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  1. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    Must be terrible waiting for a grant onshore?
  2. 31Hillbury

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    @Southlander i think that’s a great idea, I’d be more than happy with a WhatsApp group or Facebook group. Would be nice to have a place we can share any info found! thanks eddie
  3. I spoke to my agent the other day and he said he couldn’t find a way to get an exemption unless I was on a PSML?? how are you getting round it @Domo He did suggest contacting the global service centre and trying to speak to somebody there only tried a couple of times to no avail.
  4. I think that would be good! Hopefully a positive space for us to chat and share any news we hear! hopefully we can keep it positive!
  5. For some reason a ‘mod’ merged the topics? didn’t make any sense to me. Must have been taking up to much space
  6. 31Hillbury

    How are you passing the time? (waiting for grant)

    I Don’t think either of the above statements are particularly true or correct. Not ‘all’ visas have stopped being processed, yes the amount of offshore visas has dropped dramatically, but they’re not completely halted. Borders being shut till late 22 is completely speculative, nothing has certainly been set in stone. More and more ‘news’ is pointing to the NEED for skilled migration to resume. I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find the news to match the narrative you want to believe.
  7. https://youtu.be/bOhs8YjRzQw above video mentions an increase to 190 and 491 visas in 2021/2022 visa programs. a touch of good news for us hopefully
  8. @Domo what’s your occupation? I’ve been struggling to find a way to apply for an exemption without being a priority skill.
  9. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    We are all aware of the situation. What is the difference between optimism and unrealistic? I think the majority of people in this thread are awaiting a visa grant for a 190 (Fair assumption?) Are you suggesting its unrealistic for us to get grants? I think the intention of this thread is so people in similar situations can chat and mention anything they have heard, if they have any updates on their situation and maybe to try and keep their hopes up things are moving forward (albeit a slow pace) Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. Sometimes peoples comments make people stop wanting to interact in this way, which only leaves people less informed and discouraged.
  10. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    Seems you can still book flights on sky scanner, they might be expensive but looks like you can buy them. Just need the golden approval. Sometimes a positive thought can do wonders for the people waiting for a visa grant.
  11. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    @Domo Did you have any luck with finding a job offer and getting in touch with DHA/Member of parliament? This wait is getting a bit depressing now. A bit of an update from home affairs wouldnt go amiss. I know they're not the most vocal with updates of this sort, but it would be reassuring to the people who have been waiting what feels like a lifetime
  12. Yeah, 190, been waiting since 24th Jan 20 This waiting game is annoying.
  13. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    Thanks Domo
  14. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    @Domo can you send me a link to the commissioner guidelines please? I’ll have a read through and see if I can find anything!
  15. 31Hillbury

    190 Visa Grant

    Same here, but we applied under the wife’s occupation secondary school teacher. The company I’m hoping to work for when we finally get there is doing lots of work in the healthcare sector, so was wondering if I might be able to nudge our application onwards from that angle ??