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  1. NQ679

    Northern territory nomination

    Hey! Still waiting unfortunately! Wait is killing me, but still positive! Have you also applied for NT Nomination? Regards,
  2. NQ679

    Vetassess Priority Processing

    Hey April, Mine took 6 weeks. Are you applying for the same occupation?
  3. NQ679

    Vetassess Priority Processing

    Hey Christy! I ended up applying for a different occupation (Project/Program Administrator) as advised by VETASSESS and got a positive assessment. Your degree in my opinion is highly relevant as I did a Bachelor of Commerce also and took several management units. So long as you have the relevant work experience and proof of this experience (work reference/contracts, salary evidence etc) you should be fine. Have you applied to VETASSESS already? Regards, N
  4. NQ679

    Victoria 190 visa INVITATION

    Hi! Just wanted to know if anyone lodged an online application via the Vic Govt website (in addition to Skill Select) for an occupation on the combined skilled occupation list but not on the Victorian Skilled occupations list?
  5. NQ679

    Northern territory nomination

    Hi! Oh awesome im applying for Project Administrator too! I wasnt able to provide a Job offer however what I did was I searched multiple jobs in my nominated occupation (or closely related occupation) and included them in my evidence of employ ability document. I was able to get some feedback from recruiters and employers also so I added that too. I also explained my qualifications, skills and experience how they match all the roles I applied for and how I would fit into the NT Employment market. Thats basically all I provided for my evidence of employability. What did you do for your's? Wishing you all the best in your application! Mine is also under admin review so fingers crossed! Keep in touch!
  6. NQ679

    Northern territory nomination

    Hi! Ive recently just applied for NT nomination (14/01/19). I applied for 190. I first submitted my EOI via skill select then lodged an online application via the NT migration Portal. Now the waiting begins! (Fingers crossed!) How are you progressing with your application?
  7. NQ679

    190 Invite Darwin

    Hi, Not too sure if this thread has already been created but, has anyone received an invitation for SC 190 visa for Northern Territory? From what I have read so far, 190 invitations are rarely issued and 489 invitations are the more common. Also, 190 invitations are only given out if there are 'exceptional circumstances'. Appreciate any feedback/help!
  8. I see, in your expereince, what are some qualifications that have been assessed as 'highly relevant' to this occupation? Will a Bachelor of Business/Commerce be deemed as highly relevant? Kind Regards,
  9. Hi, Well how much work experience is needed? I read that 1 year is sufficient depending on the qualification? Kind Regards,
  10. Hi, I am just after some guidance around the occupation Program/Project Administrator (ANZSCO Code 511112). Has anyone received a positive outcome from VETASSESS for this occupation? I have the experience in this field, working as a Project Manager however I am unsure if my Australian qualification: Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Finance and Macroeconomics) will be assessed as positive. I did undertake Management units in HR, Strategic Management, Management Ethics & Corporate Governance and the list goes on, but just not sure if my qualification will be assessed as 'highly relevant'. Appreciate any assistance on this! Cheers, Nate
  11. NQ679

    189 processing times

    I see, guess the Reassessment process take some time eh? Just quickly, how many points did you claim for your EOI for 189 and 190 respectively? Kind regards,
  12. NQ679

    189 processing times

    Hi, Have you heard back from VETASSESS on your Re-assessment? I am still waiting for an outcome....... Kind regards,
  13. Hi karhl! How did you end up going with your assessment? Im in the process of doing mine with VETASSESS also... Appreciate any feedback/advice given your experience. Kind Regards,
  14. NQ679

    189 processing times

    Haha true! What occupation did you apply for?
  15. NQ679

    189 processing times

    Any update on your skills assessment from VETASSESS?