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  1. Canada2Australia

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    Except that they couldn't have done it completely by road since, due to the Darien Gap in Colombia and Panama, there is no road that fully connects North and South America.
  2. Canada2Australia

    Living in New Zealand

    It was more in reference to geographic size. Relatively speaking, NZ is very small and you don't have the ability to drive for days on end, travelling large distances (thousands and thousands of kilometres) and through a multitude of landscapes and ecosystems. That is the kind of country I love and prosper within. Both NZ and UK are just way too small and restrictive for me, personally.
  3. Canada2Australia

    Living in New Zealand

    Beautiful country, just way too small. I'd feel claustrophobic after awhile. Hailing from the second largest country in the world, I couldn't live in a country smaller than Australia.
  4. Canada2Australia

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Her dirty dealings are finally catching up with her and she is running scared. Good. Hopefully Mario Bruz is next.
  5. Canada2Australia

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I had booked my flight to Melbourne for Christmas back in May as I had thought all of the Covid pandemonium would have settled down by then. Well, it's looking like I won't be able to go now because QLD will likely keep its border closed until the new year, especially with the direction Melbourne is heading in. So this will be year three Christmas that I won't be with any family or friends.
  6. Canada2Australia


    Does anyone know what happens to your ImmiAccount once you are granted citizenship? Does it stay active indefinitely or does it get shut down fairly quickly?
  7. Canada2Australia

    Uk mortgage

    As mentioned, that would be irrelevant to a bank.
  8. Canada2Australia


    Had my ceremony on Friday. Nice to finally be out of the immigration process.
  9. Canada2Australia

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    Coffee Crisp Crispy Crunch Mr. Big Eatmore
  10. Canada2Australia

    Uk mortgage

    Not sure what go is in the UK, but in Canada people who are on the cusp of foreclosure with regards to mortgage payments have an option with something call 'Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure'. This option allows the mortgagor to hand over the Land Title of the property to the mortgagee in exchange for being forgiven of the mortgage debt. In essence, you turn over ownership of your property to the bank and walk away from all your property-related debt. The only thing you lose is the equity you payed into the property. There is also little to no effect on your credit rating for going this route, so you are not punished for doing so. End of story. It's a last resort but far better than going through foreclosure or bankruptcy. If the UK has this option and it works similarly to how it works in Canada, you should seriously consider going that route if you are in that bad of a situation.
  11. Canada2Australia

    The truth on Perth?!

    Canadian indigenous history is almost a carbon copy of Australia's due to both being large sparsely populated Commonwealth colonial countries, governed almost identically. The US had some similarities but far more differences and did a bit better in dealing with their native people IMO, although their Black and Hispanic issues more then negate any of the aforementioned positives. As I've mentioned before, it's only a matter of time before we start to hear similar stories of residential school atrocities from right here in Australia, I'm confident of this, sadly. The graves just haven't been located yet. And yes, we will have to eventually just put it behind us and move on. We can't keep saying 'I'm forever' as that will only encourage further racial divide. Personally, I'm sick of it.
  12. Canada2Australia

    The truth on Perth?!

    Oh, trust me, the guilt that I've felt has diminished over time and I fully agree about taking ownership of one's life. The problem in Canada right now is, because of the whole residential school mass unmarked graves of aboriginal children killed (in the 1000s now with many more likely to be uncovered as time goes by), there is some sense that the government f'ed up and needs to take ownership for the lives of those children in their care. As does certain segments of the Catholic Church. Apart from that, yup, First Nations people have the power to change their lives in the 21st century of they have the will. If they do not, that is on them and no one else.
  13. Canada2Australia

    The truth on Perth?!

    Yup, First Nations. Same as in certain areas back home, although what I've witnessed in the NT takes those issues to a while other, much more severe level. All part of colonial government mismanagement over the past 200ish years.
  14. Canada2Australia

    How much do you need to retire in Australia in 2021?

    My difference is almost all of my family and friends will stay in Winnipeg, and Canada in general. So I will always have people to visit and live life with over there. Here, I will never make the kinds of friends I have back home, and I've accepted that harsh reality. I moved here too late in my life to be able to do so. But it will always be a dream of mine to live equality in both countries.
  15. Canada2Australia

    9/11 20 years on.

    I was just waking up ready to attend Uni classes, I had just started my first year at Lethbridge College. Then all the planes in NA started to become grounded. Didn't affect me much being in rural Canada as I didn't have to fly anywhere for another 3.5 months yet, but it sure affect travel requirement ever since.