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  1. 31Hillbury


    I was thinking this could be an option. How easy/lengthy is this?
  2. 31Hillbury


    Hi Paul, We should have the registration submitted by tomorrow, hopefully the processing time on that isn’t too long, is provisional registration sufficient for getting the 190 grant? Hopefully we manage to get it together for the next time they open the programme.
  3. 31Hillbury


    I know. I was hoping they had been a bit more generous with the invites instead of the measly 100’s of recent months!
  4. 31Hillbury

    189 query, confused!

    Hi Raul, How do you see this panning out after the points changes in November? we are hopping to apply for the 190 for Qld when it opens (secondary school teacher)
  5. 31Hillbury


    I grasp the principles of how the point system works.. It was more of a question on what people think the direction it is going in? points dropping off? Or staying the same just +10 points for the rounds after November
  6. 31Hillbury


    Hey fellow migrants Does anybody else feel as if its getting harder and harder to get a 189 visa? Have been sat on 75 points since June and just recently moved up to 80 points last month, should be due for another 5 points in the November changes too. But it feels like the invite will never arrive at the current rate/points they’re inviting at. what are your opinions?
  7. 31Hillbury


    Hi, Just wondering if anybody had registered with QCT so they can get 190 visa for Queensland? We would like to have the option to go down the 190 route as well as the 189. if anybody has any info or experiences please share. thanks eddie
  8. @LaversYeah the 189 has gone crazy at the moment. We are waiting for an invite with 75 points at the minute, I did my skill assessment just under 2 weeks ago and should have the results back this week I hope I’d like a couple of shots of getting an invite at 80 points before November changes are in place.
  9. 31Hillbury

    EOI query

    I’m pretty sure you get a reference/certificate you have to include on your EOI submission?? if your tight on time I would recommend the Pte test. my wife did that one and the results came back quicker and she found the test more user friendly. Also the test dates are more frequent.
  10. Hi, Is anybody on the upcoming skills assessment on 18th sept In burnley?
  11. 31Hillbury


    We have been going about 11 months so far I would say. I would definitely suggest looking into the PEARSON test! Much better according to the wife
  12. 31Hillbury

    Teacher visa after a break from the profession?

    Hi @wrussell What chances do you think my wife, a secondary school teacher with 75 points has? I will be completing a skill assessment to boost the score until November when we should be eligible for the extra 10 points in the partner points section. Many thanks Eddie
  13. 31Hillbury


    Yeah glad I managed to dodge that one She did the ielts a number of times and got fed up of coming so close to the 4 x 8’s we required. She swapped to the Pearson test I believe and got the required points first time! We are just waiting to get an invite at the moment. Currently on 75 points. Hoping my assessment gives us the boost needed before the November changes. How about yourself?
  14. 31Hillbury


    Hi Mart. My mistake, mines at Prtc in Burnley. I haven’t had to take my IELTS as the wife is the main applicant. I’m only required to do it as it’s a licensed trade. We need as many points as we can get