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  1. I guess one option would be to apply for jobs. As far as I’m aware doctors are exempt from the travel ban, if they have a job offer. This would enable you to apply for sponsorship.
  2. I would have expected an invite with 90 points. Did you guys apply for a 190 as well?
  3. Areyousure

    482 or 485

    Medicine is on the eligible list as wel since we do 3 years of clinical placements in hospitals as part of our course.
  4. Areyousure

    482 or 485

    I’m about to graduate from my medicine degree in the next couple of weeks and would be starting work at NSW hospital on a 2 year contract. I got the option of applying for the post graduate visa 485, or ask my hospital to sponsor me for the 482. Any advantage of the 482 over the 485 visa?
  5. Areyousure

    Impact of Covid-19 on Points

    True, but number of applicants would decrease as well.
  6. Do you think the number of people applying to Australia would decrease over the next few months? ( recession, job losses, delay in doing exams) and the possibility of Australia increasing the intake to boost the economy, leading to a decrease in the points required to get an invite? what are your thoughts on this guys?
  7. Areyousure

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    I’ll be having 85 points with state sponsorship for early childhood teacher, so I have chance to be called this year?
  8. Areyousure

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    It’s impossible to get invited these days, it was so easy back in 2016.
  9. That’s what I keep on telling myself, but end up there with less prep, is it possible to go from 7 to 8? Or should I just try and do pte?
  10. hi guys, need some advise, I just feel more comfortable with ielts, so thought I'll have another go at it. I have done the Academic IELTS over 5 times over the years for university and so on, with my overall score always being 8.5. I always got above 8.5 for both reading and listening, with my speaking being between 7.5-8.5 and writing 7-7.5( think I got 8 once) I did the academic IELTS in September and got L-9 R-8.5 S-8.5 W-7, so my question is should I prepare well and give it another go with academic IELTS since I'm so used to it? or do the general IELTS? is it easier? as in easier to score? The reason I prefer to stick to ielts is that i'm so used to it, I'm quite apprehensive to even switch to General Ielts lol. What would you guys suggest?
  11. Areyousure

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Got my positive AITSL assessment today, going to put in a 190 for nsw with 75 points. Have to redo ielts for another 10 points, can we do general for the extra points? and which one is easier, academic or general?
  12. Areyousure


    Yes, you will need to do an English test to claim the 20 points. You can either do ielts or pte.
  13. Areyousure

    NSW 190

    What was this for?
  14. Areyousure

    190 visa - teacher help?

    Ohh does it state so for south Australia as well?