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  1. JohnDoug

    Dreaded 40th looming

    I have just found the info so please ignore this topic. Tried to delete it but don't know how to
  2. JohnDoug

    Dreaded 40th looming

    Hi all, We have just submitted our EOI for 189 with 70 points only but agent said there is a good chance we will get an ITA the next round, 11 Feb. Turning 40 mid March and want to know if still eligible to apply for a visa if we receive an ITA a few days before 40th bday. This question has probably been asked a thousand times but have tried to search the threads here and will be grateful for any info Thx
  3. No worries. If you do fail come back to me and I can try and help with any tips for a resit. JetBlast, thanks heaps for all the study material. Passed with Superior score. Really grateful mate
  4. Hi Cam, How long before you received an ITA? We are a 100 days in and turning 40 in 2 months time so starting to stress a bit
  5. Thank you so much for this, much appreciated
  6. Hi Garry, We are only doing PTE although might give IELTS a try if we don't get the desired result with PTE next week.
  7. Hi, thank you for your reply. Occupation code 232112 - Landscape Architect means that we can only get sponsorship from NSW, we are trying to get 10 more points by passing the English test with the required superior score but easier said than done. Already been there 5 times with number 6 booked for next week. Our MARA agent operates from a very reputable practice in The Strand, London. The agent is so involved in our case that we were only told the points went up at the end of August 2018.
  8. Hi all, Can anyone shed some light on what the chances really are for receiving and invitation from NSW (190) with only 65 points including the state sponsored points? We have submitted our EOI ages ago and with what I have gathered it seems that unless you are a plumber or chef that you have no chance at all of receiving an invite with anything less than 70 points. If this is the case then why do MARA agents still take people on knowing that they have no chance at all with only 65 points.
  9. JohnDoug

    Subclass 190 visa group

    From what I gather only people with 70 points ( including S/S ) or higher, have a chance of getting invited. People with 65 points inclusive of state nomination have virtually no chance unless you are a chef or plumber. This is based on NSW nomination.
  10. JohnDoug

    Waiting time between EOI and ITA on a 190 NSW

    Was not aware that they do bulk invites at all. Thought they would deal with EOI's as and when they are lodged. But then again I have no clue how the Skillselect software/system works.
  11. JohnDoug

    Waiting time between EOI and ITA on a 190 NSW

    We looked into 489 but no luck as profession not on any of the regional skills lists and or not taking anymore EOI's until further notice. Will be taking the PTE test again to see if we can conjure up the magic numbers to pass at Superior level English to give us another 10 points. Nightmare as wifey is busy with her doctorate and barely enough time for anything. Hope you guys get your invite soon
  12. JohnDoug

    Waiting time between EOI and ITA on a 190 NSW

    Hi Aimz, thank you for replying to this thread. We are occupation 232112 - Landscape Architect with 65 points and that is including the 5 points state nomination. We submitted EOI beginning of Oct and have heard nothing
  13. Hi all. Hoping some of you would be kind enough to share waiting times between submitting EOI and receiving a invitation to apply. From what I have gathered on numerous forums is that things are definitely slowing down on the 190 NSW front as too many people have not honored their commitment to NSW of at least two years and moved on shortly after arriving in Oz. We have been waiting for 9 weeks and our MARA agent has told us that not a single one of her clients have had and invite from NSW since 1st July.