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Found 856 results

  1. After not seeing us for so long, our son is very keen for us to go out and join him and his family. Does anyone know how long it takes in Perth WA for the first 804 medical please? We have two properties in the UK to sort out and a lot to think about but have a flight booked for mid March. Also, can anyone advise on a good immigration agent in Perth please, who can advise on the 804 visa?
  2. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Morning, I am currently an ODP in the forces but after 13 years its time to leave, so i have signed off and have the next year to prepare for transition. From my research i can see that the equivalent is an anaesthetic technician. I am new to this whole process and really don't know where to start? My other half is a floor layer also looking for employment. Has anyone got advice on the routes we should go down? what are the must's? where best to look for employment? visa's ect .........All advice is greatly welcomed. thank you Natasha
  3. Hi all Yesterday I was shocked to be diagnosed with colitis. I dont think I have it badly, as feel well in myself etc and am still at work/at the gym etc. My OH has just passed his Vetassess practical in carpentry, and we were planning to apply for a 175/176 visa on 1 July. My question to anyone out there is whether my condition will stop our migration plan in its tracks. Dont want to waste 5k on applying, if it is known that they wont accept me, but equally dont want to fall at the first hurdle. Having only had this disease for a coupla months, I guess its difficult to say how the condition will effect me long-term, so am worried about how to prove anything to the medics. That said, the rate visas are getting processed, it could concievably be 2 years before my meds are requested, right. By which time, more would be known about my condition, I guess. Any advice gratefully received! Many thanks...:embarrassed: Tig
  4. Hollruss92

    Medical exam

    Hi. I wondered if anyone knows much about the medical exam and what they may decline. My partner has IBD (irritable bowel disease) and he takes two types of medication for this - Omemprazole and pentasa. I wondered if this would fail a medical exam if anyone knows this sort of thing? We don’t want to start paying out money to the process of migrating to Australia and then fail the medical exam. I have seen one post about this sort of thing and it’s scared us a little but it was back in 2017 so not sure if things have changed. Thank you
  5. Hi All, My wife got her medicals done on December 28th for our 189 skilled visa. We received Form 884: Opinion of Medical Officer which says that my wife's health assessments have been deferred "as I do not have sufficient information to determine whether or not they meet the health requirement". According to the report, her chest X-ray shows RLZ opacities. They've asked for further tests like smears and cultures of sputum and another chest X-ray after 3 months. This has really upset us as we were expecting a clear result. We're not sure what the next step should be. If further tests do show TB, does that mean a visa refusal? Any help will be appreciated!
  6. Hi I am getting Skilled Temporary Visa subclass 408 for entertainment activities for an Australian Vfx company on a 1 year contract. Will my medical results are going to scrutinised in the same way like PR or citizenship. I was previously recipient of the same Visa subclass 408 for the same company in 2019 to 2020 on 6 months contract. But this is the first time I am going for any medical examination for immigration so I have no idea what is going to happen. I never had TB, hepatitis, cancer or any heart disease. I was worried for blood sugar and urine as I am bit obese being 29 Year old but they came out normal. Can anyone advice what they generally look for with this test. And if any condition comes up that what needed to be done. Thanks
  7. Please advise! I'm a British doctor (radiologist). My wife is Australian (born in Australia, been over here 15 years). We're planning to move to Australia next year. I've been offered a 1 year job starting August 2022. I wonder whether to apply for a partner visa or a work visa? I guess a work visa would be limited to one employer and limited duration, so I'm thinking partner visa is better (though more expensive). Also, would the patner visa be granted in time? The immi.gov website says 75% of applications processed within 16 months, but I'm hoping that since we were married in Australia over 10 years ago it should be pretty straightforward to process.. Thank you!
  8. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience in how long there temp 820 visa took to come through after there medical. I am currently on a bridging visa A, and have my medical booked for September. By time I do my medical my partner visa would of been lodged for 14 months onshore. Does anyone know how long the temp 820 will take to come through after the medical? (if everything goes well am I pass) Any advice would be great. I understand everyone is case by case
  9. Has anyone had an issue obtaining specialist medical reports? My husband's consultant is refusing saying that we can get info from gp..but this isn't the info we need! So frustrating, I know everyone is busy but its just a blanket no we are getting.
  10. Hello All, Wanting some advise on the partner visa medical check. I applied for the partner 820 visa onshore around 1 year ago and have since been on the bridging visa A. I planned on doing the medical however COVID happened so never booked it in. Now you are able to book visa medical check, when would you advise to do this? As they only stay valid for 12 months? Thanks All :)
  11. Has anyone else had to delay their medical due to the current isolation in the UK?
  12. This perhaps should have been my first thread on this forum, but we live and learn :rolleyes: I am looking to obtain a Working Holiday Visa (417 subclass) and i meet all the provisional criteria. My main concern however, is the health requirements/restrictions that this visa is associated with. I am a 25 year old epileptic that has had the condition since i was 18 years old. The condition has be controlled for several years now, largely down to prescribed medication. I am still able to sanction a prescription of the medication, but it is very rare that i do these days, due to the fact that i can manage the condition with a healthy lifestyle. My last seizure was around 3 years ago. Anyway, i just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the visas health requirements and what potentially i may be asked to do (in terms of medicals and providing details) in light of my condition? I appreciate that every case is individual and therefore different, but any guidance or information on the matter would be greatly received.
  13. Rosie0709

    Medical health exam

    Hi all, about to have a medical exam to support my 309 in London and just wondered if anyone actually knew what was involved? ‘Blood test, chest X-ray’ anything else?
  14. Hello, I am new to the forum so in advance a warning I am not familiar with all that I might be asking !! We are currently considering an application for Partner Visa for my husband of 7 yrs. He is English and I am Australian. I have lived out of the country for 19 yrs now. We are concerned with the application due to him having Rheumatoid Arthritis and being on a medical infusion every 6 - 8 months. I am aware of the cost of this medicine in Australia and also the others he has to take like anti inflammatory drugs and others needed. My question is ... Has anyone else had Health issues they have had to deal with in their application - I am most sure they will query this in the Basic Medical side of the application as it is an ongoing illness. If so how successful have people been either keeping within the $49 000 costs for 10 yrs they state. Or if they state you will exceed it what are the chances for a successful application. This information might help our decision to pay for an agent to walk us through the application process and for any future appeals for this. Thank you for any advice in advance. xx
  15. Hi Guys, Just started looking into the Health Examination element of the 309 partner visa application to prepare our overall budget! According to this website, there are a very limited number of locations in the UK where you can get a recognised medical from a "panel physician". I've phoned the places we could consider going to, and the costs quoted for the medicals are around £270 for the temporary full medical, or £330 for the permanent full medical. Then I've looked on the medmigration website and they list a "medical exam only" option for £175. So my questions are: Which medical is sufficient? I don't know if this answer varies based on the content of your application, or if it's standard based on the visa... also I wasn't sure if the 309 visa, given it's a stepping stone to the 100 visa, is considered temporary and you only therefore need the temporary medical...? We should meet the criteria to get upgraded immediately from the 309 to the 100 visa (married for 7 years, baby to be born any minute now!) - did anyone have to get a 2nd medical, or just the one was sufficient? Did any of you get your medical done in Australia (or otherwise overseas)? Or do you HAVE to get it done in the UK? We're going to be in Aus over xmas, and the fees there are significantly cheaper (done by a health provider called Bupa, fees listed here) - $232 AUD for the plain medical only. Assuming we can do it in Aus, then I'm thinking about uploading this to the application and the timing. We'll have submitted our initial application by mid-end Sep, and we would be doing the medical about 4 months later. Let's say, but some stroke of luck, we get a case officer coming back asking us to get the health check done at the 2-3 month mark. When the case officer asks you to submit your health check, do you need to complete this action within a certain time period e.g. would waiting 1-2 months to submit it cause any issues (besides the obvious fact that I've self inflicted a delay in the process)? Thanks for your help.
  16. glh95

    WHV 417 medical examination

    Hi all Im new to this forum and wondering if anyone can help me out as im not sure where else to turn to. I just submitted my whv 417 and Its telling me I now need to arrange for a health check and attach the medical information before the application can be approved. The medical examination is going to cost me £500 or more which i dont really have. When the application asked me what work i planned on doing in Aus i said working with children, in a hospital and with animals. I didn't realise at first that if you state you are going to work with children or in a hospital setting that you would need these medical checks. If i ask to change my work to just working with animals and get rid of children and hospital will this then mean i no longer need to complete the health check? Is this even possible to do? Would this have a negative impact on my application? I appreciate all help Thanks
  17. AdiMac

    Medical - mental health

    Hey everybody. I'm aware that no one can give me a definitive answer though I'm stressing a bit so some kind words or thoughts would work nicely! At the medical checks. Disclosed on the form I have had ptsd for 10 years. Doc doing medical requested a letter from my GP. She confirmed the medication I was on, included information she probably didn't need to (letters back and forth to people). I've had therapy (self-funded) to manage my symptoms, never been in hospital because of them, had some time off work but never been on benefits. I'd argue the evidence shows I'm not a drain on resources. Of course, I'm now convinced that my visa application is going to be refused at this stage. It's all gone off to the case officer. I guess, for everyone, it is a waiting game. For me, I'd like to know if the CO would request more info if they had any concerns or would they just throw my forms in the bin?
  18. We've been getting paperwork together for our ENS 186 application for almost a year now. At first we were aiming for making a 189 application however delays with the skills assessment meant we passed the two year mark of working with our sponsor so decided to change to making a 186 application. We did medicals for my partner and I and his two non-dependent children who live outside of Australia, but I didn't do the chest xray as I was pregnant at the time. Our daughter was born in July and I completed my chest xray shortly afterwards. We have gotten her passport and added her to our 457 visa so we're now finally at a point where submission of our 186 application is near. Our problem is that we're not sure how to go about getting a HAP ID for her so she can do a medical. The application on our Immi account that we got our HAP IDs through has already been submitted for the rest of us to get our HAP ID's and I cannot see anywhere that this can be edited so that our baby can be added. Do we create a new Immi account just for her? Or just create a new application under our current immi account and include my husband as the primary applicant? If we did that would my husband (or possibly all of us) then have to redo his(our) medical(s)? Or should we just submit the application and wait for the CO to request her to do a medical? Apologies for all the questions, haven't been able to find any information online relevant to our situation and our agent is proving difficult to get an answer out of on this.
  19. Guest

    Medical Issue - Cerebral Palsy

    :v_SPIN: Hi, I have applied for General Skilled Migration to Australia (Sub class 175) last year. I was told to go for medical check with my other family members. I have only 1 kid who is 2 years and 6 months old and diagnosed with a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Medical report was sent and another assessment report for my kid was asked which was also sent to MOC. After 1 week i have received reply from case officer that my kid is not meeting health requirement. This opinion was given by the MOC who described her as a hypothetical person. The case officer as for additional information again and termed it as Natural Justice. I sent it again. Officer said health waiver is also not applicable for GSM visa. What should I do now if MOC again give same opinion? Can anybody advise me ASAP? Asad.
  20. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    My wife underwent a medical investigation into her heart in June 2012. She used to have occasionally palpitations and we noticed her heart beat seemed slightly irregular on occasions. NHS diagnosed familial sinus node disease resulting in junctional rhythm. No action or treatment was required. It's just something she was born with and does not effect her life in any way. We have a letter from the consultant cardiologist confirming this. Does anyone think this will impact our chances of getting a subclass 489 visa?
  21. Hi, I am moving to Tas in December on a 489. However I’ve just ruptured a disc in my back. I’m currently doing physio, but my question is: if physio is not successful and I have to go down the route of steroid spinal injections or surgery. Will this be covered under Medicare? I will earn under the threshold and I am from the UK. I will be taking out separate health insurance but it’s unlikely they will cover any preexisting for 12 months. Thanks
  22. Jonno1981

    Police check and medical for 489

    Hi all, We should hopefully get a decision from South Australia for subclass 489 SS latest 28th November 2018 (20 weeks from date of application). However, my wife, son, and I will be on holiday overseas from 1st December 2018. I will return to UK 5th January 2019, but my wife and son will be staying on until 1st week in March 2019. If we are lucky enough to get sponsored by South Australia, my fear is we get asked to provide police checks and medicals whilst we are away. This could delay the proces by up to 3 months, which I would like to avoid if possible. My question is; should I arrange police checks and medicals for November 2018 so that we are covered for every eventuality without delaying the process, or wait until all of us are back in the UK and get the checks done in March 2019? Conscious doing it before we go away is a somewhat risky approach as we could be forking out for the checks without actually knowing if we will obtain state sponsorship. Also aware that this will give us less time to validate our visa, although not so concerned with this as we would jump on a flight the next day after our visa came through (if necessary).
  23. Hey Poms! First post. Just wanted to share my application situation for anyone going through a similar experience. Sorry it's long! I was originally in Aus on a year working/holiday visa, that turned to two after I realised a year just wasn't long enough! I met my now partner in the first few months of my first year when I was working with him for his family, we started dating seriously after another few months and I fell pregnant at the end of my first year here. My second year was spent saving up for upcoming arrival of bub and the expense of a partner visa (ouch!), while still having and enjoying amazing experiences in FNQ. I applied for de facto visa in December 2017. I had at this point only uploaded the basics, form 80, my passport and birth certificate, photographs of us together, proof that we had been living together for over a year, our son's birth certificate (born september 2017), proof of joint bank account and joint ownership of a car. I received confirmation of them receiving the application and was approved a bridging visa within a couple of weeks. I was sent a Request for More Information on 26 Feb 2018, a lot sooner than I was expecting! Immigration wanted; AFP checks for both of us, I applied online and received these fairly quickly; UK police check for myself, I applied online and have as of yet not received it in the post; Partner's/Sponsor's Birth Certificate, He didn't have one but again, applied online and received and uploaded quickly; Form 888(witness statement), I had one of these and was waiting for the other, Uploaded on signed by JP and haven't been asked for another?!; Form 40sp, printed and had partner fill it out (reluctantly, he hates paperwork); Immigration Health Assesment (Medical, chest Xray, HIV test) I slowly worked through and uploaded most of these, on 07 Feb 2018 I received another Request for More Information asking for the rest of what I hadn't gotten around to yet. I was pretty impressed to be honest as I wasn't expecting this much correspondence, especially this early into the application. I was quoted 17-24 months process time, they seem to be working quite fast. I am now just waiting on my UK police check and my medical, which is tomorrow! I am currently 4 months pregnant with bub no.2 so was advised by Bupa to choose not to have chest X-ray until after the new tiny human is born. They even suggested that 9/10 times they will not even ask me to go ahead with the X-ray after, which is going to save me a few dollars. Fingers crossed. That's me and my situation. I will update as soon as I hear back from them after my medical and have uploaded UK police check. I'm looking forward to finding out whether they'll keep processing at the rate of knots they are, or, once I've given them everything they need, they spend the next 19 months ignoring me and leaving me in limbo! Good luck with all your endeavours!
  24. Hi all, So we have submitted our application for a 190 visa to SA on the 2/2/18, we are yet to hear anything back but we are looking to be moving as soon as possible!! We have just accepted an offer on our house and will be moving in to a rental accommodation (worst case we don't get a visa and we need a bigger house in the uk anyway (hope it doesn't come to that)). We are seriously considering front loading our medicals, police checks and form 80 to speed up the process but our agent is being very cautious. We know that you have 12 months from the date that you do the medicals and PC but if we front load them May/June we will have already had our application submitted 4-5 months out of the 9-12 month wait time and since we will have already sold the house is there much worry in submitting these before they ask us for them?
  25. Hi Guys, I am just wondering wheather the case officer always ask for the medical and police clearence report if those expires. I would appreciate if you guys can share your experiences, ideas & information on this issue. Thanks. Princemp