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  1. Canada2Australia

    Relocating to Perth

    I could sit here and debate with you for hours (especially with regards to the Canadian geographical reference as you appear to be unaware of the proximities of our other major cities between Toronto and Vancouver which don't even come close to the Perth isolation factor), but I would think we both have better things to do with our time. I will simply reiterate that facts are facts; Perth is literally one of the most isolated cities on the planet. No getting around that huge factor one I'm afraid. If you enjoy living in Perth, then that is all that should matter for you
  2. Canada2Australia

    Relocating to Perth

    I'm not suggesting that every single person will feel isolated living in Perth. Obviously plenty will not feel any isolation at all. What I a saying is that Perth's isolation from other major centres will and does play a factor in many people's lives. There are many people that enjoy being able to drive to other large cities in a relativelt short period of time (12 hours or one day's drive) or access other large cities by air within an hour or two. It does play a role in people choosing where they want to establish themselves. One of the first things people learn about Perth when they research facts about the city is that it is the 2nd most isolated major city in the world, next to Honolulu. That is a fact, and a pretty major fact at that. I've never known true isolation until I lived in Darwin. And I have nothing against Perth, in fact I quite like it there, but it is simply too far away from anywhere for me. So I will likely never choose it as a place I want to live.
  3. Canada2Australia


    Interest that Cairns has such a quick turn around, yet in other regional coastal QLD cities (like mine), very little movement is happening.
  4. I declare all of my income in both Canada and Australia chartered accountants. I am required to by law.
  5. Canada2Australia

    What Have You Learned Today?

    Far too many people in this world are obsessed with anything USA. Such a global tragedy.
  6. It is interesting. Based on what I have read here, it seems the UK is quite anal with its tax system, much like the US is. In Canada, I own property and it does not affect any of my taxes and assets here in Australia. I am never taxed on the same asset by both countries. It's relatively straightforward between the two countries and I've had next to no issues, and the few that did come up were very minor in nature.
  7. Canada2Australia

    Birth Certificate Copies

    Agreed, and that is why I spent $113 to have one sent to me express rush. Just got here on Tuesday. $113 for a birth certificate. Bloody hell.
  8. Canada2Australia

    102 years we will Remember Them

    Classic Canadian poet ❤
  9. Canada2Australia

    PCC for Citizenship

    PCC....Police Certificate Check........?
  10. Canada2Australia

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    FYI not everything Trump has done has been bad. Plenty of examples, including some brought up in this thread, show that he has done a decent amount of good for the country as well. No, I am not an avid supporter (I generally deplore American culture and politics), and do not like him as a person. However I do look at the facts, and the facts show that he isn't all bad. Definitely not all good, either.
  11. Canada2Australia

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    A lot of the lefties on here and around the world will be in for a wake up call If they think Biden will be the Saviour of the country. It will be business as usual in 'Murca's White House, for better AND worse. In other words, typical American political corruption.
  12. Canada2Australia

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    It's MurCA! Mmmmuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrcccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Canada2Australia

    Birth Certificate Copies

    Oh yeah, I'm referring to having this documentation come test time; that was my concern. The application is already lodged. And it's been taking an average of two months to have anything posted between the two countries..........each way! I really loath both Canada and Australia Post at the moment. And the only other way to do this is by fax because they don't accept applications via email or over the phone. It's so bloody frustrating. So now I will have to find a place that still actually uses fax machines. Unbelivable.
  14. Canada2Australia

    Birth Certificate Copies

    It was always coloured copies of originals for everything when applying for previous visas. Was never an issue.
  15. Canada2Australia

    Transitioning to a New Life

    One of the biggest changes is that life in a new country is very different when you are living there as opposed to when you are on holidays. It's back to real life with all the real life problems; no more fantasy holiday where everything and everyone is absolutely perfect and beautiful. The rose coloured glasses come off and the regular glasses come back on. My advice to you is give yourself 5-10 years and see if you are still in love with the fantasy of living overseas. If that is no longer the case and you being to dream about going back home, don't just brush it off and do take into serious consideration. Just my 2 cents.