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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Guys and Gals, hope you all well and happy :) I am new to this forum and would like to get some help regarding nursing and immigration Oz. First a little bit about my background. I am an ICU RN with a Nursing Degree (BSN), for a while i was considering trying to find nursing job abroad and maybe immigrating afterwards. in The first two options as for many others were Canada Vs Oz, after some research i decided to go for Oz as the process in general looked more convenient (plus some other considerations like the Oz climate). After a few months of figuring what i need to hand to AHPRA and in which form and then about 6 months of waiting till AHPRA evaluate everything. Finally i received an answer from AHPRA notifying me about being evaluated as Stream A candidate. Even before the result of the evaluation i knew that the next step would be English proficiency test, i went first for two IELTS tests with the only problem being the writing section in which i scored 5.5 twice. Then i decided to go for the PTE and scored 77 overall and 64 in the writing section (being one point short of the requirements), i tried to go forward with the application using this PTE score but was refused by AHPRA because of this one point. I tried to write to AHPRA and maybe receiving a waiver for this single point with particular arguments like me being a full-time ICU RN in a period of world wide pandemic crisis, but nothing worked and they insisted on me improving the score. After all this months of gathering documents and English tests i am considering my next steps, i fill like i am not motivated and focused enough at this point to go for another PTE and getting the right score in the writing section. I am considering the next steps: 1. Applying for the Canadian registration as there are options of English waiver in some provinces on certain conditions (I am not sure if i will meet them) and then going for the NCLEX exam. 2. Making a trip to Oz on a visitor Visa (once the borders open), and then once i am on-shore taking a few months to improve my English (maybe even taking some advanced writing course) and improving my PTE and then applying for skilled visa (from what i understand once i am on-shore the process should be quicker). 3. Applying for Master degree in nursing and going for the student visa (this could be done in Canada as well). Of course this option will be expensive and there is a lot to consider. Please let me know what do you think about the listed options and things i should consider that i maybe was not aware of. If there is any one going through similar process and willing to share, i will be more then happy to get any information and experience with this issues. Sincerely grateful for any answer and help!
  2. Sabs

    PTE score question

    Hi all, My husband needs 79+ in the PTE exam so as to claim 20 points. He's in the midst of attempting the exam soon. My question is that, in case he gets, say 60+, can he go ahead with the EA skills assessment with this score, and while that is being processed, he continues to attempt PTE to achieve 79+ for the EOI stage? Thank you!
  3. Harshkumar

    PTE Academic Exam- Technical Glitch

    Hi everyone, I recently gave my PTE Academic Exam in Sydney. I Logged on PTE website after 5 days to check my score and it said Status- delivery Failed. The next day customer care contacted me saying - We are contacting you in regards to your PTE Academic Exam. We are unable to generate your score report due to a technical issue. To compensate for this glitch, we would like to offer you a new exam at no cost. Please reach out to our Customer Care team to schedule a new PTE appointment I contacted the customer care to ask what might have caused the glitch but they had no answer. Has anyone come across to a situation like this? I want to know what could be the cause for this issue? I doubt it has anything to do with the way I gave my exam. Thanks.
  4. Dear All, Need guidance and advise for my EOI.Will this take this much longer waiting period ? It has been around 13 months. Is it the trend for ICT occupations in NSW ? Just Curious EOI Status below : EOI Subclass 190, aiming for NSW, Occupaion - ICT Business Analyst, EOI lodged on 20th December 2016, PTE Scores - S-84,R-73,W-82,L-78 Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I have scored IELTS 8 and have an experience of three years working as Retail Manager. I have been recently sponsored by an employer for RSMS visa. I would be lodging the application by the end of this month. I heard somewhere that application is given more priority if the IELTS score is 8 and have related experience. So, my question is are my chances higher in securing a RSMS visa?

    PTE/OTE Exam and dyslexia

    Hi Anyone with dylexia done the pte exam? Do they give you extra time etc.
  7. gopsh

    PTE Academic exam

    Hi all, I am short of 20 points for my skilled visa, I need to score more the 79 points in speaking, listening, writing and reading. I have booked my exam on Thursday. Does anyone know how difficult this exam is? Has anyone taken this exam before? I have been revising from the "PTE Academic" practice test plus pearson test of english academic. thanks Gops
  8. can anyone suggest their experiences with Pearson Test Of English-academic?.. is it easier to get 8 band or >65 points in(pte) than ielts? i do know that the whole exam is conducted on computer and it is US based but i want to know how one goes about its preparation. i am curious to know from the people who enrolled in this exam thanks jonathan