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  1. Long story short, I’m on 489 which requires 1 year of regional working and 2 years of regional living before applying for 887. I have completed one year of working in regional. The place that I work decided to shut down last two month and now I’m jobless. Now I temporarily stay with my cousin in the city. But I’m going back to regional soon. Will the time I spend in the city affect when I apply for 887? I’m still paying rent there. I’m concerned that it has now been 6 weeks. One thing I concern is my everyday spending would show that I am in the city. I planning to go back as soo as I can and finding a new job. Will plan to go back next week though. thank you for all inputs.
  2. Thank @Raul Senise The link that I provided is directly from HomeAffair website. And it states that "Business will be able to reduce the hours of the visa holders without the person being in breach of their visa condition". I hope this statement can be used as a proof of working hours concessions. fingers crossed
  3. Anyone can help on this? Very appreciate every answer. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, I am holding 489 since Sep 2019. I have been working full time ever since... Until Covid hits. I have been stood down for 3 weeks (but I claimed holiday pay for that period) Now I came back to work. However, the company gave Aussies first priority to work, which makes my work hours to be less than 35 hrs as per 887 work requirement. Would that affect when I submit application for 887 visa?? I know that Immigration has made some exemption for temporary visa but I do not know for how long. https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/davidcoleman/Pages/Coronavirus-and-Temporary-Visa-holders.aspx If I could not bring my hours back to Sep 2020 this year (Requirement for work full time is 1 year), do I need to continue working until I meet the requirement. I am so worried right now. Any one please suggest. Thank you so much.
  5. wokeuplikediss

    489 to 887 visa 2 years requirement update?

    Hi there, Just wondering that, would holiday leave be deducted in the process of counting residency?? I am on 489 since last year and planning to go on holiday for 4 weeks. Would that timing be included in the period of 'living in a regional area'?
  6. @Marisawright thank you for you answer. Yes. I do put all my address for tax, super, all the cards using my current address in regional area where I stay. My driving license also has this address. If those can use as proofs so that would be great. Maybe bank statements would help if they can see that daily transactions are in regional area. At first I thought the proof has to be related to the house or lease or electricity bills only.
  7. Hi there, I am currently on my 489 visa. I am a single woman, and renting the room out of retired couple. I pay cash to them fortnightly and that includes all water, electricity, and internet. My question is, what can i use to proof my residency to immigration if I want to apply for 887 visa after I complete the requirement of working and living in the regional area? Do they need a proper lease agreement of electricity bills? Or the letter from landlord is fine. Has anyone applied to 887 with the same situation before? Appreciate every comment. Thank you.
  8. wokeuplikediss

    491/489 Job Prospects

    It is hard for me to find a job in my opinion. Regional does not lack of people. It lacks of jobs. This will depend on your profession though. I am in hospitality and retail. For example big brands like Coles, Woolworths never hire people with temporary status. Jobs in the this industry hardly be offered as full time as well, mostly part time or casual. :((((
  9. HI I just got good news yesterday. My documents have been approved from BSMQ and i got invitation from Immigration in the same day. Thanks all.
  10. @Raul Senise Thank you sir. I would research further. Appreciate your help so far. You have been very helpful.
  11. All right. Yeah maybe Sorry. so you mean it is fine if i have to leave and wait offshore, right? im thinking of applying for student visa though just in case. I actually have consulted the agent. He was just very positive that I will get invitation to lodge the visa. I just want to know If DID NOT GET it. /sigh
  12. I’m working. I’m on a post study work visa (2years) since I graduated master degree in QLD in 2017.
  13. @Raul Senise thanks for the reply. What if I had to leave the country and Home Affairs contacted me, but that time I no longer work in nominate occupation? Would the application get dismissed?? I mean, my occupation is only in the list of “I’m working in Queensland” not “ I’m offshore” Thanks in advance.
  14. The website says that “ do not contact for personal matter cause it will slow down the process” so I didn’t