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  1. Ruth7862

    Strata building

    Am I right in thinking that buying into a strata building is the same as buying a share of freehold in the UK in a property with some shared areas? Is there anything similar to leasehold in Victoria where the length of the lease reduces year on year?
  2. Ruth7862

    Evisitor 651 running out

    Apologies if this has been answered before. I have a 651 visa which runs out in January 2023 and I am visiting Australia for a month in November 2022 so all good. However I now want to visit again in February 2023 for a month and I would like to book the flights asap. Do I apply for a new 651 now and if so will it be granted and cancel the existing visa or do I wait until the existing visa runs out in January and apply for the same again? If I do this are there likely to be any problems with applying for a second one so quickly after the current one expires? I am nervous about booking flights before having the visa. When I have applied before for a 651 it has always been granted immediately.
  3. Yes we might never get to receiving the 103 but it suited us as I’m still in my 50’s and not in a position to emigrate yet in any case so if we decide to swap to the 143 we can time our run to suit. It was coming down nicely before Covid and it just shows best laid plans and all that.
  4. We applied for the 103 in March 2015. In June 2016 we received an email to say we had passed the initial assessment and were given our queue date of 16-06-2016. It took about another month before we could enter that date in the queue calculator to see roughly how many were in front of us in the queue. I have noticed the queue calculator has been unavailable for a while due to ‘system maintenance’.
  5. Lots of ‘drop outs’ maybe? But that does seem excessive!
  6. Ruth7862

    Can I take ......

    Can we ship wooden furniture? We have some old Victorian stripped pine chest of drawers etc
  7. Hi Ashy B. The email address I use is parents@homeaffairs.gov.au. Just put something random in the subject heading. What is your queue date? I don't see many in the 103 queue on here so it is nice to compare notes
  8. Thanks palaceboy1. Our queue has gone down 7350 in 2 and a half years which is encouraging. Lots of drop outs or transfers I guess. Ashy B you can send the test email but don't put 'test' in the subject line as I think that doesn't work anymore. If you can get the auto reply there is a link to the queue date calculator for the 103 visa and you can put your own queue date in to see how many are in front of you. I keep a note periodically of the date I am checking and queue position to see how quickly or not it is moving. I try not to check too often......
  9. Thanks palace boy as always for keeping an eye on movement of the 103 queue. So three weeks since the last update/move and a slightly lower rate of progress this time. Let's hope it picks up the pace again soon.
  10. More likely to be shorter. I have been in the 103 queue for 2 and a half years and the queue has been going down by over 3000 a year. As well as visa grants people drop out , change their minds as circumstances change or move over to the 143 visa. I would guess you have about a 3 year wait but obviously it is not a precise science.
  11. Thanks palaceboy1. We have a queue date of 16-06-16 and I am always interested to analyse the rate of the queue going down so please keep it up. 290 in one month is reassuring. After watching for a while the average for our date is about 250 a month or looking at it another way 3000 a year which would give us a 10 year wait. I would like it to be less though!
  12. Hi palaceboy1. Our queue position has gone up by 240 since the last update. Do you know the date when the queue was last updated before this update by any chance? Just trying to constantly work the figures. I am finding your updates really helpful. Also do you know how often they update the queue? I try not to look for a few months at a time as it is disappointing to check when there has been no movement.
  13. Anyone know anything about David Coleman, new minister for Immigration? And any theories why Immigration has been taken off Peter Dutton who retains Home Affairs? Interesting!!!