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      Found 848 results

      1. Medcial grade B and parent as guardian

        Hi, we've just had our medicals emailed to us from knightsbridge doctors, unfortunately they're closed now so can't ask them any questions. could someon on here assist? Question 1 I have a pacemaker I have to visit the every 6mths now as my battery is low (2yrs remaining) it used to be every 12mths, Ihave bradycardia adnd it's controlled well, part of the report below, this and tennis elbow surgery put me as a grade B, should I be worried?? Pace maker in situ since 2009-when diagnosedwith bradycardia for dizzy spells,check upsevery 6 months and no further episodessince insertion of pacemaker. In 2014 heunderwent a laparoscopic fundoplicationfor gastro oesophageal reflux disease.Sincethen asymptomatic and no need for anymedication.See attached letters Question 2 I accidently put my wife down as a guardian to our 12yr old daughter this was picked up by the receptionist at the doctors she said she would change it, which she did but only in 1 place it's now showing the below, any advise? Client Declaration The client stated that they read and understood the department's use of the information they have provided.Name of parent/guardian: CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client: Mother (incl. in-law)   Client declaration The client has provided true and correct medical history information. Name of parent/guardian CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client Guardian
      2. Hello, we applied in November 2016 for Visa 864, so that's a year ago now. Does anyone know roughly the time it takes?
      3. Medical Matters

        We are currently at 26 months waiting for class 143. My wife looks as if she is going to need medical investigations. This will obviously feature in any medical report. If the case worker eventually makes contact soon, what do we say? God forbid we go to the back of the queue. I would assume they will tell us to get it fixed and come back to them. Help please!!! Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
      4. Medical Treatment

        I have the opportunity to move to Australia with work and was wondering what the situation is with medical treatment. For example if I need to see a GP or am admitted to hospital etc. Obviously in the UK this is free under the NHS but what is the deal in Australia please?
      5. Medical help

        Hi, ive just completed my medical on wednesday and got an updated on emedical saying completed, on all 3 things. And on the immi website saying that "health clearance provided- no action needed". I won't get a case officer probably for another 5 months, but was told to do my medical by a friend after 4 months of submitting my defacto visa I'm a bit worried about the medical it says that I'm good just now until a co is assigned, but do you know if I had a serious disease that they would tell me or wait until co is assigned, like if I had hiv, and they tell me 5 months down the line that my visa is refused I'd be a bit pissed of as it's a serious disease thanks
      6. Hi Guys. My wife has applied a partner visa 309 on 28 June 2016. The application is in the final stages. Today she receive the email that your medicals are not valid after 1 year. Online immiaccount showing medical is clear for the processing of this visa. My query is that the visa processing has been delayed by the immigration deptt then why should one undergo the medical checkup again? Does it happen to anyone else who are waiting for decision for more than 12 months?
      7. Hi I will be submitting my EOI soon for 189 Visa. My partner will be included in my application. Once the EOI is submitted, we will arrange medical examinations. Does my partner need to have the medical too? I have my HAP ID as I have already signed up to E-Medical via my Immi Account. I can't work out if my partner also needs to sign up to E-Medical to get her own HAP ID. She isn't applying for her own visa, as she is part of my application. I had to select which visa I was applying for when I registered with E-Medical, but obviously my partner won't be applying for the visa herself, I couldn't see anywhere to include her.... Any advice please?
      8. where does everyone go for medicals?

        Hi all, where does everyone applying for visas go to get their medicals done?
      9. Do I need a medical for a 189 visa?

        Hi guys! just had my invite to apply for a 189 skilled independent visa, so I'm very excited! the question is... Do I need to get a medical before applying? It's not on the checklist, so does that mean I don't need one, or do I get one later on? I have 56 days left to apply for the visa. also, does anyone know if you can scan a passport photo for your police check? Or do you need to take a picture to upload? many thanks sarah
      10. Police and Health Checks

        Hi Help appreciated please. Does anyone have any UK experience and can answer for me... 1. Do DIBP tend to ask for Police and medical checks/clearance? 2. If these are not ready at the time you apply for a visa, can the visa be rejected due to information being submitted after the 60 day limit? 3. Any idea how long it takes to get a Police check in the UK? Many Thanks Jobee1
      11. Medical

        Hi Could someone please advise what I need to get done in my medical for 189 visa? The referral letter that I got just states the following Medical exam Xray chest HIV test im not sure what the medical exam refers to, do I need to give blood and urine samples? Or does anyone know how I find out what exactly is needed? Any help is appreciated
      12. Hoping for advise, my husband is Australian by birth and has an Aussie passport. There doesn't seem to be a problem getting citizenship by descent for the children, he is listed as Australian on their birth certificates. Therefore the three of them could I believe go to Aussie without any problems. I however am English and have to apply for a Partner visa. Looking at the form it appears that all four of us have to pass the medical. That's the problem my son has a rare chromosome disorder(Potocki lupski syndrome), Autism and severe learning difficulties basically he'll never be independent. Given that the 3 of them could just hope on a plane without me. Do they still need to Take/pass the medical, for me to go? if no-one knows do you know who I can ask before I fork out the £2,600(Yikes!).
      13. We've been getting paperwork together for our ENS 186 application for almost a year now. At first we were aiming for making a 189 application however delays with the skills assessment meant we passed the two year mark of working with our sponsor so decided to change to making a 186 application. We did medicals for my partner and I and his two non-dependent children who live outside of Australia, but I didn't do the chest xray as I was pregnant at the time. Our daughter was born in July and I completed my chest xray shortly afterwards. We have gotten her passport and added her to our 457 visa so we're now finally at a point where submission of our 186 application is near. Our problem is that we're not sure how to go about getting a HAP ID for her so she can do a medical. The application on our Immi account that we got our HAP IDs through has already been submitted for the rest of us to get our HAP ID's and I cannot see anywhere that this can be edited so that our baby can be added. Do we create a new Immi account just for her? Or just create a new application under our current immi account and include my husband as the primary applicant? If we did that would my husband (or possibly all of us) then have to redo his(our) medical(s)? Or should we just submit the application and wait for the CO to request her to do a medical? Apologies for all the questions, haven't been able to find any information online relevant to our situation and our agent is proving difficult to get an answer out of on this.
      14. Parental Visa Medical Examinations

        My parents are immigrating to Australia and will need to go through the medical process. Does anyone know what checks are completed and/or what the immigration department look for specifically? Thanks
      15. Medical in Wollongong

        Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience with you. Quite recently I had my medical in Wollongong- great experience, no wait time and very efficient. I have since recommended it to a few of my friends and they all had the same reports. I have heard that Sydney CBD and Parramatta can have wait time as long as 2 hours which would be pretty painful. So if you can, go the Gong and make a day of it! Parking is pretty easy to find and also quite reasonable! Good luck to all
      16. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice as I finalise my 820/801 Partner Visa application. I'm currently on a 457 visa and have entered my 3rd year with 20 months remaining. (Thus I need to get my finger out and get this applied for...) My wife is Australian and have lived together for over 3 years so I meet all the defacto requirements. I started collating information 12 months ago however it's been on the backburner and I just wanted to check there was no changes/developments I need to be aware of that could impact my application. 1 - I'm reading conflicting reports on here re: medical. Some people suggest not getting medical upfront and waiting until asked. Others say you must get it in advance. Can anyone help with this? 2 - What medical do I need to apply for? I cannot find the specific name of the medical in my visa application forms - again, any help is appreciated! 3 - Does the fact that I've got a child on the way help in any way with my application? (In terms of advancing me up the queue, prioritising me, qualifying me for an alternative visa?) Thanks in advance guys!
      17. Hi everyone, I'm in a pretty unusual situation here. Basically I was on my first working holiday visa and met my partner on November 27th 2013, meaning we have been together only nearly four months. I had arranged to do my regional work beginning in January so that I could stay another year and allow things to develop with us at a normal rate, but on 2nd January I was a passenger in a car crash and broke my neck. My partner and I had only been together 5 weeks at the time, but things had been serious from the start and he flew straight to be with me and has supported me ever since (I've been living with him rent-free but am not on the tenancy agreement). My problem is that because of my injury I have been unable to do my regional work (I was in hospital for 3 weeks, and am now in a hefty halo brace with pending spinal surgery), and as such my visa will expire on 25th May. I am completely confused as to what to do about visas now, as a medical treatment visa (602) wouldn't give me the right to work and I am almost out of money. My partner says he will support me, but he is just about to buy an apartment for us to move into and I think it will be a stretch financially for him. On the medical visa application form there is a section where you can state your case in applying for the right to work - does anyone have any experience of this right having been granted? I'm not sure how best to outline my case. And I'm not even sure whether applying for a medical treatment visa is the best thing to do - in these circumstances would it be best to apply for a de facto visa and hope for the best? The cold hard facts of our relationship are as follows: Together 4 months Living together since 18th January (2 months) Have a joint bank account Evidence of him having spent a week with me in hospital, hired a car, paid for things I needed He is buying an apartment where we will both live His family are very supportive of our relationship (mother is a Justice of the Peace) He will support me financially Holiday plans for the future (tickets booked to see my parents in the UK in December) The issue with a medical visa is that A. it might not last much longer than my existing visa, and then I'd just be left with the option of a tourist visa. Also probably worth mentioning that I am going through the process of a CTP claim which will cover all my medical costs and loss of earnings. Thanks in advance for your help - any input would be gratefully received!
      18. Medical Concerns - 190

        Hi All, We have recently submitted our 190 and are just waiting patiently for a Case Officer to be assigned. Yesterday, I was informed that I have a tear in my Meniscus (a cartilage in the knee - Injured playing 5-a-side football) which can only be repaired by Keyhole surgery. I am a little concerned as to how this could affect my medicals. What if I have the surgery and while recovering I am asked to get my medicals done. Will this affect my medical? Would turning up in crutches be an issue? Is there anybody out there who has any similar experiences? Thanks Eddie
      19. If you're anything like me you'll most likely be having sleepless nights over the medical examination but, if my experience is anything to go by, there is nothing to worry about. Being based in Norwich, my nearest centre was the Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood - around a 2 hour drive each way. The car parking is a nightmare but, after that, I was treated with a great deal of care and concern when I made the point of telling them I was a total wuss when it comes to needles and, as the blood test is compulsory, I was not a happy bunny when I got there!:eek: The nurse (Sharon) took time to explain what was required and did a brilliant job of putting me at ease. As for the experience itself, I have no idea why I was worried. Apart from the blood test (which was so quick and virtually painless) it's no different to a check up from the GP. Sharon took my passport, gave me a little tub, placed it on the side near the loo and issued instructions of how to pee! I resisted the temptation so say "what - from here?" as she was so patient with me!:biggrin: After that it was height, weight (the scales lied!),blood pressure check(1st reading sky high as I was in pre needle wuss mode), fast blood test, distance eye test and a few life style questions before moving on to see the consultant. He asks more health questions based on your e-health form that you fill in on line then he checks reflexes, general body area (nothing even close to embarrassing!) a different kind of eye test, looks in your ears and mouth then tells you to get dressed and wait for the chest x-ray. He did a 2nd blood pressure check and it was right back to normal so once the blood test was over he had a far better reading. Total time including waiting at this stage was about 30 minutes. A 10 minute wait followed for the chest x-ray and the nice nurse was very chatty and extremely re-assuring. She was extremely friendly, asked about our Australian plans and the whole thing took about 2 minutes. Once the X-ray is over the "ordeal" is over and you are free to leave. The reason for posting is to offer all of you who have yet to have a medical some re-assurance and, I can honestly say, I was worried for no reason at all. Good luck if you are still waiting and, if you go to Brentwood, ask for Sharon. . . she's brilliant!
      20. Medical tests for immigration

        Hello, I am based in Mumbai, India, have submitted my EOI last night. Expect to get invitation on 24th Feb. I was wondering whether I can keep my medical tests ready before I get invited. Reason being that my husband (included in my application) is going to be travelling starting this weekend for a couple of months. What exactly are the formalities/paper-work required to get medical tests done? Do we need to specify application number for the tests? If so, I will have no choice bt to wait till I get invitation to apply and that would delay my time frame by about 2 months at least I have already applied for my PCC. Also, I have a 2.5 yr old baby boy. Would a medical test be required for him too? If anyone knows about the approximate cost involved, I would like to know that as well. Thanks in advance and keeping my fingers crossed. Piyu.
      21. Heart Murmur 187 RSMS

        Hi Guys, I've renewed my student visa last January and I've had to take my medicals where came out a 2/6 systolic murmur in my heart. The doctor told that they'd have a look in my x-ray and if it'd be cleared I'd be ok with my visa. Well, I've got my student visa. But now I'm applying for the 187 visa which is a residency visa so I'm afraid that I can get trouble renewing the visa now. Have someone gone through same experience? Am I ok or it can be denied? Thanks
      22. HAP ID's!!!

        Hi everyone, A massive thanks to everyone who has helped us so far! I received my subclass 300 visa a while ago and am now happily married to my lovely wife. We're now going through the next steps and have been told we need an HAP number before we can request a medical, however we cannot see where we might get this on the immi site. Can anyone shed any light on this at all? Also, does anyone know if I definitely need to be in the country for when the spouse visa is granted? We're going travelling for a bit next year and it'd be a bit of a pain to have to return, but obviously worth it overall! Many thanks Steve
      23. G’day All, I thought I would share my 186 visa timeline as this site has been very helpful to me so I wanted to share with others incase it helps you ! We are a married couple from the north of England and I had been working in Australia on a 457 for 2 years when my employer agreed to sponsor me for PR and 186 Temporary Residence Stream my main reason for the request was so that I could buy a house and feel more settled here as we absolutely love it here ( Melbourne) We actually arrived in Australia on a student visa in Jan 2010 and my husband retrained with a trade which was the only way in that we could see at the time (and very quick but expensive way) after attending various Moving to Oz seminars in the UK. I was lucky to work part time for a sister company to my UK employer until they sponsored me later that year! The 186 is pretty new visa but I did my research and decided that we would apply without an agent as could not see how they would help that much as you would still need to complete the forms and provide the documents etc. I think they are only necessary if you have a complex situation and need advice or if you want a visa in a rush (although “decision ready” are not always quicker from what I have read ) My employer submitted their nomination early Dec 12 and we proceeded to apply for police checks from UK and Aus immediately but decided not to do medicals or put our application in until this was approved . On 6/6/13 the nomination was approved and I was little annoyed with ourselves for not applying in December at the same time as then I assume both nomination and approval would have been approved together. Thanks to Poms in Oz I saw a post that visa prices were about to increase significantly on 1/7/13 so we set this as our deadline to get our application done and luckily we did it a few days earlier as the immigration web site ended up down for maintenance for the last few days of the deadline which was bad timing ! We had to ring the immigration line to clarify a few grey areas and also had some issues uploading documents and with the browser in general to do our application ( firefox on a windows pc was our solution in the end ) I added the main “required” documents immediately but you are not 100% what else might be needed until you apply so I then added some of the “recommended” documents over the next month as I located them. We did not do a form 80 in the end which was the form that scared me the most (just due to the level of detail required especially as we had travelled so much in recent years) and in the end was never asked for this ! I was expecting another 6mth wait for the application and was shocked to get a call mid-September from a case officer saying she was processing our application and just needed the medicals asap rest was all fine. We booked our medicals (there is a new HAP system via the online application link to arrange medicals so no need for forms 160 and 26 which is not clear) and rang her to tell her when they were done. 1 week later (yesterday) 8/10/13 we received our 186 Grant letter which we are so happy about !! We are now 2 very very happy Poms in Oz !!!!! Next stop citizenship and not even started to look into how long until that one we just cross one bridge at a time ! Good luck everyone and hope this post helps you in some way ! Summary Nomination 6/12/12 – approved 6/6/13 exactly 6 mths Application 26/6/13 – approved 8/10/13 – just over 3 mths !
      24. Hi We're awaiting our TRN number, which apparently will take up to 14 days (we're going on a sponsored 457, and the hopsital that's sponsoring my partner has a lot a red tape I believe). However, we'd like to go off travelling while we're awaiting a decision, and the only thing we need to be physically in the UK for is the medical (having sorted out all the paper work). However, all the 'Panel Physicians' I've called have resolutely refused to even to let me make an appointment without a TRN, let alone the medical itself. They keep saying the 'can't put it in the system', whereas I don't see why they can't keep the results of a medical locally and upload them once we've got the TRN. Any ideas?
      25. what gets checked for visa medicals?

        Hi all Suddenly dawned on me that I might have problems with visa health check, if I get that far into the process (309/100). What do they check for and what could get me delayed/stopped from having a visa granted? I have high BMI and borderline high blood pressure. Both of which can be fixed given time, but cannot help but worry...! I have no other health issues/have never been in hospital (touches wood) and am not on medication for anything. Thanks -VP