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  1. Ceebs-x

    Western Australia vs Queensland

    Thanks everyone who has contributed recently. It’s been very helpful. Very much appreciated!!
  2. Ceebs-x

    Western Australia vs Queensland

    Thankfully I chose to bypass the statement they made…
  3. Hello, I was wondering how long people have waited to get their Australian Institute of Medical Scientists skills assessment back. I know on the website it says between 12 weeks and 6 months, but I wanted to know what the typical time frame was with those who have been through it already. I had an email a month ago acknowledging receipt of everything I had sent however, I’ve not yet been allocated an assessment ID. Thanks!
  4. Ceebs-x

    Western Australia vs Queensland

    Of course! I know I’m still waiting on the skilled list from Queensland. Obviously, if it wasn’t on it I wouldn’t be going there…
  5. Hello, I’m hoping to be lucky enough to obtain a 190 visa this year. I only have 80 points at the moment so a 189 isn’t an option. I’m currently debating about which state to go for though, Western Australia or Queensland. I am 30 so I’m not sure if that would push me further towards one than the other. I’ve been to WA before therefore, I’m not sure if that’s the appeal. As it’s familiar. I do have family friends there and I know housing is cheaper than in Queensland. More limitations on job prospects, I work in the medical science industry. I’ve never been to Queensland and I know property prices are currently soaring. But to be perfectly honest, they are globally anyway. I also feel there are more job prospects in Queensland as it’s bigger. That said, I’m of the understanding it’s far more competitive than WA. I’m very much wanting to immerse myself in all the outdoor activities Queensland has to offer. Does anyone have any insight or advice? Cheers!
  6. Hello, Thank you for your response! I did hear a rumour about being a fellow of IBMS makes you exempt but can’t seem to find any evidence of this. Equally I’m not a fellow myself as that would apply to the band pay scale above me unfortunately. I do have access to my old university lectures for all disciplines but I still don’t imagine I’ll pass the exam first time. It’s bizarre how strict they are with BMS’s but no other career route. Seems a bit unfair really I did notice hospital labs specifically say on the job advert that you can apply from outside Australia, if you state your visa requirements when you apply, but I imagine they wouldn’t be that keen to take you with the cost and time it would take. That’s why I’m trying to get this AIMS assessment out the way first, because at least that’s one thing completed. Maybe they’ll be more open to accepting a UK job applicant. We can but dream! Thanks!
  7. Hello, I’m looking for some advice or even someone with a similar experience. I’m a biomedical scientist from the UK and I am looking to move to Australia. I’m of the understanding that the first step really is the IELTS exam, which I’ve done. I got full marks on everything except the writing which I got 7.5 for. I’m really disappointed with it, because I obviously wanted a minimum of 8.0 for additional visa points. That said, if necessary I can do it again and try to gain an extra 0.5. I would ideally like to not have to though. What I’m struggling to find out is if my AIMS assessment IELTS results has to be the same as that, that I would apply for my visa with. Ie can I submit for a skills assessment with AIMS with the 7.5 writing now and then later down the line redo the IELTS to try and gain additional points for a visa if I manage to get an 8.0, without me having to resubmit for another skills assessment? I’m also aware that I’ll have to sit the AIMS exam which is a bit daunting, as I’m a blood transfusion scientist. Does anyone know if there is ever exceptions to the rule? Has anyone ever submitted a skills assessment and been told they are qualified to be a medical scientist without the exam having to be sat? I’m secretly crossing my fingers that it might be the case. It’s a long shot, I know! Following IELTS, AIMS assessment and the AIMS exam, I’m assuming then I will be able to get things moving properly. Is that correct? Does anyone know how Australian laboratories feel about taking on a UK trained biomedical scientist as a laboratory assistant initially and helping them get through the AIMS exam, then giving them a medical laboratory scientist position once they’ve passed? I realise this is a long post, so thank you in advance for any help or feedback you provide in relation to this matter. Thank you!