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Found 198 results

  1. Hi everyone, Is it mandatory to get marriage certificate attested or will a legal translation of it be enough? This is for the 190/491 visa, if either me or my partner get an invitation. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, My British fiance applied for his Prospective Marriage visa on 01/06/2017. I wanted to start a new thread specifically for the Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300, where others can share their timelines if they like. The current processing times are as follows: 75% of applications processed in 11 months 90% of applications processed in 16 months Please feel free to share your timelines.
  3. Aston Ks

    Seriously confused

    Hi guys, I have a problem...I applied for 176 and was a single applicant. Before my grant I was planning to get married and obviously had no plan to include my future wife to my application till I got my grant. And plan was to apply for her visa once I get my visa and I'm in australia. Anyways so when i was granted my visa there was one visa condition: 8515 - NOT MARRY BEFORE FIRST ENTRY. Well now I'm married and I'll be traveling to australia soon without her. Is there going to be any problem when I try to apply for her visa?
  4. Just starting our visa and stuck on the first screen. I am OZ PR but live in the Uk for the last 10 ears with my fiancé. We have two kids but have no intention of getting married in the immediate future - do we apply as prospective marriage because we are engaged or as partner? Prospective states we must intend to get married and partner states we must be defacto. What do i do???? thank you wise ones!
  5. Hello there! In short, on the immi account we have filled out the 27 pages of the 'Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)' and will submit the application once we find $7,000 (or £4,000)...I was just wondering two things... 1. is it worth hiring a migration agent to double check this is all accurate? and/or 2. is there a different type of visa my husband could arrive on and stay indefinitely? I am an Australian and British citizen, as are both our daughters (born in UK, with Australian citizenship by descent). My husband is a police detective and although I know he'll have to start all over again when we move there, does the fact that he's in law enforcement help at all? I am presuming this is the best visa to go for as we plan on staying indefinitely but I wanted to make sure and hear your views/advice. Thank you ? PS: I also started posting a while ago about this move but put things on hold and I am now looking into it all again as we hope to arrive Jan 2020.
  6. Jamie58


    After we got married both my wife and i decided it would just be easier for her to keep her passport, drivers licence, bank cards etc in her maiden name as it is perfectly legal for her to do so. Well we've been married for 15 years now and we've applied for a visa. I'm the main applicant and she's on the visa with her maiden surname. We did our UK police checks and where it asks for surname we used her maiden name and where it asks for other names we put my surname, her married name. It shows both on the results they sent back. Problem is we also lived in another country and they also asked for current names and names used but it doesn't show that we've declared her married name as part of the search. Infact there is no section at all which shows that it was part of the search. Will this cause an issue when the time comes for the case officer go through our visa documents? Sorry if it's a bit of a long winded question. I just wanted to be as clear as possible. Thanks. PS, my thinking is if this was the other way round it wouldn't cause an issue. If she'd taken my surname from day one, her maiden name still wouldn't have appeared on the search but she still would have declared it as a maiden name as part of the police check.
  7. Hi all, I am a UK citizen currently in Australia and am here for another 3 weeks (on a tourist visa) living with my ozzie partner (soon to be fiancee). I would like to get all the documentation ready for my prospective marriage visa so I can lodge the application as soon as I return to the UK in March. However, the first question on the online immi account is regarding my whereabouts, because you can only apply for a PMV outside of Australia. I don't want to say I am outside of Australia when I'm not because in my application I will be detailing that I was in Australia until March 1st 2018. The thing I would really like is a document checklist for the PMV, so I can use this to prepare my application. Does anyone know where to find this or has one they could send me? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  8. Hi All I recently got deported from australia for breaking the rules of my visa. I was on a tourist visa and did a few days work as i was a bit short of cash and a friend needed help to finish a job and asked if i would help him out and he gave me some money for groceries in return. Im in a commited relationship with an australian citizen and we have been dating for over 12 months but have only been living together for 10 as i had to previously return home for 3 months when my dad got sick. Due to breaking my visa I have been given the 3 year exclusion ban however the guys in the immigration department were fairly confident that i would be able to get the ban waived if i was to return on a more permanent basis such as a partner visa. Has anyone been through the same experience and what do i need to do to get the exclusion waived? Is it a case of sending off an appeal or do i just have to hope they waive if i apply for another visa? Have me and my partner been together long enough to get a partner visa? We have got evidence of shared bills, joint credit card, recently went on our 1st holiday together, numerous photos and joint invitations to events such as birthdays wedding etc? If not then we will probably have to look at the prospective marriage visa, although we are not engaged i had planned to do it next year after we had already sorted out our defacto visa. Its a lot of questions but im after as much advice as i can possibly find. Thanks Carl
  9. Hi Everyone I am Currently on the prospective marriage visa 300, and I have just gotten married and will need to apply for the 820 visa. I used an agent for my prospective marriage visa and he was great, but for the 820, his fee is so expensive, and after looking at the forms all being online now it looks pretty straight forward? Is this true? What are peoples experiences going alone? Also Does anybody know If I would have to resend all the evidence of the relationship, i.e joint bills, photo's etc for this 820 visa or would what I sent for the prospective marriage visa cover it? The same with all the form 800s we had completed by family and friends stating that the relationship is genuine, would we need to do all of this again? It seems a bit silly having to send it all twice. Hope someone can help
  10. Hi all, My partner and I are now gathering all our evidence to apply for the Prospective Marriage visa. My question is, can our personal statements about our relationship be typed on a computer, printed and then hand signed? I'd rather have it typed and then hand signed to keep it neat.
  11. Hi, I'm new to PIO, but have been looking everywhere to try and get this question answered (I think I might as well go insane!) First a bit about our situation; My partner and I were all set to apply for the defacto visa (He's Australia, I'm from the UK) we started going out in August, Moved in together in October at a Pub we were working at - we have letter of confirmation from the boss but we weren't paying rent as he was Deputy Manager and got free accomodation as a priviledge, se up joint bank accounts in Dec and booked our flights together to fly to Oz in Feb, we spent 10 days in Thailant holidaying and then moved over. For the first 5 months we rented a room from his brother (I've got rent receipts from a rent book as evidence), his brother bought a property in July and since then we have taken over the lease (Joint names). We have a joint bank account here in oz. So as evidence I have; A photobook from Sept 2008 - Nov 2009 (90 photos) Letters from my mum and friends Emails from Friends and grandmother cards from friends and family (Joint leaving cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, easter cards) Joint wedding/engaement invitations Statements from friends and family (both UK and Oz) Our rent agreement and receipts Health check & Police check FLight tickets to thailand, oz and then on hols to airlie beach Receipts from accomodation when we have had weekends away Bank Statements Statutory declarations (Form 888) 47sp and 40sp I'm trying to get back dated phone bills.. I can't believe how stressful it is! To make matters worse we've just got engaged (and although we were initially thrilled we didn't realise the implications of this on our application) Does anyone know if you are still able to able for the defacto visa if you are engaed or do you have to apply for the prospective marriage visa? I've looked into it and if you get the prospective marriage visa you usually have to get married in 9months. I can't organise a wedding in 9months! Not only that but I want to enjoy the process and spend time deliberating over flowers and cake and shoes! I don't want some botch job wedding that I have to quickly organise! Sorry if that sounds really selfish but I've always imagined a fairytale wedding, I have my prince and I want everything to be perfect. Please can someone help explain our options or provide any advice on what else we can provide with our visas to make them water tight. If we arrange an appointment at the visa office and take all of our evidence in, do they say yes or no then or do they just give you advice on what else you need or should include? Sorry for the HUGE post... but I did warn you at the top 'I'm going out of my mind!'
  12. PerfectPerth

    A wedding in Perth

    Hello fellow Poms! My partner and I emigrated to Perth 2 years ago and have recently become engaged :laugh: We would love to get married in Perth as we love it here and class WA as home. We've had a great response from people back in the UK that if we give enough notice...would make the effort to travel over for our wedding. I would love some advice from fellow poms that have got married over here. I would also love any suggestions on venues for small, outdoor weddings! We are currently considering Margaret River but wondering if it would be a logistical nightmare with overseas guests...other locations could be swan valley, rottnest etc. Hope to hear from you! :wink:
  13. GooseRenders

    Prospective Marriage Visa 300

    Hey Guys, just looking to find some people to chat with applying for the same visa as us! I am from the UK, my boy is an Aussie. Applied for our visa last week so just lots of waiting for now! Anyone have any idea of the time? It says on the website 5 months but we don't want to get our hopes up! Anyone out there in a similar situation?
  14. zmxncb

    victim of marriage fraud.

    My aunty married an Indian man 3 years ago. A few days ago, he finally got his PR in Australia. as soon as he got it, he left her, revealing to her that he never really loved her, was using her the whole time and fooled her and my whole family. We are the ones who supported him, wrote stat decs for him and even spoke for him in court to support him in obtaining his permanent residency, now we know the truth. We want to report him to immigration, but the problem is he and my aunt are over $100,000 in debt and if he gets sent back to India then she can't pay It on her own. what can we do In this situation?
  15. Hi. Myself and my boyfriend (an Australian born and bred resident) have been together for 6 years. For 1 of these years (the first) he was in the UK on a work visa and for the remaining 5 we have been battling distance as I had education to complete and he had used his visa up. We have been engaged for 2 years and are now looking deeper into our marriage options. I am soon to commence my PGCE Primary degree here in the UK (this will take me 2 years to complete and gain teacher status)I want to do this in the UK and take it out with me. At some point within this time, probably a year into my degree, after 7 years of being together and 3 years of being engaged. We would like to get married. Probably here within the UK. We plan to live in the UK for about 2 years before moving to Australia. (I would like to take up permanent residency in Australia, living with him as my husband and working as a teacher). There is so much online i cant gain answers to my questions. Id like to know: 1. What is the process we have to go through to get him here and be married and living together in the UK. 2. The process moving past that, when we plan to emigrate to Australia.
  16. hi all, i had lodged an application on dec 20 of 2010 and get a request letter for further documents in the end of may 2011,and i had submitted all related documents includes police check and medicals on 15 june of 2011,let u advice me how long it will take to finalize my application.have someone had granted this type of visa(PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE 300) most recently?to advice me on it further,thanks bye
  17. Hello, My fiance and I are looking to apply for the prospective marriage visa. I am Australian and an Australian citizen living in the UK with my fiance. I am not working here in the UK as I'm wanting to go back to Aus to work, but I wanted to know if my parents are able to sponsor my fiance on the application. We will living with them when we go back. They are able to provide evidence of accommodation and financial support, but would that be allowed? On the visa website, it only mentions the partner as being eligible to be the sponsor and doesn't mention any alternatives. Thanks.
  18. Hi I have 2 questions really.. I'm on a 2nd year work visa. 1) Will overstaying by UNDER 28 days have any consequence when I try to come back on a tourist visa? I've heard that I might just be questioned but won't get the 3 year ban. 2) When I do come back, I plan to apply for residency and get married to my Australian partner. Does anyone know how we are supposed to prove our commitment to one another, the process? And also if my overstay will come into effect here. I only want to overstay because I need time to sell my van etc..if it will effect my marriage application however, then I'll leave on time. My partner situation: I'm 22, met my boyfriend 8 months ago, been together for 7 and pretty much no photos to show for it, just witnesses. I've been working 1500kms away from him for most of this time and we've met up when we could. We are genuinely in a serious relationship and both want to be together for as long as the love lasts. The marriage for both of us is just paperwork but if I can get residency, then we will have the option to live in his home country as well as mine and we both plan to travel for the next 10 years together. When my visa runs out (in 2 months), we're both flying to south america together and will travel for 6 months. I will then travel a further 3 months in North America and he will go back to Australia (as he can't enter USA due to a silly criminal record). I will then join him back in Australia on a tourist visa and we'll apply for marriage . If granted, we'll stay for a min. 6 months to save some money before both travelling Europe. Please help if you know any cases or have experienced the process of any of this. Calling immigration is helpless, they are so vague and obviously can only advise the safest option. Thanks for your time
  19. Hi! So. My fiancé is Australian and I'm English, and in May we'll be applying for our de facto visa. I'd love some advice from anyone who's been through this process, here's a breakdown of our situation. We met when I was on my 1st year working holiday visa, after I'd completed my regional work. In July 2013 I decided to stay in Aus to be with him and activated my 2nd year visa. May is our 1 year anniversary - so I'm right that we can apply for our visa after this time - according to the 12 month relationship requirement. Everything was going fine until I called Immigration and the lady said "You have to have lived together for 12 months, not just have been in a relationship 12 months" - is this true?!?! We didn't move in together until August 2013! We have a joint 1 year lease on our 1 bedroom apartment so it's pretty clear it's just the two of us together. Can anyone help clarify that point first of all!? Here's the rest of the evidence we've got to go with everything.... - Rent receipts and lease from August 2013 - Joint travel to Thailand and the UK (to meet my family) - Photos with our mutual friends, photos of us all over and photos of us with each others families - Joint bank accounts - Joint savings - Joint household bills accounts - 2 x joint party invitations - We're engaged!? The date is soon to be set and we'll at least have our "save the date" cards to add to our application - We're registering our relationship with the Births, Deaths and Marriages registry - We will have our marriage license by the time we apply - Mutual friends on facebook and instagram - Linked profiles on facebook and instagram - Reference letters from our families ..... Along with all the forms we need to fill out, the police checks, the medicals etc, is there anything we're missing? We really want to do this without going through migration agents etc, so any help on here is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks
  20. Hello everyone, I'm British and live in the UK. My girlfriend is Australian born and bred and lives in Melbourne. We want to start a life together in Oz, initially living together, but the criteria for the de facto visa seems to exclude us. So we're looking at a fiancee/marriage visa. We've been going through the visa info together (online of course!) and although lengthy and involved, we think we can handle it ourselves. I know down the line we'll have to provide paperwork of various sorts and have an interview. I'm 55 and she's in her late 40s. I'm a technical author working in IT/software. Does anyone have any general advice about taking the DIY approach or what might happen in an interview. We're keen to be as prepared as possible, so want to avoid falling down holes we could have avoided had we been better informed. You know what it's like, everything's easier once you've made the mistakes! It's going to cost an arm and a leg to do this and take a lot of time, so we want to avoid wasting either. Thanks in advance!
  21. Linday

    Prospective Marriage Visa

    Does anyone know how long this visa is taking to process if applying offshore in the UK? We have heard varying reports of from one month to eight months.
  22. Hello,I am going to Australia this year on a prospective marriage visa. I am ex Bristish army and I was wondering will I be able to join the Australian army in the 1st 9 months I am there? I have my heart set on rejoing the army as its a way of life I really enjoy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Hello lovely Poms in Oz'ers! I am new to this forum but having read many other links I really hope you can help me with my sticky situation. So, I'll start from the begining. My partner is Australian, we met in London whilst he was on a working-holiday visa here for two years. We were together for 8 months until his visa was due to expire and he moved back to Australia. This was in March 2011. Since then, due to work commitments (and also because I come from a culture where I am not really allowed to just live with him until we are married) we have been in a long distance relationship. We have both flown to each others countries as well as meeting up in Dubai and Sri Lanka to ensure we maintain our relationship. We also speak every day through skype and various other means. Anyways on one of our travels, my partner (NP) proposed! I of course said yes but he still had to return to oz and myself back to London. We are now in the process of planning a wedding. The wedding will take place in London but we do not intend to live here, the plan is for me to go to Australia with him straight after the wedding. The wedding is in October this year (2013) so 9 months away but I am so stuck when it comes to what type of visa i should be applying for based on the time constraints. The fiance visa says it takes 5-10 months to process and also prior to the wedding day i have to enter australia in order to validate the visa. I feel like this is cutting it rather close! The other option is to be married here in London and then I fly to Australia as a tourist and once we are on shore I can apply for the partner visa as we will be married and I will also be living with him at that point. I am concerned about any risks in doing it this way. What would you all do/ advise in this situation? Thank you so so so much for any help, I'm so confused! H xxx
  24. Hi All ....:wub: My Name is Gill (from Wigan (UK) and i am currently awaiting a reply for my Subclass 300 Visa Application. We have booked our wedding for the 14th April 2013. I spent a full 3 months collecting all our documents and data (statements, police check and evidence of our ongoing relationship) before sending the completed application on the 1st August 2012. Within 1 week we were asked for me to complete my MEDICAL examination to which we did immediately (they received the results on the 17th August 2012). We have had no requests for further information and are under the impression that the immigration are happy with all the documents sent. I am just wondering if anyone knows the approximate timescale from the MEDICAL to getting an answer? ANXIOUS is an underestimation!!! :twitcy:
  25. Guest

    De Facto Marriage Visa

    My Partner and I are currently filling out all forms and information for the De Facto visa, We have been together 3 years and have all the relevant documentation to support this, I am the sponsor as I have permanent residency,we are both pretty young, me being just 23 and him 26, any information or advice on this visa please!? Thankyou!!