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  1. JetBlast

    Barclays closing accounts if non UK address

    Opening an account in the Isle Of Man gets around this but they use the UK system.
  2. JetBlast

    Whats the time frame to Apply for citizenship

    Processing times can be found here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/citizenship-processing-times
  3. JetBlast

    Should we move to WA from SA

    I agree to a point. But humidity comes into this. A 40c day in Adelaide is manageable and isn't that bad. In Brisbane it's a lot harder.
  4. JetBlast

    Waiting for an invite.....

    Waiting iit something you need to get used to. I was waiting just short of 2 years from application to grant for my PR.
  5. JetBlast

    Should we move to WA from SA

    The warm weather started quite late this year. When it did here it wasn't here for long or hot at all. Previous years it has been much warmer for longer. It seem's you came on a "bad" year.
  6. JetBlast

    Speed & Citizenship Application

    Thanks guys!
  7. JetBlast

    189 Visa

    This is a retrospective processing time of past applications. It isn't an indication of the future. I applied for an 887. The processing time was 4 months, it took me 2 years....
  8. JetBlast

    Speed & Citizenship Application

    Turns out I am an idiot driver and I have been fined for speeding! I have paid up and no further action. I plan to apply for Citizenship next year, I assume this won't have an impact? Would I need to declare this on my application please? Thanks
  9. JetBlast

    189 Visa

    At this time of the year the quotas are usually full. On the new financial year (1st July) they are reset and processing resumes.
  10. JetBlast

    The Coronation of King Charles III 👑

    Am I the only one who isn't used to hearing King Charles? The first thing that comes to my mind is a dog!
  11. @Slih01 I can personally couch for Paul's advise! He is an excellent agent!
  12. JetBlast

    Malaysia Airlines

    Baggage handlers are usually employed / contracted by the airline. Very few staff actually work directly for the Airport.
  13. JetBlast

    Mortgage Requirements in Oz

    It depends on the state and even local area. House prices have started to drop in most areas but there are some exceptions, Adelaide for example. You might struggle to get a mortgage whilst you're in your probation perod.
  14. JetBlast

    Erratic Processing Order

    I didn't have to wait too long. I was granted my 887 visa today!