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Found 119 results

  1. Hi there, thank you for your advices. When I applying my application after invited, I just found that I provided wrong work duration in unrelated work experience and I do not claim any point from this work. does it will effect my visa application? Do I need to inform CO about this? thank you so much. JT
  2. Hello All, I need your assistance regarding withdrawal of my EOI before invitation. My points is 65 and it is not possible to recieve invitation on this point. Recently, I married to Australian citizen and now I want to withdraw my EOI and intend to apply for Partner Visa 309. My question is, does withdrawal of my EOI (before invitation) will impact my Partner Visa 309? Is it neccessary to withdraw EOI before applying for partner visa 309? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
  3. Submitted EOi, but wondering if we should use an agent? We can do the form, just not sure if agents know things we don't know, and if it speeds things up? Anyone changed to using an agent and found any significant improvement? Thanks
  4. DevinMH


    Hi, I am new to the forum. I lodged my EOI on 2nd December 2018 and received the invitation form BSMQ to apply on 19th December 2018. I submitted all required documents by 27th December 2018 and did the payment for application for which I received the payment invoice. Till today, I didn't receive any feedback from BSMQ. Now I am getting nervous as my friends, who have applied earlier, have received State Nomination in 3-4 days? Can some one please advice me on the reason for this delay? and How does BSMQ inform you if there are any problems with the 489 application.
  5. Hi all, I’m hoping to hear from other forum members about their experience with State sponsorship from NSW. We have put an eoi in for State sponsorship from NSW (190), Secondary school teacher, on the 22nd of August with 65 points (including state sponsorship points) and I wonder how long others had to wait for an invite? My husband’s points are 25 for age, 15 for Education and 20 for English. The short(er) version of our story is that we lived in Perth for 14 months (on a student visa) till last March but had to leave Oz because our visa ran out and we didn’t receive an invite for the eoi we put in for Family Sponsored 489 (WA) or the 189 skilled independent (not enough points after they changed the minimum required points). Since then we’ve been back in the UK but can’t wait to return to Oz asap. We have recently put in an eoi for NSW as well, as they don’t seem to invite anyone for the Family sponsored visa anymore ? And from what I’ve been reading they need lots of teachers in regional areas in NSW, especially science teachers and we are more than willing to go country so I am hoping we will receive an invite soon. But sometimes I am losing all hope of ever returning as they seem to change the rules constantly... Thanks for “listening” ? and looking forward to hear other people’s experiences.
  6. ravimodiz

    Visa 489 South Australia

    Hi Guys My spouse has applied for South Australia Visa 489, Occupation : Illustrator 232412 with 75 Points (including State Nomination) The date of submitting our EOI was 27th September 2018. Now, that Category says "Special Conditions Apply" and color coded "Red" today on 19th November 2018. (a) Will this affect our EOI response ? (b) My agent is saying no need to stress out as this is only applicable for new entries! Is this correct? Is he saying right thing ? Please advise. Thanks
  7. amberlight

    EOI 189/190 advice please

    Hi all, I have recently put in EOI for 189/190 visas together... I've have since read I should have perhaps done a separate EOI for each but it gave me the option of both so I checked both boxes. I was hoping for SA state sponsorship but they have recently put restrictions on my SOL (only offering temporary visa at the mo) but I still put in the EOI in case it changes while I am waiting for a 189 invite. Should I delete the 190 and do a separate EOI? Is it okay that I have both visa option on the same EOI? Will this affect my invite? Thank you all Claire x
  8. Since 2016 I am having positive skill assessment from TRA in my occupation 342313. My MSA outcome clearly declare my work experience to claim point but MSA outcome does not mention my educational equivalency. Just On behalf of TRA positive assessment can I claim 10 point in education?
  9. Ketanbhateja

    189 for Electronics Engineer

    Hello I have submitted my EOI on Feb 28, 2019, with 70 points for Electronics Engineer (233411). I would like to request if someone could Please through some light on when can I expect an invite for 189? What are the chances of getting state nomination from NSW and the timeline for the same? Looking forward to hearing from the experts and senior in the group. Thank You so much in advance
  10. I am looking to submit my EOI for a 189 visa, with the following points: Age: 30 Education: 15 Experience: 5 English (PTE): 20 My migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia says the below. Within my EOI, will I have the option to choose my occupation based on the below ANZSCO Code? I know there are both 'professional engineer' and 'civil engineer' streams, which is confusing me a little. I am also currently awaiting my police certificates (Aus & UK). Should I wait until I have received these, or go ahead and submit my EOI now? I have read that all documents need to be submitted 60days after invite, is this the case?
  11. HELLO everyone I got my second assessment outcome for the hope to be invited for 190 NSW for the occupation electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 on 6th march and submitted an eoi for nsw 190 visa. my previous assessment was electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 that wasn't on the NSW list. I am claiming 60+5 points, (having pte academic +65 score). this is about 2 weeks I am waiting to be invited for nsw but a little I am disappointed !!! do you think I should try for pte academic +79 that is somehow difficult for me or wait for more? how likely am I going to be invited? is there anyone with the same occupation and points? thanks
  12. jamesking

    PR invitation for 65 points

    hello guys this post is just to share information about pr invitation status who have applied with 65 points or 70 points and awating for invitation(189). please share your reviews i have applied for ict security specialist and software programmer in NOV 2017 with 65 points and no invitation yet. are they anyone who have applied similar or related fields and yet waiting for invitation?
  13. I didn't put any work experience in the EOI and I've received an invitation for 190 visa. I was asked to fill up the employment history in the visa application "Have you employed for the past 10 years". If I put my 10 years experience in the application, will there be any problem or my visa denied ? ( i have only non-skilled 10 years experience and it doesn't have any points). Please any expert please please help me. Thanks in advance.
  14. parikshith

    190 Visa for ACT

    HI guys, i have lodged my EOI for skilled visa for ACT and now i have to complete the registration by paying the fees with submitting some relevant documents. Kindly help me. Thanks.
  15. Meghan

    EOI -189 for Nurses

    Hey guys, I applied for my EOI for the 189 in feb 2018, I am a nurse and have 65 points. Any idea how much longer I’m going to have to wait? I am so sponsored by my work place, once I lodge my 189 visa application can i switch companies without having to get sponsored again? thanks guys
  16. I got positive assessment from VETASSESS. I have been working for the occupation for 3.5 yrs, however VETASSESS deducted 2 years so Number of years assessed positively: 1.5 How should I put work experience in EOI? Should I or shouldn't I include those 2 years deducted. (EOI asks to state starting date. if I ignore those 2 years that means starting date is 2 years later than reality??) Please help. Thank you.
  17. Hello, I need some advice about what education to list in my expression of interest. I have received my LOD from ANMAC last week and am now wanting to submit my EOI. I have a degree in adult nursing (UK) and various level 6 and level 7 post graduate diplomas and stand alone modules. Do I list these in the education section, as it asks for all secondary level education and above? I am aware I will not gain any points for these courses, but as they will be mentioned in my CV do I need to list them in the education section? Or are they only interested in courses that I would gain points for? Many thanks, Ali
  18. Hi, EOI can anyone advise? Where you fill out the education section on the EOI, do I need to list my GCSEs, A levels and PGCE or just my BA Hons degree for which I will be claiming the points?
  19. When I want to login to my EOI account, ‘The configuration for this token service does not specify a defaultApplicationLocation. Please configure an appSetting key called defaultApplicationLocation, with a suitable default url location.’ Always appears on the page. I don’t know what’s the meaning of this sentence and how to solve this problem. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Is it a temporary thing?
  20. Joanney

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Hi All!! Currently looking at submitting an EOI for the skilled visa, and to be honest I'm struggling.. ? So my situation is I am 24, 1 year graduated from a B.Sc Environmental Science, been working since graduation in a relevant job (6 months in one place and currently 6 months in my new job). I'm from Ireland, so do I need to do the English Language assessment, or should I be doing it anyway to gain points? I will have no problem getting confirmation of my 1st job but don't want to ask for anything in this one yet as I am enjoying it and don't want them to know I won't be staying past 1.5yrs. Any way around this, copy of current contract maybe? I assume I will have to submit to VetAssess also. I want to do it on my own as it's already expensive enough without paying an agency. Any help is greatly appreciated!! ?
  21. Stuart16

    EOI subclass 190 NSW

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, very interesting reading everyone's comments good and bad. I'm 34 and will be moving over with my wife and our young daughter, can't wait for a new adventure. Submitted my EOI carpenter subclass 190 today with 60 points. Received my IELTS score this morning, very frustrating as I could've done with the 20 points. My results were- Listening- 9 Reading- 9 Speaking - 8.5 Writing- 7.5 So close yet so far, seriously annoying but anyway EOI submitted and I'll probably give them more money and sit it again. Are there any carpenters on here who have received an invite on 60 points recently? Thanks in advance.
  22. suziemac59

    EOI Work Experience Points

    Hello I am in the process of completing my EOI for a skilled visa, I am applying under the management accountant job and I have had a skills assessment from CPA the professional body which gives me the full points for my qualifications. They didn't assess my work experience I have submitted all my documentation to them and I'm waiting for a response. My question is do I need to wait to hear back before I submit the EOI? The form only asks about the skills assessment and asks for the relevant authority and the date this was awarded. The employment section just asks for the jobs I've done and the dates, it doesn't require any confirmation that this has been assessed. I'm ready to go with everything else. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  23. I’ve scored the following: S-9. L-8.5. R-8 W-7.5 I need 7s for the Amnac assessment which is great and it’ll give me 10points but I was hoping for all 8s so I could get the 20points. Can I use these scores for Amnac whilst simultaneously asking for a remark to use the hopefully increased score for our EOI? How long is Amnac taking as I only have 6 weeks to lodge an appeal? thanks
  24. This is sad news for immigrants living in QLD.https://migration.qld.gov.au/latest...ations-for-business-and-skilled-applications/Does anyone have any idea or prediction of when they will resume again?I feel so devastated now ?
  25. Hi everyone! My partner and I are going to begin the process of submitting our expression of interest soon so I was just wondering if anyone on here has a similar situation/circumstances as us. My partner will be the main visa applicant as a solid plasterer (333212), with 60 points. We'll be applying for NSW state sponsorship also. Has anyone else recently been on the same path as us and been invited to apply? Curious to know what timescales other people have encountered. Thanks!