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  1. Thanks @Tulip1. Appreciate the kind words. The issue is that we may need analysis and blood tests done to make sure everything is ok also, so currently looking around to see if there is any info or visiting doctors, referrals for blood tests, etc... We are packing all our meds with us + more just in case.
  2. psuwara

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Yes, that's correct and what's currently listed on the Advisor websites.
  3. Hi all! Been here a little while and happy to say we have received our 309 Partner VISA so we can fly to Aus. However, it's likely that we have booked a flight that will be during the first-second trimester of my wifes pregnancy. Which means we will likely be in Quarantine during the early stages of the pregnancy. My question is, does anyone know if you can get blood tests/visiting doctor or analysis done while in Quarantine and/or where I can find more information? Would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  4. psuwara

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    My wife and I had our IgG test done and we are both positive for COVID-19 anti bodies. so, we are not even sure when we had it. Though we suspect it was around April-May. We are currently in St Petersburg Russia. People are wearing masks here, but it’s far more business as usual than say Australia.
  5. psuwara

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Just bumping this post. It's full of very useful and insightful information on dealing with quarantine when coming to Australia.
  6. Thanks for the update! We are flying to Melbourne in April, so perhaps the rooftop thing won't be as nice! Appreciate the supportive and insightful information. Many thanks.
  7. Ah... if you need medical attention? Generally when pregnant you need additional support from family, being isolated is stressful. That's my thinking anyway. We have considered a request for home isolation instead. But I think the Government support should be enough.
  8. Thanks for this. Good to see people don't have too much trouble with it. I've reviewed the Government support sites on this, and there is plenty there that helps with the isolation (cabin fever). Helping with planning your day by day activities. I think we'll be fine!
  9. It would be interesting to hear experiences of people in Quarantine in Australia. You basically cannot leave your room for two weeks, this is quite difficult! Especially if you or your partner are pregnant.
  10. I get that, it was a joke . We also count ourselves very lucky, but I didn't hold out hope for a VISA before the end of 2020. Still, there is the matter of actually getting to Australia, oh and the Quarantine period.
  11. Further Assessment isn't a red/yellow flag. It's actually a good sign that they are processing your application, and if nothing comes up it will be done soon. You may be asked for RFI during this time.
  12. Afghanistan applications are heavily vetted, as are Pakistan applications. For various reasons. Certain applications can take more time if there are red flags associated with you. The time frame is really what it is on the website, 17-22 months on average. If you come from a low risk country like the UK, your application will be quicker. Just for reference, I am a business owner who is living with my wife in Russia, her VISA was applied for May 5 and we were given our 309 on November 30. So even though she was from Russia, a potential high risk country, our VISA was processed quickly. This could be due to constant updates with evidence and also that the application was sent to Germany for processing.
  13. We were only able to find flights in April that were reasonably priced. March is already very expensive and February there's nothing we could find.
  14. I wouldn't call that employed. Employment usually requires this as a definition related to the ATO. I would suggest simply adding evidence of your "work" as a volunteer. Which will add to the validity of your case. Showing your support for your local community.