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  1. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    We lodged our QCT registration about a week before the 190 window was open. They’re rather quite picky, we had to send multiple sheets extra to original application to satisfy what they were after, we received the registration 1 day before our original deadline (we asked for a extension just in case) Im so glad it came through in time! the only chance you stand is if it’s a complete application with no additional evidence needed and you are onshore, or if they’re pushing it through for you.
  2. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Apologies, I missed that link. I’d imagine we should be ok as we are lodged now. Everything submitted apart from medicals. They’re booked for the 17th feb. Hopefully we get processed pretty quickly!
  3. 31Hillbury

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    We submitted in nov and received an invite around the 8th jan, met all the requirements and have lodged. Im hoping you mean closed after we received our invite. Can you post the link to where its closed for secondary school teachers? Also i believe gold coast is now regional so its fine for a 491?
  4. 31Hillbury

    Statutory declarations

    Should be in your messages
  5. 31Hillbury

    Statutory declarations

    Hey! Im sure I have sent you a stat dec template. Hope this helps. Eddie
  6. Post is 4 years old.
  7. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    I did read it, was just asking the question as our agents email said to include primary and secondary. So I was just 'checking'
  8. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    It’s really fun trying to remember all employment/holiday/education back over the years! Did anybody go as far as putting secondary and primary education?
  9. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    Not sure what 1221 is?
  10. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    Oh.. The agent just asked us to fill one out each. Not sure why?
  11. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    Ok cool. Good to know. I have past travel pretty accurately covered. I tried searching for some evidence of old passport on my emails but didn’t have much luck. Hoping to get these submitted as soon as possible along with Police checks and medicals. Hopefully it’s processed faster that way. Did you get asked to produce any other documents after submitting form 80 and police certs and medicals?
  12. 31Hillbury

    Form 80

    Hi guys! Just wondering how important it is to have details from previous passports. I think I only have my current one. Not sure if I need the details from the other passport. any help appreciated. Thanks Eddie
  13. Overnight mate. They’re pretty quick! It seems the processing isn’t too bad either!
  14. 31Hillbury

    491 grant

    That is fast. I don’t know if I’d be ready if ours was processed so quickly!
  15. 31Hillbury

    QCT Teacher registration.

    Registration Recieved!