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  1. RandL

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Just when we thought we can plan our return to WA , bugger me , getting harder every day. How is anybody able to plan with that vision, it's easier to get into North Korea at this rate. WA just hit ~90% second jab, which means it's at least 4 month until they hit ~90% third jab. By then we have another variant.... rinse and repeat ... <pulling hair out> .
  2. RandL

    Moving Back to UK - Financial Advice

    I had to do the TOR form in 2020. It wasn't really complicated, you have to complete the form in one hit , make sure you have all you documentation ready with your details, once completed I received the TOR number within a couple of hours, You then forward the number to your shipper . https://www.gov.uk/guidance/application-for-transfer-of-residence-relief-tor1
  3. RandL

    Moving Costs

    i am confused with Movecube ? i just did a quick quote UK (East Midlands) to Australia (Perth) , large movecube ~6 cubic meters and it came to £1880.00 plus another AU$1851 destination charges, door to door, no storage , no packaging . I didn't pay much more for 17 cubic meters fully packed in a sole use 20" container a couple of years ago plus AU500 for destination charges and quick quotes on their site come in roughly at the same price again (shared container) , Am I reading the movecuve quotation incorrectly ?
  4. RandL

    Anyone emigrating this year? Flights booked?

    Now that Covid is kicking off in Australia , does anybody know how to transfer your NHS vaccination records to Medicare ?
  5. RandL

    Moving back to the UK – Tie up loose ends

    1. Is going for a partner Visa the best way to get my partner over to the UK? Don't know your circumstances but if you are married , for more then 5 years , you should be apply for an IRL Visa from Australia , after 2 year in the UK you can then apply for citizenship ( at least that was the case a few years ago) 5. List of places we'll need to alert when we leave? Bank/government etc? Health insurance , make sure you suspend it , so should you change your mind and go back to OZ ( happens to some ) you keep your accumulated benefit allowances if you re-join within 30 days of arrival. Electoral role, fill in the leaving overseas form, i forgot ( that time i was registered in QLD) to do so, when i got back to OZ after a few years in the UK, my driver license had been suspended ( which also disqualifies you from driving under any other overseas driver's license) , due to non-voting and not paying the fine i knew nothing about . 6. Cars. Is it best to buy second-hand cars over there or lease? Leasing is fair enough, if you have any credit rating in the UK ( which seems to be Über important here ) , i couldn't even get a mobile phone contract without paying a deposit as I had no credit rating in the UK after arrival 7. other things : if you use two-factor authentication via SMS on your internet logins , make sure you either change them to another method or make sure AU phone works in UK so you can sort that after arrival.
  6. RandL

    Anyone emigrating this year? Flights booked?

    Good luck with your move . For us this will be our final move back into the sunshine. I remember free and easy too, I think when you are younger it's all an adventure , if it doesn't work out there's plenty of time to try something else. When I went out the first time, I thought I give it a year , if I don't like it I'll go back, well that year lasted 25 years .
  7. RandL

    Anyone emigrating this year? Flights booked?

    this will be our fourth move between UK-AUS, you right it's absolutely bonkers , even with a bit of experience throw in Covid testing, exchange rate fluctuations , no house sale certain until exchange and completion just days apart, organising Removal companies at short notice hoping they have capacity, having to book flex fare flights as you can't commit until the last week ..... I'm always amazed ( and exhausted ) when at the end it all works out.
  8. RandL

    Anyone emigrating this year? Flights booked?

    that's what we did , Kitchenware , glassware , ornaments .... don't use description like "Miscellaneous Items" If there's a variety of items in the box , I list them , print them out and stick the list on the box , then I kept a summary sheet with box 1 - this , box 2 - that and gave that to the movers. We haven't decided where we going to go in WA yet. We have lived there for over 25 years in many different places. Bring to stay within an hour of Perth - north of the river, was we have friends there.
  9. RandL

    Shipping - can we pack too?

    We used PSS last time , we had boxes packed and plastic tubs with stuff (basically just how we were storing stuff anyway) , they just taped up the tubs and wrote PBO( packed by owner) on them. never had any removalist unpack anything , we thought we would separate items ( wooden stuff , walking boots etc) into tubs for them to pack so they were all in one spot and again they just taped up the box and in the container it went ( we weren't watching over their shoulders, so only noticed when our stuff arrived at the other end ) My advise , if you have anything precious to pack( not necessarily of monetary value ) get some bubble wrap and pack it yourself.
  10. i think "normality" in WA is going to take a hit after the 6th Feb .
  11. RandL

    Shipping Advice

    we moved from WA to UK in early 2020 , we used Grace cost was ~ A$7000 for ~17cubic meters in a shared container , we were located around 500km south of Perth. the UK part was fulfilled by D Bonner, experience was OK, there were delays in shipping due to Covid just hitting, Their storage charge was £5/per day . When we were ready to have it delivered they had no capacity for another 2 weeks . All removal company are much the same , really depends who (what crew) you get on the day if it's going to be a good or bad experience. Always organised Insurance definitely seperate.
  12. RandL

    Anyone emigrating this year? Flights booked?

    yes we are too planing to go back to Perth this year. As we have a house to sell , booking flights will be a last minute dash . We were thinking of going direct as well with Qantas. Let's hope the restrictions will be a bit more relaxed in a few month . Everything is pretty much unpredictable at the moment which makes it so much harder to line up all those ducks .
  13. oh no, don't think I can do another winter in the UK.
  14. Apparently WA will open its borders on the 5th Feb . ( Although seeing the reaction to the French backpacker covid drama , I'm not sure if WA will be able to handle any Covid wave ??) Hopefully there will be more flights becoming available. Next on the list is getting the house ready for putting on the market , then trying to find a removal company that doesn't rip you off or at least is reliable .
  15. RandL

    Buying a house

    my comment was about where to go about information about the selling process. I've never known anybody using a Buyer's agent to buy a house in WA , at least not in my price range , maybe the situation has change in the last couple of years? Don't think the seller's agent will have an interest in protecting the industry as he most likely would have to share his commission if the other agent acts in a conjunctional arrangement. my 2 cents