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  1. Lavers

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    I did metal fabricator last September and that took around 90days, although they did ask for extra info twice so it may have been quicker if not for that. Only had to wait 4 weeks for my interview date after that though.
  2. I think it is currently saying 8 - 10 months, also it will depend on if you submit your police checks and medicals with all your other documents. I haven't submitted my police checks and medicals as I wont a little more time before I move
  3. Hi Uday just trying to remember even though I only did it a couple of months ago. If its the same as the 190 then you need to create an immi account. Then I think you accept it through skillselect and it will ask you to log into your immi account. When you are in your immi account there are 17pages of questions to answer then it asks for all your docs. You can save this and continue at any point, although you have to go through all the pages again. When you have submitted all your docs and you are happy, you then have the pleasure of paying your visa fees.
  4. Lavers

    EOI Submitted

    Which visa have you gone for?
  5. Lavers

    Two weeks in...

    Congratulations on making it too Adelaide.....just wondering what job is it you are both looking for?
  6. Lavers

    Help! Where do I start???

    Hi Andy What do you have to score in your English to reach the 70+ points which you said you can get?
  7. Lavers

    190 settlement funds

    I think it does show a figure for settlement even if you are in aus, it is just lower than if you wasnt. It seems daft though as you are already settled in a job etc so why would you need funds to settle?
  8. Lavers

    190 settlement funds

    I know all states are different with there criteria and what they check. If you live in aus already though I don't see why they would want proof, it's not like you have relocation costs and starting a fresh.
  9. Lavers

    190 Visa waiting 8 months since lodgement

    Hi Wizard Currently 1wk into my wait so cant really comment on much but as you say it does say 8 - 10months processing times. You've had CO contact so you know someone is looking at it, maybe the extra evidence has delayed you a little bit. Also everything slows this time of year so that probably isn't helping. Just try and relax and your time will come soon.
  10. Lavers

    190 settlement funds

    Hi Kenny I got approved for state sponsorship from SA 5wks ago and they never asked for proof of funds. Which state are you applying for?
  11. Lavers

    House Hold Expenses

    Hi Jet Add gas too your outgoings
  12. I've done the job since leaving school 20yrs ago, so plenty of experience. The guy doing the interview isn't trying to catch you out, he's just making sure that you do the job. It was liking just having a chat with someone you work with. If tour husband has been doing the job for a while then he has nothing to worry about. He needs to have a look over the areas they cover on there assessment sheets which you can see on the vetassess website. He really has nothing to worry about.
  13. Metal fabricator so not to different from your husband
  14. Hi It took me about 5wks until I received a date for my interview, but when I did it was only 4wks away.
  15. Mite be worth a look at the points changing in November (I think) it may make things easier for you all.