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  1. Lavers

    Online shopping & SIM Cards

    We put the ps4 in our case, kept my eldest busy for 4 weeks
  2. Lavers

    Online shopping & SIM Cards

    We just used the hotels phone number
  3. I've gotta say we have only had a few takeaways since being here and I must admit that I prefer the UK takeaways. Although its probably only because it's what I'm used to.
  4. They where brilliant, 3 beds in a row and 1 set of draws between us and that was it. Had to hide your things as the maids would go through your stuff seeing what they could pinch . Free shots when you went in a bar and drinks were dirt cheap. The good old days, just seems life a life time ago. We got married in Rhodes, my wife went back to Faliraki for another little hen do but it wasnt the same.
  5. Club 18 - 30 brings back some good memories. Good times in Kavos & Falaraki
  6. £3.50 - £5 a pint now in the UK. If you take it as a % of your wage then it all ends up similar. Although I got a case of 24 kopperbergs for the wife the other night, and it cost $82
  7. Lavers


    We had no windows to open but with having your daughter theres a good chance that you will get 2 joining rooms. For the 1st week we just didnt fight the jet lag, so if we slept during the day then that was fine. We had our firestick, ipads and the ps4 to keep us busy. You can start planning online, so get your details onto seek for jobs, start looking at houses and cars etc. A couple of nights we got a takeaway delivered to our room, and we also did a few woolie shops so we had plenty to drink and snacks. Dont worry about it, we managed as a very active family with 2 girls 4 & 9. Then when we got out of hotel qaurantine we had the pleasure of doing another 2 weeks in airbnb.
  8. Lavers


    Your going to need your adaptors for qaurantine dont forget
  9. Lavers

    Transitioning to a New Life

    Enjoy it whilst you can before beat you next week and go top
  10. Lavers

    New Passport

    Did my eldest daughters with no worries. Also we didnt get an updated visa grant with her new passport number on, so dont worry about not getting one.
  11. Lavers

    Resident Return Visa 155/157

    Marisa is right about the flights, we had an empty seat next to us both flights from the UK so my girls (9 & 4) just lay down and fell asleep. Covid did us a favour for once. Qaurantine wont be going anywhere soon and it isnt as bad as it sounds (we did 4 weeks), and it is all worth while in the end.
  12. I know many spend a fortune to come and I personally cant buy a house until my wife is working as we will still have to get a good sized mortgage. But houses and cars etc are just things, I am earning alot less in Aus compared to the UK, but instead of 55hours a week I am working 38 here and enjoying spending more time with the family. If I felt like the UK was right for us in 5 years time then I will be more than happy to do it even if it meant buying a £80,000 terraced house. The splitting up with your partner is a different kettle of fish and yes I am aware of the Hague convention as is my wife. Not a nice situation and I hope i that it's not one i have to deal with. Like I say though no one should feel any shame wanting to move back as it takes big to make the move in the first place.
  13. I couldn't agree more with you Marisa and you have to do what feels right at present time and no one should feel embarrassed about it, as to try it takes alot of courage which majority of people dont have. People move to Aus as it feels like the right thing to do, then further down the line if the UK is calling then go for it. Theres no shame for moving back atleast you have had an experience of living in a different country and theres no what ifs later on in life. My wife has settled well, she maybe thinks of the UK more than me but now she has Uni coming up (all being well) she has plenty to get her teeth stuck into.
  14. For some though you can, I can honestly say that it feels like I've been here for years instead of 4 months. And if I encounter any bumps in the road then I will deal with them as I would have done if living in the UK.
  15. Lavers

    Transitioning to a New Life

    I know time has just flown by, feels like we have been here forever. Not long then and you get to enjoy your new lifestyle