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  1. Unlike the rest of your stuff, I'm not sure you'd get much use in the short term from bringing a cooker and range hood. All kitchens here come with an oven/cooktop and mostly a range hood. Usually built-in. They're not things you remove from your house and take with you when you move so you don't need to bring your own. You'd probably find the ones you bring will sit in a garage for years until you move into a place that happens to need a new kitchen.
  2. NickyNook

    Help ... problems accessing RDA Northern Rivers

    I just went to that site and it was perfectly fine. All the links within it that I tried worked too. Not sure what to suggest - reboot? Clear cookies?
  3. NickyNook

    Photos from your garden

    Looks like Murraya Paniculata to me. Very common in Sydney, we had it in our garden.
  4. NickyNook

    Is London really this bad ?

    The M25 has never been closed for a week. That story was a well-known hoax.
  5. NickyNook

    Remaining Relative

    There are two types of Last Remaining Relative visa. An onshore (835) and an offshore (115). The OP can be in Australia if applying for the 835.
  6. NickyNook

    Grey, black and maybe a splash of dark green

    Agree. Sydney is all about red terracotta roofs, deep blue sky, mauve jacarandas.
  7. It's quite legitimate and quite fair. Everyone is allowed up to a year's absence from Australia during the four year residency period. The OP will only be claiming that one year - he's just claiming it at the start of the 4 year period rather than within it.
  8. NickyNook

    Renting my uk house, pretty urgent

    I have a rental property here in Australia and I can deduct mortgage interest, agent fees, repairs etc. The ATO puts out a handy guide to all the things that can (and can't) be deducted. https://www.ato.gov.au/uploadedFiles/Content/IND/downloads/Rental-properties-2018.pdf I'm pretty sure you can do with same with a rental property that's located overseas, but you'd need to confirm that. Using your figures above, that means your $16,214 Rental income could be reduced by $5,946 leaving a net Rental income figure of $10,268. Tax on $93,268 ($83,000 + $10,268) is $22,889 netting you $70,379. If you didn't have the rental, tax on $83,000 is $19,102 netting you $63,898. So having the rental increases your tax liability by $3787 but it does increase your net income by $6,481. Used https://www.taxcalc.com.au to calculate the tax due.
  9. NickyNook

    Photos from your garden

    That's Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides).
  10. NickyNook

    Dual citizenship travel

    Yes, you can use both passports on the one journey. Assuming you have both Australian and British passports and you are travelling from Australia to the UK: 1. When you check in for your flight FROM Australia show your British passport. 2. When you exit Australia through Immigration you show your Australian passport. 3. When you arrive in the UK you show your British passport. 4. When you check in for your flight FROM the UK show your Australian passport. 5. When you arrive in Australia show your Australian passport.
  11. NickyNook

    Dual citizenship travel

    That only applies when checking in for your flight. Airlines need to know that you have permission to stay once you arrive at your destination (or they won't allow you to board). So show them the passport that will allow you to enter the destination country. If you're flying to the UK you can show either a British passport or an Australian passport ( because Australian passport holders get an automatic entry to the UK). When you are exiting Australia and going through immigration you should show your Australian passport. Any British or other foreign passport you have will not have a current visa and attempting to exit using it may cause you to be stopped by immigration and asked how you got in.
  12. NickyNook

    DNA Testing

    I did mine too. I always thought I was a little bit exotic - with some greek blood or maybe jewish, because my hair was dark, my skin was olive and I tan easily. My OH would joke that I had a touch of the tar brush, whilst he was a blonde blue-eyed Anglo Saxon. Turns out my DNA is 96% from SE England (very precise) with a mere 4% Norwegian thrown in. He has far more foreign DNA than me. Oh, how I laughed. I too have discovered distant cousins who have provided missing links in my family tree. It is endlessly fascinating.
  13. If your $70k salary includes superannuation then your actual pay is correctly $63926.94. The 9.5% super amount is not 9.5% of $70k. It is 9.5% of $63926.94, which when added to $63926.94 totals $70k. Only if superannuation is in addition to your $70k salary, then it would be 9.5% of $70k.
  14. NickyNook

    Netflix & Stan

    That's pretty fast. It's only showing here in the UK now. There are three hour-long episodes, I've seen the first two, the final one is on tonight. (9pm, ITV). I feel I know them all - I can remember watching the original 7Up as a kid. They're about a year younger than me so everything about their lives resonates. It's a brilliant series.
  15. NickyNook


    Agree with Quoll on this one. $50k is about right for living expenses only (not to include any housing costs) for a couple. We spend about that on average each year. Includes food, drink, running a car, health insurance, all bills, occasional eating out etc. I would add that you wouldn't be able to afford long overseas holidays for that figure but you could manage shorter, local ones.