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  1. Canada2Australia


    I now believe that the regional areas take much longer to 'approve' than the more built up urban areas, based on what I am reading here. Most people in the big cities seem to have their status advance d to 'approved' almost immediately after completing the test. But in the more regional areas? It appears to be a matter of months, which is unfortunate. Such a large disparity and lack of efficiency between regional and urban Australia. Voyons, c'est la vie je suppose.
  2. Canada2Australia


    Yeah, I had my test a week and a half ago, passed with flying colours, and my status is still on 'received'. IMO, there is no reason why I wasn't approved that day or within 24 hours of writing the test. Wait time for the ceremony? That I understand. This? That's pretty weak and demonstrate a flaw in the most basic aspects of the Citizenship process.
  3. Canada2Australia

    I know no one will care but...........

    It reached over 40C in some places in Southern Manitoba today, and there is a playoff hockey game this evening. Great night for beers and hockey on the patio! GO JETS GO!
  4. Canada2Australia


    Does anyone know, once you pass your citizenship test, are you formally notified if you have been officially approved as being eligible for a citizenship ceremony or is it just presumed that you have been approved and are simply waiting for an invite to attend a local citizenship ceremony? Just a bit confused on how that process works.
  5. Canada2Australia

    I know no one will care but...........

    Jets sweep the Deadmonton Soilers 4 games to zilch! Boys move on to play either the Maple Leafs or the Canadians, likely the Leafs as that series is currently in their favour 3-1.
  6. Canada2Australia


    I should also mention the lady administering the test only asked for my drivers licence as proof of identity. Nothing else. She said that post Covid they haven't been checking many documents at all, only bare minimum. So I brought all those other docs with me for nothing haha.
  7. Canada2Australia


    Sat my test this morning. Finished in less than 10 minutes. % All in all the whole process from when I walked in to when I walked out was 39 minutes. No idea if it's 'approved' yet or not. My status on my Immiaccount is still on 'Received'
  8. Canada2Australia


    Pencil crayons for us
  9. Canada2Australia

    I know no one will care but...........

    My Winnipeg Jets have taken 2-0 (Best out of 7) game lead in the North Division playoff series (NHL). We were considered the underdogs by many going into the series, however we have been shutting down Edmonton's main offensive lines by clogging up the main openings and shutting down the McDavid line hard. So far the strategy is working and I am elated. GO JETS GO!
  10. Canada2Australia


    Wonderful. Thanks!
  11. Canada2Australia


    Hi everyone. I know this question has been asked a million times over and I apologise for adding to that, but can someone remind me where I can find practice tests for my upcoming citizenship test next week? I'm not too concerned about passing but just want a refresher on the type of questions I will encounter. Thanks.
  12. Canada2Australia

    Pie Time - Southern Highlands

    A pie is a pie is a pie...... oh my
  13. Canada2Australia

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    In some situations, yes. In other situations, not so much.
  14. Canada2Australia

    190 Visa Grant

    Well I have told my story in several threads scattered throughout this forum, so I don't want to choke up this thread with additional repetitious garble. You can search for them if you wish. Personally, I think you find it 'boring' because you grew up in a warmer climate and you long for that again. Canada is far from boring. If it is, then Australia is equally as 'boring', which is also not true. The fact that both countries are in the top 10 quality of life listings (there are many, but most seem to say the same thing consistently) is a testament to the opposite of being 'boring'. What I'm saying to you is don't equate Australia to Adriatic Europe; the two are nothing alike perhaps besides some aspects of climate and being next to an ocean.
  15. Canada2Australia

    190 Visa Grant

    I remember living back home with my rose-coloured glasses on, much like Domo and others, thinking everything will be a bastion of perfection in Australia because it's Australia. Had a huge wake-up call a year into living in this country that it isn't the perfect paradise that so many foreigners believe it to be, including myself. It has its faults and warts like every other country. It's still a great country, just maybe not as great as I thought it would be after moving here. I now realise how lucky and privileged I am to have been born and raised in one of the best countries in the world. Funny how you clue in on that when you decide to leave it and move elsewhere. Still far better than the Excited States of Murca though