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  1. Thanks for the input, we are certainly considering a 4WD as you are not the only person to make a similar point. Care to share where your best spots have been?
  2. Thanks for sharing, if I think of any particular questions I will be sure to post and see what comes back. We love to get out into the countryside, but find most of the camping spots in the UK feel too commercial. Last time we went we landed up with our kitchen set up in a utility tent 5 meters from our main tent, with a tarp construction on top acting as a big umbrella between the two. I'll certainly look into solar when I get out there. I had a look in the camping shop here last year, but figured I was best to wait until after our big move.
  3. Ha, yep, I burn. Though in winter over here I'm in a hat all the time nonetheless
  4. Hi mate, I am wondering whether to bring my car over:- Year: 2012 Nissan Qashqai NTEC Make, model & variant: Nissan Qashqai NTEC Body Type: SUV Engine & Fuel: 1.6L Petrol Transmission: Manual Drive type: Front wheel drive Mileage: 67,000 Any special features, options or modification: None Aircon: Yes Realistic current UK market value: £6,500 Australian RedBook value: Closest match was $16,500 - $18,600, but this is a 2014 2L, couldn't find anything older Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au): Closest match I could find was $20,000 but couldn't find anything older than 2014, and were all 2L Automatics Australian state/city: Queensland/Brisbane My wife also drives a Seat Alhambra, but can't seem to see that or the VW Sharan on the carsales or redbook sites, I might have to dig around a little deeper.
  5. I suspect a big difference is if you are paying for site fees or not. I know when we have holidayed in the UK you're talking 20 quid a night, so that's the equivalent of £650 a month for which you could run a small flat on anyway. If you pitch your tent in the wilderness then there's none of that cost. Unfortunately that's not legal in England (yet Scotland is), I'm not sure about the situation in Queensland. The really handsome guy that looks a little bit like Yoda? Yep, that's me.
  6. 2 years is quite the commitment. I did point out to my wife that one option when we arrive, until at least one of us has a job, is to base ourselves in a tent to keep the outgoings down. It turns out that's not an option, I asked why, she says, "for so many reasons" though I'm not sure what these reasons are. I am wondering if I ought to get one of those Utes when I arrive, they seem quite common over there. We had a friend who lives in Sydney recommend getting a 4x4 to allow exploration of more remote locations, but I'm assuming it's a big investment for something rarely used.
  7. WayneM

    PCC from India

    My wife had to get one. We didn't realise when we applied as she'd been living in the UK for 15 years, but as she had spent more than 52 weeks over there across 6 or 7 holidays visiting family over a 10 year period, she had to get from both UK and India. Wish we had known that before CO had to request it! Fortunately she had a passport issued in the last few years so was on a database which I think speeded it up, but since applying via VFS in the UK, I think it arrived via the consulate in about 2 weeks, something like that, wasn't long.
  8. WayneM

    Where to live in Queensland nr Brisbane

    My brain hurts too, but if this tip stands up to scrutiny, I thank you for it! Bridges are always commuter congestion points.
  9. Cheers Bobj - yes hopefully somebody will come along with an answer - that electrical hook up lead cost me 20 quid so I wouldn't want to regret leaving it behind! Electricity when camping - yep - what on earth are you on about is pretty much my reaction to Mrs M's insistance we get something to power some fan heaters. Since then our glamping has extended to include a "carpet" for the tent can you believe. One of the things I am looking forward to once settled after arrival is working out where to take the kids on camping expeditions.
  10. We are just firming up our plans for the big move and going through our stuff to take with us and wondered if there was anything obvious we've missed. We reckon pretty much all of our UK camping equipment is going to be just as relevant in Oz. Cleaning the tent is going to be fun... I am looking at the special electrical adaptor we use on UK campsites and wondering if that's still going to be any use? Presumably solar kits are a bit more common over there.
  11. WayneM

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    I'm not genned up on the details of insurance policies yet, so this was a new term for me. I have to read it twice, at first I thought it was to do with worrying about your electricals sending you loopy
  12. WayneM

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    We've just started the process of getting quotes, had one in so far - £3,700 to take most of the stuff in our house. I haven't got the calculator out yet, but my gut tells me that the value of our stuff doesn't add up to quite that much. My instincts tell me I can cram the majority of our most valuable stuff into a movecube, and replace from IKEA the rest at the other side.
  13. WayneM

    IELTS help !

    For what it's worth, I did PTE to bring my points up. If you register on their website you can sit a mock test (I think you can do 2 actually, £25 a pop) so you can get a feel for your level before sitting it. The Youtube channel of Australian Dream was pretty helpful. My wife sat IELTS recently, and found the experience a little odd.
  14. WayneM

    Warm clothes

    It's easy, dinner is what you eat at lunchtime. Tea, is context dependant, and means either your evening meal, or a big mug of cha
  15. WayneM

    Acs skills reasssessment

    When I was getting my skills assessment done, somebody from ACS contacted me for a query on an inconsistency and I gave them my honest answer which was accepted. I don't know if that experience helps you, but that's what happened with me, though I was unaware of the inconsistency until they pointed out, I wasn't proactive about it. The correction/explanation only took a day or two via email correspondence so didn't delay any application for me.