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  1. 31Hillbury

    Offshore grants.

    I’m guessing priority is just medical related occupations?? When do you think they will resume all offshore permanents?
  2. 31Hillbury

    Offshore grants.

    Hi guys! Hope everybody is staying safe in these difficult times. We are currently awaiting our 190 visa grant. We are offshore. When do you all think we will start seeing offshores being granted? Anytime soon. I know all answers are speculative just curious on people’s thoughts. All the best Eddie
  3. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    We received a 190 for Qld in January. just patiently waiting for the grant now!
  4. I’d like to know the same. Do you think they’ll focus priority approving 491s if they’re not able to enter also.
  5. 31Hillbury

    190 processing time increases to 10 months

    I guess it doesn’t matter if a 491 is priority now they have stopped people entering with that visa.
  6. 31Hillbury

    190 processing time

    75 % are processed within 8 months 90% are processed within 11 months Details on the Immi website https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/global-visa-processing-times#
  7. 31Hillbury

    Shipping craft beer...

    Hi, Has anybody shipped craft beer with their personal effects. Im trying to see how much tax I would be liable to pay. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Eddie
  8. 31Hillbury

    Vetassess plumbing assessment

    Same as the one I did. I figured after doing it that’s it’s just another way to get some more money out of ya. Ed
  9. 31Hillbury

    Vetassess plumbing assessment

    I did the air con one in September, there wasn’t a technical interview in the format you mentioned above, there was 2 of us on the day and we were just asked questions as we went through the day. hope this helps, eddie
  10. 31Hillbury

    190 Qld Studying.

    I thought so, howcome they put work and study anywhere in Australia? thanks eddie
  11. 31Hillbury

    190 Qld Studying.

    Hi All. We are currently waiting for a 190 grant from Queensland, however my wife has found a course that she wants to do in Kingscliffe tafe in NSW, I have just checked the home affairs website and it says she can work and study anywhere. is this correct? thanks eddie
  12. Hi Guys, I am just looking into the shipping our 2 bedroom house and a few other items and also our Cat. Im estimating a 20ft container would be more than enough for what we would need. Looking for some advice on people who have made the move, Which shipping company did you use? Did you use a 3rd party shipping insurance? Any bad experience with shippers? Any input is appreciated. Thanks Eddie
  13. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    We lodged our QCT registration about a week before the 190 window was open. They’re rather quite picky, we had to send multiple sheets extra to original application to satisfy what they were after, we received the registration 1 day before our original deadline (we asked for a extension just in case) Im so glad it came through in time! the only chance you stand is if it’s a complete application with no additional evidence needed and you are onshore, or if they’re pushing it through for you.
  14. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Apologies, I missed that link. I’d imagine we should be ok as we are lodged now. Everything submitted apart from medicals. They’re booked for the 17th feb. Hopefully we get processed pretty quickly!
  15. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    We submitted in nov and received an invite around the 8th jan, met all the requirements and have lodged. Im hoping you mean closed after we received our invite. Can you post the link to where its closed for secondary school teachers? Also i believe gold coast is now regional so its fine for a 491?