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  1. Sabs

    TB Expert Medical Panel

    Hi, has there been any update in your mum's case?
  2. Since the medical center didn't give us a copy of the X-ray, we had one done at a private lab. Will be going to our family doctor and see what he says. Hoping it's a minor issue!
  3. Yes, the letter mentions to consult with the panel pulmonologist. We have an appointment with our family physician too to see what could be the reason. She is asymptomatic otherwise, which is why this result was more upsetting. The medical center didn't provide us with the X-ray film, so we've had another one done at a private lab. Now waiting for our physician's consultation.
  4. Hi All, My wife got her medicals done on December 28th for our 189 skilled visa. We received Form 884: Opinion of Medical Officer which says that my wife's health assessments have been deferred "as I do not have sufficient information to determine whether or not they meet the health requirement". According to the report, her chest X-ray shows RLZ opacities. They've asked for further tests like smears and cultures of sputum and another chest X-ray after 3 months. This has really upset us as we were expecting a clear result. We're not sure what the next step should be. If further tests do show TB, does that mean a visa refusal? Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Sabs

    189 invitation query

    I didn't mention about my wife's brother living in Aus (he's a citizen), but then again, like you said, it's a foreign country and we'll definitely take time to get settled in. We'd also be traveling from India, and I believe the healthcare systems in both countries is quite different, so that will be another thing to adjust to. Our agent didn't suggest the possibility of bringing the child on a tourist visa; it seemed like their 'onshore delivery' was the only option we had, which did stress us out a bit. So we're going to apply with the necessary documents, wait for the baby to come, get wife's medicals done, add the baby to the application, submit it and then pray for the grant.
  6. Sabs

    189 invitation query

    We were wondering about this as well, will consult again.
  7. Sabs

    189 invitation query

    Going by the replies, I agree that there's too much of a risk involved - we'll defer her medicals like you said until after the delivery.
  8. Hi all, Received a 189 invitation for Civil Engineer occupation. Since wife is currently pregnant, our agent is recommending us to travel to Australia on a Visitor Visa, convert it to a Bridging Visa A, and get child delivered there for direct citizenship of the child. As per the agent, if child is delivered offshore (and after visa grant), we'll have to apply for a separate child visa which is an expensive and tedious process. We were thinking of deferring wife's medicals until after delivery and adding the child to visa application so that whole family gets 189 grant at the same time (whenever that happens). If we go by the first route, it will be almost halfway through third trimester of wife (due to collection of PCCs, medicals, and visitor visa), and we're concerned about her health and the long travel. Any suggestions as to what would be the best step forward?
  9. Hi everyone, Is it mandatory to get marriage certificate attested or will a legal translation of it be enough? This is for the 190/491 visa, if either me or my partner get an invitation. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, My brother is interested in applying for the 190 visa. However, one of the registered agents he's contacted is saying that his skills assessment won't be successful based on the following details - 1) He has an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering 2) He doesn't have work experience related to his undergrad degree. Instead, he worked for 9 years in the field of Information Technology Networking. 3) The agent said that my brother would have to go through ACS assessment and not Engineers Australia because his degree and work experience don't match. 4) The agent also mentioned that the ACS requires documents like government tax record, employment reference letter and payslips (he has all except the tax record). 5) Due to lack of the tax document, the ACS will reject his application since it's apparently compulsory to show this specific evidence. We're a little confused by all this and any advise will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Sabs

    PTE score question

    Hi all, My husband needs 79+ in the PTE exam so as to claim 20 points. He's in the midst of attempting the exam soon. My question is that, in case he gets, say 60+, can he go ahead with the EA skills assessment with this score, and while that is being processed, he continues to attempt PTE to achieve 79+ for the EOI stage? Thank you!
  12. Sabs

    Points question

    Hi, I want to know if my spouse's and my occupation is on the same list, do we get extra points for that or not? My spouse has 5 years of experience in his field, while I have none. Thanks!
  13. Sabs

    How do I choose an agent?

    Hi all! I'm in the midst of choosing a registered migration agent to handle my case and have spoken to about 10 so far. Out of these, I've come down to 3 agents who have similar service charges and experience. However, I'm still not able to decide which one to go for. You could say that reading stories of people getting scammed or the agent not being helpful enough in sticky situations has got to my head. The whole visa process is already so daunting to me and I haven't even started it Any advice or tips on this would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!