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  1. Canada2Australia

    Travelling outside Australia without Passport

    Yeah, $533 in total. Very steep, but the cost will be exponentially steeper if I can't get on that plane. It's the lesser of two expensive evils, IMO.
  2. Canada2Australia

    Travelling outside Australia without Passport

    I'm going to pay the priority service fee to have it expedited. Hopefully there won't be any dramas with that.
  3. Hi all, quick question. I am a dual citizen (Canada and Australia) with plans to travel back home at the end of July. I've applied for my passport this week but have just found out that the wait times are through the roof and now I'm concerned I may not get my passport in time. Can I still travel out of the country on my Canadian passport, and then re-enter Australia with my Citizenship Certificate to show proof that I am a citizen? I'm getting a bit desperate. Thanks in Advance
  4. Canada2Australia

    Evisitor (651) and exemption processing times

    I just checked and it does indeed say that; insanity. When I was a non-citizen, it took all of 10 minutes after applying to approve my ETA, in 2015. My mother is planning on coming out next year. I can't believe the backlog is so large that it would take 20 months to grant ETA.
  5. Canada2Australia

    600 visitor visa

    I just checked and it does indeed say that; insanity.
  6. I'm fine with it. Cats that roam freely can severely impact on native wildlife, and should be treated like dogs in most cases; impounded and euthanized if necessary. Plus most cats are just jerks. The fewer cats the better IMO.
  7. Canada2Australia

    I know no one will care but...........

    I believe we are, because he will not stop with Ukraine, and the world knows this.
  8. Canada2Australia

    I know no one will care but...........

    He's insane because he is evil. It's both.
  9. Canada2Australia

    Australia Day

    You can barely celebrate Australia (or Canada) Day without getting ripped on for supporting cultural genocide. It's horrible what has happened to our society.
  10. Canada2Australia

    Do I pass the Residency test or not?!

    I would have never thought time on a tourist visa counted towards the four year golden rule. That seems like a fairly large loophole to allow many more people to gain citizenship on a far less stringent pathway than most of us had to follow.
  11. Canada2Australia

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    Except that they couldn't have done it completely by road since, due to the Darien Gap in Colombia and Panama, there is no road that fully connects North and South America.
  12. Canada2Australia

    Living in New Zealand

    It was more in reference to geographic size. Relatively speaking, NZ is very small and you don't have the ability to drive for days on end, travelling large distances (thousands and thousands of kilometres) and through a multitude of landscapes and ecosystems. That is the kind of country I love and prosper within. Both NZ and UK are just way too small and restrictive for me, personally.
  13. Canada2Australia

    Living in New Zealand

    Beautiful country, just way too small. I'd feel claustrophobic after awhile. Hailing from the second largest country in the world, I couldn't live in a country smaller than Australia.
  14. Canada2Australia

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Her dirty dealings are finally catching up with her and she is running scared. Good. Hopefully Mario Bruz is next.
  15. Canada2Australia

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I had booked my flight to Melbourne for Christmas back in May as I had thought all of the Covid pandemonium would have settled down by then. Well, it's looking like I won't be able to go now because QLD will likely keep its border closed until the new year, especially with the direction Melbourne is heading in. So this will be year three Christmas that I won't be with any family or friends.