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  1. @Lauren L fingere crossed for us both! @kazronicus and @Kayse thank you! Didn't even cross my mind to reply to the email. Just done it now
  2. We're still hoping to move to oz by the end of the year. Does anyone know where to find or who to email to let them know and hopefully keep the ball rolling on the visa process. We had just had an RFI to approve permanent visa before everything was put on hold!!!
  3. OzinEire

    Spouse visa from overseas

    I was going to say check your wife is an eligible NZ citizen but honestly I don't think she'll able to apply as a new Zealander if she has Australian citizenship. They're quite strict.
  4. Having to rethink our moving timeline with the current state of the world. Once the visa is approved, can the applicant fly to Australia to activate without the Australian spouse? Then do they have 5 years to migrate? We've 3 kids under 5 so a holiday would cost a fortune and I'd be reluctant to have them on a flight anytime in the next 12 months.
  5. What do people think is going to happen with offshore spouse visas with everything going on? Was hoping to move to oz around the end of the year but worried about the economy now. Likely they'll extend the 12 month entry period from approval date?
  6. OzinEire

    Good time to move money from UK to Oz?

    Yes nearly $2 for every £1 you send over at the moment!
  7. Our accounts had the same submitted and received until we got our RFI last week then the applicant account had an additional button for confirming additional docs have been attached. Originally from brisbane but going to try Perth as we've 2 dogs and 3 kids and don't think they'd cope well in the heat in brisbane. We were there Xmas 2018 and we couldn't do anything outside the house during the day as the kids were miserable if it wasn't air conditioned or a swimming pool. Love Melbourne but don't want to pay a huge amount for a house. Brissie is great but the heat can be stifling if you're not a summer person.
  8. Does anyone know if the ID documents for the people that filled out the form 888 need to be certified if you're offshore and uploading docs online? Forms have already been witnessed
  9. Oh good point. Didn't even cross my mind. Fingers crossed that's it then!
  10. That's so strange. We had provided evidence for that period as well. Maybe they're trying to slow down the approvals or something.
  11. We got very similar yesterday asking for evidence for 2017-2018 even though we've been married since 2013. Writing a statement and uploading even more docs over the weekend. Hopefully it's processed quickly then! Applied 15 July I think it was.
  12. So exciting for everyone getting their visas! We submitted ours mid July and it just says received. Is that normal until they request other info or it's approved? How does everyone know which embassy their application has been assigned to? Worried I've missed some really obvious stuff!
  13. OzinEire

    Immigration being rude .

    Yes I'd say from their perspective if you're willing to commit fraud to centrelink you probably wouldn't have a problem doing it with immigration.
  14. OzinEire

    Shipping furniture IKEA

    Thanks everyone. I'd love to just leave everything behind and start again but then the thought of buying a whole house worth of stuff from scratch is also terrifying! I guess we'll just start with quotes and go from there. Thank you! @WayneMI'll be keeping an eye out for your shipping post update