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  1. Martina

    190 processing time

    Yes! Medicals and PC are the last thing
  2. Martina

    New 491 - Family Sponsorship Question!

    I just wanted to say fingers crossed for you Burnsie. I've felt the pain for you when they refused. Good Luck!
  3. Martina

    190 processing time

    I can't see any other pattern . It shouldn't matter whether you're offshore or onshore right?
  4. Martina

    190 processing time

    Today marks 166 days of waiting with no contact for me Im starting to think that it really depends on occupation as there are waves of analysts/engineers or trades getting grants and contacts at the same time... This can't be just a coincidence! Hope we can stay sane through out the process
  5. Martina

    One week short of 3 Years work experience

    I had something similar. Was missing one week from three years. Couldn't claim them for experience.
  6. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hi Kate, Yes still waiting, currently sitting at 163 days with no contact what so ever. I didn't claim points for work experience but Victoria requires two years so I've put down anything I could to support that. Mostly payslips, tax returns, work agreement anything I could. When going through the application, you'll actually find that there is a list of documents you'll need to upload, work related stuff too. I was confused why I have it there when not claiming work experience (and some people here in the same situation didn't put anything there) but still uploaded. Good luck to you and congratulations on your anmac assessment!
  7. I'd also check if you need to be registered with AHPRA before submitting EOI.
  8. Martina

    190 processing time

    Yes. That's why I'm confused how the process works.
  9. Martina

    Countries you have been travelled to

    Just do it from your best knowledge. Like you said it's Schengen and they can't verify it so I'd put down dates you think are the most accurate.
  10. Martina

    190 processing time

    Congratulation! Wow that was pretty quick. I'm still waiting patiently trying to figure out the process of providing grants/co contacts. It looks like it might be based on occupation? Time of lodgement definitely doesn't matter as there are still people from March, May etc waiting while others from July are getting contacts... Any idea anyone?
  11. Martina

    VIC SS application processing time

    About 6 weeks
  12. If you haven't tried IELTS yet, go for PTE, it's a fairer test, you might get higher score and consequently claim more points. Good luck
  13. Martina

    190 processing time

    If you submitted everything, including police checks and health check and you have all other documents in order with no information missing, you will (should) receive direct grant.
  14. Martina

    190 processing time

    Hi Rahmeen, according to a source I found online, COs are now processing applications lodged in May/June 2019. We should be contacted soon. Fingers crossed x