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Found 20 results

  1. Sabs

    PTE score question

    Hi all, My husband needs 79+ in the PTE exam so as to claim 20 points. He's in the midst of attempting the exam soon. My question is that, in case he gets, say 60+, can he go ahead with the EA skills assessment with this score, and while that is being processed, he continues to attempt PTE to achieve 79+ for the EOI stage? Thank you!
  2. tanvir2220

    Work Experience Query

    Hello! (1) My Bachelor degree was awarded as Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree (AQF Level). My occupation is Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist, which also requires Skill Level 2 or Advanced Diploma degree to make the work experience relevant. (2) I started my job from January, 2016 and I am still continuing with the same job. In the meantime, while doing my full time job, I completed my Master of Engineering in Information Systems Security (Jan 2017- Dec 2018). My question is: - Can I update my Highest Relevant Qualification (probably will be awarded as Bachelor because I have done my 2 years, 36 credits Master degree) without my work experience years being reduced? Because my occupation requires Skill Level 2 or Advanced Diploma degree and I completed that in 2015. Thanks.
  3. I have done bachelor's of civil engineering from pakistan. Then I did my msc construction management from Australia. I have no relevant visa. Should I get my skills assessed from engineer Australia or Vetassess.
  4. rsmji

    Skill Assessment

    Hi All, I got my positive Skill assessment from Engineers Australia back in 2012. At that time in 2012, i was having 8 years of work experience in Telecommunication field and the assessment was of 8 years work-ex. I got ITA in 2012 only, but due to some unavoidable circumstances i could not go ahead with the process. Now, i am planing to do it again. I have a query:- 1. Whether i need to get skill assessment done again from EA as my work experience has increased from 8 years to 14 years and has done Post graduate diploma in business administration as well. 2. What is the time taken by EA these days for Skill assessment. Awaiting your reply on this pl. Regards,
  5. Jackson dsouza

    Mechanical engineer

    Hello everyone, Did anyone in the group get an assessment done through engineers Australia recently. I work as a safety engineer and graduated as a mechanical engineer. My first assessment with vetassess came back negative, as I did not have any OH&S certification. Thanks
  6. What is the receipt number of Engineers Australia required to submit EOI as electrical engineer?

    Submitting EOI as Electrical Engineer

    Please can anyone tell me what is the receipt number required for Engineers Australia in submitting EOI?
  8. Hello everyone My first name is Sina and my last name is Haji Beig Tehrani. In my university degrees my last name is written exactly like the above in 3 parts while in my passport my last name is written without any spaces as in HAJIBEIGTEHRANI. When I was creating my Engineers Australia profile for CDR assessment I wrote my last name as (Haji Beig Tehrani) but I expected that they will issue my outcome letter according to my passport - in the end that's why they ask for passport scan right?! No I'm worried that if I submit my EOI the DIBP officer cannot find my outcome profile to verify my profession experience and qualifications. Should I definitely ask from engineers australia to issue me a new outcome letter or the DIBP officer finds my outcome with my EA ID and I should not bother to wait an I'd better proceed with submitting my EOI? Could you help me by sending me an Email as well? Sinahbt@yahoo.com
  9. Hi, I have just submitted my Engineers Australia (EA) migration skills assessment application based on my degree qualifications only. This includes BEng civil engineering degree under Washington Accord and a further MSC degree. I did not include an English competency test as I am British and a native English speaker (trying to temporarily save money on test). I also did NOT submit an additional assessment for my skilled employment as I did not think they were necessary to get a successful outcome from EA. Queries: I have 2 queries I hope you can help me with please: 1. I subsequently have booked an IELTS test as I now realise I need this for my EOI to gain the points. Am I able to append my IELTS results to my EA application or does the English competency not really matter for EA? 2. Do I need to have my employment assessed by EA using the additional assessment service? Or can I demonstrate my employment during my EOI application on skills select? My points summary I am almost 37 with 10 years work experience in civil engineering. Therefore I'm claiming 25 points for age, 15 points for qualifications, 15 points for UK work experience. This gives me 55 points but i need 60 so hopefully by taking the IELTS I will get the additional 5. Can anybody help clarify my 2 queries as I'm concerned I rushed my EA application in my eagerness to get the ball rolling and that I've messed up by not including a work experience request or an English test result. Much appreciated!
  10. Hello Mechanical Engineers Draftsman 312511 I have no degree and so am required to submit a Competancy Demonstration Report to Engineers Australia. The trouble is, although I have read the guidelines and associated documents, it still all seems very Engineer orientated. Does anyone have any advice or can share experiences for a draftsman pursuing this route? Thank you
  11. I have created an account to submit EOI in Skillselect but got stuck with work history. I have about 8 years 4 months relevant post graduation experience in an engineering field. I also have a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, however I do not have an assessment of "relevant skilled employment". I believe I have all the right documents listed in subclass 189 document checklist which is issued by DIBP: employment references, contracts, pay slips, tax returns, bank statements, letters of termination. The question is: Does DIBP deduct a few years from everyone's experience (like ACS does) no matter what evidence one may present? Should I put one year of my relevant experience as non-relevant just to play it on the safe side? If yes, would I be getting questions from CO as to why a year in the company is not relevant and other years are? Would it be considered "misleading information" as it pertains to DIBP terms and conditions? p.s. I am not in need of an extra year, nor am I in hurry to get invited (the only difference would be 65 vs 60 points and an invitation round ahead).
  12. mwn123

    Points for Masters degree

    Hello, I have got a positive assessment from Engineers Australia and it mentions the following statement regarding my Masters Does it mean that I can claim more points for my Masters? FYI, I intended to claim the following points AGE: 30 English: 10 Overseas skilled employment: 5 Educational qualifications: 15 (Bachelor) Can I claim additional points for the following criteria as mentioned in the point table? Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Regards, MWN
  13. Hi All, I have some queries regarding Work Experience Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) and EOI. It would be much appreciated if some of you can help. Here is my situation and timeline: December 2013 - I had a standard occupation/qualification (Australian Qualification) assessment done by EA, and successfully received the assessment outcome letter. Jan 2014 - Worked with my current employee in Australia for a year, which can give me an extra 5 points towards my EOI (makes a total of 65). Then I started preparing docs to get my work experience assessed by EA. 17 March 2014 - Submitted docs required for skilled employment assessment to EA. According to EA, I had to return the original outcome letter received previously, so to enable EA to issue an updated letter to incorporate advice on my work experience. 21 March 2014 - $330 additional service fee deducted from my credit card. No confirmation email received from EA yet. Now - I want to lodge my EOI before mid-April, but not sure when I can receive the updated assessment from EA. So, My concerns are: 1 How long will my additional work experience assessment be processed by EA, given that I already have my qualification assessed previously? The turnaround time for standard qualification assessment is approx. 8 weeks as shown on EA website, but this turnaround time is not applicable to my case. I was wondering what will be a practical processing time to expect in my case. Has anyone of you had the same situation before? 2 Worst case scenario, if it is taking too long for EA to finalise my update assessment. Is it okay for me to lodge my EOI only based on my standard skill assessment which was issued in Dec 2013, even though I have returned the original letter back to EA, which I'm afraid that the previous assessment outcome is no longer valid as I requested for an additional assessment. I hope my explanation is clear, and again your help is much appreciated. I'm desperate for an answer. Thanks!!!
  14. Hi all, Ok, so in July 2011 I applied for skills assessment for 313214 - Telecommunications Technologist with Engineers Australia. I had originally queried with Eng Oz as I don't hold an Engineering degree. I actually hold a computing degree, but had worked in Telecoms for 7 years. They said that there shouldn't be any issues after explaining my situation. I sent my 52 page CDR and waited for a positive outcome. In November 2011 I received a 1 line letter telling me that I as unsuccessful and would be more suited to software development?!?! Anyway, after 3 months of disappointment I decided to lodge a very cleverly worded informal appeal. I didn't hear anything until October 2013, when I received an apology email out of the blue. They over turned my initial assessment! Wow! So now I have an official skills assessment. So anyway, I had kind of got my head out of Australia and dismissed the idea. On receiving the email, I was not too bothered, but now that I have been thinking about it, I'm getting the bug again! But now, I have no idea how much the emigration system has changed in 2 years (I'm guessing a lot!) So I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1) How long is my skills assessment valid for? 2) What is the process now? I seem to think that now you need to apply, so that you can apply. Is this correct? Is it possible to apply for permanent migration? 3) Does anyone know of any DWDM / SDH jobs in Perth, or have a good website link that can help those with a skills assessment only, to get a job and emigrate. I was brought up in Perth and my Father's side of the family are all out there - if only I had my Australian Citizen ship ;-) Thanks for your time, I'm totally out of touch with the process! Cheers Neil
  15. i have some problem for that i joined this forum......can anyone please guide me about it?........... my Degree is named as "Industrial Electronics Engineer" ........its Electronic engineering with major in Controls , Automation and Electrical machines......... i want get assesment from Engineers Australia ....... as electrical engineer , my experience is electrical engineer in idustry and airline maintenance....... so pls advise me , it is accepted "Electrical Engineer" by Engineers Australia on the behalf of experience as degree title is "industrial Electronics" thanks in advance
  16. barnsey10

    EOI Invite Issues

    Hi, Tony here from the UK. Plan to migrate to australia next year. Skills assessed as a Professional Engineer with EA. Honours Degree qualified, 41 years old, IELTS R9S9L9W8, Total 65 Points. I have been working in my role post degree for 12 years, i have documentation to prove this (Control and Automation Engineer). I have submitted my EOI for a 189 Visa on 23/11/12. Although i havent recieved my letter from EA yet, i dont know how many years they have qualified me for. Questions are: Does this matter ?? I have Evidence to prove that i have been in this occupation for 12 years - will DIAC accept this should i be invited to apply ? Will my EOI be invalidated if EA grant me less than the 8 years minimum for 15 Points ?? If invited can i change the EOI post invite should EA disagree?? Many thanks... Tony
  17. Last month I received my successful CDR result. I've been recognized as 'Engineering Technologist' and my bachelor degree is comparable to 'AQF Associate Degree'. But here is ANZSCO's description of an 'Engineering Technologist': "This occupation has a level of skill commensurate with a Bachelor degree or higher qualification." And here is DIAC's clause for receiving points for Educational Qualification: "You can receive 10 points for documents that prove you have an award or qualification recognized by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation". Can I receive that 10 points for educational qualification? I am concern that what EA has recognized is not what ANZSCO expect for an Engineering Technologist.
  18. I worked as an electrical technician for 5 years and got my BS degree after that and ever since I've been working as an electrical engineer. but I've recently been assessed by Engineers Australia as "Engineering Technologist", because they believe my BS degree is comparable to the educational level of the AQF Associate Degree and also my Associate Degree is comparable to the educational level of the AQF Certificate 4. Anyway, for three reasons I'm going to apply for visa 189 as an electrician rather than a technologist or a technician: It's highly in demand according to Skillselect Occupation Ceiling much more than a technologist or technician. This way I can claim for 7 years of work experience rather that 2 years (since it's been 2 years from the time when I got my BS degree which is now considered as Associate Degree). electrician could be found on Occupation List of ALL states and territories which is not the case for technologists and technicians. I mean I could find state sponsorship much easily. My questions: Is it possible for TRA to refuse to recognize me as an electrician just because I'm holding a bachelor degree or what I've done does not match the job description of an electrician or whatever. Does applying for a permanent visa (189) as an electrician means that I will never find a job as a technologist/technician in Australia. Please note that I've been already assessed as technologist by Engineers Australia. Thank you
  19. awan1956

    Vetasses information required

    I have mining engineering and have all experience in construction industry. Construction Project Manager suites me. But I am little curious that is it mandatory to present any professional license or registration in the field of construction industry? Actually, I applied for Professional Civil Engineer to Engineers Australia but they objected my nominated occupation. Now, if I apply as Mining Engineer to EA then it would be difficult for me to write Career Episodes as Mining Engineer as I have full time experience of construction industry. On the other way, if I apply to Vetasses as Construction Project Manager then will it mandatory for me to present Professional License or not? P.S: I have done my M.Sc Construction Management from UK and then have more than 10years of experience in construction industry. Please help me urgently.
  20. Hi All, Please let me know if anyone can help!! I feel like we are jumping through hoops before we have even begun! Finally made the decision after much deliberation to go for it and start the process to emigrate to Oz and we have just sent off my OH skills assement for engineers australia. OH is a civil/structural engineer with a civil engineering degree. He enjoyed himself too much at uni and received a pass, which is not an Hons degree and therefore not acknowledged by the washington accord. He has to do a CDR in order to proove his competences, which should not be too hard as he has worked as an engineer until 5 years ago (since become a property developer, but crunch has prevented us from continuing!)and became chartered in 1999......but he has no idea where to start??? The manual is very ambiguous. :confused: Our agent has been really helpful, however he has had limited involvement with this in the past, so any help is gratefully received. OH turns 40 too in June, so can anyone also confirm if the pressure is on or not?? I have read different things in different places. Is immigration open up to 45 or is it 40? We are hopefully applying for skilled migration visa with a view to going wherever we find jobs, but Melbourne is preferred.