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  1. So will they contact us about checking the medicals again? Last time we went the doctor said nothing has changed and unless there are symptoms, we leave it at that... Not sure what that meant.
  2. Nothing yet, will need to update our police checks soon enough :)
  3. I believe we only need the AFP check, we arrived in Aus only about 6-7 months after the previous police check from Russia before we arrived in Australia.
  4. Well, I guess I can just front load it by getting it again, uploading as PoliceCheck2023
  5. That's quite frustrating, given it's unlikely the VISA will be granted in that time with the time frames currently shown. Meaning you need to fork out for those AFP checks again...
  6. Uploaded our December update with Photos and general write up. We submitted end of April. Application still marked as further assessment. I don't think there will be any issues, just time consuming. I wonder if the police checks will remain valid for the life of the application. Or if they will send us a RFI with updated AFP checks ... Regards,
  7. No updates here on our application. Will be doing an update with photos and other things in early December.
  8. psuwara

    IMMI update about processing times

    Which VISA are you currently on at the moment?
  9. IMMI posted a detailed update about processing times and the work currently being done. Looks like more stuff being added to support mostly older applications before they get to new applications. link https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times
  10. Yes, actually this is correct. Along with my Australian Passport. But we need a citizenship certificate for other reasons anyway... Proof of citizenship. So we'll have to do that.
  11. I think I may have felt like it was a month ago when 90% were 24 months… now 39 months. It’s quite a jump to what it was before.
  12. Nothing here. Getting some documents ready for the October update if we don’t get it by then. I just checked the visa time frames!! My god they have blown out!!! 100 VISA is now double what it was a month ago!!
  13. Nothing here. Getting some documents ready for the October update if we don’t get it by then.
  14. We did it ourselves, but asked a friend to check and make sure we filled out everything correct with us. Timeline - 2020 (From Russia, lots of translations of documents) Before February - Collating photos etc... February - Started formulating plan to do the VISA, reading up on options. Collating evidence into one large folder. March - Found a good agent. Filled out all documents, organised our documents. Started translating some documents. April - Scanning/Translating all evidence, double checking all filled out documents. May - Final checks, submitted on the 8th. With an agent, I don't see it being any faster/longer. Because most of the work is you collating evidence and doing necessary translations. Agent helps with complex cases. Or if you want, they can just double check the application, like we had our friend do, just to have another pair of eyes to see if we got our details right. Your application sounds super simple. Call them and find out what's going on. I would be pissed having to wait so long....
  15. My wife and I were both just wondering and jumped on this site. We had our previous VISA (309) done in Berlin, it took 9 months. Going to do an update for August. Just with photos and a story on our situation. I think since you are from the UK your one should be processed faster.