nothing to stop someone messing about on our bikes in a warehouse somewhere and dropping them before shipping! Also regarding the bikes, if anyone has experience, how clean did you get the bike before shipping, do we need to strip them back and get every crumb of dirt off them basically to showroom condition? Did you remove the fuel, oil and battery before the shipping company took it, do they pack the battery separately or can it not be shipped? I’ve looked into the import permit and docs required and we meet the conditions so i will make application for that soon. Aside from the import permit im under the assumption that I dont need to do any other paperwork if i hire a company managing the move of the bikes along with our boxes? Once the bikes get to Aus, what experience has anyone had in terms of additinal fees that might crop up and any further paperwork i might need to deal with even when the shipping company are managing the move for me door to door? When do customs value your bike and issue you costs for duty, does this get sent to the shipping company and passed onto us? Any other hints, tips, advice or warnings anyone can give regarding shipping the bikes would be much appreciated, i’m really anxious about seeing them at the other end to find theyve been messed with or a scratched up/ had parts stolen etc. Regarding electronics, we would be taking our 50 inch tv, a custom gaming pc and a playstation. Any advice on shipping electronics appreciated as well. I’m reading on here that basically everyone gets insurance through a separate company and most seem to go with Letton Percival, any other suggestions also? Sorry again for so many questions, i have been reading alot of forums but couldnt seem to find much info on what I’m seeking more clarification on. Thanks very much in advance for all advice!
  4. I thought I'd better post this up as only people in the trade seem aware of it... I understand we're short on motorcycle mechanics in Australia. I know riders from overseas who have paid their way around Oz by getting casual work in motorcycle shops and on remote rural properties doing bike mech work. I don't know if motorcycle mechanic is on the list of preffered trades or not, but if you are a bike mech living in the UK and you want to emigrate to Oz then I'd start sending emails to motorcycle companies and motorcycle shops around Oz to see what sort of a response you get. I'm guessing it's the same story for boat engine mechanics, we have hundreds of marinas and boat dealers in Oz. Car mechanics are ten a penny. Having a car mech licence isn't good enough, you need to have trade qualifications specifically for motorcycles to work as a bike or scooter mech here. Much of the work in country areas would be on small CC agricultrual bikes and Quads/ATV's, that the farmers use. Cheers: Kevin.
  5. Are there any people working out there now doing this job or any who are going out to do it. Just wondered what you thought how it compared to the uk. I will be out there in july doing this for a living.:smile:
  6. Hi everyone, it would seem that to apply for a skilled visa as a motorcycle mechanic (i run my own business) i need to actually take a TRA as a kight vehicle mechanic which is basically a car mechanic!!!!:confused: I am slightly concerned as I have qualifications as a bike mechanic but not for a car. Im fairly certain i could do most of the work but bikes/cars..they ARE different. Has anybody been through this and how did they go about the TRA test. I am correct in thinking that you do a practical test (s) in front of an examiner??????? I have briefly looked into a business visa to possibly start up from scratch again. Is there a minimum amount of money you need to have. Business was quiet last year (poor weather) but is starting to pick up again. I was chatting to a bloke the other day who has family in Perth which is where i would have preffered to move to. He happened to mention that motorcycles are not overly used in that area and the biggest vehicle use is 4x4's. I'm kind of hoping anyone over there is going to tell me thats a load of rubbish!!! thanks in advance to all Guy
  7. Up for sale is my 2005 Suzuki VStrom 650 cc motorcycle in great condition and a great bike for touring, couriering or to use as a daily ride. Owned by an ex-Police motorcyclist so well looked after and not hammered and owned for the last year without fault or breakdown. It's got NSW Rego to April 16th but can be re-registered at the new owners expense. The bike has 25,500 kms on the clock and has been serviced every 6 months or so and has all the receipts. I've recently renewed both front and rear tyres and serviced by a local Ducati specialist. Chain and sprockets have plenty of life left in them. The bike also comes with large top box, iPhone holder, trickle charger and other bits. Photos available at request and any further info can be requested via PM me. Priced at $5995
  8. Hi folks! This has probably been asked before but can anyone recommend the best way to ship a motorbiike to Australia? Put it into the container with the rest of our gear or send it separately? Also what are the approximate costs of doing this? If it's going separately it might not be cost-effective. Any bikers out there who've gone down this route? Thanks,
  9. Samantha1

    Motorcycle Instructor

    We are currently seeking a full time Motorcycle Instructor in Dandenong, Victoria. You must hold either TAE or TAA Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, have held a full motorcycle licence for a minimum of 3 years. Be a current motorcycle rider with a clean licence, passionate about motorbikes, honest, reliable, trustworthy and provide a clear police check. The successful applicant will be required to start within the next couple of weeks and will hold all the necessary qualifications listed above. You will be required to work weekends as the weekend is our busiest time, please no time wasters. If you want to be considered for an interview Please PM me your details
  10. Just been looking at car insurance, prices seem good, but motorcycle insurance seems ridiculous. I pay about £200 in the uk for two bikes. Over here for one bike it's $1200. How has everyone else found it ?
  11. Troy&Kim

    Motorcycle shipping costs.

    Hi PIO. I have been quoted £1000 to crate my bike for shipping with our household stuff, this is not with all the other stuff needed to export the bike. Is this a good price. Does anyone have any recomdations of other companies that do this cheaper. any info welcome as I need to get sorted. Also has anyone shipped there bike over recently and could they brake down the other costs. cheers, Troy
  12. Troy&Kim

    Motorcycle insurance in Aus

    Hi PIO, Could anyone tell me about bike insurance in aus. I've tried to do it online in the UK and it won't let me do a quote. Is it expensive. I have a VFR V-tec honda 800. Any info welcome Cheers, Troy
  13. Hi, Wondering if anyone can tell me if it is legal to use a UK bought motorcycle helmet in Australia. My wife and I have helmets which are 'ACU Approved' (Auto Cycle Union) marked and were bought non-import in the UK.. trying to decide whether it's worth selling them here in the UK or bringing them with us. Cheers, Lee.
  14. Some out of the box thinking needed.... I'm looking at moving a motorcycle from Perth to Tasmania, without spending shed loads of money.. The obvious thoughts are 1. Riding it myself, probably the cheapest way but nor sure I want to take that 4000 km journey on my own 2. Specialist company, they are quoting well over a thousand dollars 3. Train - they don't take them unless they are packed in a specialist crate. Selling in Perth and purchasing in Tasmania is also not an option as I've only just got it so I would lose too much money. So, any thoughts would be appreciated
  15. Guest

    Motorcycle Mechanic

    Our client has a well established motorcycle sales and reapair centre based in Adelaide and is looking for a qualified motorcycle mechanic, preferably with Honda experience. You will be responsible for the servicing and repair of vehicles using specialist diagnostic systems to locate faults and where necessary assist other technicians with any problems that maybe having. The successful applicant must: Be a Fully Qualified Technician with experience in the motorcycle industry Work well within a team Strives to meet team goals and targets Have diagnostic experience Be able to work in a high paced team environment Hold a current Motorcycle License, with the ability to drive manual and automatic vehicles Must be reliable and have a mature “can do” attitude Must have strong customer service skills Preferred experience with new Honda brands but not essential To be considered for this position, please pm me
  16. Samantha1

    Motorcycle Instructor

    Full/Part Time Motorcycle Instructor required immediately at VicRoads Accredited Training Provider in Dandenong area. If you have held a full Vic Motorcycle Licence for over 5 yrs, have relevant TAA Cert IV Training & Assessing Units, can provide a recent Police Check and are passionate about motorbikes, PM me for further details
  17. Troy&Kim


    Hi PIO, Were hoping to move to Queensland in September and was thinking of Taking my Bike with me. It a Honda VFR VTEC 04 plate. I've been looking on the net at bike prices in Aus, and to be honest there pretty pricey. They average at about $9000 to $13000 this equal to £6000 too £9000 for the same bike. Has anyone brought there bike over, if so, what are the pro and cons? any info will be aprecciated. cheers, Troy
  18. stehowardtlr

    importing a motorcycle

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to move over to Melbourne later this year and want to bring my motorbike with me. Anyone got any information, tips etc on importing it. Is there any special requirments to get a UK bike on the road in Oz. Any advice would be great. Thanks Steve:biggrin:
  19. If there is anyone out there that needs to sell either their car or motorcycle quickly in Australia, please get in touch. I would prefer motorcycles as I've just moved to Oz and am shipping a bike over but want to do a bit of Ebaying whilst I'm looking for a job so would be interested in bikes of any type. Private message me via this site and i'll be in touch straight away. Thanks Nat
  20. Hi all! I have a full UK driving licence and am moving to Sydney in March on a 457 VISA. I have passed my motorbike theory and CBT here in the UK, I just failed my DAS (mod 1!!!) for gaining a full motorcycle licence. I am leaving this country on Sunday so no chance to re-take. Now...does my CBT 'mean' anything in Australia? Would they transfer that entitlement into Ls? Unless the answer to that is 'yes', I think I need to wait 6 months, get a NSW licence and then do my test to get Ls and ride a novice bike for a few months before progressing to P1. Does this sound correct, does anyone know? I have emailed the NSW RTA but just wondering if anyone here knows. Thanks Jonathan
  21. Steve at Carignbah Motorcycles and Scooters is uregently seeking a qualified and experienced motorcycle mechanic. Ring or email attention Steve, tell him Kevin with the BMW told you to call him. Speak to Steve only, in the workshop section. Good luck to anyone that applies. Cheers: Kevin.
  22. Guest


    hi, has anyone got any info on shipping a motorcycle from the uk to oz.what are the prceedures involve at the australian end and are there and taxes and other cost involved.cheers Gary
  23. Hi Can anyone help me understand the process and costs involved in learning to ride and passing the motorcycle test in Oz. It is something I have been meaning to do over here in the UK for ages but now it seems with only 6 weeks left here I may need to wait til I'm in OZ before I start learning. I would like to know if anyone has been through the process of learning to ride in OZ and offer any advice before I get started. Any advice on doing the test, buying bikes and general tips on the subject of being a biker in OZ will be appreciated. :eek: Chris
  24. chalkyhill

    UK Motorcycle Licence

    I have a full UK motorcycle licence - will this convert to an Australian licence in the same way as a car one?
  25. Hi all I know this is a bit of a old question about shipping my motorcycle to Australia. Its looks like I could be moving to Sydney In feburary. I am interested in Shipping my motorcycle as the the exchange rate is really rubbish. I have a buget of about £4500 I was thinking of Getting a newish 2007 GSXR 600 no mods. I being doing my homework and I not going to get as good as deal when i convert my cash into $$$. So I am looking into the whole cost from shipping it to paying the relevant taxs to getting a NSW plate. I am not 100% on how to go about this. If there is anyone else out there who has recently shipped a motorcycle to Sydney please could you let me know how much it cost from shipping to getting the NSW plates. Any help would be great.