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  1. CivCdn

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Why the new regional visas? In July when your points go up to 70 you can apply for SA under the high points category (if that stays at 80). That would still fall under the 489 two years regional visa if invited and you apply before November 16. Then there’s also the other states with your occupation on their lists for a fall-back. Heres one that is open for you at this very moment, with NO onshore work experience required: https://www.rdasi.org.au/regional-migration/state-sponsored-migration-489-visa
  2. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    It’s actually open right now fyi https://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-occupation-lists/
  3. CivCdn

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    You are misinformed here, nowhere in the legislation does it state that one must live in the same region that they were sponsored.
  4. CivCdn

    EOI 189/190 advice please

    How many points do you have before state sponsorship? Having that 190 attached to the 189 should not affect whether you get a 189 invite or not. But if you wanted to apply for a 190 with another state, couldn’t you just change the preferred state by editing the EOI or does editing the EOI to a different state reset the Date of Effect? Anyone know the answer to this?
  5. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    I would think this is because that unskilled partner would be taking up a place that would otherwise go to a skilled single applicant. To skilled single applicants greater return to Australia than only one.
  6. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    I read that link that gary chandi posted in that secondary teachers thread and to me it seems like partner points will not stack. If it comes to fruition, we would no longer me disadvantaged. See below screenshot from that document:
  7. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    Hopefully it isn’t stacking, if the numbers in the brackets is what one would get that would be great, but even then these changes are better than nothing. Will be interesting to see if the priority equal points will also be adopted by states (like NSW) for the 190 or if it is only for 189. The “more points for nominated by a state” refers to the 491 visa only and not the 190 as well? At the bottom Iscah says one will be free to move to any state, as long as they stay regional.... will be interesting to see how the 491 will work with the commitment to the state and sponsorship requirements. Will states then push to get 489s issued before Nov 16, or will they wait and hold the migrant to an additional year regional. The “one cannot apply for any other permanent visa if issued a 491” is interesting.
  8. CivCdn

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    I don’t think we should be buying into any of these policies until after the federal.
  9. CivCdn

    PTE Academic English Test

    The both times I took my test I was the only one in the room. Guess it depends on where you take it.
  10. CivCdn

    EOI for 189 and 190

    Yes, 2: https://archive.homeaffairs.gov.au/lega/lega/form/immi-faqs/how-many-eois-can-i-submit I thought this was a grey area in having EOIs for different states. Although there are users who have stated they have multiple EOIs for different states and still received state sponsorship invitations. States should really have the question "Have you expressed interest into any other state" and be able to search for EOIs by passport number and name to confirm. As opposed to the current question "Have you applied to any other state" which some states have in their application questions. Personally, I only have one EOI for the state that I want to go to.
  11. CivCdn

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    If the labour were to win, we’ll see if they also back the 30k cut. Hope not for our sake, but with all the uncertainty lately who knows. Regarding the 489, one can also apply for a 190 or 189 if they become eligible, while holding a 489. It would surprise me if government took away the PR after “time served” (as some would say) on a 489.
  12. CivCdn

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    It still doesn’t hurt to apply for the 489, getting a provisional visa is better than getting no visa at all. Once your points go up to 70, see if 80 is still the minimum for South Australia. With the reduced 189 numbers announced (provided the libs win in May) you’ll be hard pressed to get an invite at 70 points before you reach 33 me thinks.
  13. CivCdn

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    Yup, unfortunately too many already have used it for the sole purpose of entry into the country without any intention of living in the sponsored state. This is why some states are now hesitant to issue a 190 over a 489.
  14. CivCdn

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    That refers to those regions specified in the table I had quoted. The 489 grant letter does not mention anywhere the region that sponsored the visa, only that the holder must have lived in a specified low population growth area. Look up the condition imposed on the 489, condition 8539.
  15. CivCdn

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    Point me to the condition that states one must live and work in the nominating region. A 489 holder has to lived in ANY of the following regions to be eligible for a 887: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887/regional-postcodes Now, does the moral obligation made to that region at the time of application come into play during a citizenship application if those are leaving without permission? That’s the key question. I guess an interesting thing is that one region goes as far as saying that a release letter is not required. http://www.rdani.org.au/skilled-migration/skilled-regional-nsw-sponsorship.php Morally, think it would still boil down to whether or not one intended to work and live ina region for two years at the time of application/grant.