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  1. JetBlast

    489 Visa Medical

    No you can't do that.
  2. JetBlast

    489 Visa Medical

    What are you asking please? If you don't meeting the conditions of your 489 and come to apply for an 887 there is a very high chance it won't be granted and will need to lease Australia when the 4 year 489 expires.
  3. JetBlast

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    No. Points are locked at time of invite. They can't go up or down. Once you have an invite there is no benefit of claiming extra points anyway.
  4. JetBlast

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    I can sympathize with you all. I must have been very lucky.
  5. JetBlast

    First time Flights

    It might not happen. The problem with the direct flights is the aircraft vary a lot of fuel. Because of the extra weight they have to burn lots of fuel to carry the extra fuel needed.
  6. JetBlast

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    You will need to use this list: https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/lists-of-state-nominated-occupations For the other comments I can't comment as its outside my knowledge.
  7. JetBlast

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    What list are you looking at? If they do increase to 85+ it will drop again in July. But there is a small chance they might take it off.
  8. JetBlast

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Just an update. I am looking at going April / May time. Just trying to see how it will all fit in. Cheers
  9. JetBlast

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    Thanks for the replies. I need to learn how to use LinkedIn!
  10. JetBlast

    Bumping Into Other Poms In Oz members?

    I have randomly met another member from here (not in person). He hasn't been on in 5+ years though. Might have been lucky!
  11. JetBlast

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    I did think that myself. It's a similar problem where I live now in the UK. My type of job is few and far between. I don't plan on randomly firing our my CV and hoping one sticks but taking care to taylor my cover letter, CV etc.
  12. JetBlast

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    Thanks for the reply. I am currently leading a whole IT Department. We have around 5,000 users. Most of the time is involved with IT Strategy driving things forward and making improvements, testing and selecting new products, managing all the projects. I am also ultimately responsible for the on going support of it. Hope that makes sense? Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  13. JetBlast

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    Hello - Thanks for the reply. I am looking for IT Management jobs really. I am currently an IT Manager that involves some technical work. Although I am moving myself away from that. But If I do get stuck maybe something in the technical area. I am Cisco certified and have plenty of experience with Microsoft products and Google cloud services. Why wouldn't you recommend working for the state government please? Thanks
  14. You might only want to consider the family sponsored visa if you have a high amount of points as they only invite 10 people per month for this visa. If you have high points other visas might be a better option anyway. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds EDIT: FYI That link doesn't cover the 489 state sponsorship.
  15. Hello, I know about seek.com.au but I am looking for other options as well. Does anyone know of any other websites I could use please? Does anyone know of any large employers that don't use Seek please? Also does anyone know of any or could recommend any recruitment agencies? I work in IT if that makes any difference. Thanks very much.