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Found 100 results

  1. Hi, There seem to be a number of teachers on the forum at the moment so I thought I'd set up an area where we can all share our experiences and ideas, ways to find jobs, where we're settling and what subjects!! Who knows - maybe we can help each other out when we're there!! Any info, questions etc are welcome about teaching!! Cheers teacherben
  2. Rick2021

    Teachers: AITSL and SES

    Hello, Looking to learn from all teachers who have dealt with AITSL. I am hearing from many places that the SES from AITSL is not important, and that we can submit our experience documents to immigration as and when we get invited. Can anyone who has gone through the complete process validate this claim please? Thank you and much appreciated.
  3. Hi All, Starting this topic so all of us Non Pro-Rata crew can get together and share our experiences. It seems like the Pro-rate nonsense is hogging up all the invites and the rest of us are getting sidetracked. We applied through an agent, Upped the points in June and applied again for ANZCO: 241411 Occupation: Secondary Shcool Teacher - 70 + 5(State) points for 190 Visa - We opted for VIC - 70 for 189 Visa For 190 Visa we had to be registered with VIT (VIC institute of teaching) on top of AITSL assessment which is very costly, not to mention multiple ILTES & PTE test in the effort of improving scores. This is proving to be a very expensive exercise. Hopefully, it's all worth it at the end with our move to Melbourne. Keen to know your experience, please share.
  4. Guest


    Hi Guys, I have a PGCEI, from the University of Sunderland, which was basically the same as a regular a PGCE course but the 12 week teaching practice was not done in UK, hence was not given QTS. I'm considering migrating to Australia and was wondering whether, PGCEI is recognised by AITSL? even though it doesn't have QTS status, its contend is the same and has more than 45 days of supervised teaching.
  5. Hellos guys, I'm new to this site but I urge some help please. I have applied for a migration assessment with AITSL and my file, as far as I know, had all required documents: bachelor's degree five years, teaching practice certificate 30 days +30 days making 60 in my last year of studies, ietls with the right score and many other letters from uni which I requested to make it clear how uni works here in my country. Also I have sent the syllabus of the the Professional practice since this was a course in the last year. All papers were signed stamped by principals and authorities and all. I even hired a Mara agent to make sure everything was going right. Good money I have spent. Now my question is, it's been nearly 3 weeks and AITSL already sent the mail saying my assessment is now complete. I'll be getting the official outcome next week through the lawyer. My big question is how come THEY TOOK SO LITTLE TIME? IS IT A BAD SIGN?? IS IT STH GOOD?? HAS ANYONE HAD THE RESULTS IN SUCH A VERY SHORT TIME?? PLEASE ID LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT UR EXPERIENCE, I'M GOING CRAZY. I asked a few people and they told me that aitsl usually get in touch with you when sth is wrong or need more explanation. In my case, they haven't even replied to one mail my lawyer sent about the change of director in my uni. I mean my uni assigned another person to be the new director but she could have verify any information too. So we sent an email and they never reply and now they say the outcome is ready. Please help
  6. Hi All, Starting this topic so all of us Non Pro-Rata crew can get together and share our experiences. It seems like the Pro-rate nonsense is hogging up all the invites and the rest of us are getting sidetracked. We applied through an agent, Upped the points in June and applied again for ANZCO: 241411 Occupation: Secondary Shcool Teacher - 70 + 5(State) points for 190 Visa - We opted for VIC - 70 for 189 Visa For 190 Visa we had to be registered with VIT (VIC institute of teaching) on top of AITSL assessment which is very costly, not to mention multiple ILTES & PTE test in the effort of improving scores. This is proving to be a very expensive exercise. Hopefully, it's all worth it at the end with our move to Melbourne. Keen to know your experience, please share.
  7. Hey guys, May be a bit of a silly question but just want to double check. When filling out the skills assessment form for AITSL as required for teachers, would the “duration of supervised teaching practice” (picture below) be the 120 days I carried out during my PGCE as apposed to the 10 months or so that the course took in total. Just want to make double sure that I’m filling everything in correct. If anyone has filled the form in and has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  8. missbell88


    So... after chasing my PGCE uni for final transcripts they’ve finally admitted they never produced them and have to formulate one due to number of students requesting them, this will take 10 WEEKS- I want to submit and EOI before Christmas! I spoke to AITSL last week before I knew this and they responded with ‘AITSL May consider a statement from the awarding institutions explains why the transcripts are not avaliable.’ Has anyone had a successful assessment with this?
  9. Since I got my visa loads of people have asked me how I went about it (says a lot about teaching in the UK). Below is something I did for a few people I work with to get them started. This may be out of date or bit's not 100%, but it's what I did and I now have my visa. Hope it's some use to someone. :biggrin: My easy (lol) guide for teachers to get their visa for Australia. 1) Check the http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/visa-options-outside.htm website to see if you qualify for points. Check to see if you qualify for state sponsorship (as this will up your points and really speed up your application). 2) Make sure you know where the whole families birth certificate, marriage certificates and passports are (make sure passports have a while left on them – we got our oldest sons renewed before we applied). 3) Book your IELTS test, make sure you do the academic test (you may not need it, but it gives you extra points and I needed mine for state sponsorship and teacher registration). See http://www.ielts.org//test_centre_search/search_results.aspx?TestCentreSearchSubRegion=01502ae9-cf4b-46ba-8214-c5d4331a543d This cost me £115. 4) Practice for the IELTS and remember spelling matters. 5) Get all your documents ready to apply for your skills assessment; they want loads including university transcripts and number of days teaching practice completed. See http://www.aitsl.edu.au/assessment-for-migration.html they want to know everything, so it’s better to send too much rather than leave things out. 6) Get all your documents signed by someone off the approved list and send it off, the application was $450 when I did mine. This should take 8 weeks from when they receive everything, but it starts again if you miss any documents. :arghh:Keep an extra copy of this as you’ll need it for your teacher registration once you’ve got your visa. 7) Once you have your IELTS and skills assessment apply for state sponsorship to the state you want to go to (if doing a 176 like we did). South Australia http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/visa_options/gen_skill3/criteria_for_state_spons.jsp West Australia http://www.dtwd.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/detcms/portal Victoria http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/visas-and-immigrating/state-sponsorship ACT http://www.sponsorshipaustralia.net/sponsorship-australia/why-you-should-consider-act-for-australian-state-sponsorship Northern Territory http://www.migration.nt.gov.au Queensland http://www.workliveplay.qld.gov.au/dsdweb/v4/apps/web/content.cfm?id=3998 For SA we filled in a form on line and then had to send hard copies of all the documents requested to them. It was supposed to take up to 8 weeks, but we got it through much quicker. It was free for SA, but I believe you may have to pay in other states. 8) Once your state sponsorship comes through you only have 30 days to get your visa applied for. We did ours online and then scanned all the documents and uploaded them. We needed to scan the following all birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, IELTS certificates, skills assessment certificates. http://www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/general-skilled-migration.htm 9) Let the state you have got sponsored know as they need to get in touch with immigration so you get the extra points for being state sponsored and you get processed quicker. 10) Wait for your application to be allocated to a case officer. 11) Once asked send off for your police checks for all applicants requested this is £35 per person. http://www.acpo.police.uk/NationalPolicing/ACROCriminalRecordsOffice/PoliceCertificates.aspx 12) Once asked book your medicals http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/u/united-kingdom/panel-doctors.htm 13) Wait for your visa to come through. Good Luck
  10. Guest

    Sponsorship for teachers?

    Hello, we applied for our 175 visa in November 2008. Obviously we are at the bottom of a very, very long pile!!I am a teacher with 12 years experience and am currently Depute Head Teacher, my OH is a joiner but I am the main applicant. We were wonderimg about other routes to take so that we can get to Oz quicker ( our boys are 4 and 2, dont want them to be at school here, then move!). Does anyone know of teachers being sponsored and if so what is the proceedure? Regards, Shelley Scott.
  11. Hi there I have just lodged my general skilled 175 to Victoria today....just about made it in time! I was wondering if any other teachers were planning on moving over any time soon? Thanks Jon-Paul
  12. I looked out the ielts score for kindergarten teachers (for teacher'sregistration), which is 7 in each sector.Does is the same score for teacher's assistens and childcare workers? Thanx
  13. I am sure we have all had teachers who we can't understand, are easily walked over by other students etc, whose teaching methods are rubbish. Should students and teachers be able to grade their teachers or would it be open to abuse? I understand if a full class kept failing eventually the poor teaching methods would be looked at but sometimes it's too late for some students.
  14. Guest

    Teachers' Pensions

    I am hoping there are some teachers out there who might be able to help me. We have finally sold our house (hooray) and are planning the big move in the new year. I have been teaching in the UK for 10 years and have paid into my pension during that time. What happens to that money when I leave the UK? Can I transfer it over to a teachers pension scheme in Oz? If so, how do I go about this? Any advice would be much appreciated x
  15. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/09/06/living/teachers-want-to-tell-parents/index.html?iref=obinsite
  16. Hello, My fiancé and I are moving out soon, she is a special needs teacher, what do you need to be able to teach in WA? Police checks? Registration etc? I had a google but I wasn't sure, hopefully someone can answer! Must be other teachers on here? Thanks in advance Jim
  17. Hi All, I'm a recently qualified primary school teacher moving to Perth within the next 6-8 months. I'm wondering if there are any other overseas teachers who have got jobs in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia and did you find it difficult to obtain jobs in Australian schools? What kind of process is involved? I'm a bit worried about the job prospects because of my lack of experience, I'll have a year of relief teaching by the time I go. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  18. Guest

    UK teachers who now teach in OZ

    Hi there, I'm looking for a visa agent that has helped teachers from the UK through any visa issues to come to Oz. I'm have the Graduate Teacher Programme which I know is not valid here. I am coming to Australia to retrain as a student for one year maybe two- but I need an agent who can help me with visa problems that are specific to teaching issues. I'm finding many issues- and Immigation phone lines are pretty unhelpful. Be grateful for any suggestions of an agent who has helped UK teachers get set up in Oz! Thank you!
  19. Hi, I am new on the site. I have been studying for a certificate in education to enable me to teach nails in college and hopefully get a visa for oz eventually too. I have family there who will sponsor me but I'm not sure if the cert ed is enough, it is an under graduate qualification and I am very expeirenced in what I do. I have been told that I should train in something else too so that I appeal more to tafe, however I feel that I am better teaching what I know and love. I hope to apply for a visa as soon as I finish the course if possible. Can any teachers, nail techs or Tafe employees offer any advice please? I am 33, single with no children. I would even be interested in working in a salon at first but I know that I can't get a visa ad a nail tech even though I have won many competitions and have a good, experienced reputation. (Sorry for the modesty, put that in just incase any employers are reading!)
  20. Has any teacher from the UK who trained on the GTP EVER managed to get a 457 visa with The Graduate Teacher Programme? I am assuming no, as it seems contrary to advice I have already been given, however it's been suggested to me by a visa agent this week that in South Australia this MIGHT be possible. Until I have some evidence from someone who has managed this feat not sure whether to let myself believe this....Has anyone actually managed to get a 457 teaching post with GTP and can let me know and add a little hope? Thank you for any advice in advance!
  21. Guest

    Primary teachers in Canberra

    Is there any uk trained primary teachers working in Canberra ? I am currently trying to get my qualifications assessed and I am getting conflicting advice from every place I ring . I want to register with both the public and catholic system and hopefully do relief teaching . My questions are 1) where did you get your quals assessed ? 2) do you know if there is much relief work in Canberra ( trying to consider childcare ) Hope some one out there can help and I am dying to get back to work !
  22. Hi, has anyone got any recent info on what it's like to get a teaching job or retail management job in either perth or Melbourne please :wacko: Thanks
  23. After being skills rejected by SA due to having GTP qualifications, have found out that University of SA run a 1 year conversion course which can be done in as little as 6 months for any UK teachers who are GTP and not PGCE qualified. Feb 2012 is the last year to have a 1 year conversion, after that it converts to a 2 year course. With this course you are eligible to then apply to teach in SA. Also, they will take previous teaching and qualifications into account for a shorter course time. If you can afford it, it's a good option as GTP avenues are minimal. For any info contact University of SA Ruth Geer who was most helpful and has assisted other GTP British teachers.
  24. Guest

    Teachers Wage Scale

    Hi, We are thinking of moving to SA, my wife is a Primary School Teacher with 13 years experience and wants to know where she would be put on the wage scale, can anyone help?? Thanks Stevenw8971