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  1. Waldo


    @Marisawright thanks for your help I do appreciate it I’ve heard off friends and family over in Brizzy that I won’t struggle for work there is plenty around in construction
  2. Waldo


    Hi I’m arriving so a partner visa, I’m a PR when I arrive my wife and son are citizens. thanks
  3. Guys Over her in the UK i am a construction coordinator so i get info from the manager and I relay that to the relevant trades on the construction site. I have came from a scaffolding background and worked my way up. Can anyone help me before i arrive in May as to what I have to do to allow me to do this sort of work. I know that i need a white card and a QBCC to get me onto the construction site and to be a foreman or supervisor. What i would like more info on is what training can i do or need to do so that it is recognised in Australia and can i do any of this online before i arrive? Any useful links would me appreciated
  4. Waldo


    Guys, I'm a PR when i arrive in Oz and my wife and son are citizen's (we arrive in the 24th May) I was told i can apply for medicare over here so i started the process and it is asking me to download the MyGovID app and centerlink I have downloaded these and it is asking me for forms of ID digitly on the MyGovID app, The only one i can put in is my Passport number which is linked to my PR visa Can anyone help me on this issue please. TIA
  5. Waldo

    Travel to Oz

    Guys, Can my wife who is an Australian citizen, travel back to Brisbane without being double jabbed? Can she get on the flight? Emirates? Does she have to quarantine? Everything I’ve read is “yes” to all those questions but she is really reluctant to get the jab and we need to move back home to Australia TIA
  6. PIO, What is like getting a mortgage in Brisbane my wife and son are Australian citizens and i am a permanent resident on arrival. what do we need to get a mortgage? Do we need to be in employment a length of time? Do you need a large deposit? I have heard that we are entitled to a first time buyers lump some or my wife is for being a citizen. Loads of people have said rent for the first 12 months to see if we settle, think you get more for your money if you buy when you look at what is available TIA
  7. Waldo

    Enrolment into school

    Me, my wife and our son are moving to Brisbane in May 2022. When do we enrol our son into school? Can we Enrol from the UK? I understand that there are catchment area's and stuff. My son and wife are Australian citizens and I'm a PR TIA
  8. Hi CalNgary

    Hope you don't mind me dropping you msg, I think you guys speak a lot of sense on here so thought i would ask you.

    Looking for advice really. We are booking our flights for 23rd May 2022 from Manchester to Brisbane. We will be having a holiday for 3 weeks or so staying in a hotel but will be actively looking for a long term rental and work if i don't find work before i arrive.

    Is there anything on these two subjects that i could be doing from over here in the uk or does it all have to be done over in Oz?

    Thanks in advance 


    1. calNgary


      I have sent you a private message 


  9. Waldo

    Construction working

    Brisbane river
  10. Which side of the river is best to live if I'm working in construction? I was looking at the north side of the river but a few people in here and on Facebook have said that a lot of the construction work is south of the river People's thoughts please Thanks in advance
  11. Waldo

    North lakes

    Thanks for this really helpful info we really appreciate it Waldo
  12. Waldo

    North lakes

    Thanks guys great help for all your reply’s it does say on my visa that I am a permanent resident. They have awarded both pets of the visa 309/100 together will this help us buy if I’m a PR right away Think we will rent for first 12 months until we settle so time to save A good deposit and I suppose you won’t settle until you get a settled job
  13. getting quoted £5100 from uk to Brisbane 20 ft container
  14. which shipping company did you use please
  15. Waldo


    First entry by September 2022 entry no later that September 2026 so i take i must be in Australia before September 2022 Thanks