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  1. Hi Sarah, I believe there is a place in Aldridge/pelsall that I have spoke to previously. The name escapes me at the moment. If I find it I’ll post it later. Eddie
  2. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    Hi Sarz Yeah we lodged a 189 in May, we are looking to go to QLD so are waiting for their 190 to re open before we try a 190 route. We are also waiting for my skills assessment to bump up our points. Just waiting for vetassess to let me know a date. Hopefully that will give us another 5 points. Then should be able to claim the full ten if we are still waiting in November. how about yourself? Thanks. Eddie
  3. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    Thanks. Fingers crossed for August!
  4. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    Is it just me or am I reading it wrong, looks like only 85 points got an invite ?
  5. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    Hey. We haven’t heard anything as of yet. Ill have a check now and keep you posted. Thanks Eddie
  6. 31Hillbury


    Hey. Anybody received a 189 invite this round? If so, what points did you have and what occupation? Thanks eddie
  7. 31Hillbury

    Teacher registration

    My mistake, I meant the QLD 190 if it’s available towards the end of the month. Thanks eddie
  8. 31Hillbury

    Teacher registration

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you need QCT registration to apply for a 189 visa under secondary school teacher in QLD? Thanks eddie
  9. 31Hillbury

    Secondary school teacher

    The wife an I are currently sat on 75 points waiting for a 189 visa for 241411secondary school teacher. Hopefully this months select round is not just 80/85 points again. We lodged in May, not that long ago and the wait is still painful
  10. 31Hillbury

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    How much chance do you think a secondary teacher with 75 points + 5 partner points when skills assessment is granted stands to get a 189 visa?
  11. 31Hillbury

    189 visa update.

    Just saw these 189 invite predictions. How accurate do people think they are? According to their predictions 75 pointers could be invited next round!
  12. 31Hillbury

    189 visa update.

    Hi all, I just read this from the ISCAH. http://www.iscah.com/skill-select-june-2019-update-numbers-20192020/ What are people’s opinions on this? May 22nd, 2019 Skill Select June 2019 update and numbers into 2019/2020 Skill Select 189 invitation numbers ——————————————– We have confirmed with DHA that the June 2019 skill select round will again have 100 invites for the 189 and 10 invite for the 489 (family) visa. That the backlog of undecided 189 applicants was in excess of 15,000 as at April 2019 And that 189 processing times will not increase into 2019/20 DHA update “.. As we have held a steady high rate of Skilled Independent (subclass 189) invitations in the first three quarters of the 2018-19 Migration Program year we now have a solid pipeline to take us through to the end of this program year and enter into the 2019-20 program year. Furthermore, the 2019-20 Migration Program planned ceilings have been announced with the Skilled Independent category reduced to 18,652 places, which includes the subclass 189 New Zealand stream and the points tested stream. We will now reduce our skilled independent invitation rounds for the remaining last quarter of 2018-19 program year to 100 invitations per month for the Independent Skilled stream and continue with 10 invitations per month for the Skilled-Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Family Sponsored stream. This will keep us with a good pipeline of applications and the ability to keep inviting each month in 2019-20, and support applicants by not increasing processing times..” All replies appreciated thanks eddie
  13. I hope you managed to resolve the poor service you received! We’re about to book our removal - could you pm me the name of this company please? Thanks
  14. 31Hillbury

    EOI Submitted

    We went for the 189 @Lavers
  15. 31Hillbury

    EOI Submitted

    Ok that’s good news for us, Do you think the predictions that made in this link are accurate? http://www.iscah.com/will-get-189-invitation-latest-estimates/ I can go back and edit the EOI upon my skills assessment being completed (additional 5 spouse points) to boost if necessary, but I was hoping we could get selected prior to that. I need the skills assessment as my trade is licensed and It should make life easier in the future hopefully. Thanks Eddie