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  1. CharleyP

    Getting work history as an agency worker is impossible

    I’ve just been through the process of submitting a skills assessment and I would recommend getting a migration agent to help as they will be able to advise what to do in your case and what to provide. I’ve worked in interim roles ( as ltd company, through an agency and direct, and one company no longer operates) and I need maximum points too (my age also goes against me). I hadn’t kept any payslips and only had some documentation saved. As Paul has said above there are ways of doing it but I would advise that if you are serious, you do it as soon as you can because it took me four months to get all my documentation together and it was a lot of hard work. Am now waiting for the outcome, fingers crossed.
  2. I now have my PTE Academic results. I found the PTE content and questions much harder that IELTS and hated that I couldn’t go back and review my answers. But nevertheless I still scored R90, S90, L90 and W88.
  3. I agree on this! I don’t think the reading answers were clear enough to be right and wrong as you say, particularly as the final question I had was to pick the ‘best’ title for the text. There were three that would have been suitable!! Also I did not have a single typing error in my writing, and I stuck to the format they said you needed to follow. I think they need to review how they score the writing. It’s a general test not academic.
  4. I don’t disagree that it’s not perfect. I wouldn’t expect it to get an 8.5 or a 9. But it’s hard to see why it didn’t manage an 8, when in my experience the listening and the reading was so unbelievably basic in comparison.
  5. Hi Bav - I actually meant to say that I did IELTS on a computer. Not all are computer based but there are some. Agree still better to do PTE if you can.
  6. If you are looking to get an 8 or above at IELTS I would say don't bother with it, and go straight for the PTE. I sat the IELTS General test last week as I couldn't get booked on to a PTE on the days I had available. The writing is pretty much impossible to get an 8. I got a 7.5 and I write and edit copy everyday for my job. Here's an example of a 7.5: https://www.ielts-practice.org/psychological-illnesses-may-not-be-as-obvious-as-physical-disabilities-or-illnesses-band-7-5-ielts-essay-sample/. I'm sorry but I would say this is superior English and worth an 8. Particularly when you compare it to the simple questions on the reading and listening sections (I got 9 on those). I joined a free webinar on task two before the test and the host told us that we would lose marks if we put information that wasn't relevant (and I disagreed with the examples she gave, I would argue they were relevant). So they are not just testing your English but your knowledge too? Sounds wrong to me. And very subjective. Plus, on the speaking I was asked to speak continuously for two minutes but I wasn't allowed to see the timer. That's really hard - and is no reflection of my English. I am sure I dropped half a mark here because I paused before the two minutes was up (I got an 8.5). I'm managed to get booked on to the Pearson next week, fingers crossed!!
  7. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    Thanks everyone, sounds like its worth paying for the full assessment then. I'll look into that and hopefully will know more after!
  8. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    Thanks everyone for their advice
  9. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    Thanks LouDYorkie! This is super helpful.
  10. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    Thanks Ausvisitor - we had a few initial assessments done online but the agents coming back were quite vague and wanted to charge a couple of hundred quid to tell us more. I absolutely understand they can't give advice away for free and don't mind paying, but if there was no chance of being eligible then I didn't want to spend it. If you can recommend your agent then let me know and I will try to set up a call with them.
  11. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    OK thanks Paul, that's good to know, appreciate your response. Are you able to advise what other information I need to take into account or research? I've looked at the SA state occupation list and my occupation is on the list but doesn't state any threshold for points. I am not sure how likely it is that I would get state nomination if I put in an EOI. Am guessing as well I could only try for a 491 visa. Sorry, I've done lots of research on the internet but its hard to know in practice how much of a chance I have.
  12. CharleyP

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    Hi, I have been trying to see what our chances are of emigrating to Australia are and have done a few assessments with Migration Agents but they all seem to say something different, and are a bit vague on the details. I am not sure what the best route is and what our chances truly are. Its myself and my partner, and I think I should get the following points. Age - 15 English - 20 (assuming, I work in communications/PR so would be ashamed if I didn't get this!) Work Experience - 15 Degree - 15 My partner doesn't have many points as he only have about five years experience, and we've been told that he would need at least a HND in the same field as his work (Community Worker - he's a Housing Officer). He only has a Certificate of Higher Education in Sports Science. My other question is points for state nomination. If you need at least 75/80 to get state nomination, is that before the state nominates you or do you include 15 points in that total? Any honest advice is much appreciated. If we don't have any chance, it would be better to know now before we start spending money on applications etc.