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  1. Smith270310

    190 processing time

    We submitted our 190 on the 12th February
  2. Smith270310

    SA 190 invitation

    It came through this morning
  3. Smith270310

    SA 190 invitation

    I knew there were different quotas but didn’t think about the possibility of different teams. I know there will be a limited quota for different occupation that’s why I thought it was unfair for them to have applied after me and get an invite quicker on the same occupation. Anyway what will be will be and speaking about it won’t make a difference. It’s hard when you are in limbo. Thank you for your input.
  4. Smith270310

    SA 190 invitation

    They have been inviting 491s within their processing times and one plumber that applied after us (but with a 491). I really hope it’s soon!
  5. Smith270310

    SA 190 invitation

    Thank you for your reply. I guess patience is what is required. I suppose I’m just starting to panic a little and was wondering if anyone else was in a similar situation. This new visa seems to have totally changed the way things are done.
  6. Smith270310

    491 SA

  7. Smith270310

    SA 190 invitation

    We are currently awaiting an invitation from SA for a 190, - plumber 65 + 5. We submitted our EOI on 15th November and not heard a thing. Is anyone else at a similar timeline to us? The annoying thing is other who have submitted just before us heard much sooner than this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated I’m starting to worry a little. They have since totally raised the points for the 190 to a minimum of 95 point. Our agent has said they will treat our application with the criteria that was expected on he date we applied.
  8. Smith270310

    491 SA

    Sorry not me the other person I mean lol
  9. Smith270310

    491 SA

    Got the nomination
  10. Smith270310

    491 SA

    We submitted 15th nov and still waiting, 190 though
  11. Smith270310

    491 SA

    I seen someone had today. Plumber who submitted EOI 4th dec
  12. Smith270310

    491 requirements

    7 weeks plumber and 75 points on 13th dec and I can’t remember where I seen the other one but it was the last Friday before Christmas
  13. Smith270310

    491 requirements

    Do they don’t have any trend on invites then? Certain days of the week or month? Must just have been coincidental that 2 people I know hot invited on a Friday?
  14. Smith270310

    190 Visa waiting 8 months since lodgement

    Good luck Emma, hopefully you will have your grant soon. That’s does sound very frustrating!!
  15. Smith270310

    491 requirements

    Yes we are. Current average wait times are 12 weeks for us but I’ve heard of so many that were invited much earlier I though we might have been one of the lucky ones!