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Found 155 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the Visa 489 in the NSW South Coast and I have a bit concern about job opportunities in this area, I'm a computer programmer and my wife is a fitness trainer. I've checked some websites such as seek.com and indeed.com but I couldn't find a considerable number of related job opportunities. I really appreciate if anyone lives or work there, explain to me about these topics: 1) Where's the best town in this area in terms of facilities and job opportunities, is it the Nowra or somewhere else? 2) Which sorts of jobs we can find? Is there any chance to find a related job or we have to do casual jobs? 3) which cities are in the area of Visa 489? can I work in the Illawarra or Wollongong? 4) what're the procedures of release letter? Thanks 17/5000
  2. Mo Sayed

    Points calculation

    How many points will be claimed after finishing the PHD in one of Adelaide unis thanks
  3. ssgaurav2000

    Case office assigned Tasmania 489

    Hi All I recently received email saying that Case office was assigned to my case for 489 visa Al though my Job code is not in State list but its in consolidated list . What should i expect next ? I have 75 points with State sponsorship Thanks
  4. andpetros

    Management Consultant

    Hi guys, Just want to know your opinion about my visa. I have MSc in Energy and Resources Management (which includes courses of finance, economy, project management etc.). Just graduated. I have an option to apply for 485 Temporary graduate visa and stay 3 years as I have done MSc by research. But I'm thinking about going straight with PR and in the regional list of SA I have noticed the profession of Management Consultant. What do you reckon, am I eligible or it's kinda difficult to say? Cheers Andy
  5. Morning everyone, I've got my 187 on the 5 April this year, in the NT, my company gave me the opportunity to work from Adelaide from October. Do you think it might be an issue to work from an other regional area and not stay in the NT ? Thanks.
  6. christopherj

    489 Restrictions on employers

    Hi All....The restriction on the 489 visa when it comes to working.... what about the following scenarioIf i want to work for a consulting company which has a registered business address in the CBD BUT i will not be working at that this location at all... my work will be at the above employers' Customer locations (100% of the time) which are in regional areas i this possible ?
  7. jen16

    Regional NSW Living

    Hi All, I am wondering about regional living in NSW. We are hoping to apply for state sponsorship as short of points. My OH is a mine deputy so would have to live regionally anyway, we have been looking at jobs around Singleton, and hunter does anyone have any experience of living there? We have 2 kids (6&3) so would like to live somewhere with things for them to do, good community and as close as possible for a regional area to the coast.any info would be great thanks pio:biggrin:
  8. PaulL

    Sponsorship options

    Good day, Im hoping someone will let me know what the best route for long term / citizenship stay in Australia is for for me: I have recently arrived on a Woking-holiday visa after living in London for almost 10 years. Before that I lived on a farm in South Africa - 20 years. Working in the property industry in London as a photographer/ floor planner/ energy assessor. I have found a company in Sydney that said they would sponsor me (if all goes to plan) as a photographer (which is on the CSOL list) and I would be doing my floor planning as well. the boss of the company recommended I head out and get my regional work done so I can get an extra year on my visa which leads onto the next sector of my enquiry - I have begun working on a dairy farm for my regional working Victoria which I've slipped right into (getting back to my roots of being a farm boy and pretty much managing a farm in South Aftica, I also worked on a stud farm in England in my early 20s for a few years). The farmer here has also offered me a sponsorship as Farm manager (dairy farmer on CSOL I would think) I really enjoy both forms work and would be happy either way - but what would my best chance of getting sponsored be and if one fails would it be possible to apply for the other?? What are the immigration Agents looking for when deciding on a new immigrant benefiting their country to the maximum? The dairy farm sponsorship seems a lot more definite than the real estate work but most of my recent experience is in Real Estate. Many thanks in advance for your help. Paul
  9. Laurenmcgee1991

    Regional work for an english couple

    Hi everyone, Myself and my partner, 23 and 27 are currently looking for regional work to qualify for or 2nd year visa. If anyone knows of a farm in regional WA that require helping hands please let me know. Thanks Lauren
  10. I'm having trouble finding an answer to my question! :arghh: Hopefully there is a savior amongst you loyal seamstresses. ( Get it? threads?a hur hur hur...) Anywho, I'm a Canadian that was in Sydney on a HWV gearing up to do my regional work. I was leaving my last 3 months of my visa to do said work, silly silly, before deciding what to do after my first year was up. Sadly, sick family back home in Canada forced me to make arrangements and leave Australia before I could even begin my regional work. After making my arrangements I left on the 10th month of my HWV. Now 8 months have passed, family is on the mend, so here is my question: Is there a way for me to do the regional work now? Thus in the long run being able to apply for a 2HWV? I miss Australia terribly and want to come back ASAP. I've looked at other visa options, but I don't qualify for most of the other options, and I just don't know if I can come back anyways without having completed the mandatory regional work. I was curious if using the 6 month visa would be a way to do that, or a bridge visa? I just want to do the regional work. I'm stuck! I feel like I may be SOL, but any advice or even just confirmation of my fears, would be appreciated. :notworthy:
  11. Dobbsy

    Regional 475 to PR

    JUST WANTED TO TELL THE WORLD..... AFTER 5 YEARS (2 IN THE UK & 3 IN WA) WE NOW HAVE PR !!!! hee hee! Yes 5 years ago we started the migration process. We couldn't get a PR visa as they didn't recognise my GTP Teacher Training qualification. I worked as a Food Technology & Hospitality secondary school teacher in Derby, UK. Anyway after a lot of hard work from Maryanne at TRUE BLUE MIGRATION we managed to get a regional sponsored 475 visa in WA and we came across as a Vocational Teacher (adult education). Our visa conditions meant we had to live for 2 years and work regional, which was fine as we were only 1 postcode away from where we wanted to settle anyway. It was really tough for the first 18 months, finding the right employment. Literally taking a huge backwards step to make ends meet. But hey ho.... waitressing for a living wasn't that bad, not when the dolphins swam up to the boardwalk most days. My husband hasn't got a trade, so he too found it hard to get a job that could support all 4 of us. He was never really out of work, just took a while to get a better paid job. Our daughter was 13 at the time, and to say she struggled to settle would have been an understatement. She didn't want to move in the first place, so for a long time we had a black cloud over our adventure. So, with limited money, having to work many unsociable hours, an old banger of a car, getting to grips with our new way of life and a drama queen teenager you may ask us was it all worth it? My husband and I had a good life in the UK, lots of loving family and friends and I had a good secure career. It was when my husband got made redundant we decided to take the risk... and boy what a risk. But we wanted to 'live', no regrets, experience a bit more of the world, and most importantly give our children the opportunity to grow in so many more ways. Nearly 3 years on in this beautiful country, with many good and not so good bits (just like anywhere in the world) we have embraced Australia and its people and even though we have often questioned 'when will it all fall in to place for us?' we have never once said..... "lets move back'. I miss my friends and my family so much at times, I cry myself to sleep, and they will never be replaced. But we have met some lovely people along our Journey who are now 'proper friends' who we can relax with and enjoy good times. So for all of you guys out there who want to follow your dream, don't give up. It may take a while for it to happen... but then the best things in life are worth waiting for !!!!! and YES its worth it....... I feel alive ! (and thank you to all the members who have given me advice on this site over the last 5 years! :wink:) Timeline: 100,000 years ago - August 2011 granted temp 475 visa, moved to WA Oct 2011 absolutely skint on a shoe string, Applied March 2014 for PR (very straight forward on line application and $724), Case Officer August 19th 2014 - Visa Granted Sept 1st 2014 !!!!!!!!!
  12. GMacp

    489 visa application

    I've passed IELTS and got the Skill Select for Software Engineer. For me to gain Regional State sponsorship from Victoria, I need to have a job offer. Now Victoria take 12 weeks to process requests, and then DIBP take 2-4 months. I just can't see any employer willing to wait 5-6 months for me to take up a post. I am applying for jobs via Seek, but no joy as of yet. I think this long dely may be putting potential employers off. Anyone else went down this route and found a way through it?? Thanks Gale.
  13. Hello all, I want to secure work before I fly down, I will be using a WHV and want to get regional work to allow me to stay an extra year. I want to work in my trade which is gardening and landscaping instead of having to pick fruit like all the backpackers do. So my question is, what towns/cities are classed as regional areas? I understand the whole of south Australia is but don't really know much else im finding it hard to find out what areas are classed as regional, like Cairns, is that regional? Anyway my second question is when should I start looking for work? ive spoke to a couple firms one in Darwin and one in Townsville, who said to call them when I get down but im heading down August 2014 so I dunno whether I should have emailed so early. My desired state is QLD but if I had to do regional elsewhere that wouldnt bother me.
  14. I've found my regional work, I'm going to leave Sunday and he wants more people. Who is interested? i will be driving my own car so whoever joins just pay towards petrol (will split it fairly between whoever joins) and there is accommodation available at the work for $100 p/w. It is in South Australia. So, anyone up for it???
  15. Hi there, Landed in Perth yesterday & whilst I'd love to sightsee all the places I want to visit right now, I'd rather get my regional work out of the way to hopefully secure a 2nd year visa! I know there are tonnes of threads offering advice but not all of it is relevant! If anyone could advise of regional work going (paid) anywhere in Australia as I am willing to travel it would be a great help. Also, any advice on what websites to visit to look for jobs would be good! Thanks Charlie
  16. Hi, My name's Nathan, i'm 29 and i'll be coming out to Perth on a working holiday visa in July/August 2013. My girlfriend who is already in Perth has been sponsored for a job in the Perth area and is looking for somewhere for the both of us to stay. I'm looking to do my specified work as quickly as possible in order to secure another year and not have to worry about it. Does anyone know whether it is realistic to live near Perth and be able to do regional work? And what work is typically available? I'm reasonably clueless about the realities so any help would be fantastic. Many thanks Nathan
  17. Diff b/w regional SS AND State Sponsoreship time frame??????? hey all u helpful people out there!!!!!!!!! Little info plssss!!!!! What is the difference between Regional state sponsorship and state sponsorship time frames? I hav heard from somwere that regional SS applications ones are moving fast for NT and are not taking 30 weeks???....is tht information true or not????? please present your viewsssssssss!!!! Tc
  18. Hi Guys wanted to share my experience with anyone looking at 475 visa - now renamed 489 regional sponsorship. I made contact with Queensland government regarding the areas I would like to live and work and they informed me that they are in the process of looking at and revising the approved list of regional areas. I queried area 4551 in particular (this is Caloundra / Sunshine Coast) and she said that this was one of the areas they were considering taking off the list. In essence, I think they plan to reduce the regional list for the Sunshine Coast. She told me not to worry because they have been in discussions about the area list for 3 years and nothing has changed yet. For the moment though, it would seem that 4551 and similar postcodes are allowed for the purposes of meeting permanent residency criteria. Millie x
  19. John Griffin

    In search Of Work

    Hey all , Im a 21 Irish male and thinking of heading out to tasmania in march and will be looking for work any will do really but i would be looking for something that'll help me get a second year visa any help will be much appreciated....thanks
  20. Hi all Just wondered if you could shed some light on "regional work" for me please. We haven't even arrived in Oz on our 1st WHV yet but we're thinking that if it's as good as everyone says it is we will probably want to get a 2nd WHV! I know you have to complete 3 months regional work but just wanted to clarify exactly what this means? I suppose the obvious stuff is fruit-picking, working on a farm etc but do other jobs count as well if they are undertaken outside of the city? Where exactly is "regional Australia"?!! For example, my boyfriend has seen ads for carpentry work with regional work available so I take it that qualifies? As for me, I'm an accountant...is there any chance I can work as an accountant in some area of Australia that qualifies as "regional"? Thanks in advance for your help!
  21. WeegieDave

    WA 475 Visa Regional Area's?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the regional areas for a Western Australian state sponsorship 475 visa? Many Thanks David
  22. Hi guys... I've been doing some research on the visa options and found the following link regarding processing time (Client Service Charter). After the law change we are left with less options .. i want to get as much information as possible before making a decision... What are the pros/cons of "Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475)" vs "Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)" Processing time differance between Priority & Non Priority ?? Obligations ?? Points ?? Any other hidden Pros/Cons Best Regards Chris
  23. Candygirl

    475 Regional Family Sponsor

    Does anyone know if a family sponsor has to live in the same state as the one you want to live in. My uncle, who will be our sponsor, is a citizen in one of the "designated area" postcodes for QLD. However, we are considering WA as well as QLD (on the DIAC website it states entire state is covered for regional sponsorship in WA). But cannot find out if it is possible for my uncle to sponsor us if we decide on WA. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello fellow backpackers! M2M has asked me to write about my experiences doing the 3 month regional work so here goes! The first thing I should say is that, on the whole, my experience was a positive one I do think you need to go there with the right mindset and if you do you should be fine! By correct mindset I mean: Not be too fussed about good accommodation. Be prepared to work hard. Be wary that you might end up in a really boring place!! Also, be aware that some farmers are happy to sign you off for however long you're there for, regardless of how many days you worked, and others will only sign you off for the work you've actually done. Make sure you don't leave it till the last 3 months of your visa running out unless you are absolutely CERTAIN of three months work, as it may be unreliable and you could end up screwed!! Well, to the work itself. I was based in a town called Nuriootpa, and I was in a shared house with about 15 other people, with about 3 per room. Luckily we all got on really well, and we had loads of fun when we weren't working, but I can see how problems may have arisen if anyone really didnt get on. The house itself was pretty manky, and it wasnt kept very well by any of us, which is why I said be prepared to slum it for a while! The town itself was dull as dishwater, so incase you end up somewhere like that it's a good idea to take a board game or something that everyone can get involved in. There was also lots of Big Bang Theory watching The work I did was pruning the grape vines which sounds very romantic and easy but it's far from it. You have to use pneumatic hand snips which wreck your hands, and you have to go really fast or else you might get booted off until someone else who doesnt mind slow pruners as much comes along! Also, it's a good time to go if, like me, you can't take TOO much heat. When I went the weather was quite often atrocious, with driving rain and cold weather, but having worked outdoors in Scotland, it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I found the extreme heat really oppressive and if I were doing fruit picking I know I would have been much worse due to the heat and intensive labour! Another good thing about pruning is that you get paid by the hour, instead of piece rate (being paid for how much you do). And because there's nothing to do you can save up a decent amount of money (We only paid 30 dollars a week rent). So overall I'm glad I did it because it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I learned a lot about the wine making process, and best of all, made some fantastic friends If anyone wants to know anything else just ask and I'll reply as soon as I can I'll try and get some pics up too
  25. derham

    Regional 475 visa

    Just thought I would pass on the information I got from my agent today re Perth now being classed as ''Regional'' ''There is a little wrinkle in the Perth 475 process. The law allows 475 visa holders to go to Perth - there's no argument about that. However, the WA govt have advised that their policy is that they'll only entertain applications for 475 visas from people saying they're going to go outside Perth. It's just a policy, not a legal thing. If you're family sponsored for the 475, this doesn't apply, but if you're seeking state sponsorship, it does.'' Not great as i was considering going for 475 :arghh: