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  1. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Hi Eddie, We applied for 189 at 70 points and 190 (VIC) with 75 points this June. Unfortunately, can't claim partner points, but I have family in VIC so hopeful here that will help our case. Looks like it will be a much longer wait for us! Have been looking at immitracker as crowdsources website according to that no invites for teachers have been issues since Jan at 70 points. Putting a link below in case you want to check it out too. https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc189 Cheers Sarz.
  2. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Hey Eddie, Did you lodge your EOI for 189 in May? Did you apply for 190 as well?
  3. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Did you get an invite, Eddie? According to Iscah your scores got the invite! https://www.iscah.com/unofficial-skill-select-results-11th-july-2019/
  4. Sarz

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Did anyone get an invite with the June rounds?
  5. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Hi Hillbury, At 75 points your invite should come quickly! Just looking at a friends case she applied in Dec and was invited in Jan and lodged the application straight away. So jealous her's was so quick. overall it looks like its a 4 - 6-month process. My best wishes and good luck!
  6. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Update EOI Submitted for ANZSCO 241411 Secondary School Teacher 189 Visa with 70 Points on 26 June. 190 Visa with 75 Points on 26 June. Fingers crossed we get an invite soon
  7. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    That's awesome! Good luck to you and family for stating a new chapter. I just hope our turns comes soon. It seems like it will be a long wait for the invites based on our scores. How long was your process and what were your scores, if you don't mind sharing?
  8. Thank you for the edits, Nemesis. Proofreading skill 100.
  9. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Cheers mate! Presuming you have had your OZ dream already. Where did you end up setting up?
  10. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Bran, Thanks for the reply. We are just looking for registration with VIT to fullfill the requirements by VIC gov. So how long did it take you to get through VIT. We submitted the application a month ago.
  11. Hi iline, We submitted ILTES for AITLS. PTE for Additional points for EOI and were told by the agent this change is coming. Looking o the AITSL website it's still not showing. Apologies for getting your hopes up. ILTES it is for now.
  12. Hi Marianne, In our experience, this is a requirement by AITLS that is the basement authority for the teaching profession. To be assessed as a qualified teacher regardless of the work experience you need to show Superior English skills. The minimum requirement in Overall 7.5 or superior English language skill. You can do PTE as well as this is now recognised by AITLS. Unfortunately no saving money here !
  13. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    190 Visa Victorian State Gov requirement for Anzco 241411 PTE is not accepted with the Victorian Institute of Teaching so don't waste your time. We had to do Ilets and PTE both VIC state nomination Our scores Iltes: Overall: 7.5 Speaking: 8.0 Listening: 8.0 Reading: 7.0 Writing: 7.5 PTE: Overall: 89 Speaking: 9 Listening: 8.5 Reading: 8.0 Writing: 8.5 Other requirements before you can apply for Vic nominations ILTES Overall: 7.5 Two years of work experience Must be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. Must specialise in at least one of the following fields:
  14. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Hey Wrussell, Thank you for your reply. We don't have the 5 state points yet. Need VIT registration for that. Once we have stat points we will go up to 75 for 190 Visa.
  15. Sarz

    Secondary school teacher

    Hey Guys, Newbee here. Has anyone had experience with VIT registration process? This is a requirement for 190Visa for Secondary school teacher applying for Victorian state sponsorship. Received a +Positive Skill assessment form AItsl How long does the registration process take? Total points count - 70 for 190 Visa Total points count - 70 for 189 Visa Anyone here that's been given an invite on above-mentioned scores!