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  1. Hello! I'm new to this site, but it was just passed on to me as a place to find information about moving to Aus from Canada. There's tons of information out there but it's hard to figure out what applies and where to start. My partner and I are hoping to move to Australia for a couple of years to work and live in a new country, but have no idea what visa's we'd be eligible for or what the process involves. I'd love any advice or tips if anyone is able to provide some! Some info about us: We're 26 and 27 years old, born and raised Canadians He is an elementary school teacher and has two Bachelors Degrees, one in Education and one in Business - he's been working as a teacher for about 2 years, and has 2 years of Business-related work experience I have a Bachelor of Science degree and have been working in the field of sustainability/environment for about 5 years. We're not married (not sure if this may affect whether we can add each other as a partner on our visa or not) Not sure if there's anything else that may be useful, but thank you to anyone who may be able to help!