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  1. WayneM

    Brisbane here we come!

    Good luck with the move; your timeline is pretty similar to ours, and I can empathise with your situation of trying to pick suburbs remotely. Even more of an issue for us as we'd rather minimise disruption for the kids by sticking to the same schools etc rather than ping-ponging them about the city (they've already lived in two countries so far this year!). Maybe it is an impossible goal!
  2. WayneM


    Probably not the angle that you are looking at it from, but I've been on Meetup in the UK for professional purposes for a few years, so I am a member of the groups related to my profession that have monthly get-togethers and guest speakers etc. Certainly worthwhile from that angle. I have already transferred my associations over to the equivalents down under, and would like to think it will at least be a start networking from that perspective.
  3. Really sorry to see that, I hope there at least was some insurance in place.
  4. I've spent about half an hour of my life looking into slide-on campers, I never knew they existed until recently.
  5. I remember you saying that some of the best camping spots are accessed by boat... I figured you were paying somebody to take you out there, but looks like you bought a boat... just for the camping expeditions?
  6. For us it is just about leaving the city and complications of modern life behind...being at one with nature and all of that getting back to basics stuff. It's a difficult balance, because the access to modern tech also makes life easier.
  7. Is that a solar powered TV?
  8. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    If it was me, I'd probably be making little cardboard models scaled down on an accurate ratio representing the cube, and each significant piece of furniture to see how they would fit. Now that may be a sensible idea, or may be my excessively logical oddball computer programmer side coming out... [emoji848]. Our cube was crammed with smaller stuff so I didn't with ours, but I have done it with furniture to go into prospective home purchases before... When I analysed our stuff, it was the small things that cost £10, 20, 30, 40 each that really added up in value. Each box we put in was worth hundreds based on what we paid for the contents. The kids wanted to be transported in boxes too, which may have been cheaper than visas with medicals, flight etc., but we hadn't planned ahead and had already included them both in our original application and bought the flights already [emoji87] We booked our cube 2 months in advance. They said we only needed to book a few weeks ahead, but once they did the site inspection (with non-refundable deposit paid) we had that blue plastic floor cutout and some free boxes to start to visualise with.
  9. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    So off it went on Friday, hardly slept the final night making sure everything was ready, and even then forgot a few minor things. Will see in September how well protected we wrapped our stuff!
  10. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    Does this depend on the type of bed? A divan style is much less portable than a 'flat packable' frame, which probably takes up less volume than the mattress itself.
  11. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    There you go, I have got this off to a very good start. Now I have left this in Nandini's very capable hands to finish off whilst I work away from home. (Don't worry, she had a good 6 year old assistant) Assuming she hasn't filed for divorce before I get back, we should be good to go [emoji41]
  12. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    Yes, there are a few bit of furniture we still have listed for sale, but the way it is going I think we will be taking them instead, seems like we will have the room. Almost definitely will have more space left than anticipated; if anybody wants anything shipping from Lancashire to Brisbane let me know [emoji38]
  13. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    That's a large size movecube, which is about two thirds the size of our box room upstairs which was where we started setting things aside a few months ago. The bed frame on the right is uk super king size, would have left it there as a marker if it wasn't for the possibility of it falling on a child [emoji86]
  14. WayneM

    MoveCube Preparation

    Slowly building upwards and inwards
  15. I think somebody here called it MoveCube Tetris? We started last night.