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  1. Hi, So I'm having a really hard time to understand the grading of RNs...I understand that I am a grade 2 but which year? After googling I'm no more clever. I should be Y something G2. Can any RN help? Thanks a million x
  2. Hi Tiger92, Your NUM or DON should be able to write it for you however, if you're not satisfied, write it yourself and let them check it and sign if they're happy with it. A few tips: - it must be on official letterhead paper - write your ANZSCO next to your position - write every single thing you are doing at your workplace You can find examples online and also try to browse this forum. Also I strongly suggest to other members not to share your files with anyone, there have been cases in the past where ANMAC recognized similarities and there were major issues for applicants. Good luck
  3. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Yes!!! Congratulations! Hit me up when you're in Melbourne. Good luck with everything, you're a fighter
  4. Hi Susie, For registered nurses, you have to have a bachelor's degree. Anmac counted my experience from the time I got registered in my home country but immigration wants the experience to be post degree.
  5. Right! I've heard nclex-rn is VERY difficult so we'll see how it works in practice.
  6. Looks way cheaper than bridging program.
  7. Martina

    190 Visa - Victoria

    I imagine you could still do NAATI which would add another 5 points to your score but it's a pretty expensive course.
  8. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    You can't approach them and they generally won't talk to you once the decision is made. I was very persistent and felt it wasn't really fair given my situation and finally got a chance with the commitment letter. I wouldn't submit it unless they ask for it.
  9. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hi Hun, Yes it's true they turn a huge number of people down in the pre-invitation process. I got rejected too because I previously lived in NSW and they didn't like that. Had to fight my way through and ended up writing a 10 page commitment letter to the Victorian government that finally got me the official invite. If I remember this correctly, they rejected me in two weeks and then reopened my case in one week and I got through in another two weeks. Good luck xx
  10. Martina

    Employment in nominated occupation

    I did the same and provided the evidence. I wasn't claiming any points but Victoria as my sponsoring state required at least 2 years of experience so that's why I uploaded all evidence. I don't think it would be a big deal for you, the worst that can happen is they'll contact you for the documents.
  11. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Yes I know how expensive it is is it true NSW has such a condition for nurses? That must be new I've never heard of it need to do some googling.
  12. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Have you submitted your EOI for 189 too? Or NSW 190 as well? As far as I know, what you're saying is true - no one will sponsor an offshore nurse. Maybe consider arriving on student visa and try to find sponsorship on the spot?
  13. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Applying offshore won't affect your invitation or visa processing time. Please don't be mistaken. The states usually want you to have a job offer only when you're moving interstate, so onshore. I'm actually shocked to see that you're still waiting with your points Pooja! I'm really sorry to hear that, it seems like they limited invitations and grants massively. Hoping that you'll hear from them soon
  14. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    That's a great score, you will definitely be invited soon but no one can guarantee it will be within two months. If you really need the invitation asap, do the English test as that would put you up on the ladder. Good luck!
  15. Martina

    190 processing time

    Woohoo celebrations in a big style for you today congratulations! It's been a tough journey.