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  1. Just did our ToR application yesterday, seemed to be straight forward, just asked for 3 items of documentation, passport, utility bill and inventory of our items ( we used our inventory summary from our removals quote plus an estimated insurance value form from letton percival ). no pets , no car Emailed it off to nch.tor@hmrc.gov.uk. , got auto-reply acknowledgement straight away , then got the number back within a few hours. one item ticked off the list
  2. RandL

    Shipping back to the UK

    just a note to people moving from AUS to the UK to inform the electoral roll that you are leaving the country ( if you might think of coming back in the future) I had a QLD drivers licenses and when i came back to AUS after a few years in the UK i tried to transfer my drivers licenses back to Aussie, just to find out that my expired Aussie license was suspended for Non-Voting and not paying the fines ( when i was out of the country ), not hard to fix but quite awkward at the licensing center been told you are not allowed to drive on any license and they informed the police ...... and even after they re-instated it i had issues with car insurance .
  3. Hi, we are going back to the UK and apart from the usual stuff also thinking of taking our lawn mower, brush cutter and other garden tools with us . do we need to scrub the items as rigorously as we had to coming back to Australia or are the quarantine rules a bit more relaxed going that way ?? We have done that route before and didn't have to do anything special 6 years back. We know that you now have to fill out a TOR form but not sure about Quarantine ?? Please don't tell me i have to bath in Jeyes fluid again . Any info would be very much appreciated Many Thanks
  4. RandL

    FX Broker - are they ripping me off?

    I have used OFX in the past , moving money both ways UK <> AUS. Once you get yourself a login you can set up an order to trigger on a selected exchange rate you decide on, so if it happens over night you don’t miss it Once it hits your desired rate, the order goes through and you have 24 hours to transfer your funds. Never had any issues with them, Great phone support if you need it. Rates have been very good too , marginally under the XE.com values advertised. No transfer charge if you move over 10k. BTW: I have no interest in OFX, this is just my experience I had with them.
  5. RandL

    What Are You Listening to Right Now?

    I like to find a song in Spotify that I like and then select “go to radio” based on that, good way to discover new songs/artists. currently listening to “Shake of them blues” by Ray Bonneville
  6. King size bed UK = Queen size bed in OZ ( minus 3 cm width )
  7. RandL

    What paperwork is needed?

    Proof of no claims bonus for car and house insurance from your insurance company
  8. RandL

    vegetarianism and veganism

    pointless qote
  9. RandL

    vegetarianism and veganism

    Pointless post. !
  10. RandL

    Drivers licence

    Thanks , does this also apply if I go back to WA, mind you my expired QLD license was transferred from a WA license a couple of years earlier ( moved around a bit ?)
  11. RandL

    Drivers licence

    I had a QLD HVG drivers license when I was living there , when moving to the UK I just transferred the normal car license part to a UK license. i will be back later this year to live In Australia, my Aussie license has expired since 2014, does anybody know if they will transfer my current UK car license to a new Aussie licenses or will they reinstated my old Aussie one ? Thanks
  12. RandL

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    I guess you can call us ping ponged, lived 20 years in OZ, mainly west coast, but also a few years on the east coast. Decided to come back to the uk about 5 years ago, family reason. Circumstances have changed and we are moving back , just waiting for the house to sell and we are off to WA Greater Southern , dual citizenship helps, never regretted any of our decisions to move. Just feels like the right thing for us now. We are in our 50’s , so ready for the next adventure:) there will always be haters so just do what you feel is right for you.
  13. Great pictures and to share your experience, we are thinking of using PSS to move back, does PSS use paper to wrap your items that don’t go into a box ? When we came from OZ the company we used was using isolating bubble plastic, like flexible core flu? Called it export packing ?
  14. RandL

    retiring back to the UK

    yes , but the first 200000 are taxfree
  15. RandL

    retiring back to the UK

    I went through the whole spouse visa recently, starts with a spouse visa ( you need to be married for at least 5 years before applying), valid for 2 years, but you can apply for an ILR as soon as you hit the UK , the you need to do a KOL test ( knowledge of life in the uk ), then wait for 3 years to apply for citizenship, lots of paperwork, lots of £ for every step. We did it by ourselves and all went through, not difficult just need to take your time with the paperwork. somebody mentioned earlier that you have to be 60 to access your super in OZ, I think it is 55 , but you must have stopped working or work less then 10 hours per week.