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  1. 31Hillbury

    Visa medicals.

    You don’t need the hap id for police, only for medicals. you can do police checks whenever you want, remembering they have max one year validity. You cannot do medicals without hap id, once medicals have been completed you can’t redo them either until a case officer requests new medicals. hope that makes sense
  2. 31Hillbury

    New government

    As long as I’m part of the visas granted soon I’ll be happy. Seeing people get granted who have been waiting a couple of months is nothing short of a kick in the teeth to us who have been waiting years a long time (852 days and counting) Let’s hope so, it’s about time we are able to move on with our lives.
  3. 31Hillbury

    New government

    Invitation to apply. Having been waiting for a visa grant for over two years. I do hope they open the flood gates to those of us who were invited to apply before covid and allow us to continue our lives and dreams. Surely we make up part of that talent pool.
  4. 31Hillbury

    New government

    Look at the backlog in visa processing. look at how much quota has just been issued. if they don’t ‘open the flood gates’ is there any point in issuing any more ITA?
  5. 31Hillbury

    Visa medicals.

    Hi, Quick question hopefully for the Agents out there. When we lodged our visa in Jan 2020 we decided to frontload the application with police checks and medicals, which we believe we will be requested to renew as and when we get CO contact. Is it possible to re do medicals with the original HAP ID numbers from the original now expired medicals ? Many thanks Ed.
  6. Hi, We submitted a complete application 24th jan 2020. I dont think it differs state to state, its just luck of the draw for anybody if your not critical sector.
  7. Not trying to sound negative, just be prepared. You never know how long the wait is going to be
  8. Once you have submitted your are at their mercy, they don’t give any info out other than that which I posted above (updated monthly) Unfortunately it’s the news reporting not the government, after 26 months of waiting it’s only when the government announces something that it peaks my interest, even then it can take ages for the government to bring it to fruition
  9. @Ausvisitor I think the 190 visa processing is much longer tan that. We have currenly been waiting for 26 month. (190 QLD secondary school teacher.) Below is the current processing times for a 190 visa, Unless your in a critical sector the wait will most likely be towards the longer end of the scale. Visa Stream 25% Of Visas Processed 50% Of Visas Processed 75% Of Visas Processed 90% Of Visas Processed Additional Information 190 - Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) 4 months 7 months 8 months 22 months Applicants should be aware that points tested skilled migration visa applications that are not an occupation within a Critical Sector may exceed the average processing time. This is because each visa subclass contains applications that have a different processing priority. Occupations within a critical sector are given highest processing priority.
  10. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    Hi Guys! Anybody been lucky enough to get a 190 visa grant offshore?
  11. 31Hillbury

    491 offshore

    Can’t help but think your just being obnoxious! congratulations on your visa grant and upcoming trip. Some of us are just waiting for our time to come also! Except without the attitude you seem to always manage to display!
  12. 31Hillbury

    491 offshore

    Helpful as always! 🥱 Its alright for those sat where some of us are dreaming of being!
  13. 31Hillbury

    Anyone else feeling lost???

    @Southlander can you contact @skyeman thanks ed
  14. 31Hillbury

    Anyone else feeling lost???

    Hi. Are you onshore? what occupation?