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Found 46 results

  1. hadrich

    EOI for Civil Draftsperson

    Hi All, need a bit of help. I have applied for EOI for civil draftsperson 312211 for subclass 491. My points are 70. Does anyone have an idea how long it takes nowadays for the invitation or how soon/ how often rounds are being opened? And at what points invitation is being granted? EOI I have applied for is state-nominated (not family-sponsored) and I have applied for NSW, WA, SA, Vic. Appreciate feedback and thanks.
  2. KangaKit

    191 medical?

    Hi, I will be applying for the 191 visa soon, having held the 491 for 3 years now..and was wondering whether anyone could shed some light on timescale for processing and whether they needed to do another medical, having already done one for the 491?
  3. I am the main applicant and i have submitted for one state for the 491. My partner's passport is not from an English speaking country. I have i done the wrong thing by applying for an EOI? i said on the form that he has not done the test. Can he do this at a later date? I am just eager to submit as i am sitting on 75 points anyway and don't want to fudge the 190 application up so have stopped at one state with the 491.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been getting mixed information online. These questions are ideally for a MARA agent, legal expert or someone who has tried this. These are my questions: Once you get the 491 visa, can you move to any regional area regardless of the state that nominated you? If you move states to a state that wasn't the one that nominated you, can you still get PR later? Are there any consequences to moving to a state that wasn't the one that nominated you? Is there any law or government website that shows clear rules on this? Thank you!
  5. Hii Is it possible to sponsor relative under 491
  6. KangaKit

    191 visa grant

    Hi, has anyone on here applied for the 191 yet? Just wondering how long it took and whether you needed to go through the whole medical again?
  7. Hi, I have submitted an EOI for a 491 visa Victoria offshore and waiting for an invitation. Meanwhile, I have got an offer to do a Master at a NSW university and hoping to apply for a student visa. My concerns are; 1) Can I apply for a student visa while I have an EOI in the system? 2) If I get Student visa and relocated to NSW, will Victoria invite me? On the Live In Melbourne site it says, if you are an offshore applicant, you have to be in offshore to be nominated. 3) If they nominate me while I am on onshore, can I go back to my country for short period and submit the application? Will that be valid?
  8. Aimee25

    Missed the boat??

    Hi we are still in the process of submitting EOI’s and I feel like we may have to except we have missed the boat, our agent is still putting EOI’s in but the main applicant turns 45 in December surely this is too late to still apply as I can’t see us getting invited and everything being approved before then?? just wondering if anyone has any advice on this is it correct you need to have everything approved before you turn 45? I would rather our agent say we are wasting our time. Appreciate any advice thanks
  9. Raplin45

    22/23 Allocation

    Hey all, an update for info from today for this year's allocations for anyone who wants to have a look - Migration Program planning levels (homeaffairs.gov.au)
  10. Hi everyone I currently living in Melbourne, and soon to study under Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood ( a 1 year full time course). After a year i will have to do skill assessment but then i realised the IELTS requirement is impossible to obtain. Then i saw Criterion 1 ------------------------------ An AITSL skills assessment can consider qualifications that are: completed in any of the six listed English speaking countries that results in award of a qualification; of at least one year full-time study duration; and comparable to the educational level of an Australian bachelor degree (Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7) or higher. Please note that to fulfil the study option of the English Language criterion (Option 1), your total study must equal four full years in any of the six listed English speaking countries and this study must include a recognised initial teacher education qualification. All components of the initial teacher education qualification including supervised teaching practice must be completed in one or more of the six countries listed. ------------------------------ Well i did a Bachelor in Design - Animation and interactive ( 3 years course) and graduated back in 2015, then went back to my home country, not until now in 2022 that i decided to come back to Melbourne for visa 190/491 with PR in mind. But im worried because the bachelor is 7-8 yrs old, i dont know if its going to be a problem and whether AITSL will request me to take the IELTLS. Do you think i can dodge the IELTS bullet? Plz let me know ur opinions Thanks all
  11. Hello everyone, I have lodged NSW 491 stream 3 in January 2022, and currently, I am on a student visa that expires in September 2022. After September my 491 bridging visa will be active, I just want to ask after my bridging visa is active do I need to continue my studies or if I can withdraw from the course.
  12. My partner and I are at that critical decision stage in our process. The housing market is booming so we want to sell. SA have sponsored my partner as a registered nurse. We are still waiting on AHPRA to grant the registration, so that we can apply for jobs that will support an application for a travel exemption. Visa granted October 2020 and the clock is ticking on activating it. Does anyone have any advice or experiences that they can share regarding the supporting evidence required in order to get the travel exemption over the line?
  13. Hello everyone, Hope anyone can throw some light on my dilemma here.. May be there are few here who is facing the same issue. We are planning our long delayed move to Australia earIy next year when borders open for other visa holders. Since due to border closure which is not our fault do you think the government will provide some concessions while we lodge 887 visa. FYI, we got our 489 in Oct 2019 and was supposed to land in aus in March. Since there are visa conditions to be met for being eligible for PR. We will be falling short on those now. We are still going forward with our move but worried what will happen if government does not announce any concessions. Anyone here on the samelines? What are your thoughts and any alternate solutions we can look forward to after Oct 2023. Many thanks, Lax
  14. Hey, so my child wants to study in the UK as they are unable to get domestic fees on the 491 visa as yet. We have been in oz for 9 months. If he was to do this and come back during term holidays, would it have any effect when we apply for the 191 visa? I'm aware citizenship would take a bit longer. Thank you in advance
  15. My subclass 457 visa was rejected in 2017 due to genuine position ground. I also overstayed for some time so I was served with entry ban for a long time before leaving Australia. I am cleared of the entry ban by March of this year. I am thinking about whether I should apply for the new subclass 491 or should I attempt to immigrate to different countries. I do not want to spend money and time if it is likely I will get rejected again. I am looking for genuine advice. I understand that how immigration handles each application can vary based on many factors but I am looking for a hunch before I make a decision.
  16. KangaKit


    Hi, has anyone recently applied for aphra registration? How long did u have to wait?
  17. I holds bridging visa A because I lodge file for 190 visa under motor Mechenic trade course in January 2020, but still waiting for visa grand. Now, my wife got invite for 491 visa under registered nurse for NSW state. question is if I will accept 491 visa application then what will happen to 190 visa, which I lodge in January 2020. and if i will get 491 visa grand before 190 visa grand then what will happen to 190 visa application? It will continue along with 491 visa and will grand or it will removed automatically from the immigration department?
  18. themurphys

    EOI - 491 Visa

    Hi, does anyone know what the best way submitting a EOI is. The 2 states we are interested in is SA/NT. We understand we have to apply to the states to be invited. (When it opens to offshore applicants). Is it best to do 1 EOI with both states selected or is there a way where we can submit 2 separate EOIs? Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone, Is it mandatory to get marriage certificate attested or will a legal translation of it be enough? This is for the 190/491 visa, if either me or my partner get an invitation. Thanks!
  20. KangaKit

    491 to 191

    I know we are are a away for it being available but do any agents know the requirements yet? ie will be a case of 3 years tax receipts, new police check or will it be like applying for another visa again with medicals etc? (Found them so stressful last time)
  21. My wife and I are two teachers who started the AITSL process and TOEFL process back in September. My wife's AITSL has come through as passed (she's the main applicant as shes been teaching for 15 years) and has also completed the TOEFL English test. My AITSL wanted further info which I have now provided and I should hear from them in early April/late March. My question is we were thinking of applying on the 491 and really want to head to WA to teach, however I'm now hearing we cant do this now? Please can someone confirm and if true what other options do we have?
  22. Hi, has anyone received a travel exemption for work purposes? In a bit of a dilemma..my husband and I need to give 12 and 8 weeks off of work respectively but it states that u have to apply no more than 2 months before your flight but if we get refused then we'll have paid for flights we cant use and no jobs..does anyone have any advice?
  23. KangaKit

    Driving licence on a 491 visa qld

    Has anyone broached the subject of getting an aussie licence on a 491 visa? I understand if u r a visitor u can drive for 12 months on a uk one, a permanent resident for 3 months, but can find no info on a 491visa
  24. Hi Everybody! I've been browsing this site for a loooooong time and it's been so useful throughout the whole process of trying to get to Oz! I figured it was finally time to share my story so far and hear from other prospective or successful secondary school teacher migrators! My partner is the main applicant; points breakdown are as follows: age: 28 - 30 points work experience: 5 years - 10 points qualifications: BA and PGCE - 15 points English competency: Superior - 20 points Partner: competent English (no assessable skills) - 5 points Total = 80 points We have a positive skills assessment from AITSL and applied for the 189 in April/May time this year. Unfortunately we had 75 points at that time and the invites just weren't coming in for the 75 pointers and since the rule changes in November, we had to manually update the EOI and lost the initial date etc. and still are very unlikely to get an invite on the 189 with 80 points. So; we've now gone for the 190 and 491. We managed to apply for QLD for both when it briefly opened yesterday, we have 85 points for the 190 and 95 points for the 491. We are not using a MARA agent, I've done the work myself and have found the process to be very complex but can understand most of it with it enough research - I have dedicated a stupid amount of hours to this! We're currently awaiting registration with QLD college of teachers but expect this to go through without a hitch so I'm feeling hopeful we'll get invited eventually but no idea when! Just wanted to share where we are at currently and if anyone else is in the same boat? It's a little frustrating as when we first started working on applying beginning of 2018 we would have gotten there no problem with our points and things have changed so quickly since then. But, staying hopeful and positive Would love to share the journey with other people!
  25. Hello, Can anyone answer any or all of the below questions please. On a State Sponsored 491 Visa, it states you must work and live in Regional Australia. Does the company you work for have to be based in Regional Australia or could the company be based elsewhere (UK) and you live and work from Regional Australia? Does the company have to have been established for any amount of time? Could an Established UK Company open an Office in Regional Australia, and working for this company, based from the Australian Office, count towards the 491 Visa Requirements? Thanks Martin