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  1. There are a lot of people on WHV and other temp visas who are currently in Australia and being looked after, as opposed to PR applicants who have worked hard at satisfying visa conditions over the past X amount of years and are on the MSTSOL. They certainly should and are taking care of citizens first, but prioritizing backpackers over industry professionals is a little annoying. I sold my accumulated wealth here in Canada and have been invited and applied for my 190 visa, I'm pissed as are many other people who are currently in a similar situation.
  2. Domo

    Emotional blackmail

    Many of us have gone through this, as it's a very pivotal move in determining the direction of yours' and any else's life. Unfortunately, they're blackmailing, anger, frustration is all a sign they care deeply! Like the posters above, the loss is huge, and their unhappiness is justified as they're losing a source of their happiness, however you must believe in your choices and do what is right for you. I ran a family business with my parents and brother, I have a very tightly knit family dynamic. They made it difficult and still do at times, but know your not alone in the struggle for change! Best of luck and do what you think is best for you and your future, that'll make you unbreakable!
  3. Domo

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    Based on application date after invite. If you look at last CO contact date, and which 190s and 189s have been approved, you'll notice that a majority are within a similar time frame. I.e. most applications from Sept/Oct have recieved CO contact. So you can assume that the DHA is focusing on cases from that period of time. That's the basis of my analysis, I could be wrong.
  4. Domo

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    Must be the priority occupations receiving Grants in weeks if not days, which is driving down the processing time. Immitracker suggests the DHA is on 190 cases/applications from October to November
  5. Domo


    The DHA is still processing PR but focusing on priority occupations (nurses, MDs) and onshore applicants. Us offshore people have been left out to dry for the time being with no real answers, hopefully that answers your question.
  6. Domo

    190 IT support

    I think you're on the right path, stay in your elected and you'll get your PR in the years to come!
  7. You can boost your points by 5 if you successfully write a NAATI test. If you can confidently speak another language, then gaining the extra 5 points should be a breeze. Booking for NAATI requires you to be inshore and the waiting queues are rather long from what I recall reading, good luck!
  8. Domo

    Offshore grants.

    As Paul mentioned earlier, the DIBP will be focusing on onshore Grants and priority occupations. My migration agency told me the same thing unfortunately. From what I have read, there will be a focus to have international students return for their next semester, so I believe that non priority offshore PR visa grants will be considered in the coming months.
  9. Domo

    Trade Skill Assessment Carpenter Joiner

    Heyo, I'm a carpenter and recently was invited to apply for NSW 190 Feb 5, 2020. I used the Down Under Center from London and I'm a commercial steel framer by trade from Canada, so if you've got any questions feel free to ask!
  10. Domo

    Do I need a migration agent?

    I'd say it's piece of mind which you are paying for, given that the agent along with the agency is competent. I wouldn't doubt your or anyone's ability to complete the paperwork themselves, as many people have successfully done so in the past. Nonetheless, having someone with experience help navigate you through the BS and help cross your T's and dot your I's certainly gave me piece of mind.
  11. Domo

    Anyone been granted

    Hey Paul, have you noticed any 190 or 189 offshore applications which have recieved a grant lately? It's my understanding that DIBP will be focusing on onshore rather than offshore applications, so any offshore candidates receiving a grant - at this moment in time - are nothing short of lucky.
  12. Domo

    Thought it would be easy?!

    I believe QLD sponsors specific tradesman, and as Lavers said; unfortunately carpenters were not on the list last time I checked. However, solid/fibrous Plasterers and other trades were on the list, just to give you an idea. Each state has their own list, so best advice is to comb through them and consult with and agent.
  13. Domo

    Thought it would be easy?!

    You'll have to prove +8 years work exp, make sure your wife is qualified and ace your English tests, then have to wait in the queue like the rest of us. That process may take 1-2 years alone, depending how quickly you get organized. If you want a quick way in, I'm sure you can nail a provisional visa, but that will require you to dedicate 5 years or so of your life in a regional area. I'm a carpenter (steel framer) and got in, i'm 32 with +12 years of documented work experience, not self employed (employee of a family company) . Self employment seems much more of a headache to prove. Best of luck!
  14. Domo

    PR visa help required! Migration agent?

    Heyo, I'm a carpenter 331212 and was invited for NSW state nomination this Feb 5th. Let me know if you need any pointers
  15. Domo

    Down under centre

    If I haven't made it clear, my personal opinion of the Down Under Center from London UK = excellent staff, would recommend!