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  1. Do you need to go to NSW? if it will be such a big hit financially, why not another state?
  2. CivCdn


  3. CivCdn

    Help ... problems accessing RDA Northern Rivers

    blocked for IPs outside Au
  4. CivCdn

    Nomination refusal

    Interesting, thanks.
  5. CivCdn

    Nomination refusal

    Is there such a thing as a partner visa if those in question are not married?
  6. CivCdn

    489 Visa - Visting Other Places?

    The question would be if you have to subtract these holidays from your residency time to qualify for the 887. Would think you would have to.
  7. CivCdn

    Can anyone help reduce my stress!

    If your application went through then I would think you are fine.
  8. CivCdn

    Proving skilled employment, Engineer

    You don’t need to get the relevant employment assessed with engineers Australia, but do note the documents that will be required of you from DHA when the time comes.
  9. CivCdn

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Something better than nothing mate. Going to try SA too when your points go up?
  10. CivCdn

    Nursing registration and work visa

    Apply for a skills assessment and see how many years experience they give you. If you need the points then you should try for superior English to score 20 points.
  11. CivCdn

    489 work requirements before PR?

    Keep in mind that the visa is valid for four years and you only need to work for 1 year total to be eligible for the 187
  12. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    With the current government staying in power, we'll see if these November changes and intake cut hold.
  13. CivCdn

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    He would actually get 5 further points due to his partner being skilled, rather than her English language ability. He would be on par with single applications, but a leg up on those with unskilled partners. Ozpaul, you should be looking into the 489/491 if you don’t think you’d qualify for the 190. At first glance, if your wife can score 55 points plus 10 for state sponsorship as a secondary school teacher, then you could apply for NSW or Tasmania. See these options presently open for secondary school teachers 489: https://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migrants/skilled_regional https://www.rdasi.org.au/regional-migration/state-sponsored-migration-489-visa
  14. Some states want commitment only to that state. If one expresses interest and or applies to other states and doesn't disclose that information then there may be a problem if the nominating state find out. In the Tasmanian requirements for example there is a line: "... express interest in living in another state or territory will not meet the criteria to be considered for state nomination in Tasmania".