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  1. Emma_M

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    No it all went really quickly at that point! We have 60 points plus 5 for the 190 so would be struggling if we had applied now.
  2. Emma_M

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    @Fairdinkum Here is our timeline ANZSCO 322313 (Welder First Class) 28/11/17 - VETASSESS skills assessment part 1 lodged 22/12/17 - VETASSESS skills assessment positive result received 18/04/18 - VETASSESS Technical Interview 21/04/18 - IELTS Exam 04/05/2018 - IELTS Results - L7.5, R8.0, W8.0, S8.0 Overall 8.0 22/05/18 - VETASSESS - AQF Cert 3 received 22/05/18 - EOI Lodged 190 NSW 25/05/18 - Invited for nomination 29/05/18 - Approval of state nomination + Invite to apply 19/06/18 - 190 NSW lodged 12/10/18 - CO contact for form 80 05/04/19 - CO contact for additional info on form 1229
  3. Emma_M

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    @garrychandi No we’re still patiently waiting, we lodged our application on 19th June so started the whole thing well over a year ago now! We are now actually hoping our medicals and police checks expire and have to be re done as they were done the end of May so it gives us enough time to get things tied up here without having to make a validation trip. We’ve away on holiday next week to try and take our mind off things as we’ve had our lives on hold for too long now and are in desperate need of a break.
  4. Emma_M

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    Congratulations @Jellica
  5. Emma_M

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Congratulations! That’s great news
  6. Yes it’s a complete nightmare as it’s out of my hands now! No we don’t have joint custody he legally doesn’t even have any parental responsibility as I’ve only just discovered this week by googling as I’m going out of my mind with worry. I have spoken with his mum and partner so they are well aware he needs to answer the phone! - Births registered in Scotland A father has parental responsibility if he’s married to the mother when the child is conceived, or marries her at any point afterwards. An unmarried father has parental responsibility if he’s named on the child’s birth certificate (from 4 May 2006). - I was never married to him and my son was born in 2002 so I’m not sure what that means. I asked my agent but didn’t even give me an answer just said it would be refused if they couldn’t make contact.
  7. Thanks for that, that does ease my mind slightly but I hope it doesn’t get to that as I’m sure that will add a long time onto the processing.
  8. We had contact from Case officer 2 weeks ago asking for updated contact details for my ex as they have been trying to contact him to confirm he gives consent for my eldest to come with us. So I’ve re sent all the updated details the same day. I am so fed up now and starting to worry they’ll give up trying to get him! Anyone else been in a similar situation? Our agent said they will just refuse the visa if they can’t get in touch with him.
  9. Emma_M

    190 Applicants from Nov 2018

    Can you let me know where you found this info as I’ve just checked the gov website and it still states 8-10 months??
  10. Emma_M

    Grant after ex contacted

    @Samlakin have you had any updates? I had another contact last week asking for updated contact details for my ex as they had tried to get in touch with him without success (knew this would happen ) So resent the same info including an email address which wasn’t originally asked for on form 1229. I’m hoping they manage to get a hold of him this week. Anyone else know the timeframe for this whole part of the process? What happens if they can’t get in contact with him? My agent hasn’t been much help recently which is quite frustrating. What are the reasons for your entry date to be extended as our agent did say sometimes they will give a later entry date anyone know?? Now on day 266
  11. Yes just saw that, actually a few from earlier in the year so that looks promising! Thanks for your encouragement I’m going crazy here
  12. We lodged our 190 on 19th June, had CO contact on 12th of October requesting form 80s. Not heard anything since, is anyone else still waiting? Feels like it’s just us.
  13. Emma_M

    Watched pot never boils!

    Congratulations!! x
  14. Emma_M

    190 visa

    Congratulations on your grant! My husband is the main applicant and he’s a first class welder.
  15. Emma_M

    190 visa

    Processing times are now up to 10 months , we are 8 months tomorrow https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-nominated-190