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  1. Lavers

    When and how did you tell family?

    Suck it up and get them told haha It's not easy but at the end of the day you are doing what you feel is right for your family. I told my family at the very start and they where all very supportive, but it was my daughter (6 at the time) who told my wife's dad whilst out for walk. They where chatting and she just said that he could come and visit when we are in Australia he wasn't impressed and said that he would never come to Australia nor speak to the kids on the phone as it would be too hard for him. I did feel sorry for my father in law as my girls were everything to him and he was a brilliant grandad, unfortunately he passed away last Feb before we came out. Some will take it good others will spit there dummies out but you have to do what you feel is right for your family.
  2. What you bring can depend on how much room you have in your container/movecube. If you have the room then bring as much as you can. Fridge/freezers here tend to be bigger than what you'd get in the UK, although most houses have a fitted space already for them so may not take an American style, but if you where to build your own house you could put it in that. When you sell things you don't get much for them so if your appliances aren't that old I would be bringing them if you have the room. Maybe not your oven & hood though.
  3. Lavers

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Nice tidy profit for you then I looked at the classic but thought it may not have much of a future when the ethereum 2 is out.
  4. Lavers

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Just bought my 1st ethereum was going to buy when it was $900 last Xmas but the wife put me off.
  5. You can't beat a good chimichanga
  6. Lavers

    Perth rentals

    You will probably have the same situation no matter which state you go to, but you will find something, you may just have to go over budget to get something. We came last June to SA so competition wasn't as strong for rentals, we had no jobs but we just showed funds in our account which they were happy with. Have a look at tenant options(I think) it's what real estate agents ask you to submit when applying for rentals, you have to get references etc, we used our airbnb host then we gave them the contact details for the estate agents that sold our house in the UK.
  7. I will look into thanks, horrible disease is cancer, lost my father in law to it last year, my uncle last week and now my step sister has been told she has cervical cancer at 30
  8. How old is your son? Hope he is OK. Had mine checked a couple of years ago but I thought is was mainly over 50s that had it done.
  9. Lavers

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    I use Hargreaves Lansdown with no issues
  10. Lavers

    Briton’s pushed to food banks

    True, alot of food differ slightly mainly if it was M&S, but I know of other companies that sell products to supermarkets and high end hotels etc and it's exactly the same but charged at double the price. Cereal is a big one for me, I don't think that you can compare the big brands to the lower ones.
  11. Lavers

    Briton’s pushed to food banks

    I've done work for most food manufacturers and alot of the food is made at the same place but labelled up for different supermarkets and all sold for different prices. It's like all the blind tasting they do, alot of the time the "lesser" brand is chosen over the "bigger" brand. It's a culture of only big brands will do.
  12. Lavers

    Briton’s pushed to food banks

    That's it, did a job at Mars once and they would sell bags of chocolate for 50p. There would be about £5 worth. They ended up closing there onsite shop
  13. Lavers

    Briton’s pushed to food banks

    When in the UK I used to work in a lot of food factories, when I started as a kid factory shops where brilliant. Over the years even they started closing, think they started to begrudge people getting a bargain.
  14. Lavers

    Briton’s pushed to food banks

    Are the people genuine though, or do some just see it as a freebie? I've always wondered
  15. Grooming of young girls by Asian men was rife around where I lived. Police knew it was going on but left it as they didn't want to cause racial tension. Junior police officers who wanted to expose it where told by senior officers that if they did then they would never work in the police again. It's acts like that, that cause racial tension. If you break the law it doesn't matter what colour or religion you are.