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  1. JetBlast

    Credit card for Temp Visa 489 holders

    I have the HSBC Qantas credit card on a 489. No issues at all.
  2. From what I understand the blue card offers the exact benefits as a green card that PR and Citizens get.
  3. A married siblings are not part of the family unit so should not be entered in this section. They should be entered in "other family members". Populating in the family unit section will mean they are asked to provide documents for these people when the application is paid for.
  4. JetBlast

    Taking glasses home from the pub

    I had a beer (of a few) with a nice glass I liked. I asked them behind the bar if I could have it. They obliged with no issues at all. They even swapped it with a clean one.
  5. JetBlast


    I don't have a degree either. I had a job offer before I arrived into SA and another the week I arrived. I also applied for a job, a was offered the position (but later refused) that specified a degree as mandatory. i would make sure you address why you have equivalent experience in your cover letter.
  6. JetBlast


    I can't comment on your particular industries but there seems to be a general lack of skilled workers in South Australia.
  7. JetBlast

    489 to 887 job change..

    June 2021 - Exactly 11 months.
  8. JetBlast

    489 to 887 job change..

    I am also waiting for my 887 - I fully appreciate your position.
  9. JetBlast

    489 to 887 job change..

    I am sorry to say - the processing times have changed. 25% of applications: 18 months 50% of applications: 19 months 75% of applications: 21 months 90% of applications: 25 months No obligation to work in same profession you migrated on. I know a few 887 holders who didn't You will be fine.
  10. JetBlast

    Do we make the move back?

    Before you applied and moved these type of things would have gone through your mind. At the time how did you think you would handle it? When thing happen like this the mind can snowball and make you feel worse. Could you try and get back into that mindset from the early days? Easier said than done
  11. JetBlast

    Wine in supermarkets

    I have wondered myself. However, I do enjoy a trip to Dan Murhpy!
  12. Congrats! It's a great state to be in!
  13. JetBlast

    Query on LCL (shared container) shipping

    There are lots of things that you would that I wouldn't dream of
  14. JetBlast

    Query on LCL (shared container) shipping

    Depending how much you have see if you can find someone with a container with empty space. I found someone, put a few boxes in theirs. I saved money, they had some extra $. Everyone wins.
  15. JetBlast

    Shipping price increase?

    Generally, Australian companies don't have issues spending money - unlike the British.