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  1. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Hiya We went with qatar airways and went via doha. I had to show my visa paperwork at Manchester but nothing after that. Just had to do the declaration card to hand in at Australia.
  2. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    No worries if I can give people an insight then it's all good. My eldest who is 10 is happy playing on the playstation and so far my 4 yr old has been happy colouring in all her dolls who now look like smurfs. Both my girls love being outside so probably feel it more next week. Just the food has been an issue for my youngest as shes a fussy eater anyway. Just got a load of fruit and cereal from woolworths so that should sort her out for a while. Got our 1st covid test tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes. Food for us today was: Breakfast: Quiche (a bit random) Lunch: chicken and coleslaw baguette Tea: Pasta arrabiata You get a drink with breakfast and tea but not lunch. So got some cordial in aswell.
  3. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Just pay with your card and tell them your room number. Deliveries are left at reception and they will the bring it to your room.
  4. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Will do ali I've just ordered some bits from Woolworths, just got the kids some cereal and grapes so at least they eat something. Fussy eaters my kids haha
  5. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    It says you can have fresh air time but not sure how often or how long. All the back wall is a window over looking the airport, but not much action at the minute. I'm used to running or cycling every day so it will be hard work, but I'm going to start some online exercise classes tomorrow.
  6. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Hiya Mate I just carried a copy of my Visa grant and they did ask for it when we where checking in at Manchester. After that nothing was asked for, we are classed as residents even though we haven't been before. Had a little messing around with my daughters new passport as it's the new british one and some people haven't seen one before. Just checked flights to brisbane and sydney and there back up over £3000 so looks like we made it at the right time. When are your flights rearranged for? Just had lamb, new potatoes and green beans for tea
  7. It did say in my information pack that they were doing a saliva test for children but the nurse today told me that it is incorrect and they haven't been shown how to do it. So day 3 & day 11 we all have to do the test or as Parley said if you refuse the last one then it's another 10day qaurantine.
  8. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    I'll have at look at that thank you, only want a cheap run around to start with until I get a job sorted.
  9. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Thank you... I know what you mean working from home, its surprising how you can miss a routine. Yeah unfortunately another 2 weeks self isolation when we get to SA, but I'm not worrying about it as theres nothing I can do. Judt hope the car rentals dont shut as I need one to get there.
  10. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    That's it Paul it could be a lot worse. Got plenty to sort out and jet lag to get over so the 1st few days will be a breeze.
  11. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Hows your wife getting on?
  12. Lavers

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    I didnt bother mate although it does say in my information pack that you aren't allowed tobacco or alcohol in your shopping or packages from friends or family. Come to think of it though there was only a boots open at Manchester airport, Qatar had shops open not sure on duty free. There is a minibar menu which I'm sure you can order off, I think there just trying to make sure that you dont order in a load of spirits and try jumping out of the window. There seems to be a big thing on mental wellbeing. Will probably be on the minibar in a few days
  13. So yesterday we arrived in Melbourne, My wife and I and 2 girls 10 & 4. Upon arrival we had our temp taken then we had 2 checkpoints to do, 1 to sign paperwork agreeing to qaurantine then the 2nd to pick up forms to fill in to handover at the hotel. This only took 10mins as we got moved to the front of the queue with having the kids. Through passport control, collect bags, through customs then led through the back entrance to wait in the rear carpark. We then got given a little box with some chocolate bars in and a drink. Onto the bus and taken to the parkroyal hotel which is the airport hotel. We had to wait on the bus 10mins whilst they cleared the check in area, other than that everything else was pretty much straight through. We went up into reception where they did the usual passports and a debit card in case you use any extras, with having the kids they gave us interconnecting rooms so we have plenty of room and we have 2 TVs Then the last desk where we handed over our earlier paperwork where it got approved, we grabbed another bag of food and went upto our room. Everyone was really helpful and it all went smoothly, we get free wifi, films and a few soft drinks in the mini bar. 3 set meals a day where they play knock a door run, you can order takeaways if you like during set times and you are free to order of the hotel menu at your cost. So far the food isnt that bad and theres just enough seeing as I'm sat on my arse all day, just got my lunch but without a drink so I need to do a woolworths shop for some drinks for the kids. The nurse also rang before and she does a questionnaire daily about symptoms and will a day a test on day 3 & 11, it did say on my paperwork that they do a saliva test for kids but she said that that is false for the time being anyway, and that everyone will have to do the swab test. If you refuse the test on day 11 then you must complete a further 10days in qaurantine and I would have thought at your expense but I'm not sure.
  14. Sorry to hear your news Quoll but your dad is in a better place now. Never nice seeing someone you love suffer but as I watched my father in law turn into a skeleton 4 months ago from cancer you now it is for the best when they pass and they dont have to suffer anymore. Our thoughts are with you x