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  1. Lavers

    SIM card

    You should be able to get one sent to your hotel room if you can't get one before. I went on a monthly contract with UK Vodafone before I came out just until I got my Aus sim. Only cost £35 with unlimited international minutes.
  2. Lavers

    Move cube feedback

    We used movecube and had no problems with them. You have to itemise everything properly, I put my tool box down and they came back asking what was inside it. It was well packed haha
  3. Lavers

    Are we mad... lol

    I'm with you now
  4. Lavers

    Are we mad... lol

    I thought this was correct from when I was looking, maybe it differs in each state.
  5. Lavers

    Are we mad... lol

    If you transit straight through the airport then you wouldn't need to quarantine.
  6. Lavers

    Are we mad... lol

    Congratulations, we came last June as a family of 4 and they gave us interconnecting rooms (we didn't ask). Good job they did or quarantine would have been hard work. We set the kids up in there own room and we had the other. We also packed the playstation which kept my eldest busy. We didn't fight the jetlag so the first 3/4 days went fast, then we just started making lists for houses and schools etc, which kept us busy.
  7. Lavers

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    That's true, the traffic in the valley was horrendous. Always digging up the road somewhere haha I don't miss it.
  8. Lavers

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    Too true, whenever we go for a day out at weekend and drive more than an hour away, our neighbours think we are mad. All too use to staying local.
  9. Lavers

    Is YEAR 6 same as GRADE 6 in Australia?

    If your son doesn't mind doing yr 6 again then I would just do that. We came last June and flew to Melbourne as flights where £1200 cheaper. We thought that with that money saved we could travel the great ocean road through to Adelaide as the border was due to open the day we finished qaurantine. Unfortunately shit hit the fan in Melbourne as we finished qaurantine and everything shut, so we had to fly straight to Adelaide and do another 2 week qaurantine in our airbnb, so 4 weeks in total. Glad we came when we did as if we didn't we would still be stuck in the UK and may never have came.
  10. Lavers

    Is YEAR 6 same as GRADE 6 in Australia?

    We wanted our daughter to do a year at primary before going into high school, more for her to get used to things rather than us.
  11. Lavers

    Is YEAR 6 same as GRADE 6 in Australia?

    Seeing as your son has already done year 6 in the UK, the school will possibly allow him to still go into year 7. We came to Adelaide last year and both my girls missed the cut off. My eldest by 2 weeks and we asked for her to still go up a year, but my youngest missed it by 4 months. She finished reception class in the UK and the school in Aus would allow us to still put her into year 1 but we decided to put her back a year as she would have been 15 months younger than some kids which we felt was too big a gap.
  12. Lavers

    Very beginning

    Adelaide is a good choice and it is easy to get around. We have had a mild summer apparently so only a few days hitting 40s, and it still didn't feel as hot as late 20s in the UK. We came last winter and the days would be around 17deg and it dropped to about 5 or 6deg at night. I cycle to work and everyone keeps saying what am I going to do in winter haha. I keep telling them that winter here is like a summers day in the UK.
  13. Lavers

    Very beginning

    I have a manual
  14. Lavers

    Very beginning

    I thought that if you pass your test in a manual car then you are allowed to drive an automatic aswell. Although if you pass your test in an automatic then you aren't allowed to drive a manual.
  15. Lavers

    Very beginning

    You could also look at a 190 visa, you will need really high points to get a 189 visa. We came to Adelaide last June (me,wife and 2 girls 9 & 4). We all love it and especially the kids which is the main thing. Loads to see and do if you enjoy the outdoors. Gone are the 5 months winter haha