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  1. A) - Yes B) - Without knowing the particulars I can't be sure, but it was worth it for me. C) - I believe this is if you get gaps in the 17 year run. I don't believe this would apply to you.
  2. JetBlast

    Just received Citizenship what happens to my 190 now?

    This is unrelated so I advise you open a new thread.
  3. JetBlast


    If I am honest I can't remember. it was around 5 years ago. Sorry.
  4. JetBlast


    I needed to get 79 and it took me a few attempts. Anyway have a look at the videos on this YouTube channel, they are super helpful - https://www.youtube.com/@E2PTE/videos I kept tripping over the written section, it was down to the structure of the response. I purchased tutor time with the above company and nailed it, so if you do struggle it might be worth considering. Good luck!
  5. JetBlast

    Partner visa queries

    For the benefit of others, under different circumstances, this isn't quite right for everyone. You have to be in Australia for 4 years total, but a minimum of 1 year on a PR visa, this also has to be the last year. For example, if someone spent 3 years (or more) in Australia on a temporary visa, obtained a PR, they could then apply for Citizenship 1 year after receiving PR (Exclusions apply). However, for many people who arrive here on a PR, it is usually 4 years on that PR visa before applying for citizenship. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/become-a-citizen/permanent-resident#Eligibility
  6. JetBlast

    Is my 190 activated😬

    You're overthinking it, every passport is scanned when you enter and leave Australia. A record is stored on file. They know you have been. I must admit, after all the effort to gain a visa, it is underwhelming when you first get here. Nothing at all happens!
  7. JetBlast

    Netflix & Stan

    Only if you watch Live TV and BBC iPlayer. Otherwise your TV is just a monitor.
  8. JetBlast

    Malaysia Airlines

    PSA: It's Malaysia Airlines not Malaysian
  9. JetBlast

    Malaysia Airlines

    It wasn't that modern really. The aircraft that was lost was designed in the early 90's.
  10. JetBlast

    Malaysia Airlines

    I would avoid Air France then. They have had a lot of incidents for a major airline. In 2022 the pilots had a punch up in the cockpit!
  11. JetBlast

    Malaysia Airlines

    To be fair I don't see how you can blame the airline for getting shut down. It just so happened ot be in the wrong place or the wrong time. The suicide pilot theory hasn't been proven. Again this can happen with other airlines. It happened with German Wings and SilkAir (Subsidiary of Singapore Airlines).
  12. JetBlast

    887 process time

    I applied June 2021. Nothing here. There is a Facebook group called 887 visa. People are sharing their story on there. There hasn't been much happening in ages. Before christmas they opened thousands of files asking for outstanding medicals for children. Might be a sign they are going to start working on the backlog.
  13. JetBlast

    262113 Systems Administrator 190/491

    There are a lot of IT jobs outside of these areas, Systems Admin in particular. In SA these roles are very hard to recruit for and as a result are fetching $1,000 day for contract work. This is after all deductions.
  14. JetBlast

    Shipping small quantity

    See if you can find someone who has a shipping container with spare space. I found someone willing, gave them a few $. I got my boxes shipped cheaper, the other person got some extra cash. Everyone wins.
  15. I continued to pay mine. The increase in pension more than makes up for the additional payments. Infact, I will recover the additional payments in the first year of claiming it. Assuming I last that long!