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Found 89 results

  1. Hi All I'm looking at completing a skills assessment for Occupational health and safety to come over on a 190 visa (~80 points). I have a degree in English and 6 years solid work experince plus a number of qualifications the biggest being Nebosh NGC. The below guidance is that in this situation an additional qualification amounting to AQF Diploma and 3 years experince will be enough where the degree is not highly relevant. Questions 1, has anyone had Nebosh NGC being recognized in a similar situation? (It is a year course which seems to align with AQF guidance on a diploma) Questions 2, has anyone had a positive outcome with a skills assessment where multiple industry qualifications have been taken in to consideration? Questions 3 does anyone have any general advise on how to proceed based on experince?
  2. g_CS_teacher

    AITSL Skills Assessment Aus

    Hi all, I am a School Direct SCITT trained teacher with 8 years experience in the UK. I am relocating to Sydney in December. While my training university does not provide a transcript and certificate, they have written two letter. One titles “transcript” and details of the course and another explaining the course, my pass and 120 days supervised teaching. Does anybody know whether this might be accepted by AITSL without a formal certificate? Many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I hope you're having a great day! I couldn't find any posts that match my circumstances, so I'm posting my questions here (listed and numbered at the end). I'm getting my documents together for a Skills Assessment from VETASSESS so I can submit an EOI but I'm stuck. I can't provide all of the payment evidence to support my work experience. I am also missing a Statement of Service letter for two of the jobs. I have plenty of other documentation to prove I worked there for the times stated. For this situation, Section 7 of the Eligibility Criteria page on VETASSESS states that I can provide a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit: https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/professional-occupations/eligibility-criteria#670 The website provides a template: https://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/VETASSESS_StatutoryDeclaration_or_Affidavit_template.pdf On the template it says to refer to an Australian Embassy. I did this and they were only willing to help if I could provide the correct, completed document. They won't advise me or take any responsibility if it's incorrectly filled out. So my questions are these: What's the difference between a Statutory Declaration and an Affidavit? Which one should I provide for the Skills Assessment? Where the template says: (Provide any required information you are unable to supply through official documents such as, for example, a description of the tasks associated with a particular period of employment). Do I list out all the documents I'm using to back my claims? And do I list them by file name as they are attachments? Where the template says: To support the claims made in this declaration, I have included the following documents: (list and attach the required evidence to support the statutory declaration or affidavit) Do I simply list all of the required documents (e.g. passport photo, Statement of Service, payment evidence etc.)? And do I list them by file name as they are attachments? Is anyone able to show me an example of what a correct and complete Statutory Declaration / Affidavit (whichever one I need) should look like? (Obviously changing any personal/sensitive information). Thanks in advance for your help with this! Jon
  4. Hello to all the mates from this excellent forum. would like to know, if someone knows if a Bachelor from my country (Colombia) in graphic design, 4 years duration (8 semesters) would work to validate the Skills Assessment? I have seen from some Migration Agents that this Degree would fit an Advance Diploma, because it’s a 4 year only and not a 5 year. pdt: The titles degree name is Graphic Design Professional, in Spanish. thank you!!
  5. Hi Folks, I'm looking at acquiring a skills assessment for the Engineering Manager occupation. Has anyone had any experience of doing this either through IML or EA? I'm not sure if my profile would qualify and which assessment body would be the better option. Background: * Roughly 4.5 years of total Engineering relevant experience including the last 3.5 years in Australia on various 482 Visas (and currently on an Engineering Manager 482 visa) * Employed in the Engineering Department in 3 different Engineering relevant roles of which the last 2.5 years have been in a Manager capacity (with direct reports) and reporting to the Head of Engineering (Executive Management) of the company * I have a 3 year BEng (Hons) in Civil and Structural Engineering from the UK * I have a dual degree global Masters in Management (GMIM) and International Management (CEMS) Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, My partner is a site manager working for a house builder in the UK with an NVQ level 6 in construction management. In the UK this is equivalent to a Bachelors degree, but Australia don’t seem to recognise this qualification and VETASSESS have told him this wouldn’t be enough to pass the skills assessment. We are trying to find a way he can convert his NVQ to an Australian qualification for a skills assessment and also so he can get a supervisor license once we get over to Oz. Everyone he has spoken to has sent him to state gov websites for overseas qualification recognition, but this is for Australian residents only so not helpful for us Does anyone know where we can do this from the UK? We seem to be going round in circles at the minute!! Thank you!
  7. My skills assessment status is LOD final stages since Dec 6, 2021. Can someone advise me how many days after they received their letter of determination after knowing that their application is in final stage? ANMAC usually have a Christmas shutdown and I hope it arrives before they close their office.
  8. Hi all, I got my skills assessment (ACS) done three months ago and by that time I only had 9 months of experience in Australia. But, I completed my one year of experience in Australia last week, for which I can claim 5 points for my PR application. Now, should I go for a new assessment to claim this 5 points? What if I get invited by the state (190) before the new assessment result is issued? Thank you Thiva
  9. Hi all, I am confused by the Vetassess Group C category for pre-qualification employment experience, specifically the wording here: "*If employment is prior to the completion of the qualification at the required level, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level within the last five years. The remaining three years of pre-qualifying period may be within the last ten years. A positive assessment of both qualification level and employment duration is required for a positive Skills Assessment outcome." I am looking to apply for Conference/ Event Organizer. I have spent the last four years in this role in Australia (self-employed) and I am currently studying a Diploma which I will finish in December of this year. My question is.. Do I need to wait until a year Post Qualification... or is my four years of experience + my Diploma awarded at the end of the year all that is necessary for positive skills assessment. The wording has got me confused. I know it does say "Pre-qualification" on Vetassess, but the phrase appropriate skill level is ambiguous. Thanks so much for your assistance.
  10. Hi, I am currently on a subclass 482 dependent visa working as a plant & equipment valuer in a reputed organisation in Australia. My organisation is willing to sponsor my PR (186). However, since I have less than 3 years of experience in Australia, they have asked for a positive skills assessment. I understand that a valuer is a category A occupation and VETASSESS requires a positive skills assessment in both education and experience. I have around 4 years of experience as a valuer across different organisations in India and Australia but I have not undertaken a formal study in the field of valuation. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have post grad degree as an MBA. Would VETASSESS consider my application without a formal study undertaken in the field of valuation? Separately, a lot of work that we do is for accounting and taxation purposes for the client. I have tried applying with CPA for skills assessment as an accountant but they have noted that I do not meet certain criteria and have asked me to complete a foundation exam on Financial Accounting and Reporting. Does the different authorities CPA, CAANZ and IPA have different criteria of judging? Do they talk to each other if I were to apply a skills assessment with different authority? What is the best way out of it?
  11. Sarah_Cor

    AIQS timeline 2021

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has recent AIQS skills assessment experience and can give me an idea of the timescale? I know it says upto 2 months, my partner submitted his on 23rd March, received acknowledgment and money deducted 25th March so it’s been 1 month. I was really hoping, with everything being English, no translations to be verified etc it wouldn’t take the 2 months. My impatient nature can’t take it!
  12. Good afternoon everyone! I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and I can't tell you how helpful its been in making our decision to pursue migration to Australia! My husband and I made the decision last year, pre-covid, that it was something we want to do along with our toddler age daughter. Anyway, we have done all the right things so far, we've done a lot of our own research and figured out what visa's are and are not possibilities for us - we have also had a paid consultation with a registered migration agent, which leads me onto my question... My husband has contacts and could potentially get a job offer as 'Construction Project Manager' on a 482 MLTSSL Visa (obviously following border restrictions being eased or lifted - we are under no illusions that this is happening soon) however I was specifically told by the migration agent we have been using that he will have to have a skills assessment for this occupation and as he doesn't have a bachelors degree its a no-go. I had no reason to doubt our agent, this is his job, however I have now read and been told conflicting information. Not only is there a post on this site about 482 visas and skills assessments only being required for a 25-30 occupations, I also did a search online and 'Construction Project Manager' doesn't seem to be one of those occupations. I also read it here - https://www.seekvisa.com.au/tss-482-visa-skills-assessment/ Can someone please confirm whether this is the case or not? Is this old information? The whole process is confusing as it is without being potentially misled by someone who we put our faith and money in to helping us! Secondly, this same agent assured me that 'Construction Project Manager' only applies to construction project managers in 'building', when I asked what he specifically meant by this he said building houses/hospitals/schools etc. My husband is a Construction Project Manager in the Rail industry for tier 1 contractors (building railway lines, stations etc.) which we believe falls under 'civil engineering'. Again, is this true? Has anyone migrated who works in the rail industry who can shed some light on this? We know on good authority that the amount of railway work is booming, especially in QLD, NSW & VIC. Thanks in advance to everyone who read this and who can help!
  13. Hi I've have been thinking about requalifying as a solicitor in Australia in the future and was wondering if anyone on here could give some advice. Currently I am doing my traineeship in the UK to qualify as a Scottish solicitor which will be completed in 2023. I then plan to work for a few years to gain PQE maybe 2-4 years as I understand that this can help you find a job in Aus and can also help to reduce the number of courses etc you need to complete for a positive skills assessment. I was wondering what the best way is to complete the study requirements for the skills assessment. Is it best to move to Aus and complete the study say over the course of a year then apply for jobs when you are out there or is it easy enough to find work before being admitted in Aus then complete the studies whilst working. If you did choose to complete the study in Aus what is the best visa to do this? Also has anyone completed the studies from the UK before moving over? Would it be worth it getting a skills assessment after 2 years PQE in the UK then completing the studies before moving over to find a job. Also what specific documents can you submit to help reduce the number of courses you need to take for the skills assessment. It might be good to start gathering as much as I can at the moment and build on it before submitting anything. Thanks
  14. harora33

    ACS Skills Assessment Query

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about my situation....I am a Canadian Cyber Security Specialist and am interested in migrating to Australia. I have looked at having my education and work experience assessed by ACS but I am a bit confused as to the best approach. I have a four-year Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication (2008), followed by a two year fast-track Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology - Networking (2012). In between these qualifications, between 2008 and 2010 respectively, I worked as a technical support engineer (1year) and a lecturer (4 months). As you guys will be aware, the nature of IT is very dynamic, with IT professionals responding to rapid advances/changes in technology through upskilling/moving laterally across platforms as demand for certain areas within IT changes over time. This is acutely reflected in the move to Cloud and resulting increase in demand for Security Professionals over the past 5 years. My career has thus far progressed from networking into security and my experience consists of the following: Systems Engineer (ANZSCO Code 263111 - Length of experience: 4 months) Network Analyst (ANZSCO Code 263113 - Length of experience: 2.5 years) Network Administrator (ANZSCO Code 263112 - Length of experience: 1 year) Security Analyst/Engineer (ANZSCO Code 262112 - Length of experience: 3 years) From my reading, I would apply to the ACS to be assessed under "Skill" as an ICT Security Specialist. If so, will my other IT experience count towards meeting the "Skill Level Requirement Date"? Could I be deemed as starting from August 2017, or, even worse, be seen as not having the relevant academic background (it is only in the last 5 years that solely security-based IT courses have begun to be offered by third-level institutions) and instead need to apply under RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)? Is there a way that my experience, particularly in the area of networking, can be recognised and counted by the ACS? Combined, I have over 8 years experience. I want to ensure that my application to the ACS can result in the most favourable outcome possible, particularly in relation to my work experience. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you guys can give me. Thanks in advance,
  15. Sabs

    PTE score question

    Hi all, My husband needs 79+ in the PTE exam so as to claim 20 points. He's in the midst of attempting the exam soon. My question is that, in case he gets, say 60+, can he go ahead with the EA skills assessment with this score, and while that is being processed, he continues to attempt PTE to achieve 79+ for the EOI stage? Thank you!
  16. uncannyss

    Skills assessment requirements

    Hi all To be able to have a skills assessment, do I need to have some work experience as well?
  17. Hi just at the start of this journey and looking for some help! I’m a qualified CA with a body that has a reciprocal agreement with the Australian equivalent but what I’m not clear on (and the department involved hasn’t been overly helpful) is whether I need a work skills assessment in addition to noting my qualifications? I’m a bit confused! I’ve got 60 points between age degree and language skills but I’ve read I need at least 70 to be on the accountant nominated occupation. Any help or experience would be appreciated!!
  18. Hi all, My name is Susie and am hoping to move to Australia with my boyfriend James. I’m an occupational therapist and James is a registered nurse. Our heart is really set on Melbourne and we are hoping to get a 190 skilled VIC state nomination visa with James as the primary applicant. James has 9 years experience as a Registered Nurse in the UK, he has a diploma in nursing but currently doing a top up course course to bring this to a BSc which ends in May. With 9 years experience as an RN James would have 85 + 5 points for 190 in VIC and meet the 2 year work experience requirement. (I can’t be the primary applicant as VIC requires 10 years experience for my occupation which I do not have). BUT we are worried that James’s 9 years as a registered nurse will not be recognised before his BSc bridging course. This would reduce our points significantly and mean we would not be eligible for state nomination from Victoria as they require 2 years experience. Has anyone been through this similar situation? I have been through a few threads, it seems that ANMAC will accept this experience but there is a chance that migration might not? Thanks for your help! Susie
  19. Shartleen

    Diploma in OT

    Has anyone with a Diploma in Occupational therapy moved to Australia? I'd like to hear the experiences, epecially regarding skills assessment. I have 10 years OT experience with diploma, only recently I got a Masters, does the experience with the diploma count? Someone please advise.
  20. Hi everyone, I recently applied for a skills assessment through ACS under ANZSCO Code 261111 (ICT Business Analyst). The result was; "The following qualification does not meet the ACS suitability criteria: Your Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Digital Design from University of Greenwich completed June 2015 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with insufficient computing content and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual." They didn't assess all of my work experience due to insufficient evidence, but based on the ones they approved, I think they need letter-headed references for all of them, which I can get. (I had a really bad visa agent experience, so no advice had been given to do this, they didn't even tell me I needed to certify my documents!) I'm really confused at the outcome, as my degree was Graphic and Digital Design, there was a ton of IT content, we had to learn how to use lots of software and most of our work was digital. Is this something I could successfully appeal? I have 4 years experience, so getting a Major in ICT content is ideal. Any advice would be appreciated!
  21. Hi, i have a question about the academic transcript that is required by the tra. What does a successful one look like? How much info do they expect?The school where i did my apprenticeship (full time at school, practical and theoretical parts, not half paid employment, half school (btw. is that going to be a problem?) ) has got a document that outlines the content and hours of the course for each year in detail, but it is over 40 pages long. That would cost a fortune to have it translated to english. Could I write a summary of the document with key words and hours completed and have it signed by the school??? cheers
  22. I'm looking for an experienced agent to speak with to help put together an application with the AITSL.
  23. I have a ProfGCE, which I got through doing the GTP training with a university. The AITSL says on their site the GTP is not accepted, which I thought is definitive however, I've noticed on another forum someone a couple of years ago with a ProfGCE got a positive skills assessment. I wonder if anyone else has managed this and what you had to provide? I have more than 3 years teaching experience and a bachelor's degree. Just not sure about when they say transcripts from ITE as the ProfGCE doesn't have transcripts. Any experience will be really great to hear!
  24. Hi I am looking for skill assessment through AIM for Sales and marketing manager. I work as Deputy Marketing Manager for an education company. Education: I am a University gold Medallist in Marketing where I perused my Bachelor and master in Marketing. Experience: I finished my marketing internship - 3 months I was hired by my current company for a probation period for three months as a trainee and then was promoted to senior executive and currently I work as a deputy manager for the company where I look after 4 offices (around 20+ employees) and report to the national director – all this experience sum more than three years approx. ( 38 months ) 1. So, is it advisable to apply for skill assessment for AIM considering they only look for more experienced people? 2. Are three years enough to apply considering the seniority of the position and education in the same field? Thank you in advance Regards,
  25. Hi, I'm looking to put in an EOI for 189 but not sure what skills assessment i should be taking. It looks like theres one for TSS, migration, and another. I'm a chef and advice on who to go through would be ideal. I'd just like to know which skills assessment i should be taking. Cheers