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  1. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Heya, Nursing studies... Probably bachelor of nursing? It's a usual 3 year study at any uni, expensive. After graduating she'd need to have a grad year and after can work as a RN. So it'd require a lot of time, money and work. Hope you don't want to count on this for your 190?
  2. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    I've waited 6 months for a first contact and it was a direct grant. But that was last year when the processing time was 10-11 months.
  3. Martina

    12 months experience plus working holiday visa

    Hi Emma, it's not very easy to find a nursing job in Victoria at the moment. All jobs I see are for nurses who have full working rights, preferably PR. I don't think WH visas are preffered. Keep in mind that even if you do work for agency, you still have to work a specific amnount of hours to have this experience counted. As far as I remember, you have to be employed at least as a part time employee, definitely not casual. Also, you'd need to be registered with AHPRA to be able to work here as a nurse...I would stay in the UK and gained experience there, it's the easiest option out of the two and UK nurses are always welcome. Good luck
  4. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    You can find this information on their website, I think it's a matter of couple of weeks and very individual.
  5. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    I'd say it would be the same, full time - that's 38 hours a week.
  6. Martina

    First time Centrelink

    You should be eligible. Try to apply online but keep in mind you'll probably wait for few weeks before they contact you.
  7. Martina

    First time Centrelink

    My partner registered online and then received a call from them about the situation and process. It was pretty easy. On what visas are you?
  8. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    As far as I'm concerned in order to claim 5 points for experience you'd have to prove 3 years of full time work as an RN.
  9. Hi, So I'm having a really hard time to understand the grading of RNs...I understand that I am a grade 2 but which year? After googling I'm no more clever. I should be Y something G2. Can any RN help? Thanks a million x
  10. Hi Tiger92, Your NUM or DON should be able to write it for you however, if you're not satisfied, write it yourself and let them check it and sign if they're happy with it. A few tips: - it must be on official letterhead paper - write your ANZSCO next to your position - write every single thing you are doing at your workplace You can find examples online and also try to browse this forum. Also I strongly suggest to other members not to share your files with anyone, there have been cases in the past where ANMAC recognized similarities and there were major issues for applicants. Good luck
  11. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Yes!!! Congratulations! Hit me up when you're in Melbourne. Good luck with everything, you're a fighter
  12. Hi Susie, For registered nurses, you have to have a bachelor's degree. Anmac counted my experience from the time I got registered in my home country but immigration wants the experience to be post degree.
  13. Right! I've heard nclex-rn is VERY difficult so we'll see how it works in practice.
  14. Looks way cheaper than bridging program.
  15. Martina

    190 Visa - Victoria

    I imagine you could still do NAATI which would add another 5 points to your score but it's a pretty expensive course.