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  1. NickyNook


    Agree with Quoll on this one. $50k is about right for living expenses only (not to include any housing costs) for a couple. We spend about that on average each year. Includes food, drink, running a car, health insurance, all bills, occasional eating out etc. I would add that you wouldn't be able to afford long overseas holidays for that figure but you could manage shorter, local ones.
  2. NickyNook

    House Hold Expenses

    Actually Aldi use the Telstra network. Could explain why it's no different to your husband's Agree about sharing a house on first arrival. It's a great way to meet people and keep the costs down.
  3. Assuming you (or the children's father) were born in the UK, then the children are already British citizens and you only need to apply for their British passports.
  4. NickyNook

    AUS health insurance - UK medical history?

    Doesn't matter what your existing conditions are. Insurers HAVE to take them on. You can be at death's door from heart disease or cancer but the health funds must insure you. You won't be able to claim anything for the first year but after that all your pre-existing conditions are covered. See here: https://www.privatehealth.gov.au/healthinsurance/howitworks/waitingperiods.htm Where it states: 'Even if you have a pre-existing condition, health funds must allow you to purchase any type of cover, at the same price as every other person. Once you have served any waiting periods, you will be entitled to claim.'
  5. NickyNook

    Currently in Brisbane looking for a day out

    Yes, the CityHopper ferries (which is what the OP said) are free.
  6. NickyNook

    AUS health insurance - UK medical history?

    If you are referring to normal Australian domestic private health insurance policies - and you're on a PR visa - then there is no need to bring any history from the UK. Private health Insurance here is based on community risk and everyone is automatically covered for any previous conditions. You only need to pass the relevant waiting periods before making any claim (usually a year but can be less for some items) and you're good to go. You won't be charged any more for your policy than anyone else and you don't even need to declare any previous health problems. No questions, no medicals, just pay your premium. Same with Medicare (public health care) - you're covered immediately for everything regardless of previous health issues. Note that I'm only referring to Health Insurance here. Life Insurance and Travel insurance is different - you do have to declare previous health issues for those.
  7. NickyNook

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    How would you like it if someone was questioning and discussing your efficiency with strangers online? Hope Roel reads this and puts you at the bottom of his pile.. I know I would if I was him.
  8. And to have clean water to drink and a sewage system to keep you healthy and well maintained roads to drive on and air safety and a police service to keep law and order and a fire service to keep you safe and schools for your children and up-to-date hospitals and public libraries and rubbish collection etc etc. In short everything that makes you prefer to live and work here rather than in your home country. And if you get cancer while working here on a temp visa you can always apply for a Medical Treatment visa to enable you stay longer and use more of your Australian health insurance.
  9. I seem to recall that the occasional foreign, elite athlete has had a fast-tracked citizenship approval in order to compete as an Australian in the Olympics.
  10. NickyNook

    Travel on ETA during last visit to Australia

    Read this thread - particularly the comments made by Paul Hand which reflect your husbands situation exactly: https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/201664-lapsed-permanent-residency-visa-is-rrv-an-option-for-me/?tab=comments#comment-2410753 if I were you, I’d be consulting him ASAP.
  11. NickyNook

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Rhetorical question: If it's that easy to get a fake Malaysian passport, apply for and get granted an Australian visa, arrive by air and claim asylum or apply for a protection visa, then why do people need to arrive by boat at all? Surely, they would do just what you have outlined and not subject themselves to a dangerous boat trip?
  12. NickyNook

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    Of course there are permanent visas - lots of them. Some skills based visas, some family stream visas and some business/investment visas all come with immediate permanent residency. They are the most-desirable visa types and loads of people have them. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/permanent-resident/visa-options
  13. NickyNook

    3 year ban

    There is a Medical Treatment visa which is for the exact situation your daughter was in and it only costs $290. What a pity your daughter didn't find out about it before she overstayed her tourist visa. Having the three year ban doesn't stop anyone from applying for a permanent visa. She can still apply for a partner visa but she'll have to wait offshore while it's being processed. Maybe her Australia partner will have to join her in the US if they don't want to be apart?
  14. NickyNook

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Quit with the faux outrage. Doesn’t fool anyone who’s read your posts for a few years. You know quite well that bags are sometimes checked in Australian shops. You even mentioned the topic yourself in this thread: https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/107557-if-the-uk-had-the-weather/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1198966
  15. NickyNook

    Thins to do in Queensland

    Queensland covers a very large area. Where exactly in Queensland are you located?