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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Can anyone answer any or all of the below questions please. On a State Sponsored 491 Visa, it states you must work and live in Regional Australia. Does the company you work for have to be based in Regional Australia or could the company be based elsewhere (UK) and you live and work from Regional Australia? Does the company have to have been established for any amount of time? Could an Established UK Company open an Office in Regional Australia, and working for this company, based from the Australian Office, count towards the 491 Visa Requirements? Thanks Martin
  2. Sejal

    Pathway to PR

    Hello everyone, I and my husband arrived in Sydney in March 2020. I am studying MPA in Sydney based university. I have already completed my 2 semesters here. I am working as an Account Assistant. Now I am thinking to move to the regional area to complete my degree. As I am new here, I am looking for a suggestion from you guys like which state would be better for Accounting and so on. I would appreciate it if you provide me with genuine advice. Thank you.
  3. Rob Frain

    Western Australia Teachers 491

    My wife and I are two teachers who started the AITSL process and TOEFL process back in September. My wife's AITSL has come through as passed (she's the main applicant as shes been teaching for 15 years) and has also completed the TOEFL English test. My AITSL wanted further info which I have now provided and I should hear from them in early April/late March. My question is we were thinking of applying on the 491 and really want to head to WA to teach, however I'm now hearing we cant do this now? Please can someone confirm and if true what other options do we have?
  4. Just wondering if anyone is at the same stage as us. We have just had our 491 visa grant through after being invited by SA at the end of June. Rather quick turnaround on the application, which could be down to the occupation we applied under. What circumstances have people had an exemption granted in order to enter the country on a temporary visa?
  5. PickledRic

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    Hi everyone, I’m just looking for a bit of advice on a travel exemption application I currently have open, I’ll give some background info first: 491 visa granted March 2020 based on partners skills - secondary school teacher. Obviously corona is here and our plans to travel to Oz in September were scuppered but I’m not one to give up! Ive secured a job in Australia as a mental health practitioner so have applied for a travel exemption for me and my partner on the basis of critical skills. I supplied as much evidence as I had available at the time (it all happened quite quick). They have since come back and asked for some more evidence, one being the contract which is no problem but the other is a supporting letter from the employer about why my partner should be exempt. I have no idea what they are expecting an employer to say about that, does anyone have any idea what they’re looking for? I have provided financial evidence as well which suggests we have more than enough money for a year unemployed in Australia but they still want the employer one for him? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, has anyone recently had their 491 application changed to further assessment after sending in further info? If so how long did it take for a visa decision to be made?
  7. Hi, I am planning to submit an EOI soon in this month of September. I heard from few places that 491 applications has been closed for offshore applicants however, I have not yet come across such an announcement from any official body. Can anybody share some knowledge regarding this corcern of mine? Thank you.
  8. ash128

    491 Visa

    Hi Just inuring if anyone has recently applied for 491 regional visa and how many points they has to receive an invitation to apply?
  9. SimontoOz

    491 - Turn down ITA

    Hi, As the title says, what happens if I receive an ITA for a 491 visa and decide now is not the right time to apply? Does my EOI get deleted and if further down the line I want to try again do I need to submit another EOI? If it doesn't get deleted is there a time period I have to wait before a 2nd ITA can be issued and is there a limit on how many times I can say I don't want to lodge an ITA? Thanks
  10. Sabs

    Points question

    Hi, I want to know if my spouse's and my occupation is on the same list, do we get extra points for that or not? My spouse has 5 years of experience in his field, while I have none. Thanks!
  11. iamnotageordie

    491 Visa rights

    Hi There, I am a diagnostic Radiographer planning to Move to Australia in the next 12 months. In the last 2 years I have seen the competition for 189 visas increase to the point where it is no longer an option, 190 programmes begin to remove or limit Radiographers, and now my only remaining path is the 491 regional skilled visa. Does anyone know what rights this grants for things like state schooling and fees, Medicare and other benefits that would have applied under a 189 or 190 PR programme? My skills assessment is yet to be granted despite being into week 20 IELTS : 19/05/18: W8 S8 L9 R9. Skills Ax sent/Rcvd/granted: 07/11/19, 14/11/19, --/--/--
  12. YuryGagarin

    491 family sponsorship

    Hi there, Trying to find our wether 491 family sponsorship visa is available for NSW. There is no info on NSW web site. Doe it mean it is closed? Thank you
  13. So submitted an EOI 2 days ago and qld have offered us an invitation to apply for state sponsorship...was not expecting that! Now I know there is still a huge amount of hurdles to go over but wanted to ask ...my English test runs out mid march..if I get an invitation from skillselect before then but I lodge application a week after let's say will it be valid or would I need to repeat?
  14. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Hi Everybody! I've been browsing this site for a loooooong time and it's been so useful throughout the whole process of trying to get to Oz! I figured it was finally time to share my story so far and hear from other prospective or successful secondary school teacher migrators! My partner is the main applicant; points breakdown are as follows: age: 28 - 30 points work experience: 5 years - 10 points qualifications: BA and PGCE - 15 points English competency: Superior - 20 points Partner: competent English (no assessable skills) - 5 points Total = 80 points We have a positive skills assessment from AITSL and applied for the 189 in April/May time this year. Unfortunately we had 75 points at that time and the invites just weren't coming in for the 75 pointers and since the rule changes in November, we had to manually update the EOI and lost the initial date etc. and still are very unlikely to get an invite on the 189 with 80 points. So; we've now gone for the 190 and 491. We managed to apply for QLD for both when it briefly opened yesterday, we have 85 points for the 190 and 95 points for the 491. We are not using a MARA agent, I've done the work myself and have found the process to be very complex but can understand most of it with it enough research - I have dedicated a stupid amount of hours to this! We're currently awaiting registration with QLD college of teachers but expect this to go through without a hitch so I'm feeling hopeful we'll get invited eventually but no idea when! Just wanted to share where we are at currently and if anyone else is in the same boat? It's a little frustrating as when we first started working on applying beginning of 2018 we would have gotten there no problem with our points and things have changed so quickly since then. But, staying hopeful and positive Would love to share the journey with other people!
  15. Has anyone else had to delay their medical due to the current isolation in the UK?
  16. Spayne81

    Visa options ... confused

    Hi this is my first post and I’m sorry if it’s been asked or I’m being silly basically we were applying to move to SA on a skills PV ( my husband is a chef) and the visa agency have just told us as we were finishing off that this is not available and nor is the temp 491 SA visa and our only option it to live to Victoria is this true, is there any other option as we really wanted to be in Adelaide near my family ( I’m not the main applicant so can’t use them) thank you in advance
  17. KangaKit

    Specialist medical reports

    Now that I've received my invitation I'm keen to get cracking as my ilets expires this month. I have got in touch with one of the migration agents on this forum but wondered if there is anything I can do in the meantime? Shall I ask the consultants receptionist for a report regarding medical issues?
  18. ChaosYT181

    491 Visa Problem, Help

    Hi everyone, I just have some problems with the visa application so I am posting this topic for help. Thank god I recently got a job in my nomination skill assessment of architect in the regional area of Queensland, and I was dreaming to settle in such a beautiful land after my 491 Visa is approved. However, when I was about to submit my EOI, I realized that my employer is a sole trader instead of a company. Also, although the job duty in the offer does comply with the description of my nominated skill in ANZSCO, my employer has no certificate in the field at all. I was petrified when I realize this. I am wondering if the DHA would refuse my application because of my sole trader employer or because he has no certificate in the field? Can anyone tell me what should I do? Best Regards
  19. Hi, Can anyone tell me that my relative, who sponsors me for 491 Family Sponsored points tested visa. has to live in a designated regional area at the time of the invitation or at the time of visa application? Thanks a lot!
  20. Hey guys! Sorry I’m new to this site and just looking to gauge some advice on the best ways to tackle the visa application process. Hoping to be sitting at 70 points (after IELTS test next month) and will gain another 5 points in June when my work experience hits the 3 year point. My partner could gain the application another 5 points if he was to do his skills test for joinery/carpentery but after reading up online it looks like it’s a few thousand $s so not sure it’s worth it for 5 points. Basically trying to establish the chances of actually getting a 190 for Sydney (our ideal situation) which would be our goal or go for the 491.
  21. On the new 491 visa, if a visa holder was offered a place at the University of Queensland which has a main address in Brisbane BUT they would be only studying in the Gatton campus which is in a regional postcode, would this be allowed?
  22. Vk108

    491 nomination

    Hi Guys, just checking if I am eligible for Skilled assessment for 491. I got diploma in Leadership and Management and currently working in Geelong. My employer is happy to sponsor me on 491. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  23. KangaKit


    Anyone have any ideas as to how to get a job offer for a 491 visa which in order to get the job offer you need to have a visa! Mind scrambled
  24. KBeale

    491/489 Job Prospects

    Hi folks, I’m looking to relocate to NSW on a 491 visa. I was wondering if anyone has any experience finding jobs on a 489/491 regional skilled provisional visa? I ask because I currently hold a 476 Recognised Graduate visa valid for 18 months, but employers don’t want to know because it’s temporary. I’m worried that, since the 491 is technically ‘temporary’ (5 years and there is a clear and defined pathway to PR) I’ll be wasting $4k for the same results! For a bit of background, I’m a recent chemical engineering grad working in refining in the UK but hoping to move over to Aus and get into the water treatment business. I’ve been trying for 3 months now to get something on my 476 visa but it’s not looking likely! Does anyone have any experience that they can share? All the best, Kai