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Found 93 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new here... We are part way through our migration process to move with my husband and 2 young children, planning on leaving UK next summer 22. We have decided on Sydney as our landing point as we have family west of Syd, work prospects and also as it is generally the most accessible from Scotland. We're aware that it comes with a hefty price tag in comparison to Scotland, so we are 90% but not 100%. I'm really keen to know first hand experiences of those who moved with young children, where you lived at first (from day one), how you picked your first living location and how you settled on an area to live. My son will start school this year, but will restart in NSW next year as he wouldn't make the age cutoff this year (he is 4). I'm not worried about his learning as he attends nursery, but i don't want to move him more than i absolutely have to. A key criteria is to live as near to the coast as we can afford. We are both mid level professionals. Thanks Ash
  2. Sofia1234

    Moving to Australia

    Heya I am looking for some advise/feedback in regards to relocating to Australia. We are a family of four with our kids being 7 and 4, my partners is an apprentice carpenter and i work in accounts. We are weighing up between moving to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Looking for somewhere with good job opportunities but mostly great area for the kids in regards to schools and safety. Moving is a huge and scary decision so trying to do as much research as possible. Any recommendations would be extremely helpful
  3. Aussiewannabie

    Info on Moving to Australia

    Hi, Me and my partner are looking to move to Australia. We have 2 children also. Any information and help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello I am relocating with my company to Sydney on a TSS visa, am looking to take my son with me as part of the TSS application, my son lives with me and earns minimum wage in the UK he is 21 and just out of his construction apprenticeship. My company is using one of the large immigration law firms, wont say the name but it ends in 'gomen' they are telling me that my son cannot come as he does not appear to be wholly or substantially financially dependent upon me for his basic living costs. They seem to be ignoring the fact that I keep a roof over his head and pay all the household food and bills, still help out with the running of his car, paying his insurance/tax etc and most importantly the fact that he will be made homeless by my relocation so will need to find money for rent and also to cover what I am currently paying monthly as the outgoings. If he was to start paying this then this would take him over his earnings threshold. I have sent over lots of paperwork outlining this and showing proof of the above but they are still holding out on the position, even if he was to make himself unemployed for any reason they would also not take this into consideration as the earnings for the last 12 months are taken into consideration. Surely he is wholly or substantially financially dependent upon me for his basic living costs?? Has anyone experience of this? Any help or advise to try and change their position? Anything else I can do to prove is dependency? As it stand they wont apply with him as a dependent to travel and this may be a showstopper.. Thanks MM
  5. Hi everyone, Our family is in a really complicated situation so please bear with me (apologies for a long post!!) I have been on here before asking people to sign our petition on change.org (message me if you want to sign it) So our situation is this (in as concise a way as I can put it): we came to Australia on a 457 visa in December 2016 with my husband as primary applicant, and we live in Perth WA. It was all going well until the news broke in April this year of the 457 visa being abolished and with it the age limit to be able to apply reducing to 45. Unfortunately my husband is 46, and our chances of being able to apply for PR will in effect vanish by March 2018, 9 months before hubby is eligible to apply on the TRT 2 year stream. He was unable to apply by direct entry before July due to not enough post grad experience, and unable to apply via the regional sponsored as Perth is no longer regional So it looks like our days in this beautiful country are numbered and our lives are being destroyed, all over 9 poxy months!! Yes there is a chance that existing 457 visa holders conditions will be grandfathered, but 1) we dont know if that will happen 2) when it will be announced for sure and 3) I havent heard that this condition accounts for those in the 45+ age bracket... Now onto me...I am 38, been a housewife for the past 5+ years, having before worked in the family business in the UK. Prior to that I was a lab technician, with about 8 years experience but I dont have any qualifications whatsoever having gone into lab work almost straight from school. I was advised that I could be eligible to apply for PR from a regional sponsored visa, as I would only need over 3 years of experience in place of any formal qualifications....cos a regional visa is not skills assessed. BUT....that would mean I would not only need to get an employer to sponsor me on a full time job for at least 2 years IN A REGIONAL AREA....but during the time it takes to process hubby would have to stay in his 457 visa sponsored job IN PERTH until my visa was granted (around 14 months)!!! Now I know a lot of people would say "stuff that" but at the moment we are willing to try absolutely ANYTHING to stay here... That being said, it leads me to my question. How on earth do I go about getting someone to sponsor me on a regional visa?? Is there any websites, forums or can anyone point me in the right direction?? I have no idea of where to start, most jobs I have seen on SEEK and other job sites require formal qualifications or certificates, and over 95% of them are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane (all metropolitan areas). I've applied to a few but no response as yet... And while on the subject, has anyone got a regional sponsored job with no qualifications, how did you do it, where did you go and what was the application process? Oh and one final thing....I need to have a sponsored position in place by March 2018 as life science technician (closest to my job) is on the short term list and will no longer be able to apply after then. Can anyone help?? The easiest thing obviously is if we know for sure that my husband can apply for PR due to our conditions being grandfathered, then I wouldnt have to relocate and leave my kids and husband behind for over a year, but we need a back up plan if hubby cant apply, and this is our back up plan Thanks in advance xxx
  6. I had received my and my family PR on state sponsorship(190-visa) from Queensland in Feb 2017 and have an initial entry date of 17 Nov 2017.Due to some personal reasons I can't relocate permanently now. I will be relocating by September 2018. But considering the implications of the initial entry, I am planning to visit Brisbane, Australia in Oct 2017. I have a few queries regarding all this. Please let me know If I can delay my initial entry or not If it is mandatory to travel, then any recommendations / suggestions regarding the first entry. Shall I register with Medicare and Centerlink or TAX??? Also any suggestion of cheap tickets from Lahore to Brisbane. Thanks and waiting for recommendations and response
  7. Hello! We are a couple with a 14 month old toddler who have recently moved to Melbourne (Oz). Currently we are residents of Docklands but are looking to relocate and need the following points to be considered. We do not have a car or a driving lisence so the new accomodation has to be walkable or easily manageable in trams that dont take too long in taking us to grocerystores, shopping malls etc. 1. A Playgroup/Community Center/Parks for activities for toddler within walking distance or easily accessible via tram 2. My baby is learning how to swim, currently we are going to citybaths but a sub urb that would offer this as well would be a plus 3. Walking distance to the Library due to the activities organized for babies 4. My husband's workplace is in Docklands, so a suburb that is not too far away and takes about 20 minutes of tram/train to commute to work. 5. Walking distance or short distance accessible by tram for groceries 6. a good Kindergarten so I can register my baby enabling him to attend 2 years from now 7. Preferably well reputed Daycares if possible 8. Ideally looking for 350 to 450 pw fully furnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) or 300 to 350 pw unfurnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) ----(as we need to keep a car provision for future) Apologies for the long list but the endless list of good suburbs has got me so confused. I love where I live - Docklands - and would not have considered relocating had it not been for the very high rental rates here We are looking to move to an inner sub-urb for now, until my baby is of a school going age. Many Thanks in advance for all your help! cheers!
  8. Hi folks, I quit my 457 sponsored job. There was too much overtime at odd hours on weekends and public holidays, with the only compensation being time in lieu(at a rate of 1:1, no extra time provided for working Sundays/nights/public holidays). I also found out that my salary was not very competitive at all. They ignored these and other complaints and gave me all the unwanted tasks, no doubt thinking that they had me tied up in the contract and visa. I have since found a much better job with a new sponsor. Although I had signed a contract with the initial 457 sponsor declaring I would pay back any costs incurred by the company in recruiting me(pro-rata for 3 years) I also understand that I do not have to honour unlawful obligations. They want me pay back a bunch of expenses they incurred. They paid for one month's accommodation in a apartment and a flight over for myself(and not for my defacto partner!). I understand that an employer can not seek to get back any recruitment costs including costs paid in connection with finding and attracting an employee(from the Immi website). I would not have taken the position if I had had to pay for the these costs while also looking for somewhere to live. Any opinions on what my obligations are here? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar situation and how it ended. I will also contact fair work this week and ask for their advice. Has anyone used them before? Also, can anyone recommend a lawyer/law firm who has experience with immigration contract law? Btw, have done a search but couldn't find relevant posts(and besides, the regulations seem to change every year). Many thanks for any advice
  9. Hi We're moving from Pymble to Narrabeen shortly and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a removal company that works those areas. It's really just for the large items of furniture as we'll move the rest on our own. Would appreciate any personal recommendations. Thanks Liz
  10. Hello everybody! I hope you're all well. My partner and I will be moving to Brisbane in March and, since neither of us have ever lived their before, we're wondering what to expect and if you lovely people have any recommendations for places to visit/ things to do there? My partner is from Adelaide (born and bred) and I'm from Wales, UK. We don't have any children and are both 28 & 30 (respectively). Any suggestions would be most helpful, and equally if there's anyone moving to Adelaide then feel free to ask for more information; we're happy to help :biggrin:
  11. Hello all, after reading some of the problems people are experiencing renting a home in Sydney I am wondering if a relocation company would be helpful? Has anyone any experience or recommendations, and how expensive would it be? My husband is in a serviced apartment at present - he has 15 days remaining in it, and has not viewed any properties as yet. We are looking at the domain website, but with him starting his new job and me not arriving until mid January it's not looking as easy as I had expected, thinking that it would be like renting in the UK. Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks x
  12. Guest

    What to expect from relocation...

    First of, apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread. 2 Years ago, I met my lovely Cornish girlfriend while working in WA, where i'd spent all my life. Never thought about moving to the UK before but we've talked and its something Im looking at, now im doing a bit of research on the actuals... As I said, I was from Perth, grew up in the South West and now im in Tasmania. I work in Construction/Project Managment, and enjoy Aussie Rules and Golf. Nothing too unusual really. Im obviously used to the pricing/marketing over here and grew up on Bunnings and Holdens, beaches and bars :wink: But Im ready to move on and have had the itch and desire to 'spread my wings' (metaphorically speaking) for a little while now. With the experience of both address's, I figured people who had left the UK, come to AUS and gone back might have a unique perspective on the idea! Im open minded and can handle new new names for business's, different TV and the general changes, but are there a few major ones I might not realise until im there... How differant IS the day to day life and around the town/village/suburb?? Would love any help you can provide, Thankyou! :smile:
  13. Could anyone tell me whether there is an official governing body with which we could raise a complaint against a Relocation agent we used to relocate from London to Sydney? The Relocation Agent promised us she would not charge a fee should she not be able to find us a suitable property to rent in Sydney. Long story short... she didn't find us a property and has now taken payment for a full service fee (to which we had not agreed). Does anyone know how we can raise this dispute with a formal governing body in order to get our monies back??
  14. Guest

    Relocation companies help

    Gud morning all, we have only got just over 3 weeks before we fly out to the Gold Coast:cool:, and was woundering if anybody had any details for relocation companies, we have email 1 several times 1st time told it was to early now not getting no feed back at all, we just need help with finding a property etc, have got a holiday rental for the 1st couple of weeks but its for after that, any help would be great. chris & Donna :chatterbox:
  15. Hello there!!! This is only my second time of posting however I'd like to ask for some advice. My question is Melbourne specific but I guess the approach is common for any relocation. Its looking extremely likely that we will be relocating to Melbourne in December. We will not know 100% where we will ultimately want to settle until we arrive however based upon the research we have done we are most keen at the moment to relocate to Mordialloc, Aspendale and Chelsea (or possibly Seaford). The advise I am seeking really relates to the process of relocation. We don't know the area for sure where we want to end up however importantly we want to try and avoid our youngest daughter (10 years old) changing schools as we try and settle on an area/ accommodation. Can anyone provide any advice as to the process they went through in a similar situation and what works/ what doesnt work when trying to find a school and somewhere to live. In case it helps, we will likely be in hotels initially, then temporary accommodation (for 2-3 months) then a longer term let. Furthermore does anyone know what the schools are like in the areas I listed above and whether the areas listed are ok. Also, if anyone has general guidance as to the process to go through getting our daughter registered with a school (as we arrive mid December), that would be tremendously helpful. All this confusion is hurting my head! Thanks in anticipation.
  16. HI! Does anyone know of or does anyone offer a service in Brisbane that provides furnished rentals short term but also offers a kind of service of showing you about, helping you find somewhere to live, supermarkets, trains/buses etc?? It would really help me if anyone could help me on this:biggrin:
  17. Hi, I like to know about inter state movement of my family in Australia. I am 176 VIC SS Visa applicant, my Brother-in-law lives in Canberra and I wanted to have my faimly in ACT with my b-in-law, is there any legal obligation for my faimly to move and live in a different state excluding me (primary applicant) until i have settled and get the job in my nominated state. Best. Nadeem
  18. Hi, I have been offered a job which the employer is sponsoring the visa & relocation package. What would the typical package consist of? What should I ask for? Many thanks in advance.
  19. Hi Everyone, My husband has been offered a job in Brisbane and we will be moving to the city with our 10-month-old daughter very soon. I know its quite an expensive city and it'll be very costly if we decided to live in the city, but since the job is for one year we thought we might as well enjoy the city life and live close to his work (Turbot Street). Can anyone give us tips as to where in the vicinity of Turbot Street is nice to live? Also, what sort of price range should we be looking at if we were to move to a two-bed flat? Best Shahrzad
  20. Hi to all the uk members! Just in case anyone hasn't noticed they are repeating the phil down under shows every day this week on Channel four! 12.05 till 1.05 ! Well i was excited! :wink:
  21. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right location for this post, so please move if ncessary! Has anybody used such agents and if so can you suggest any good ones! Thanks:biggrin:
  22. http://www.linkme.com.au/jobs/3000-vic/engineering/b8fbc9a438424c8e8202cea0e1141a78-electrical-principal-engineer-building-services-248k194k-perth-role?backToSearchType=advancedJobSearch&backToResultIndex=579&Country=1&SortOrder=2&utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed
  23. Good evening folks, Just wondering if anyone has used a relocation company in Perth ie someone that meets and greets you at the airport and organises car hire and accomodation. Cheers in advance
  24. Would love to know if anyone has used a relocation agent ? If so are they worth it ? can you recommend any ? Just my husband has a job all sorted, and don't want to stay in hotel, holiday rental etc for to long and want to get sorted as soon as we can when we get there as have 2 young children (4 & 2) so any help would be great. Thank you very much look forward to hear from you all
  25. Hello, We are soon joining the long list of POMZ looking for rentals in Melbourne! We are moving over there in June. We are looking for that ''ideal house'' about 30mins from CBD with a little bit of space outside and in a nice area , children friendly! I was just wondering whether getting a relocation agent on board would make a significant difference in finding these properties or in your experience are we just better off looking on realestate and domains website? How easy is it to get a feel for the area? Would be interested to know how the POMZ already there have found their property ? and did they find the right one first time?? thanks in advance for your help ,