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  1. RandL

    Shipping from Ireland

    we have used PSS before in 2018 , we just moved again got them to quote and they seem to be on the more expensive end . this time we shipped 600 cubic feet. for under £4500 door-to-door England to WA with John Mason , our stuff was packed and picked up in early May , left UK first week in July , arrived 2 week in August and we will get it delivered on Monday. All cost were spot on and did not go up half way through the journey , like other horror stories you read on here. in fact we didn't have to pay until after our goods were packed and taken away. All round a good experience , ask me again on Monday ;-}
  2. RandL

    Best international removers

    some more websites to check out what items cost in OZ Have a look at these websites to see if you can work out what's worth it or not. every cubic foot of stuff we had packed into the container worked out at roughly at £7.00 www.appliancesonline.com.au jbhifi.com.au Freedom.com.au harveynorman.com.au myer.com.au davidjones.com.au Kmart.com.au target.com.au bigw.com.au BCF.com.au www.anacondastores.com kitchenwarehouse.com.au latestcatalogues.com our stuff was packed in May, we arrived in Oz in June , our container (shared ) shipped in July and just arrived at the port in Fremantle with delivery in about 2 weeks . so timing can work out sometimes.
  3. just arrived in OZ yesterday :). it really depends on how much you think you get use out of the items to take. this time around ( UK-OZ) we just bought a new sofa and washing machine so it was making sense to take them , plus office equipment I need plus sentimental stuff, pictures.... we approach it this way , stuff that's not negotiable, then all the other stuff if it makes financial sense. Because Aussie quarantine regulations are so strict, we left most of our gardening stuff in the UK. When I went back last time we were working on ~ £5 per cubic feet, this time around it's more like ~£7.5 per cubic feet. So we measure our stuff , calculate what it costs to take it, then research what it would be to replace . Because we always sold up property and ship our stuff , timelines sometimes don't give you enough time to sell everything in the UK ( selling timelines in OZ are locked in and much more predictable) so to reduce waste we sometimes take stuff that is borderline . Have a look at these websites to see if you can work out what's worth it or not. www.appliancesonline.com.au jbhifi.com.au Freedom.com.au harveynorman.com.au myer.com.au davidjones.com.au Kmart.com.au target.com.au bigw.com.au BCF.com.au www.anacondastores.com kitchenwarehouse.com.au www.latestcatalogues.com good luck with your move
  4. RandL


    Perth seems to be cheaper , I'm arriving next month , booked an AirBnB for 2.5 month at just over A$ 7.5k , roughly A$100 a night . hopefully I have bought a house by the end of that term. I'm in my 60's, never too late to have a crack at it again
  5. you can still set up a Wise account in Australia , it will give you a UK currency account as well as an Australian currency account . So you will have a UK sort code and account number you can give to anybody paying you in £. you can get a debit card with it and spend the funds in OZ with an automated conversion £-->AU$ I wouldn't use it to hold large amounts of money ( as they starting to charge you for it and they are not a bank so they don't come under the government guarantee ) but it's great to hold small recurring payments.
  6. RandL


    Not always the case, I paid for a sole 20" container use last time I went from UK-AU , but the quotation also had a set amount on cubic feet, in the end I was charged extra because our stuff went over by about 30 cubic feet but was way under the capacity of the container. that was the clause in my quotation :"The estimated loading capacity of one 20' General Purpose Container is 1050 cubic feet of household effects. Should you wish to add to your volume of 625 cubic feet the additional charge to cover packing and destination charges would be £4.10 per cubic foot Maximum £489.00 (subject to the total volume not exceeding one 20' General Container load)" never was told I can't take anything new, I think the definition of new is "bought less than 12 month ago" not packed in an unopened box, Any item under 12 month old you just have to list them on the paperwork with a date and value , done that before , never had any issues, my total of new stuff was under A$1000 though
  7. RandL

    Extra shipping costs UK - Perth

    no, we looked at loads , there are good and bad stories about everybody ... we will stick to a container , cost per cubic feet works out to roughly £7.50 where the move cubes were more like £16.00. also have a look at https://www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au , https://www.jbhifi.com.au , https://www.appliancesonline.com.au, https://www.freedom.com.au or little bit more left field https://www.empirehome.com.au ( Osborne Park , heaps of options on Scarborough Beach road ) ), https://www.eastwestdesign.com.au (Fremantle)
  8. RandL

    NHS pension

    As far as I know ( my wife receives an NHS pension) the NHS pension is not subject to a freeze once you leave the UK and will enjoy a yearly increase unlike the state pension .
  9. RandL

    Extra shipping costs UK - Perth

    your container quotation will include pickup/delivery at destination of your goods and probably packing and unpacking . The $500 is most likely for the customs clearance , the usual fee for a 20" container if nothing is flagged during the inspection to not pass . there is also a $80 port handling charge for Fremantle. the move cube Oz part of the quotation includes the delivery, not too sure about the door-to-door price as every quote if done only shows depot pick-up in regards to select what to take and what not : i'm going through the same process at the moment ( having done it a couple of times before) , and I thought Move cube was more expensive as using a shared container load , a medium cube is only ~110 cubic feet , if you break it down the cost by cubic feet . I've gone through my house measured the cubic feet of items in questions ,multiplied it by the cost per cubic feet of my quotations , then decided if it's worth or not .
  10. RandL

    Shipping price increase?

    I'm so sorry to hear that, that's terrible . Did PSS say what it is for . I thought once you sign the contract, paid and the ship has sailed, that should be it other than Port congestion or demurrage charges. I know that there was a fee increase at the beginning of March so that should have already been included if yours only left 2weeks ago
  11. RandL

    PCR Tests

    have you read this one , comes into effect on Friday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-60741158
  12. RandL

    Roberts Radio?

    it depends , if it a digital one it needs to be DAB+ standard , if it's the older UK DAB it won't work
  13. RandL

    shipping company

    thanks very much , can't wait to get back to WA. Same here i never heard of Mercia before , but I had good responses from them so far and read as good as others reviews online. so hard these days to sort the fakes from the real .
  14. RandL

    shipping company

    Yes I get all that , I was simply asking if somebody had some experience with these two specific companies as I haven't seen them being mentioned here before
  15. RandL

    shipping company

    thanks that's good advice . I do believe that a lot depends on the local crew you get as they are the ones packing your household with care or not . I agree re insurance , alway use somebody independent. I have always used Letton Percival in the past We have done this over 10 times , internationally and coast to cost in Oz over the last 30 years, this is going to be the last one !