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  1. NickyNook

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Except that NSW did have a breach last Christmas which was effectively dealt with by NOT locking down the whole city. The Avalon outbreak did spread out slightly but it was sorted by locking down the Northern Beaches hard and leaving the rest of the city free to have a normal Christmas. Gladys strategy was always to find a middle ground by locking down minimally and allowing the economy to function as much as possible. That strategy worked fine until Delta arrived.
  2. Really? Curious now - who else has escaped the royal family for the sake of their sanity?
  3. Not so. Citizenship applications cost about $285. It's the Partner visa that costs over $7k.
  4. This thread is quite old. Nemesis wrote that over a year ago when things here in Australia were very different. It certainly wasn’t bollox at the time.
  5. NickyNook

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    Petrol prices will always be sky-high in the week prior to Easter. You can count on it as they know people try to get away for the long weekend. So make sure you fill up the week before because the price will not fall until Easter is over.
  6. NickyNook

    Applying for British citizenship

    As noted above, you just need to apply for a British passport for your son. It's exactly what we did for our sons and countless other parents have done for their children. However, if you travel to the UK with your son and he only has an Australian passport then you don't need to apply for any UK visa for him beforehand. Australians get automatic permission to stay for 6 months on arrival in the UK, no visa required. Obviously it is best for him to travel on two passports - and you do exactly as you outlined. Use the Australian one to exit and enter Australia and use the British one to enter and exit the UK.
  7. NickyNook

    Christian Schools

    Not all religious schools are the same. Be wary of some small 'christian' schools. Particularly those with the word Christian in their names. Some of these schools can be a bit fundamentalist and their version of science might not agree with yours. The old well-established Anglican, Presbyterian etc schools are completely different as they cater for all (and no) religions and are far more mainstream.
  8. NickyNook


    Apologies - I misread your figures and realised what I’d written was nonsense... That’s why I removed my post.
  9. NickyNook


  10. NickyNook

    Am I an Australian citizen?

    No. British permanent residents could get on the electoral roll prior to 1984. They changed the rules after that so only citizens could join the electoral roll but if you were already on it, you stayed on it. That’s how some PRs are allowed to vote.
  11. NickyNook

    British royalty doing what they do...

    And Canberra, I believe. All land in the ACT is leased. Certainly was when I lived there in the 1980s.
  12. NickyNook

    Skilled visa points

    You frequently state that people who apply for visas with lower than the optimum number of points will lose their money/not get a refund My understanding is that there is no fee to put in an EOI and people who don't meet the points cutoff are not invited to apply for a visa - so there are no actual visa costs until you receive an invitation to apply, by which time you're almost sure to get the visa. Of course there may be other fees associated with getting a skills assessment that won't be refunded but not for the visa itself. Is my understanding correct?
  13. NickyNook

    Citizen by descent - Can I apply?

    When did your father get Australian citizenship?
  14. NickyNook

    Cost of moving to Oz

    While you do have to work somewhere for 10 years to be able to actually take LSL, you usually only have to work somewhere for five years to get paid out accumulated LSL when you leave a company. I've collected it a few times in my working life.
  15. NickyNook

    Would you go on a cruise now?

    I grew up in Gosport and what remains of my family are still in the Gosport/Fareham/Eastleigh area so we did spend some time in Hampshire. Years ago in the early 1970s I worked at the Polygon Hotel in Southampton which was the biggest and best hotel in town. Demolished now. Remember loads of people staying overnight before sailing off on Cunard/Union Castle/P&O/French Line ships to various parts of the world. It wasn't cruising as such back then - people actually travelled to New York or South Africa by ship. Plenty of hotel staff had worked on the liners.