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Found 67 results

  1. Hello, We have recently submitted our Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) application. It was only during our medical examinations we have realised that the development delays/signs of autism in children would be a deal breaker for obtaining a PR visa. My kid (3 years and 4 months) had shown some signs of autism when he was 2.5 years old and has been attending an early intervention program ever since. He also attends a regular play school here in our city. He was non-verbal just 10 months ago, but his speech has significantly improved in the last few months. He now speaks more than 300-400 words (eg: fruits, vegetables, colours, animals, vehicles, planets, action words, weeks, months etc..) and uses 3-4 word sentences like "I want water please", "open the door", "cover me with a blanket", "I see a phone" etc.. and asks for assistance using sentences like "help me". He can also count numbers up to 50 and trace alphabets among other things. He also started reading 3-letter words without much assistance. He has been potty trained for over two weeks now and is generally doing well with his needs. We believe he is doing reasonably well in both his schools as we receive positive feedback from his teachers. As part of his medical examination earlier this week, we have provided the details of his speech delay and his current pre-school program (early intervention) information to the Doctor. Since there was no formal diagnosis of ASD, and considering his recent improvements we didn't mention anything about his earlier signs of autism. Since my kid showed a lack of interest/attentiveness in this session(and also didn't answer couple of questions), the Doctor suggested that he may have to refer his case back to the Australian Immigration department. He basically suggested that the DoHA may ask for additional details from his school about his attention deficit. I now see the following message from Immiaccount. "A Medical Officer has determined that additional health information is required to determine whether this person meets the health requirement for the visa subclass specified". Does this mean further medical tests will be conducted? And what tests do they generally conduct to determine my child's condition. I believe they may probably do some psychological evaluation to determine if he is on the spectrum, but not sure how this really works. We have only observed few of these highlighted symptoms in our child recently, and wondering if this would put him on the spectrum and make him ineligible for this Visa. Please advice if we should seek professional help (George Lombard or Peter Bollard) for this case right away, or wait a bit longer to see the results from further medical tests (if any)? Apologies for the long post, but would really appreciate any valuable inputs from forum members.
  2. maxo1123

    Eligibility advice on 189 visa

    Hi all, I'm currently working in Melbourne (IT) on a WHV but have to go back to the UK soon. I am looking into the visa options for a more permanent return at a later date but would like to begin the process soon if possible (ASAP), I would really appreciate some advice on what might be the best way to go about this. Background, I'm 25 and studied Multimedia Development (BSc, Upper Second) at a UK university and graduated in 2014. I went on to work as a Junior Games Developer for 1.5yrs and then progressed to Developer for 9 months after. I then switched jobs and have been doing IT development under the job title of Technical Graduate for the last 2 years and have recently been promoted to a Junior Software Analyst. I am aware of the English proficiency test and the ACS skills assessment, so am willing to do these if it will assist me in making the required points. Making an educated guess, and providing I was to pass the English test and ACS assessment I believe I am around 65 points? (if my work experience counts) Do you think I have enough to make up the points for a 189, or any other visa you may think is suitable? Is getting sponsored a viable option for me if the 189 is not possible? Is it worth me contacting an Agent to help and does anyone have any recommendations of Agents that could assist me in IT related applications? I am in Australia for another month or so, so can meet with an Agent if this is easier. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help or answers people can give me.
  3. Hi All , I am a Bachelors in Arts - BA in Economics and MBA in Marketing . I am working in IT sector for the past 10 years . I want to apply for 189 VISA with Skill as " ICT- Business Analyst " . I wanted to know if someone could please guide if my education qualification will be considered as relevant . Please advise .
  4. spangley

    Citizenship after 12 months ?

    Hi All, I'd be grateful is anyone can clarify my entitlement to citizenship. I believe the rules were changed a few years ago, so some expats I talk to offer conflicting advice. We received our 189 PR visa in March 2014. We activated the visa by visiting Melbourne in June 2014 We moved to Australia in Dec 2017 When can we start applying for citizenship? After physically being in Australia for 12 months or, after 4 years? A straightforward, friendly, helpful reply will be most welcome ? James
  5. Hi all, I thought I would start a new topic for people with 189/190 visas lodged in the months of November and December 2017, in order to share our timelines and experience with the process. We lodged our 189 visa on the 22nd December 2017 and haven't heard anything back yet. We are hoping we can get a direct grant (without CO contact) since we front loaded all the required documentation and also because the lodgement was done via a migration agent so we are confident on the application being correct and complete. We were hoping we could get a grant by the start of March but we have seen today that the processing times on the Home Affairs website have been significantly increased (from 5-8 months to 9-12 months) so we are a bit upset about this. If anybody around here has similar timelines it would be great to hear your experience. Thanks Cristina
  6. Hi there, sorry its a long post. Hope you guys can offer me some advice. I finally received an invitation for 189 visa after waiting few months. I have 70 points total. I claimed 5 points for skilled employment. I work as an RN under the same hospital but in different locations (it’s a big hospital) I worked 16 hours a fortnight in one and 60 hours in another hospital. I resigned in the hospital that I worked for 60 hours in because I had issues with my manager. When I applied for skilled assessment to add 1 year of experience- I did from the hospital that I work only 16 hours and they were happy to state that I work full time there (not in the location) but they were happy to because it’s still under the same hospital. Now I finally got the skills assessment that states that I worked full time in the hospital that I only work 16 hours in (I didn’t think Anmac would add the name and location of hospital). Now I have everything including payslips, tax statements, employment reference and the only thing i don’t have is the contract which obviously just says I work in that location for 16 hours but my skills assessment says something else. In summary, I have 1 years of experience and I have generalised payslips, tax statements and superannuation statements that prove it but I just have contract from the specific location of hospital. Is there anything I can do ?? Any my advise is welcome. thank you ?
  7. radwa

    a question about 189 visa

    Dear all, I want an advice from anyone who have tried 189 visa, my husband applied for skilled visa 189 as GIS cartographer to Australia, he got invitation and applied EOI , and the last step we are in is that he sent my IELTS certificate and they did not reply for more than 6 months for my IELTS, although they did not ask uptill now about health and police papers,so I want to know if there is anyone has a case like this. and what time is expected for this visa ?? thanks in advance.
  8. LauraHol89

    189 & Current points required

    Hi everyone, So I fall in to the same boat as most, waiting for an invite after submitting an EOI for a 189 visa. I am defacto on my partners application and he is a Diesel Mechanic. We have 65 points and I can see that people under 70 points haven't been getting invited since last year; so that's disheartening! Anyway, the point of my post is to ask, is there any chance we would never get an invite at all?? Or is it just a case of waiting and eventually we will be invited ... just later down the line. I suppose I am just looking for some reassurance. Any comment is appreciated! Laura x
  9. RMiles

    Psychology 189 Visa

    Hi all, I have two questions regarding my psychology qualifications. Firstly I understand I’ll get 15 points for my BSc (Hons) in Psychology as “A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution that is of a recognised standard”. Would I also get a further 10 points for my MSc in Forensic Psychology as an “award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation” ? If so, it would be the difference between 65 and 75 points on my application. Secondly has anyone had any experience of having their assessment done by the APS and do you know how many years of Australian study a BSc (Hons) and an MSc masters equate to? I need the equivalent of 6 years of Australian study to qualify. Many thanks in advance!
  10. nmnatalie236

    ANMAC proffesional letter

    Hi. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor of nursing. I started my grad program last year and finished this year in February. The rotations for my grad program included Surgical ward, Rehabilitation, The NSW Eye centre, and main theatres. All these rotations were 3 months each but I have a cumulative experience of 12months. So I submitted my professional reference for ANMAC however they requested that I provide more information about your individual daily tasks, clinical skills and competencies as observed by your supervising nurse. So with that being said how do I write a reference that includes all these components. Also, do I have to apply under one ANZSCO code? The visas I am applying for are the 189 visa or 190. If you have written a letter recently could you please help me out.
  11. Hi there! I am currently in year 2 studying occupational therapy in the UK. I'm looking ahead at what visa I could apply for when I graduate in June 2018 and the 189 Skilled Independent visa could be an option. I know that I need a minimum of 60 points and there's one question I'm not sure what I would fall under, which would mean that I meet the points or not: Qualifications A Bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or a Bachelor qualification, from another educational institution that is of a recognised standard. 15 points. Does this mean from another educational institution in Australia?
 An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation.
 10 points When I graduate I will get awarded a BSc in Occupational therapy, therefore will have a Bachelor qualification from the UK of a recognised standard and also recognised by the relevant assessing authority in Australia. I would also be applying as a graduate with no experience apart from my placements, but meeting the minimum 60 points if the answer to the qualification question is the bachelor degree. Is being a graduate with no work experience likely to make the visa more difficult to get? Has anyone got any recent experience as a graduate occupational therapist or a similar experience? Many thanks, Eloise
  12. Hi Just starting a new thread for anyone who has applied for a PR visa 189/190 after July. Mine is in - 190, State Nomination in QLD (onshore) with 80 points. Medicals booked next week. Still waiting for Aus post to deliver what are presumed clear background checks from U.K. Like everyone else, hoping for a quick turnaround ?
  13. Hi there! I've researched into the 189 visa for an occupational therapist, but I'm still confused on how I would be supervised and assessed for the visa without having a visa (desktop 2). I read that being assessed and applying for the visa are 2 separate things so I'm not sure on how this process works. Would I need a different visa completely while I'm being assessed? Also I presume the assessment needs to take place in Australia? Anyone who has been through this process please could you enlighten me as I'm struggling to find clarity on this. Many thanks, Eloise
  14. Hi. Hoping for another little bit of help! I’m applying for a skills assessment under ‘accountant’ and whilst I’ve got 6 years experience in a Finance role I also had 8 years post qualification experience with PWC after getting my CA qualification. My question is will the assessing authority look at the PWC experience as technically it’s external audit or do they look at it as general accountant experience? Just trying to understand if I can get an extra 5 point or not for 8-10 years experience. Thanks for for any help!
  15. Hi there! I was wondering if after being assessed and granted a 189 visa would I have to work in my skilled profession? My skilled profession being occupational therapy. Or can I work in whatever I like after being granted the visa and that wouldn't affect me down the line? Many thanks, Eloise
  16. Melguest

    ANMAC experience

    Hi So I’m just working out my points to decide whether it’s an 189 or 190 visa I need to apply for.... it kind of depends on what ANMAC accept as experience. I have worked as a registered nurse for the last 5 years since qualifying with a diploma in nursing, I have recently topped up to a degree in order to apply for a visa so will my previous experience count or only my experience since obtaining the degree? Thanks in advance for anyone who has any info on this ?
  17. Hi Everyone, I am new here and any help is highly appreciated My 485 visa was about to expire so I applied for a student visa on 22/10/2017 and BVA was granted. I received the invitation for 189 on 06/12/2017 and applied for the visa on 07/12/2017. Today (12/12/2017), I was granted BVC saying this visa is not in effect because my BVA is currently in effect. My question here is, should I withdraw my student visa on my own or wait until CO guides me? Also, I read somewhere that there are 28 days cooling date once you withdraw your visa upon CO guidance and then only CO will grant you the visa? Thank you so much in advance and I really hope to hear from you all very soon
  18. Hi I have recently submitted my EOI for ICT Business Analysis on the 189 Visa. All good I have the 60 points, but have recently learnt that they are only inviting for 70 points and above. I have only submitted with RPL from ACS, but was wondering if I could do a certification and get an extra 10 points? My question is really what level of certification can I claim the secondary level education for? Do I need a Bachelors? or would a BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice at practitioner level suffice? Or do I need to do the full BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis? What do they mean by secondary level education? Thanks, Kate
  19. Hi Guys, I been waiting for a while now and I am sure we all are eagerly and patiently on the look out. Just want to know the progress of other applicants since lodging their application. Here's where am I now: Invitation (EOI) - 06.09.17 Visa application -19.09.17 all docs excluding medical (medical was not required at time of visa application) Medical required - 31.09.17 (IMMI status changed) Medical uploaded - 06.10.17 IMMI status - RECEIVED Visa - still waiting
  20. Hi All, Can anyone explain the SkillSelect system and invitation rounds process??? I'm a Diagnostic Radiographer and recently gained my skills assessment and have finally made it to the minimum requirement for applying to SkillSelect (60 points). I have now submitted my EOI (9/11/17) and from reading a few posts on here and checking the previous invitation rounds I'm a bit confused why there have been no invites for 60 pointers! Are there any differences for occupations or is it strictly based on points regardless? Any help or guidance greatly appreciated. Thanks Gordon
  21. Rocky99

    Visa 189 External Auditor

    Hi Lads, I am shortly awaiting outcome of Skill assessment from IPA and planning to submit EOI under External auditor category for 189 visa. I am currently on 70 points (assuming all find in the skill assessment). Can you advise whether accountant were invited at all in the last couple of rounds and if yes, what was the cut-off? Is it worth waiting for bar to come down to 70 or I should re-appear PTE to target 79? Thanks million.
  22. Hello, I was hoping to ask a question if I may please. I am a Chartered Accountant and my wife is a Special Education Teacher. We are applying for the 189 visa under her occupation. She has 60 points without me doing a skills assessment and would get an additional 5 if I did do one. Given not a lot of invitations go out regarding her occupation do you think she might have sufficient points without me doing a skills assessment ? Thank you, Dan
  23. Hi all, I'm planing to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and I'm planing to include my partner in my application. I'm in a de facto relationship for 8 years (I can provide evidence if necessary) and I'm engaged to be married (wedding date is set for the June 9th 2018.) The change from de facto to married won't have any effect on the points awarded for the visa application. I'm planing to lodge my EOI by the end of the year. What would be the wisest course of action regarding the change of our relationship status and the change of my future wives last name that will happen with the wedding? I know I can change my EOI before I am invited to apply. After I'm invited I have 60 days to apply and during that period no changes are allowed. Are changes allowed after the aplication for the visa has been lodged? Please feel free to ask if I left anything out. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Dario
  24. Shackletons

    189 independent skilled visa

    Hi we have been wanting to move to Oz since visiting 10 years ago but circumstances have never been right. We are have decided it's now or never and have told by an agency that hubby will qualify for a 189 independent skilled worker visa (he is a domestic gas fitter) subject to passing the English test and getting the application in before he turns 45 in February as needs the extra 20 points. We are concerned as another agency said we were too late because of his age. Don't want to start paying out to be told we're too late. We would like to live on the Sunshine Coast and would appreciate any honest opinions/advice (we can take it!) on job prospects, education for 16 and 17 year olds, best places to live etc as we only have a few days to make this huge decision. Thanks in advance. Paula
  25. SimonandSian

    How to sort out schools???

    Hi all, We are lucky enough to have our 189 VISA granted and are planning on moving over to Perth December/January in time for the new school year to begin in February. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or experience trying to get a school place sorted for a little one before moving to the other side of the world!? We are fairly certain on the area we want to settle as it is close to family and friends, but that still depends on available rentals etc. I am presuming we have to try to get something sorted before the schools break up in December but am really unsure how to go about this and would love some advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation. Many thanks