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  1. Lavers

    190 processing time

    It seems to me that they are trying to push along the 190 visa, so hopefully the times will shorten.
  2. Lavers

    189 processing time.

    I've applied for a 190visa and its roughly around 220days until you get any contact, and processing times are 9 - 10 months. If you go on immitracker you can look at other people in the same position as you and see when they are getting contact.
  3. Only one of you need to apply if your on 80 points each. If you do a joint application I think you only get 5 extra points. So you would be going in with 85 points.
  4. 2 adults, a 9yr old and a 4yr old. Going to manchester to do them.
  5. Hi Pinklady Cost for a family of 4 with me being the main applicant has been: 2 x IELTS tests: £320 Skill Assessment for metal fab: £1600 EOI to SA: £100 Visa fees: £4150 Medicals (when we do them): £800 Police checks (when we do them): £100 I started the process last June but dragged my heels a little as we dont want to move until next August. My skill assessment took 4 months to complete. My EOI took 4 weeks to be accepted for a 190visa to SA. Then I finally submitted my visa at the end of April this year with no CO contact as of yet. Which visa are you looking at and are you doing both skill assessments? If you are you could be adding unnecessary costs.
  6. Lavers

    How the 190 visa works

    Good point john......your medicals and police checks are only valid for 12months, so your latest date of entry when you receive your visa, is 12 months from when you submitted your medicals or police checks.
  7. Lavers

    How the 190 visa works

    That's correct, maybe you could get a direct grant after 6 or 7 months.
  8. Lavers

    How the 190 visa works

    No not yet I only submitted my application end of April this year and I didn't submit my medical and police check. Its looking like end of November when I will be asked for my medical, then maybe my grant early next year. If you want to do everything fast make sure that you submit your medicals and police checks at the start. Processing for the 190 is at 9 - 10 months at the minute so not too bad.
  9. Lavers

    How the 190 visa works

    Just try and relax because it's going to take some time, easy for me as I dont want to move until the end of summer next year. Which state are you looking at? I applied SA and you submit an EOI with the state and also skillselect, but I dont know if that is the same with every state.
  10. Lavers

    How the 190 visa works

    Hiya (I think this is correct) Each state has its own jobs lists, requirements and processing times, so as long as you match the criteria which that state has set then you are eligible to apply for the state sponsorship. Each state can then select who they want to give sponsorship to so you aren't necessarily in a queue at this point, although I think it still takes around the time which the processing time is showing. Then when you have been approved for state sponsorship you apply to the government for your visa and it is nothing to do with the state anymore. You are then pretty much in a queue.
  11. Lavers

    Electrical substation fitter- Help needed!!!

    Is there any of them that are similar to what you do? Check out the units for each one on the vetassess website and see what you think. Like I say when you get to Australia your free to do whatever you want to do.
  12. Lavers

    What Is The Latest Cutoff For Fitter General

    Hi Gurpreet Have they not stopped taking applications for both them visas? Ignore that haha
  13. Lavers

    Electrical substation fitter- Help needed!!!

    When you get to Australia your free to work in whatever job you want. So if you had to pass as an electrician then you do that (if you can), then get to Aus and get your certs for the line of work you do. If you go on vetassess and download the fact sheet for electrician, it will show you what units which you have to find evidence for. Just have a look and see what you think.
  14. Lavers

    Submitting Medicals

    Cheers...I'll just wait, I'm expecting to be asked for them next month anyway. I was more concerned that if I submitted them now before being requested, that it would put me back down the queue.
  15. Lavers

    190 processing time

    I don't think that you will be far off with Feb, there was someone on here recently and I think that after she had 1st CO contact, she got her grant a month or 2 after that. Just try and relax and enjoy winter