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  1. Ceebs-x


    I’ve felt homesick since coming here. But I do also feel sad in a way that I’m leaving. But as I said, it’s okay. I’m happy to go now and I may return later. It’s all fine. I had to enter within a year to activate my visa anyway. I have it for five years before I have to apply for a resident return. That gives me five more years to come back and try and make it more successful if I want to. What I will say is, I have heard so many stories of people in your husbands position. Where they leave cause they don’t want to be here. They get back to the UK and they are hit with this regret, wondering why the hell they came back. My family friend did the same thing. Came over for a year, thought she wanted to leave with her child. Went home for 6 months and she felt it was a massive mistake. Came back and she’s been here since. Again, a friend of mine had the same problem. Was here for three months, went home for only three weeks and was back after it, as she realised it was a massive mistake. Has been back ever since. You never know, you might be in the same position one day! It could also be that Queensland maybe wasn’t for you. I’ve been in Sydney and I know it’s just not a place I would live permanently. And that’s okay! Migrating is a massive learning curve in so many different ways. I’ve never been this emotionally challenged, but it’s also given me a lot of learning and growth. I’m happy for the experience.
  2. Ceebs-x


    Thank you so much for your message. I have actually booked a flight home now, it’s in a couple of days. I’ve left Sydney and came to Perth to visit some family friends. I’m not saying this is goodbye forever, it’s definitely not. I just don’t think I’m quite ready yet. But I’ve learnt a lot since being here. One thing being I’d never live in Sydney, it’s good for a holiday though. And some things about how I want to advance/change my career. I do think I’m having a wobble, but it’s fine. I’ll do what my body is telling me to do and figure it out after. I’m more than happy to go home and realise I’ve made a big mistake, and fly out again a week later. It’s all good. I do have a couple of things pulling me back at the moment too, totally unrelated to my feelings about this move entirely. So I think I just want to, for my own peace of mind, be there to sort these things out. Be there in person to support those who need it, as you can’t tell how someone is actually doing without seeing their actual face. It is not the end of my Australia story!
  3. Ceebs-x


    I’m sorry to hear that. Seems like it’s a lot more complicated when more than just one person is involved. For some reason I thought it would be easier. It is reassuring to know that others feel this way. I’m looking into jobs both home and in Australia now just in case. I had to leave my old job cause it was so toxic, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I would never go back. Everyone who is still there now is trying to leave. It was a necessary change, even if it comes at a cost of unemployment for a while if I move back to the UK.
  4. Ceebs-x


    Thanks to both of you. I am a girl though, who isn’t much into football/rugby (or sport generally haha). I wish I was, it would certainly be easier! Maybe it’s cause I’m seeing it from the other side, but I feel like being a guy makes it easier to make friends.
  5. Ceebs-x


    The CBD reminds me of London if I’m honest, so I’m happy to be out of the city centre. It’s a catch 22 for me because, I was sponsored by NSW on a 190 permanent residency visa. Therefore, I want to try and stay here, even if it’s only a moral obligation and not a legal one. I think I’d feel a lot better if I knew someone here, anyone, family or friends. I don’t know a soul!
  6. Ceebs-x


    I’m in Sydney. Don’t get me wrong, I have been going out and doing things. I wouldn’t sit in and do nothing. I quite like being near the airport in Sydney. It’s only like 10-15 minutes on the train to the CBD and like 30-40 minutes to beaches. Location isn’t too bad. I came here on my own though, I never realised how hard that would be. Especially during the day when the UK are sleeping.
  7. Ceebs-x


    I’m sorry to hear that. It is tough. Sometimes I have really good days and then the bad days are really bad. It’s good you’ve managed six months, I think that’s a good amount of time to establish if you want to stay here or not. I appreciate it must be difficult if the decision would mean the end of a relationship though. I’m currently having to take it day by day, I’m not sure I’ll even make it three months let alone six. I haven’t found a job yet and my apartment is up on the 17th of March, so if I don’t have a job by then I might have to go home cause I’m gonna end up running out of money. Leaving it in the hands of fate. I’m currently staying close to the airport and I can’t tell if it’s a blessing or a curse. In a way I find comfort in knowing I’m so close to going home if I wanted to and other times I suppose it makes me sad. Think it’s more the initial than the latter.
  8. Ceebs-x


    Thank you I needed that. Your response was very kind. I’m quite sensitive right now so harshness is not well received!
  9. Ceebs-x


    Hello, Probably not the average post. I’ve only been here a few days and everything is really fresh. But, has anyone arrived and just instantly felt like they don’t belong here? For the last couple of days I’ve just been looking at flights home. I’m finding it really hard. I have come here on my own though, probably would have been easier with someone else. I‘m here on a PR visa and I fought for ages to get it. I know so many people fight for it too, I really don’t want to seem ungrateful cause I truly am. It’s such an opportunity. But I just can’t shake the “I should be going home feeling”. I don’t have massive ties back home, like I don’t have any property or job or anything. Suppose I’m just looking for someone who has felt like this, to explain if they got past it or if they went home themselves. Even if they went home and then came back at a later point.
  10. Okay. I think being HCPC registered does help. There is a description of what needs included in your work letter on the AIMS website, they look for specific things to be included. It’s part of the application pack for the skills assessment, so you should find it no problem. Module descriptors you should also be able to get from your university. They state what each module included, like the topics covered, how many credits each module was worth etc. If you have any other questions just let me know
  11. Are you HCPC registered or is your degree just IBMS recognised? You might be asked to do top up modules to include areas they think you are lacking in. I had to send module descriptors, my uni transcripts and a letter from my employer stating what my job role includes. I know a couple of people at my work have had issues getting their qualifications recognised, that’s two in total. I was the third.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how real estate companies feel about a single person renting a two bedroom property, with the intention of finding someone to be added to the lease at a later date? I know in the UK this would seem a bit like subletting and therefore not allowed. But, I’d like to be in a position to choose my own flatmate having found a property I like first. Thanks!
  13. Ceebs-x

    EOI - does this look correct?

    I know this won’t answer the question you’ve asked, but I just wanted to check if you managed better success with IELTS recently? Remember you saying you were having trouble getting superior English.
  14. Hello, Just trying to get one step ahead, I’ve been invited to apply for a 190 visa. Does anyone have a checklist of forms I need to fill in and documents I have to provide? I am doing it through an agent, but they are 11 hours ahead, so I want to prevent delays as much as possible. I’m free to do things today, I’m working a 55 hour week next week so won’t have much in the way of time :( I’ve already completed a form 80. Cheers!
  15. Ceebs-x

    Referees for renting

    Hello, Has anyone had any difficulty getting referees for a rental application, when they have just moved from another country and don’t yet have a job? I have been living in bought accommodation for a long time now, I think I’ll have difficulty getting any referees initially. Obviously I’ll need to sort accommodation ASAP when I arrive though. Has anyone found a way around it? Could you give like six months up front instead? Cheers!