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  1. NickyNook

    Name change after permant resident visa granted

    Yes, you're quite correct. I think back in the 50s/60s it was not uncommon to be permanently separated from a spouse. I also remember plenty of forms in the UK having 'Separated' as an option (along with Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed etc) when selecting marital status. Though possibly that was to allow for the 5 years of separation that was necessary back then before you could divorce without your spouse's agreement. My parents-in-law split up in the mid-60's and never divorced but remained legally separated for the rest of their lives - which was over 50 years in the case of my mother-in-law!
  2. NickyNook

    Visa help for children

    And the family arriving in 2017 may not have come from the UK. It's always been extremely difficult to prove dependency for adult children if you're coming from the UK as the existence of the benefits available to everyone means that no adult has to be dependent financially on their parents. Families with adult children coming from countries with no welfare find it much easier to prove financial dependency.
  3. NickyNook

    Thinking of moving to Australia

    The age limit only increased to 35 for Irish and Canadian passport holders. UK citizens still have an age limit of 30.
  4. NickyNook

    Port Macquarie vs Lismore

    I like Lismore. It’s a decent sized country town only 35k from the coast at Ballina and in the midst of the most stunning countryside in the state. The Byron area is just up the road and it’s an easy 1.5 hour drive to the Gold Coast for when you want some bright lights. Port Macquarie is OK, nice town, lots of retirees but it’s a long drive to anywhere else. Personally, I’d choose Lismore
  5. Why can't you work it out? Add up the number of days she's been here from 7/11/2017 - 14/06/2018 and from 11/09/2018 until today. Subtract that number of days from 365 and that's the number of days she has left here. It's not rocket science..
  6. If you apply for citizenship in March 2019 you need to look back at the preceding four years and count the number of days you were in the country. That means that any time spent here prior to March 2015 cannot be counted - so, no, you can't include the time you spent here in 2014-2014. However, if you held a valid visa in March 2015 (even if you weren't present in the country on that date), the time from March 2015 to March 2016 may be counted as you are allowed up to a year's absence.
  7. NickyNook

    “Dinner for One” any one heard of it?

    It was discussed on QI in 2010. https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/qi/episodes/7/8/
  8. NickyNook

    Penrith? thoughts

    Penrith gets hot. It's west of the city so hotter in summer and colder in winter than suburbs closer to the ocean. It's not particularly humid as it's not coastal. Loads of people live in the Penrith area, people have pools and air conditioning and manage OK. The Nepean/Hawkesbury river serves as a beach substitute. If you want a slightly nicer climate in that area, look at the lower Blue Mountains suburbs. As you climb away from the Sydney basin the summer temperatures fall (but then so do the winter temps, too!).
  9. You probably need to brush up your english skills. Lying by omission is still lying.
  10. NickyNook


    I read somewhere that premium economy seats are often sold out first as they're very popular. So I wouldn't count on there always being any spare PE seats to upgrade to. Why not book PE seats up front if that's what you want?
  11. NickyNook


    Christmas in July or Yulefest is pretty common - particularly up in the Blue Mountains. Lots of hotels and resorts do special weekend celebrations in the winter months. They put up the decorations, have a tree, log fires etc and, of course, all the usual Xmas food. Loads of people participate - it's popular with families and groups of friends who want a more traditional Christmas celebration in cold weather. If often snows up there which adds to the ambience.
  12. NickyNook


    It is weird. I will have been here for 40 christmases this year and I still find it weird. But of course I didn't grow up here. My kids, who did grow up here, find Christmas in summer quite normal and just as special as a wintery Christmas was to me when I was a kid in the UK. I always think it's just like a particularly long, long weekend where you get to eat too much.
  13. This thread is three and a half years old. What on earth is the point of reviving it?
  14. NickyNook


    You can’t transfer it to a normal CBA bank account but you could transfer it to one of Commbank’s super funds, which is what the other poster is referring to. Alternatively you could transfer it to any other super fund with low fees. Definitely cancel any insurances. It’s not a given that your balance will consumed by fees. I haven’t made any contributions to my super fund for 5 years, yet the balance has grown by around 40% in that time..