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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, I have been granted the 820 visa and my 2 year mark to upload further evidence for the 801 is fast approaching. Can anyone confirm if the references need to be the same as the one used for the 820? Thanks All
  2. Hi All, I recently received a general advice letter regarding my partner visa 801/820. I am currently on a bridging visa A. It has been 1 year since my visa has been lodged. The letter received explained that I need to book a medical (which I already did and passed) and upload any new bits of information soon as possible. Is anyone able to tell me from when they received there general advice letter how long after it took for there visa to come through. Thanks for any advice
  3. Anna Mat

    309/100 application

    I am applying for 309/100visa from the UK. Anyone has any info on the timeline of the process during Covid? Also how much time would we have to move from the day when the visa is granted? I’m also unsure if family unit applies only to ppl living under the same address or my parents as well? many thanks for any feedback!
  4. Hi guys, need some advice on where to start with getting a travel exemption to fly to Australia to join my partner. My partner is Australian and is in Australia, and I'm in the UK, the plan pre-covid was to fly to him and apply for the 820 onshore partner visa, obviously, that's not happened and I'm still in the UK. We've been together for 2.5 years, travelling together for 6 months and living together for 1 year, we have sufficient evidence to apply for the travel exemption as an immediate family member, but I don't have any form of visa to enter with. The immi website states that If I don't have a visa prior to applying for an exemption, then I must provide sufficient evidence of being in a de facto relationship.. But where do I provide this and at what stage? And am I right in thinking that I must first obtain a tourist/visitor visa, and then apply for the exemption? And lastly.. I read that somebody entered Australia on a 12 month tourist visa hoping to apply for an onshore partner visa but then found they couldn't apply until their 12 month tourist visa expired, are you able to specify the length of tourist visa required when you apply? Would appreciate any and all the advice you guys have to offer!!
  5. Hi there, My wife (Korean) has applied for 309 partner visa in March 2020. I'm not sure if it's due to COVID-19, but nothing has been updated yet since she submitted her application. No CO allocation or contact. However, we need to move to Australia by this September because of my job. Is it okay her to stay in Australia with traveler visa (or any other visa available that she can get independently), and wait until 309 gets granted? Or should we stay overseas? Any info or opinion is welcome guys :)
  6. Hey all, I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation but hoping someone might be able to share some advice. My Partner visa (subclass 100 + 309 - issued at the same time) came through on the 5th March (2 weeks before UK lockdown). We started the process of selling our home, it's all going through now (husband also lost his job and we managed to find a buyer during lockdown!) We should be sold by the end of October. My initial entry date is 5th March 2021. We have read so many horrifying reports of people being stranded in the UK and unable to fly home to Australia. 100,000 people trying to get home, airlines constantly bumping passengers, the daily caps being reached and people turned away at the airport, roughly 6 months to fly those registered home? We don't have 6 months as my visa will expire before I have activated it. I have contacted the DHA and they have given me an email address to request a facilitation letter which will 'potentially' extend this IED. I guess I just wondered is anyone else in the same situation? Any advice? We've had a few heavy conversations recently thinking we may need to give up on our dream of Australia for now and try again in a few years when all this has calmed down (hopefully). It is seemingly getting more and more impossible to get to Australia and we've almost lost hope. Thanks, Meg
  7. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience in how long there temp 820 visa took to come through after there medical. I am currently on a bridging visa A, and have my medical booked for September. By time I do my medical my partner visa would of been lodged for 14 months onshore. Does anyone know how long the temp 820 will take to come through after the medical? (if everything goes well am I pass) Any advice would be great. I understand everyone is case by case
  8. Hello All, Wanting some advise on the partner visa medical check. I applied for the partner 820 visa onshore around 1 year ago and have since been on the bridging visa A. I planned on doing the medical however COVID happened so never booked it in. Now you are able to book visa medical check, when would you advise to do this? As they only stay valid for 12 months? Thanks All :)
  9. Does my wife need to be in Australia when I apply for 485 graduate visa? She is overseas and not with me on my student visa, so is it possible to add her on my initial 485 visa application while she is overseas.
  10. kayl0r

    Visa 309/100

    Hey everyone! Have just applied for the partner visa for Aus from the UK for my partner, I am the sponsor in May 2019. We have forked out that large sum of £4000 or so with the extra card charge, we have now looked at the certified doctors for his medical which is £320.00 plus police check at £50.00 and renewal of my passport at £250.00 all whilst trying to save our asses of to have some kind of savings for when we arrive! Feeling really down hearted about it, it's almost as if they want us to spend all of our money so that by the time we are accepted we can't even afford to get there haha! I know 100% it will be worth it but it just feels like one thing after the other and that they have picked the most expensive doctors to get full medicals done at Wondering if anyone else is feeling the same/in the same boat?
  11. Hey, My 309 offshore partner visa came through in March 2019 (finally), the entry before date is Sunday, 7th July 2019. I had planned to move back to Australia before the entry date but unfortunately unexpectedly my parents have given me and my brother money to get onto the property ladder and asked us to place this towards a house, to either renovate and sell or rent. I'm currently going through the mortgage process and cannot leave my job or really the country. I expected it to be completed by now and was waiting for the completion to book a flight. Is there any way I can extend the initial entry date? Do you know who I would contact? What reasoning I would have to give? Any help is much appreciated.
  12. Hello all Can anyone advise me on what website to use for a police check, this will be uploaded for partner visa. I am from the UK, is there a certain website used?
  13. Hello My partner and I applied for my partner visa end of Nov 2017 in Paris, where we’d been living for 10 years. My partner is Australian. The issue is I was contacted by my CO to request for Biometrics. This is because I had been living in France. I ‘m currently in Auz on a year long tourist visa. I went to the visa office today to see if I can do the Biometrics there and I was told NO! It had to be Paris! Surely, they can do have me do it here right. I really don’t want to have to go all the way to Paris for this. So stupid I have contacted the CO about this. What do you guys think?
  14. Hey all New to this. Currently is process of getting the first part of my partner visa and just wondering if you are allowed to travel whilst in Australia whilst they decide on the permanent part? I have heard in some cases they ask you to report often and prove things before they give you the go ahead for the perm visa. Any help is appreciated
  15. Hi all, I do firstly want to apologise if these questions have already been answered, but I couldn't find any specific answers on the internet anywhere. So, I am currently dating someone from the UK, and I live in Australia. We were thinking of applying for the 820 partner visa. Now, I have absolutely no idea or very shallow knowledge of what these visas entitle. Now, me and my boyfriend are currently just dating, but are thinking of getting married next year. Do we have to be engaged for us to apply for the 820 visa or we get married then apply for the visa? And can we apply for it whilst he is here on his tourist visa? Also, do I need to sponsor him, because I am an Australian born? Because I'm only a student at the moment, and will be a student for the next few years to come, so I don't have any proper income. I study full time. is it possible for him to sponsor himself? Thank you in advance!! Every answer is appreciated