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  1. My wife and I were both just wondering and jumped on this site. We had our previous VISA (309) done in Berlin, it took 9 months. Going to do an update for August. Just with photos and a story on our situation. I think since you are from the UK your one should be processed faster.
  2. Cool perfect. I believe we are set. We were in Russia for 6 months after the VISA was granted before we could make it back into Australia during Lockdown. Did quarantine and all that. Had a daughter and bought a house.
  3. But where do we get a Citizenship Certificate? I cannot find this information on IMMI anywhere...
  4. The IMMI site doesn't make sense, I don't know what category we are in. 1. Father Australian Citizen 2. Mother Russian Citizen on a 309 VISA waiting for a 100 VISA approval. 3. Baby born in Australia 2021 Do we need to put in a citizenship application? What would the wait time be?
  5. By “decision ready” you mean all the evidence it’s a genuine and continuing relationship?
  6. psuwara

    Decided I need a change

    All I have to say.... is DO IT! It's like neo, unplugging from the matrix. I did it a few times in life and it is the most exhilarating and scary and wonderful time of life. Make it last You will fall in love with life and never look back. If you can, try and get yourself a skilled work VISA at some point after you travel.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if I should become an immigration agent
  8. They ask for all this because they want to confirm you are in a real relationship, and that what you have told them is the truth. The Australian Police check is because you as a sponsor need to have a clean record to be a sponsor. You need to supply everything possible to confirm you are in fact in a real continuing relationship. Also, because you have been together for so long, they will collect all of your evidence and provide you with a 309/100 permanent residency together. Processing office is usually part of where your RFI is signed by your case manager. Given you are in London, it's most likely going to be UK.
  9. psuwara

    Arriving pregnant - 482 visa

    We did this on a 309 VISA. It's important you understand the risks and issues associated with this. However, we are very happy we did this. Hospitals in Australia are generally better than where we travelled from. However, we didn't really have a choice if we wanted to be together. We had to travel during COVID quarantine, arrived and stayed in quarantine for two weeks while wife was 4 months pregnant. We also had problems that could have caused early labor. So lucky we made it and now have a beautiful daughter
  10. psuwara

    Visa 801 application help

    Maybe treat her like a queen all the time?
  11. In our case, we live with my father at his place, and only board here, not official rental. So we had my father do a stat dec for this reason. I also did a stat dec, because, why not more evidence?
  12. I don't know. I believe it would be important if they do further checks and the names have changed. So best to find out their new names.
  13. Just to add, we have a blue interim medicare card, and that's a full medicare card.
  14. We used current names, as the forms ask for relationship to the VISA applicant.
  15. The cost of IVF in a public clinic is around $2000 per cycle, which is insanely cheap compared to private. But this pricing does need full medicare, correct.