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  1. kayl0r

    Visa 309/100

    That is exactly what I am focusing on is those free sunsets and outdoor lifestyle!
  2. kayl0r

    Visa 309/100

    I suppose it's just all part of it isn't it! Oh wow, that is crazy! We are looking to buy a campervan to live in for the first year and travel the country in depth and then we will decide where we would like to settle down and hopefully buy somewhere so I will definitely prepare for that stamp duty! Are you a first time home owner or does that not really make a difference over in Australia?
  3. kayl0r

    Visa 309/100

    Yes, definitely! We applied and it was 14 to 19 months in May, luckily we haven't planned to go to Aus until November 2020 if we get the A.OK! Yes, the medical is only valid for 12 months, we are waiting until we get an email to say to get it done so as to hopefully not waste money! Keep me posted if you hear anything and good luck!
  4. kayl0r

    Visa 309/100

    Hey everyone! Have just applied for the partner visa for Aus from the UK for my partner, I am the sponsor in May 2019. We have forked out that large sum of £4000 or so with the extra card charge, we have now looked at the certified doctors for his medical which is £320.00 plus police check at £50.00 and renewal of my passport at £250.00 all whilst trying to save our asses of to have some kind of savings for when we arrive! Feeling really down hearted about it, it's almost as if they want us to spend all of our money so that by the time we are accepted we can't even afford to get there haha! I know 100% it will be worth it but it just feels like one thing after the other and that they have picked the most expensive doctors to get full medicals done at Wondering if anyone else is feeling the same/in the same boat?