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  1. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Yes I know how expensive it is is it true NSW has such a condition for nurses? That must be new I've never heard of it need to do some googling.
  2. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Have you submitted your EOI for 189 too? Or NSW 190 as well? As far as I know, what you're saying is true - no one will sponsor an offshore nurse. Maybe consider arriving on student visa and try to find sponsorship on the spot?
  3. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Applying offshore won't affect your invitation or visa processing time. Please don't be mistaken. The states usually want you to have a job offer only when you're moving interstate, so onshore. I'm actually shocked to see that you're still waiting with your points Pooja! I'm really sorry to hear that, it seems like they limited invitations and grants massively. Hoping that you'll hear from them soon
  4. Martina

    Nurses on 189, 190

    That's a great score, you will definitely be invited soon but no one can guarantee it will be within two months. If you really need the invitation asap, do the English test as that would put you up on the ladder. Good luck!
  5. Martina

    190 processing time

    Woohoo celebrations in a big style for you today congratulations! It's been a tough journey.
  6. Martina

    Overseas work experience evidence

    Hi Lambert, Are you able to find a few payslips? I've submitted 4 from each year. Also contract agreement. Some banks will provide bank statement with your wage coming in, but not sure how far back - mine was able to trace data 8 years back, paid service. The gap between your termination date and when you started your new job in Australia should be easily explained in a statement. Good luck!
  7. In your case (because you already live in Australia but in a different state), it should go like this : 1) lodge eoi 2) wait for pre invite from Victoria (no idea how long) 3)when received pre invite, you'll be asked whether or not you have a job offer from the state 3a) if yes and everything else is fine, then you'll be invited to formally lodge an application for 190 (up to 6 weeks) 3b) if not, you won't pass the pre invitation and won't be able to apply for the visa Hope it's clear now?
  8. Hi fellow nurses, I'm moving to Melbourne in January and have a few questions about jobs. I've already started with seek, indeed, hospitals careers and sending my CV where relevant. I'm surgical RN and was wondering how big are my chances in securing a job? I'm not from an English speaking country and my experience is not particularly fresh. I finished with my surgical work in late 2014 and then was working as an insurance nurse till 2018 in Sydney. That being said, I'd love to get back to surgery. Can anyone share tips and experience with job hunting in Melbourne? Thank you all
  9. If you live in Tassie now and want to relocate, you MUST have a job offer from Victoria. If you don't have it and get pre-invite, they won't allow you to formally apply.
  10. Are you offshore or onshore? If you're onshore and live in another state, job offer is mandatory. If you're offshore, VIC will like the fact that you have it although this would be AFTER you receive invitation. Also looking for a potential employer saying you don't know when you arrive, but most likely in a year is not ideal.
  11. My best idea is that you boost your score with superior English. Ten extra points would do magic with your EOI. After all, it's a competition. Do everything you can to get on top of that queue.
  12. Martina

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Pre invite doesn't mean you'll get invitation 100%. Only small number of applicants actually pass this stage and Victoria is super careful who they invite. Don't do medicals or police checks. Wait for a formal invitation (it takes up to 6 weeks), apply, wait for a few months and only then do medicals and police checks. Plenty of time. Good luck
  13. Martina

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    Never ever put 'any' for 190. It only shows zero commitment to the state.
  14. Martina

    NT letter of commitment

    Hmm it might be different for every state. My letter to Vic had 6 pages, wrote it in word, submitted in pdf and all good.
  15. Martina

    The Long wait for approval from Victoria 190

    I'm pretty sure it can take up to 6 weeks. They got back to me after 3 I think.