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  1. Joebloggs

    Work visas / permanent residency

    I did say he needs a solid skill in something useful, and once he has that under his belt he can bung in PR application. must have went right over your head
  2. Joebloggs

    Work visas / permanent residency

    I too came on a WHV 15 years ago and been a citizen for the last 10, it’s not impossible but to be blunt you need have a solid skill in something useful otherwise you going be spending years jumping through hoops on various visas, then the migration minister comes in and waves his magic wand and chops the list. End of the journey. Best advice come on a WHV and if like it and you got something useful under your belt then bung in an application for PR.
  3. I live close to Kellyville Metro, I must admit it is good but will be better once it goes directly under the Harbour to the city without changing at Chatswoo. There's been a quite a few teething issues with a few breakdowns but its an awesome service. The biggest difference was the M2, to get to Macquarie Park in peak used to take me 50 mins now only takes 35. Westconnex I have down 2 or 3 times, makes a huge difference the M4 starts at Ashfield now so you are cutting out loads of lights, its of little value to me as I rarely use this road. The North connex will be better value as it will help remove many of the trucks on pennant hill road. Trams come online next month, hoping to use it over the xmas period. One of the projects no one has really heard off is the upgrade of the Heavy Trains from Botany out to Moorebank, all shipping containers re going be loaded onto trains and shunted out too Moorebank This will reduce the need for trucks to clog up Mascot/ Botany and east of city, all containers will be distributed out to Moorebank which is close to the orbital motorways and avoid the city all together. people complain about the traffic but i think its improving bit by bit
  4. Joebloggs

    Where to live Sudney

    Sure buddy, try https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/SmartDeals-g255321-Goulburn_New_South_Wales-Hotel-Deals.html
  5. Joebloggs

    Where to live Sudney

    I live in Kellyville very close to Beaumont Hills, its a bit of a commute from CBD but ideal if you work in Macquarie Park (Australia's Silicon valley) for example and a lot of business is being decentralised away from Sydney CBD to places like Norwest and Parramatta. The new Metro comes online next week and certainly a game changer. I lived in a few places around Sydney, Randwick/Coogee, Inner West near Burwood/Concord and Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill and now Kellyville and I love it as we find its very clean and very livable. Its not near the beach but I find beaches in Sydney to be overated anyway and bring their own problems to the point I would rather spend the weekend at inlaws beach place on the central coast than waste my time with a Sydney beach as someone said already mentioned the novelty wears off quick enough. You dont have the sea breeze but the elevation provides enough breeze compared to western Sydney which is valley and a big difference between the temperature of eastern suburbs.
  6. As Ken says you tick the box on the declaration, the Employer then just ticks or unticks the resident box in the payroll software and bobs your uncle. if you use https://www.paycalculator.com.au/ and tick the Non-Resident box you can see the difference, basically the payroll software does the same thing.
  7. Joebloggs

    Mortgage on 489

    I’m not an expert but you might need Government approval to buy if you are not a Permanent resident unless you are buying jointly with a PR/Citizen. my other thought is you probably miss out on any First Home Owner grant unless you are jointly buying with a PR/Citizen. also banks are very restrictive at the moment, they are being very cautious with risk and I’m not sure how they treat non-residents.
  8. Joebloggs

    Moving to sydney

    If I was to live in Hornsby my choice would be the north bit, Hornsby Heights maybe around Asquith area. Blocks there are pretty big and the view from Hornsby heights over the Gorge is just totally unreal. Also Kuring-gai to bobbin head is nice too. The only concern is its mostly interface sure plenty of Kangaroos, Lorikeets and cockies to admire but also snakes and bushfires too. Also just be aware lots of houses around Hornsby are older weatherboard/Fibro rather than block and these tend to be the cheaper ones, also keep in mind ducted aircon v Split System.
  9. Joebloggs

    Moving to sydney

    Both are definitely ok, and on the train line is a plus. Both are very established suburbs, I would live in either one. Although be slim pickings getting a decent 3BR house with Garden in PH for $500/600. Hornsby would be a better chance, but also recommend Kellyville/Beaumont Hills for that sort of money. Renting game is pretty stiff competition for houses, apartments are ten to a penny but families after a house with a patch of grass for a trampoline or a pet you might have 30 people turn up to an open home is a good area.
  10. Joebloggs

    Moving to sydney

    I agree with Nickynook Beaumont Hills is very nice I know it very well as I live 2 mins from it in Kellyville, most people might not have heard of it but its basically land locked by Kellyville/North Kellyville/Rouse Hill which most people know. Its part of the Hillshire which is a very nice area, often dubbed the bible belt as its fairly conservative. Nearest shopping Centres is Rouse Hill town Centre and Castle Hill both very nice. Cranebrook and Jordan springs is Penrith and you cant get any further western Sydney, I been in Penrith loads of times for work but personally I wouldn't live there as a) Its too far away from anything. b) IMHO its rough. as nickynook say Hoxton Park is down Liverpool way, although its mostly newer houses in an affordable area but your shopping areas are Liverpool or Campbelltown both of which are very rough.
  11. Joebloggs

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    It only started last week https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/toll-relief-–-faqs
  12. Joebloggs

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Rego or Car Registration is your road Tax, it’s usually $400-$700 per year depending on the size of the car. if your weekly tolls is more than $25 pw then you won’t have to pay it.
  13. Joebloggs

    Housing bubble

    I sold last March and don't settle until September, I have been going to open homes on/off for the last year just to see what the place was like and what it sold for as really my hands are tied as all the funds are held in trust. I have noticed that there are definitely not as many parties coming through open houses where as last year the average house in my area would be on the market 1 weekend before there was an offer most houses are now 2-3 weekends. The prices have more or less stopped increasing late last year but haven't really came back much at all, I was chatting to an estate agent and he says the prices are still steady as there not as much stock about this year compared to last year. Luckily we will be house sitting the in-laws place for a few months while they enjoy their beach property now they are retired give us some time to find the right place for us.
  14. Joebloggs

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Mosman is very nice, $1000-$1200 pw would get you a 2BR unit, although rather limited as most of the suburb is very large expensive houses. Its closet to Neutral Bay which has plenty of affordable restaurants etc. Commute to Huntingwood by car would be improved from mid 2019 as the M4 east opens, you would cop a hefty daily Toll but luckily over $25 pw of tolls and you wont have to pay rego.
  15. Joebloggs

    University of Wollongong

    I would say Western Sydney, Wollongong and the surrounding areas has a huge population and really only limited business there would be fierce competition for any type of work that doesn't involve commuting to Sydney.