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  1. beketamun

    Trans World Sports

    That one is a special case because she previously used to swim for the men's team and swapped to the women's. Not only a biological man, but one that could swim very competitively anyway.....most "average" men don't have shoulders like that.
  2. he should have said he didn't know, but could they arrange a pregnacy test for him?
  3. Watched the first half last night with trepidation. It's actually pretty good, Danny Boyle doesn't make bad stuff. The missus also enjoyed it, she learned more last night than from 35 years of me talking about it. The acting is not bad, Viv Westwood and Chrissie Hynde are good, Malcolm McClaren is too young, the John Lydon character is a decent effort but doesn't capture the natural malevolence or swagger without it looking a bit forced rather than effortless.
  4. I think only John Lydon went to court to stop it because he didn't give permission for the music to be played, but he lost as he had a share and not sole rights, so he was outvoted. Hard for him to argue when they've made a mint of re-forming and tours, although only Lydon made his own career....the rest have pretty much bummed around living off free drinks for 40 years.
  5. the person, not the title. I think everybody admires the Queen, she's had a great life but also a pretty restricted one.....although i think we'd all live to be nearly 100 if we had the world's best doctors at hand every time "one" sneezed. I listened to a serious conversation the other day on the radio about how why the British have put up with something ludicrous like the Royal Family for so long. It's because they don't appear to be enjoying themselves, and their smiles look forced. If they were swanning around the Mediterranean holidaying on super yachts, the British would pull them down immediately out of jealousy.....like they turned on Diana when she got divorced and took up with Dodi, or when Fergie sucked that guys toe in Phuket, or more recently Meghan trying to retain her own identity. They don't like to see Royals flaunting their freedom. Because the core Royal Family only appear to like walking through muddy fields in wellies, they're ok to be left alone to their purgatorial duty most of the time. Interesting concept. I think the song is out to coincide with the new drama on Disney+, which looks pretty naff though i've only watched the trailer. Apparently they made the actors learn the instruments and do intense rehearsals so they could play and sing live. They probably got more coaching than the real Sex Pistols did.
  6. beketamun

    Interesting Facts about where you live.

    I know Frodsham, my ancesters were from Northwich which was linked to Frodsham through exporting salt along the Weaver....one half of the family came from Ireland to build the first iron bridges in Northwich and then Anderton Boat Lift. The -wich comes from Norse and was linked to the production of evaporating water in bays (-wych -wic or -wich) to extract salt, which goes back to Roman times and was linked to Frodsham in Domesday.
  7. beketamun

    Interesting Facts about where you live.

    so that Australia could copy them without understanding the origins of the words.
  8. beketamun

    Alternative medicine

    look at the ingredients, it's basically Vicks or Tiger Balm and the alcohol cools you down when it evaporates. It's not exactly Ketamine which is ingestable horse medication that people do experiment with internally.
  9. beketamun

    Alternative medicine

    Fill your boots, 2 for 1 bargains everywhere this weekend !
  10. lol, he's from Rockhampton and played all his rugby up there until moving to Melbourne for work reasons. "Melbourne boy"....talk about trying to steal credit.
  11. beketamun

    Nanny State Policies

    ACT is just about to decrimininalise coke, heroin and ice. It will be an interesting experiment but is a bold move more akin to the Netherlands than what you'd expect in traditionally conservative Australia and the opposite of a nanny state....taken a change of Government away from conservatism to do so though, who were the real nanny state politicians. ACT will also bring in voluntary euthanisia soon, again a trailblazing policy for Australia that would never have been possible with nanny state politicians. Tobacco is an easy target, it's dying out anyway and most businesses and Governments have weened themselves off tax revenue and sponsorship from tobacco products.....so not a nanny state policy at all, they were years behind Australia in labelling and restricting sales behind blank counters in the UK and have recently seen life expectancy drop for the first time in generations...they need to do more. Sugar is a massive problem and again, rather than being a "nanny state" policy to protect people from their own poor choices, it is the sheer expense of taxpayer money in treating people who cannot control what they put into their mouths. That will be a bigger problem than tobacco to tackle, it is an immensely powerful and sinister industry. In 1970 most supermarkets had a product range of around 700, today it is around 50,000....and a huge amount of that is cheap, low nutrition, carb-laden junk to maximise profits from damaging people's health. This is reflected in mass adult diabetes and growing obesity in children...the cost of which falls on everybody. So it is a necessary social policy that is required to help us all and should be supported by all, and it's overly simplistic to call it a "nanny state" rule. The links between nutrition and religion need to be investigated deeper, it is very worrying and some of the science used by the sugar/plant-based lobby is very very dubious. Similar to covid vaccinations, people who put themselves on the outside of good social and health policy should carry more fiscal responsibility for their own choices to protect the rest of us from having to fund the effects of their choices. People, like the aged (which affects many on here as we know) are suffering from poor provisioning in old age due to lack of finance and support. Take some of the money from dealing with sugar addicts and give it to the old, who can't do anything about getting old.
  12. beketamun

    Interesting Facts about where you live.

    Serious question, those are facts but are they interesting? We can do somebody else when you've finished, you haven't started yet. I've never heard of Greenhihe, what makes it interesting today and what is the most popular activity to do there? Is there greenspace, what's the traffic like, can you get much done? I see house prices are reasonable for the location, and it's an old river dock town, and it's fairly near where Dr Feelgood came from which gives it a cultural boost. Is there more?
  13. beketamun

    Platinum Jubilee 👑

    This is an ascerbic column on the effect that Meghan Markle has in triggering people by media writing stories like that. https://www.irishtimes.com/life-style/people/2022/06/07/harry-and-meghan-baby-photo-fallout-shows-they-were-right-to-leave-britain-and-the-royals/
  14. beketamun

    Interesting Facts about where you live.

    Is that interesting?