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  1. Lavers

    NT letter of commitment

    Glad I chose SA then haha
  2. Lavers

    NT letter of commitment

    Sorry it must be different for you. When I did my EOI to SA I only had a small box online to write my reasons in. If your already there just write about how you've enjoyed the time youve spent in NT already. Theres no right or wrong answer.
  3. Lavers

    Secondary school teacher

    Go on each states website and you can see there list of occupations.
  4. Lavers

    NT letter of commitment

    Just check how many words you can put on it...I wrote my original letter and could only fit half of it in the box.
  5. Lavers

    190 processing time

    I dont think that its necessary but you could get asked for it. I just did it.
  6. Lavers


    Just go on the ACRO website and ask for your full report. Its free and sent to you via email, took a few weeks for my wifes to come through. They will want to see that with a character declaration showing what I mentioned above.
  7. Lavers


    So Wayne I've just had a request for more info of the CO asking for the full police report which luckily I applied for 3wks ago and got the other day. Also my wife has to do a letter stating: * what happened including leading upto the offence and afterwards. * date it happened. * any sentence or fine. So you probably are better to send a letter explaining what and why it happened.
  8. Lavers


    Just be honest then at least it doesn't look like you are trying to hide anything. There have been others on here who didnt disclose things as it wasnt a conviction (which it says on the form) only a caution, and they still got there visa. To fail the character test it talks about prison sentences of 12months or more and other things, although it says each case is different. My wife had a caution 9yrs ago which I disclosed in my application, and her PCC came back as no live trace, I uploaded it but hoping that they dont ask for the full report or it's more waiting around.
  9. Lavers

    Police checks

    A question if anyone can help please. I listed a caution my wife had 10yrs ago on my visa application. I have her PCC back and it shows no live trace, which we expected. Is my CO likely to ask for the full report or will they just except what I told them in my application?
  10. Lavers

    190 processing time

    All the best for the future Martina
  11. Lavers

    190 processing time

    They have dropped the 189 to 12 - 20 months as well, hopefully it doesn't effect us too much. If it goes out further next month then its not looking good.
  12. Lavers

    190 processing time

  13. Lavers


    I'm not sure then, maybe it just hasn't been processed yet.
  14. Lavers


    If I go on my immiAccount then under health assessment it shows "health clearance provided - no action required" have you checked yours? When I did my medical the Dr told me that if I didn't hear anything from them the next day then everything will have been submitted, then its up to the Australian panel to pass them off. My daughters didn't need blood tests or x-rays and theirs where submitted whilst I was there.
  15. Lavers


    How long have you been waiting? I've been waiting just over 2 weeks and not heard anything yet...I was expecting to wait a month anyway.