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  1. JohnDoug

    Visa grant for 189

    Congratulations !!!
  2. JohnDoug

    Can I take ......

    Thanks for the link.
  3. JohnDoug

    Can I take ......

    Thank you for the reply, was hoping as it was personal items there would not be import duties.
  4. JohnDoug

    Can I take ......

    Hi all, Hoping somebody here can shed a bit of light on the following items I want to take with me. A humidor full of cigars and around 30 bottles of single malt whiskey. I have been collecting over the years and some bottles I have had over 10 years ( all collectible so don't want to drink them ) and some cigars older than 5 years maturing in the humidor. Don't really want to leave them behind so any info would be much appreciated. thx heaps
  5. Hi, Our agent says it takes around 3 months to receive contact from CO and from there it can take another 3 - 6 months before you are issued your visa if all is in order with your documentation. My agent advised us not to front load medicals and pcc and to wait for contact from a CO. Based on other threads on this forum it seems waiting times vary but most are longer than 6 months. You might be lucky and get a direct grant if they are happy with your paperwork.
  6. JohnDoug

    PTE for spouse

    Thank you for the info, much appreciated lamngoc.
  7. Fantastic, congratulations. Hope you get your visa soon
  8. JohnDoug

    PTE for spouse

    Hi all, My partner has to do the PTE test and was wondering if we would have to get a high score. My partner is not claiming any points as I am the main applicant and have already submitted our application for a state sponsored 190 NSW visa. As with any test will try for as high a score as possible but just need to know what level is good enough so we don't book another test unnecessarily should we not get all section above 79+ score.
  9. Thank you, we did not receive an invite for 189. We are using a MA and she has advised not to front load our medicals and police checks so will wait for contact from CO and then do the meds and pcc.
  10. We got an invite for 190 NSW. It took 5 months from submitting our EOI before we received an invitation.
  11. JohnDoug

    Waiting time between EOI and ITA on a 190 NSW

    We were waiting for around 4 months with 65 points and nothing. Then took PTE again to gain the extra 10 points and got invited 5 weeks later. It is very competitive at the moment and looking at data published on Skillselect it is evident that 70+ pointers only get invited. State sponsored applications are still getting invited with only 65 points but very few.
  12. Thank you Hami, Get the extra points with PTE and you should get your invite too.
  13. For most people ( including native English speakers ) the first time will only get them a proficient score. It is worth going the extra mile and getting the extra 10 points with a superior score. It might just make all the difference
  14. Yes, you have a better chance with a masters degree. But very important is superior English and as said before you will most certainly get an invitation with the 10 extra points to take you up to 75. How many times have you taken PTE?
  15. JohnDoug

    Moving to Australia from UK, help please :)

    Thank you all for providing the updated correct skills list link:)